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Welcome to Wales Today, tonight's headlines:


took the trophy last year, a football game with a global TV


audience of millions, a showcase for the host nation


The Champions League final is coming to Wales.


The prestigious event will be launched tonight, the trophy


is here, and on their way this evening, some of the biggest names


Also tonight, the alarm was raised when this speedboat was spotted


A man has died after being rescued from the water.


MP's expenses hit the headlines, now the Shadow Welsh Secretary calls


for the current claim system to be scrapped.


Building a state-of-the-art super school with access


Hopes it could revolutionise children's education.


And celebrating our landscape, or ruining our scenery?


Be epic stunt that is getting a mixed reaction.


My reaction was that I thought it was tacky. I still think that, but


other people don't. Organisers claim it attracts


the biggest global TV audience Showcasing host cities


and their sporting facilities And this season Cardiff


will be in the limelight for the first time ever,


the Champions League final It will attract hundreds


of thousands of people to the Capital, and could bring tens


of millions of pounds 'Cardiff 2017' is being launched


tonight in the city centre. Tomos Dafydd is there,


some famous faces will be making Yes, we are expecting the Wales


players to arrive within the next hour. They are here to launch


Cardiff as the hosts of the Champions League final. 200,000 are


expected in Cardiff next summer with 200 million watching around the


world. These are the trophies. Gareth Bale got his hands on this


trophy for Real Madrid last season and now it will be awarded in his


home city. Cardiff City centre will be transformed for a week-long


football festival in the days running up to the big final. Last


year and Real Madrid took the trophy, the most prestigious club


competition. Gareth Bale and his team-mates will watch a global


audience of 200 million. The seasonally drama will be played out


in Wales. Organisers say it is more than just one game. Like in Milan


last year, a week-long festival will be held in June, chance to see past


stars play any five aside tournament on the streets, get close to the


trophy, and a concert is planned to. What organisers haven't decided


where in Cardiff the football festival will take place. The


woman's final will also be hold to be held today is before the men's.


Milan is an amazing city, Cardiff has a lot to live up to.


Cardiff got a taste of hosting a Uefa event when Gareth Bale's ruler


Madrid won the super cup here two years ago. Why organisers say the


Champions League final is worth an estimated ?45 million to the


economy, others are cautious. There was no evidence that sports


events really impact long-term on your economic prospects as a


regional city, if you think about it, if it was 45 million bendy


economy is problem 20 billion per annum, it is a large pebble in a


small ocean. We should enjoy it while still is, a sporting event.


The number of fans and dignity is visiting is visiting is a real


challenge, 200,000 fans are expected to descend on the city next June.


Just 8400 hotel beds, most fully booked already, many fans have been


forced look further afield and book hotels across South Wales and the


south-west of England. A stone so away from the stage and


nearly every room at this hotel was taken off the market to years ago.


You'll find needed assurances on accommodation before to Cardiff.


For us attracting the Champions League to the city was the biggest


coup ever. And showcasing Cardiff in 200 nations. For us it was a


no-brainer to cooperate and ensure that we got the best for the city.


So all of us, as a group of hoteliers committed rooms well in


advance. Those hoping to market the Welsh


capital say it is an opportunity to good to miss. Wales is the smallest


country to host the final, the single biggest sporting event of


2017. Let's chat now to the Chief Executive of the football


Association of Wales, good evening. As an idea of the scale of this


event. This is more than 90 minutes of


football. It is not just this country, it is the biggest event of


club football in the world, 200 million people watching this life.


It is gigantic, the same size as the European Championship final. One


day, one event. And the women's event and final, the football


festival here in Cardiff it will be fantastic not just for Cardiff but


for the whole of Wales. You mentioned the women's final, how


will you harness interest enough final? That we've got to do is make


sure that everything we do with the Champions League final, the women's


and men's is maximise the opportunity for football. We are not


doing it just to have the final, we are trying to improve football in


this country and translate that into tangible figures like more people


playing football. The Champions League is coming to


Wales, but, in fact, it is being played in Cardiff, if I was watching


in Wrexham, or the mid Wales, why should I care?


The trophies will be displayed in the National is the man than the


going to North Wales, to the Conwy area. Our job is to make sure that


we take this to every corner of Wales. That is our intention.


How much of a chance will find how to get tickets for the final, will


it be taken up by Uefa dignitaries and sponsors?


There will be tickets going to Uefa people and be participating teams,


but there will be local sales, probably through a ballot but there


are other ways of engaging. The women's final in Cardiff City


stadium and the festival, will be plenty of opportunities for gauge


went and involvement. It would be a fantastic football celebration.


Thank you very much for your time and enjoy tonight. It is of course


transfer deadline day, we'll bring you all the latest on that later in


the programme including the News on one Wales international who could be


getting a new club tonight. We look forward to that.


One of two men pulled from the sea close to Aberystwyth promenade


It's believed the men lost control of a speedboat which was spotted


circling in the water at around half past nine.


The rescue services were there in a matter of minutes but the man


When this boat was spotted circling in the sea close to Aberystwyth


seafront this morning emergency services were alerted. A lifeboat


was launched, and police, a ramblings and coastguard were on the


scene. The RNLI were there in a matter of minutes. They found the 16


foot vessel empty and soon found two men who had gone overboard.


We recovered one casualty from the water who indicated that the other


was further out to sea. We recovered him as well and proceeded to do


emergency first aid and return to station as quickly as possible where


we handed over to the ambulance. It is not the first tragedy on the


Welsh coast this summer, early this two teenagers from Birmingham died


in Barmouth. On the same week and a 23-year-old man was caught by waves


while walking on rocks in mid Wales. It is incidents like these that saw


the RNLI put extra teams along the coasts on the bank holiday weekend.


It has been a windy day here in Aberystwyth. The waters were choppy


this morning. Eyewitnesses saw the boat leave the harbour at speed this


morning before it was spotted out of control.


Two men were rescued and first aid was carried out on one of them but


he was pronounced dead in hospital. David Jones saw what happened. The


boat was going around in tight circles. It was at a good speed. It


is fairly unusual. It has not been an accident of that sort for a long


time, not in my memory. The RNLI regained control of the


boat and it was taken to Aberystwyth marina where they secured it in the


harbour. The other man is said to be in a stable condition at the local


hospital. Dyfed-Powys Police a specialist officers are supporting


the family. of murdering his ex-girlfriend


at her flat in Haverfordwest. 27-year-old Natasha Bradbury died


in February, after what's been 33-year-old Luke Jones


denies murder. The trial at Swansea Crown Court


is expected to last two weeks. A body has been found at Didcot


power station following the partial Three workers, including


Christopher Huxtable from Swansea, had been missing in the rubble


for six months. Thames Valley Police say


their families have been informed. The person has not yet


been formally identified. The company behind plans to build


a new nuclear power station at Wylfa on Anglesey,


hopes it will be producing Horizon has been giving local


people their final say before The consultation seeks views


on everything from - where construction workers should


live, to bus routes. But as Roger Pinney reports its not


asking whether people think the power station should be built


there in the first place. This corner of Anglesey


has seen it all before, in the early 60s this


was the upheaval caused by the building of the original


nuclear power station, and now it may start all over again,


on an even bigger scale. This consolation shows just how


complex a project of this size is. The people of Anglesey have been


asked for their thoughts on with the 10,000 construction


workers should live, bus routes, The total cost of Wylfa Newydd


is expected to top ?12 billion. Power generation won't start


for another decade, and what isn't being discussed is the strategic


need for a nuclear power station here, or the type


of technology being used. And questions remain


about the project. The delayed decision on the Hinkley


point nuclear power station on the Severn Estuary prompted


the Wylfa Newydd developer, Horizon, This is the newest town of any size


to the site, there most people welcomed the jobs


Wylfa Newydd will bring. But there is scepticism


about the consultation. I think consultations are a PR


process, really, it's all decided, I think it's just to


keep people happy. To make them think


they've got a choice. Yes, I think it's all good,


to be honest. Horizon has spent ?1 billion getting


this far, it still waiting for full Despite the money and the jobs


they remain, on Anglesey, They should put the serious


question, is this the right way The industry in Britain hasn't got


an answer to the waste they've already produced over the past 50


160 years, let alone dealing with radioactive


waste from a new station. That would be doubly hot


and doubly radioactive. with the public on it and informing


them on is the new nuclear power station, Wylfa Newydd,


here and all the associated developments linked to that,


because without associated developments, clearly,


Wylfa Newydd wouldn't be built. And there is a lot at stake


for Horizon not least the money it's already put into the project


to replace the existing plant. And remember, it was built


when regulations were more relaxed, A senior Welsh Labour MP has


suggested that members of parliament should be given an allowance,


instead of having to Paul Flynn, who's shadow


Welsh Secretary and shadow leader of the House of Commons,


says the current system has become a time-consuming chore


for MPs and their staff - It's made headline after headline,


the MPs' expenses scandal in 2009 Five MPs were jailed


and many more stood down. In response a new independent


watchdog was set up. It now all what MPs do,


and publishes details Now it is under review,


Paul Flynn says it's expensive and ineffective,


and should be replaced It would be based on the distance


from London it would be a fair system which would


save what is the great problem at the moment, of people doing a job


but not achieving anything, and MP's time and staff time


is taken up by serving this His ideas haven't gone down well


with several Labour colleagues. With the public wants to know


what members of Parliament have spent public money on,


and account for that That's why I think it's important


that we have the system we've got no, which ultimately provides


confidence to the public We asked people in Paul Flynn's


Newport constituency if they had any I work in web design,


I'm part of a development team and at the end of the week we throw


together our expenses and send them off to finance, the following month


they are paid, it shouldn't If I had an overall allowance,


it wouldn't work, we travel all over the country,


therefore I need bed and breakfast in some places, lunches, receipts,


expenses for this and that. It's got to be done


on an ad hoc basis. Some of the expenses they claim


for is a bit ridiculous. If there's a flat rate nobody can


argue, they've all the same. And, yes, that's fine,


I quite agree with that. In the wider world how


common are allowances? In business, generally,


you find that employees will be claiming on an actual basis rather


than using an allowance. An allowance can be


costly for businesses. And, also, very complex when it


comes down to tax legislation. Although Paul Flynn e-mails Labour


MPs with ideas yesterday he says they were first published


on his website nine months ago. He says they are only


being publicised now as a stunt by Owen Smith's supporters,


Jeremy Corbyn's rival in the Labour leadership contest,


as a way of linking the ideas with Jeremy Corbyn now that


Paul Flynn is in his shadow team. Although Paul Flynn stands


by his ideas, he says it is potentially damaging for them


to be linked to Jeremy Corbyn, because it would mean swimming


against the flow of public opinion A spokesman for the Labour Party


said his proposals An epic addition to our coastline,


or blot on the landscape? And high pressure bringing a fine


start to metrological autumn. A new super school in


Neath Port Talbot has opened its doors for the first time


ahead of term starting next week. Ysgol Bae Baglan is the most


expensive school ever built in the county and will teach pupils


aged between 3 and 16. Kate Morgan has been


to take a look. It's taken 18 months to build,


at a cost of ?40 million. Come Monday it'll be home to 1,500


pupils, not forgetting The new Ysgol Bae Baglan replaces


Cwrt Sart, Glan Afan and Sandfields Comprehensives


and Traethmelyn Primary, which makes it one of only seven


schools in Wales that teach pupils from aged three


and all the way until 16. In the middle school


we have mixed age forms, we are developing mentoring,


and social skills across. You already have older pupils


looking out for younger Those forms are also very small


forms, so although we are really huge school of the forms


are 20 pupils or less, so straightaway, those pupils


are well known by their form tutor. And while some classrooms look very


familiar, others don't. This is a classroom


for nine and ten-year-olds. Most of the work will be done


on tablet computers, but they'll still need


to watch their handwriting. They do have a pen and you can


write on the surface And while sitting at the back


of the class used to be a way of hiding, now there's no avoiding


the teacher's scrutiny. Children then, say if they finish


their piece of work, they can load it straight


up onto the projector Every year nine pupils


will have their own tablet. Ongoing assignments at homework


are stored online, We've worked writing poems,


they've been able to evaluate each other's poems and read each other's


poems, they can record themselves on the device, film


them, voice recording. The elements are huge,


especially with oracy, they able The technology doesn't end


in the sports hall, be it basketball, badminton, trampolining,


netball or volleyball, you can review your performance


on the screen, and there is always But when the school bell rings


the day is far from over, The canteen, where pupils pay


with fingerprints, becomes a cafe, the main hall for Assembly will be


the stage for amateur dramatics. The pupils had through the doors


next week, and it's hoped the community won't


be far behind them. Further along the Swansea Bay


to power, where a giant pop-up Art Four huge mirrored letters


spelling out EPIC has been It's part of a campaign


to promote tourism in Wales, but some have called it is tacky


and a pointless waste of money. However, many others who seen it


say it's a great idea, That can be few more beautiful spots


in Wales that the stunning Gower coastline. It is an epic list. Now


that is true in a more literal sense. Four metres high by 11 metres


wide this installation is in six different locations across Wales. It


is part of a ?4 million campaign to promote tourism here. It is also


part of a social media campaign, you are supposed to find your rhetoric


and post a selfie. The Snowdonia Society described it as an epic fail


and waste of money. Here in Gower some have


reservations. I thought it was tacky. I still think that. Other


people, obviously, don't. I thought that in its situation, near Worms


head, which is an outstanding view of natural beauty, it didn't serve


to enhance it. But, it's only via short term, and it has attracted


interest locally and further afield which is good for Gower.


It is part of a campaign to promote tourism.


Sometimes people take an alternative view to what this is meant to be, a


fun, interesting, innovative idea. It is something of a snooty approach


that some have taken, but if it gets people looking at Wales and draws


attention to the magnificent natural environment we have here, those epic


locations, it is a positive thing. It has drawn a cloud today with


families enjoying the sunshine and the chance to pose in an epic


landscape. I think it's very clever. It's in a


perfect situation. I don't want it to be permanent!


It brings people down to a fantastic place.


I saw it in the landscape, its just spot on.


The installation is here until Sunday it will then be dismantled


and erected somewhere else. The location of the six epigrams group


is a closely guarded secret until then.


It's a busy day for football clubs, with the transfer window closing


Let's go to Tomos, any last minute deals?


It's the final day for summer transfers , clubs have until 11


Latest figures show Premier League clubs have spent more than a billion


pounds in a single transfer window for the first time.


More money in the game after a record TV deal was agreed


Let's talk to Rob Phillips. Your phone has been bugging all day,


let's start with how Robson Carnival, it wields international


without a club, that could change? Gower has been released temporarily


to join West Bromwich Albion. The big saga of where Hal


Robson-Kanu Kanu, where he will be, it looks like he will be the


Welshman at West Brom. And Swansea city, the chairman said


he would bring into force the players today, any developments?


Believe being fairly confident today that they could bring in Ecuadorian


striker Enner Valencia, but West Ham are also interested.


That will be interesting. What about Cardiff City? Rickie


Lambert from West Bromwich Albion, former international, that deal will


be completed by the 11pm deadline this evening. They also hope to


bring in an experienced goalkeeper, but Rickie Lambert should placate


those unhappy fans unhappy about David Marshall's departure. And


finally, Newport County. Any business they are? Rhys Greco has


joined from Queens Park Rangers, and McCarthy is on loan from Newcastle.


Go and check your phone, Rob. Now we have the weather forecast.


Today was the last day of major logical summer. It started off on a


cloudy note. It's not looking bad at all tomorrow. Some hazy sunshine and


isolated showers, a starry sky overnight with light winds.


Temperatures drop a little bit with the potential for mist and fog along


the border. Temperatures ranging between 11 and


13 Celsius. This weather friend nearby brings more clouds to parts


of the North and west with a little bit of patchy rain. Most of us get


away with a dry day. A lovely start tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, but


through the morning the cloud starts to increase from the West making


sunshine hazy with patchy rain from Anglesey. The bulk of the day will


be dry. Those temperatures, 16 or 20,000 is with light to moderate


winds in a south-westerly direction. Tomorrow night we see a lots more


clouds around. Temperatures not dropping too much.


We started to see rain pushing into path of the north and west. The


further inland, drier and clearer skies. Temperatures between 13 and


18 Celsius. Winds are light to moderate, coming from a


south-westerly direction. On Friday this cold weather friend


brings rain through it but it cleared into the afternoon. Things


brighten up again, not a total wash-out.


Friday morning we have a cloudy wet start to the day with heavy rain at


times, but it clears in parts of the north and west whether time we get


into the afternoon thing start improving. We can look forward to


some sunshine on Anglesey with temperatures between 17 and 18


Celsius. Winds pick up as the front comes in


but when it clears winds will ease as we head into Friday night. Fairly


quiet into the early hours of Saturday.


The weekend is looking and settled, Saturday starts off dry and cloudy,


by the afternoon it is wet and windy. Sunday is a better day with


quite a bit of cloud around and the odd spot of rain. Keep the umbrella


at hand. I'll have an update for you here


at 8 o'clock and again That's Wales Today,


thanks for watching,


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