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Welcome to Wales Today - our top stories -


The First Minister is heading to the US to - as he says -


But how easy is that in the aftermath of Brexit?


I think there is a lot of concern from American businesses about the


role that Wales and the wider UK will play.


The pedigree dogs worth ?1,000 each - and the puppy thieves


So far - it looks like a bumper tourist season.


And 25 years ago Ely in Cardiff erupted into days of riots -


it all started over a row over the sale of bread.


Wales needs to be sold to the world "like never before" according


New figures suggest the number of jobs created by foreign companies


But Mr Jones says that performance could be under threat -


if Brexit negotiations result in the UK losing the ability


to trade freely with the rest of the EU in the single market.


Here's our political editor Nick Servini.


You can argue that Wales' profile around the world


has never been higher, after the success of our footballers


in the European Championships this summer, but can that be


capitalised on when the whistle is set to be blown on the UK's


New figures show that in the year from April 2015,


nearly 5,500 jobs were created in 97 investment projects.


That is a rise of 7% on the previous year.


The figures don't reflect the referendum result but it appears


that they weren't affected by the general uncertainty


surrounding the build-up to the vote.


Big names like Aston Martin have recently announced plans


Carwyn Jones believes that trend could be under threat if the UK


You have to say to people what you believe is absolutely


fundamental and for me, it is absolutely fundamental


that we have access to the single market.


Anything beyond that, to me, that is negotiable,


but I cannot see how we can continue to attract investment in the levels


we have done if we are outside a market ten


We now know that Carwyn James will define his approach to Brexit


negotiations around the need for the UK to form part


In other words, for there to be free movement of goods and services.


The problem is though that that may only be achievable if there is


And it is likely that that would be unacceptable for many


After criticism from opposition parties that he had been slow


to act, the focus now is selling Wales abroad.


First up, Chicago, as part of a series of trade visits


by the First Minister to the US next week.


But there will be challenges, including the fact that he cannot


tell the Americans exactly what kind of relationship we


There is probably more concern than confusion about


the attractiveness of the UK because historically,


we have seen the UK and Wales, as part of that, as a fantastic


launchpad and now, we are maybe not so sure what the advantages


would be and should we go straight into the EU market,


or should we test and refine what we do in Wales before


The terms of that future relationship will be


under discussion tomorrow when the Prime Minister Theresa May


chairs her first Cabinet since the summer break.


Around the table will be the Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns


who struck an upbeat tone today on the latest economic data.


We have heard figures of doom and gloom all along but we need


People said the inward investment figures this year would be down


because of the uncertainty of the referendum.


We need to work positively and constructively with businesses.


It is not just inward investment, there have also been some strong


The big job for all now is to try to ensure they continue.


Nick, we also learnt how the Welsh Government


Carwyn Jones has been under some pressure to appoint specialist


Brexit minister like we have seen in Scotland. He did that, I suppose,


you could say this morning, when he appointed himself, saying in effect


the job was too big to give to anyone else. There will be a


specialist unit of senior civil servants involved, trying to work


out the obligations of the Brexit for the Welsh government but


largely, they will be responding, particularly in the early days, the


big decisions made at Cabinet level and in this regard, Alun Cairns, the


Welsh Secretary, is closer to the action in terms of how it will play


out. I thought it was striking, the difference in tone between Alun


Cairns and Carwyn Jones. Alun Cairns talked about how entrepreneurs


thrived on change and the opportunities for businesses. Carwyn


Jones saying there will be problems down the track if we are not in the


single market and how lots of investment decisions have been put


on hold. You can argue either way about who is right at this stage but


I don't think anyone would argue that both governments need to work


together in what is obviously a major task facing senior


politicians. Thank you. Now, the rest of the day's news.


Two men have been sentenced to a total of nearly six years


in prison for the violent theft of a pedigree dog from


Thomas Stokes and his son Martin Stokes from the East Midlands


posed as potential buyers before stealing the puppy.


The pedigree dogs fetch over ?1,000. Jordan Davies has the story.


He was prepared to steal people's prize animals,


Thomas Stokes on the left and his son Martin Stokes posed


Seen here outside court, they contacted Liz Swain,


a pedigree breeder from Abergavenny, and travelled to her home.


Reports hear the men wanted to take three of the puppies to their car


Liz Swain became suspicious and tried to prevent the men


Thomas Stokes then punched Liz Swain and they made off with one


Liz Swain was left with serious injuries.


She also fell trying to chase the men.


The courts heard the attack has destroyed her confidence.


Thomas Stokes was after these prize pugs worth around ?1,200 each.


Two were later found hiding near Miss Swain's home.


Hilary Linnett breeds pugs and German Shepherds


She says security for private sellers is becoming


She checks people are who they say they are before allowing


A lot of people don't get past a phone call.


If they are enquiring about a puppy, if I don't...


I know this sounds a bit contrary but if I don't like the sound


like the sound of them, or they don't meet my very,


very specific criteria that I have for whoever wants a puppy from me,


if they don't fit that, a lot of people don't


The court heard the men had about 50 previous convictions between them.


The judge said the sentences were aimed at preventing other


attacks on people who sell from their home.


Thomas Stokes admitted theft and assault and was sentenced


Martin Stokes admitted conspiracy to pervert the course


of justice and was sentenced to ten months in prison.


Staff at a North Wales coach firm - which collapsed last month -


have contacted lawyers about a possible group


More than 300 people were made redundant when Wrexham-based GHA


Now 48 staff are considering legal action, for failing to consult


A man has been banned from driving for 56 days after being caught doing


a 129 miles per hour on the A55 in Anglesey.


Magistrates were told Habib Malik, from Birmingham,


was worried he'd miss a ferry from Holyhead to Ireland.


The takeaway owner was also fined ?150.


More than 800 people were arrested in Wales over the last three years -


suspected of illegally entering the UK.


Figures obtained by the BBC from three of the Welsh forces,


show South Wales Police had the most arrests at 572.


Gwent saw the biggest rise, up by 73%, to 184.


August Bank Holiday has passed and it is about that time


that the tourist industry starts to assess just how good - or bad -


Officially there are no figures yet, but according to Visit Wales -


the tourism arm of the Welsh Government -


initial reports suggest summer 2016 has been a bumper year.


Roger Pinney is at one of Colwyn Bay's main


attractions - the Welsh Mountain Zoo.


Meet Genghis, the camel. We have had a mostly glorious day here with


bright sunshine and warm temperatures, but it has been a


pretty mixed summer weather-wise. Not that it seems to have bothered


the many tourist operators. There is a very confident feel about this


year. Let's get the latest on the roads with Dave Brooks. Still


looking pretty slow on the a 55 heading east anywhere from Colwyn


bay through to the same Asaph area. Seems to be a lot of holiday traffic


heading home. With so much going on, it was hardly surprising the roads


were busy. A sunny Bank Holiday Monday, what more could the Welsh


tourist trade hope for? This is my idea of camping. I don't do crawling


into a tent across a muddy fields. So we have a nice, big king-size


bed, super king-size bed actually and everything you would expect to


find in a hotel suite. It is an industry leading to cater for


different tastes. This safari tent encampment isn't in Africa but in


the grounds of a country house near Denbigh. Glamorous camping is the


new big thing, apparently. This site took the plunge 18 years ago. You


are charging lots of people to stay in a tent? Yes, but look at the


tent! We have the zip wire, Snowdonia, everyone is looking for


something different and they have the money. They have low mortgage


rates and good jobs and they have the money and they want something


different and they are working very hard and they only have a couple of


days and they are happy to pay for something that is a really good


facility and they expect a 5-star standard which is what we give them.


The latest visit Wales advert shows Wales to be the place for surf lakes


and zip wires as well as cattle and mountains. There is still the place


for the old-fashioned seaside holiday break and many we spoke to


in Colwyn Bay today are day-trippers. We are coming for a


nice, sandy beach not too far away. Also ideal for grandchildren. We


love coming to Wales. We love the beach for the children, walking, the


castles and of course, funfairs intended no so quite a variety of


things Wales offers. The Welsh tourist industry is changing,


adapting, to chase the market. You can do all the adventure stuff but


also have a traditional beach bucket and spade holiday as well. They even


offer free wi-fi here. Is it evolving quickly enough? Some


statistics suggest the English holiday industry is performing


better than the Welsh. Looking at the whole package of figures, you


will find tourism in Wales has grown significantly outperformed the rest


of the UK in many respects in recent years. No doubt, the UK should and


possibly will catch up to some extent but we are continuing to


punch well above our weight. It will be some months before the adding up


is down and an accurate picture of how Wales summer 2016 has gone


images. In the industry, they are already thinking ahead to the next


tourist season. With me now is Mick Jackson, director of the Welsh


mountain soon. We talk about the summer season is that the industry


packs up and goes to bed in September but it isn't like that any


more? Not at all, we are open 364 days a year. It is all about


bringing people in all year round, it is very weather dependent in our


case. It has been a mixed summer weather-wise. It certainly has, we


had a disastrous Easter. The weather was bad. A few wash-out days since


but what has been remarkable this year has been in between, when the


sun has come out, we have been packed, heaving with visitors. We


are a little behind last year but one really good bumper day and we


will be up to last year's figures. So we are very pleased. Looking at


what is happening in the industry as a whole, lots of changes, lots of


adventure holidays and lots of all year round all weather attractions


as well, is that the future? Definitely and part of our


development programme as we look ahead here. We are looking to


increase the number of undercover attractions that we have. Being


fully aware that is the way to bring people in all weathers. It is the


way a lot of attractions are going certainly in north Wales in the


tourism trade. When you plan what you do here, are you planning next


year already? We are. Over the years in the past, as we have developed,


we have been a little hand to mouth. We are now able to plan a little


further ahead in the future. We looking a few years ahead. Thank


you. It is an all year round industry now. We will say goodbye to


Genghis and his partner and their baby camel are inside.


Thank you, it is a while since we have had a camel on the programme.


25 years ago Ely in Cardiff erupted in riots.


It all started over a row the sale of bread.


And most of Wales turned out warm and sunny today.


But what's in store for the start of September,


I'll have the forecast in about ten minutes' time.


We're all getting richer - but we're also working harder -


at least that's according to research by Barclays Wealth -


but Wales is still only two places from the bottom of the bank's 12


The research also suggests that Cardiff is one of the fastest


growing cities, in terms of the turnover from small


Earlier I spoke to Professor of Entrepreneurship,


Dylan Jones Evans, for his take on the figures.


We have a thriving indigenous business population,


not only those who are growing quickly but more importantly,


many more companies setting up in all parts of Wales.


So, yes, this, I think, reflects what is actually


happening on the ground, not obviously through different


parts of Wales but through the whole of Wales entirely.


The big concern is perhaps there are two Welsh colonies,


there is Cardiff which is doing rather well, thank you very much,


small businesses flourishing in Cardiff, 12% up.


People watching in Holyhead and Haverfordwest would suggest


to you that perhaps it isn't as strong there.


No and you are absolutely right and you can see now,


Cardiff is growing in some areas at the same rate as London


and that is to be obviously encouraged and applauded,


We have seen for example the Swansea Bay city region,


there was a strategy developed by Sir Terry Matthews and his team


there that now has to be put into place to ensure that


Swansea Bay and the west of Wales really benefits.


And of course, I am here in North Wales today,


and we have seen this demand that is really required


here for a stronger infrastructure, to enable


There are some fantastic new businesses and of course,


Airbus here in North Wales, but it needs far more support


and I think it is about time that rather than talking about putting


an economic strategy into place for North Wales,


one is actually implemented as soon as possible.


This may be good or bad news on whether or not


you love your job or not - we are all working


We are working longer hours but if you are talking


about an entrepreneurial economy, as we have seen now,


a lot of the jobs that have been created are not by...


It is great to have 5,000 new jobs by inward investors,


but a lot of them are created by people getting


off their backsides, setting up their new businesses


and actually growing jobs in the economy.


Those people will work long hours and they will put a lot of effort


in but at the end of it, what we will create is a more


entrepreneurial, innovative economy that will push Wales over the next


few years even further up that league table.


The site of the former Whitland Creamery could finally be


developed after planning was granted this afternoon for 28 houses.


Carmarthenshire Council's planning officers had recommended the plans


be rejected - because the land has been reserved to


But there was concern locally that the derelict site


has become an eyesore. Jennifer Jones reports.


Established in 1914, Whitland creamery grew to become the largest


manufacturing creamery in Britain. But the operation came to an end in


1994. The last buildings were demolished nine years later. The


site is now derelict. Local people have long complained that the


eyesore is detrimental to their town. Carmarthenshire Council says


redevelopment is a firm objective. But the land is earmarked for


employment and an application to build houses on the site was


rejected in January. Planning officers had recommended a new


application for 28 houses, also be rejected. But contrary to advise,


those plans were approved this afternoon. It was just needed to be


the right thing for Whitland to develop. There are lots of different


ideas thrown about over the last 20 plus years. But I think now, just


seeing the fact that no residents have quibbled about it, nobody put


up any objection to extract the Nick it at all, I think it shows Whitland


is ready for residential there. The planning committee members voted by


eight to six to approve Whitland Green Park limited's plans. But they


will have to explain the decision to go against their own advice before


permission can be formally granted. 25 years ago - a Cardiff


community hit the headlines - 175 police officers were called


to Ely to quell the disturbances. Unemployment, racism -


even the hot weather were all cited Compared to riots in some English


cities it was fairly low-key - but according to some who still live


on the sprawling estate today, Ely's reputation was tarnished


and still hasn't recovered - The four hot summer nights back in


1991, some streets in Ely became a battlefield. Riot police pelted


bottles, slates and stones and a crowd of up to 500 people. It all


began between a shopkeeper and his Wilson wrote neighbour over the


right to sell bread in their respective shops. It quickly


escalated into violence and vandalism. Some of them were up on


the roofs and breaking tiles, I think it was more frustration


because... I don't really know what was on their mind to be honest,


because it was just over a loaf of bread. It just blew out of


proportion. A terrible time? It was, they were coming from all over the


country. And you were next door? Yes, they were coming in and masses


of them from London, different parts of the country. It was a bit crazy.


25 years on and nothing remains of the shops in the centre of this


riot. What does remain according to many in the community is a tarnished


reputation that refuses to go away. 20 people were jailed and promises


were made to help the estate. We will try to build in more work, that


was the biggest mistake made when Ely was constructed. No work was


transferred into the area. To match the population that was transferred


into the area and that should've been done. It is difficult to find


the land to do it now but if we can, we should, even now. Some believe


things are no better two and a half decades on. I fear for the young


ones growing up around this area and thinking it is OK to have an


argument and the next best thing is for gangs and violence, knives and


guns and stuff like this and it is getting worse and it will get worse


and there is no education. None is going in the school and speaking


about the situations in the streets. We had riot police here and the


rioters were down there. This couple lived through the riots and they


live a charity on the estate and they hope the area will now have a


brighter future. This is where the riots took place 25 years ago. You


can see, it has been left, only recently but we have worked with the


Council and we have finally got plans drawn up for this site. The


community spirit is really strong so when we finally get this belt, I


think it will be the end, we can finally put it to rest. The rights


were blown out of perspective. It was made such a big deal. The site


of the old shop in the road has become wasteland, a dumping ground,


but now it is about to be transformed and many people hope the


notoriety the disorder of the town will change for the better.


Football - and Cardiff City captain, David Marshall's move


The Bluebirds wouldn't confirm the fee -


rumoured to be ?5 million - but said the move to


the Premier League club was subject to international clearance.


The 31-year-old Scotland goalkeeper made more than 280 appearances


Defender Alfie Mawson has completed his move to Swansea city. He signed


a four year deal, moving from Barnsley to the Liberty Stadium.


A giant model crocodile has been installed


on the barrage in Cardiff Bay - as part of celebrations to mark 100


The 12-metre long croc is inspired by the book, The Enormous Crocodile,


and was made by the same firm that made the rugby ball featured


on Cardiff Castle during last year's World Cup.


The big beast of the weather world now. You might be biting my hand off


after hearing the forecast today. Today turned out warm and sunny


across much of the country. Blue sky in Tonypandy with a high of 24


Celsius in Cardiff. It hasn't been sunny everywhere, parts of the north


and west in cloud. Little change this evening. Cloud will increase, a


couple of showers likely around midnight into the early hours. Some


rain in the north and west late in the night. Milder than last night


and breezy in the north west machine peninsula. Tomorrow shows a cold


front coming through Wales. It will move eastwards during the day


followed by fresh air from the Atlantic. This is the story for 8am.


A little rain in the marches and Welshpool. The moderate bursts of


rain in Gwynedd and Ceredigion. Hopefully brightening up in


Pembrokeshire. During the morning, a little rain will spread eastwards


and clear and then it will dry and brighten up, sunny spells tomorrow


afternoon and most places dry, just a couple of showers. A bit fresher


than today. A west south-westerly breeze. Rain first thing on Anglesey


that will clear and the sun will come out. On the Gower tomorrow,


light rain in the morning and that will clear the sunny spells and a


westerly breeze. Thursday is fine and settled but cloud increasing


during the afternoon and maybe a few showers in mid and north Wales later


on. Freshening winds in the west and north west. Friday will see a spell


of rain most places, followed by drier and brighter weather and on


Saturday, the low pressure bringing some unsettled, wet and breezy


conditions, followed by clear weather and showers. Sunday is dry


for awhile but the signs are it won't last.


The American technology giant Apple has been ordered to pay billions of


pounds in back tax to the Irish government. It is said the Irish


government gave Apple illegal tax benefits. Both parties say they will


appeal. The First Minister Carwyn Jones says that following the Brexit


vote, Wales needs to be sold as a world like never before. He has also


called for the UK to continue to have access to the single market. I


will have an update for you at eight and again after the BBC News at


10pm. That's Wales Today,


thank you for watching. From all of us on the programme,


good evening.


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