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Any Brexit deal must secure access to the single market -


the warning from the Economy Secretary tonight after Ford cuts


Workers there tell us they want clarity over their future.


I think the majority of people think it is going in 2018. We will have to


see what transpires and hopefully it will be positive news.


We are live in Rio ahead of the opening ceremony of the Paralympic


games. Welsh athletes targeting a medal haul as good if not better


than London 2012. Police and friends at experts have


been combing every inch of these school playgrounds today.


Teenager Janet Commins was killed 40 years ago.


Now Stephen Hough appears in court charged with her rape and murder.


And the breakthrough by scientists at Swansea University -


one of the most deadly cancers could be detected


The car industry employs 18,000 people in Wales and it needs


a Brexit deal that secures it access to the single market.


That's the demand from the Economy Secretary tonight


following Ford's announcement that it's slashing production


Ken Skates says he also wants promises from the car-maker


about the security of 500 jobs there, which was a condition


of the ?15 million of state aid the Welsh Government


Workers at the plant are after reassurance too,


as our Business Correspondent Brian Meechan reports.


Despite assurances from Ford that no one will lose their jobs, there was


concern as shifts changed this afternoon. It is all over the place


at the minute because nobody knows what is going to happen. The


majority of people think it is going in 2018 - 2020. That is the rumours.


People have an open mind on it. We will have to wait and see what


transpires and hopefully it will be positive news. In a letter to staff


seen by this programme, Ford blames lower global demand for the new


petrol engine for its decision to almost half its investment at


Bridgend. It has left some concern that the company isn't committed to


the UK. That's not the case, according to this firm, which works


closely with Ford. This company near Neath is an engineering company and


tool maker that is part of the booming UK automotive industry. It


has grown 50% in the last three years and now employs more than 50


people. Bosses yet reject claims that Ford is ready to abandon


Bridgend any time soon. I think it is a very competitive sector. It is


a sector where we all need to show continual and accelerating


innovation so that is not concern me at this moment in time. This is a


major investment for the long term coming into South Wales. But the


problem for Bridgend is clear. This time last year workers were


celebrating the news that it had secured the contract to manufacture


250,000 of the new Dragon petrol engines manually, starting in 2018.


It secured hundreds of jobs but it meant that Bridgend would only be


making a third of the engines it does now. A year Ron and it emerges


that Ford will produce 125,000 Dragon engines, only half of those


previously planned, from 2018. Meanwhile, Ford Bridgend stops


producing the 250,000 engines a year it makes for Jaguar Land Rover in


2018. Production of the 500,000 engines it makes for Ford models is


also expected to come to an end around the same time. The Welsh


government argues that uncertainty resulting from Brexit has caused


problems for companies. In order to get stability for Ford and four


others in the automotive sector and other sectors, what we need from the


UK Government is a firm commitment to access to the free-market in


order to create stability within the currency markets. It's no good


having fluctuations in terms of the value of sterling. We need sterling


to be steady in terms of its value. But the value of the pound following


the leave vote has benefits for companies as well. The currency


fluctuates all the time and from an exporter's point of view it was very


good to be able to sell your goods abroad and some of these engines to


go abroad to Ford's plans in the Europe and it puts the plant in a


very good position. It's clear that Ford Bridgend needs to get back to


the drawing board to bring in more business. While Brexit may not be


responsible for the decision to scale back production now, how we


trade with the world after it will have an impact on the plant's


ability to bring in that work. Nick, Ford say Brexit isn't to blame


for cutting production. Ken Skates seemed to suggest it


might be playing a part. Is the Welsh Government


going to blame every bit of bad There has been loads of good


economic data since the referendum result but this is the first bad


news, the big corporate announcement in Wales from an large company. It


was fascinating to see what the political reaction would be and we


got it today from Ken Skates. Very difficult to bring Brexit because


Ford are doing it but nevertheless it highlights the need for Wales and


the UK to be part of the single market. In a way, he is making the


point and stressing what is the red line for the Welsh government in


these Brexit negotiations, to try to put pressure on Theresa May to try


to ensure that the UK is part of that single market. Slightly


dangerous game, this, and they have got to be careful. Most senior


politicians are acutely aware that if there is a way of winding up


people to match, it is the danger of blaming every bit of bad news on


Brexit. Thank you very much. In just a few hours' time,


Rio's Maracana Stadium will be awash with noise and colour once again


as the Paralympic Opening Athletes from Wales won 16 medals


at the London Paralympics and the aim is to at least match


that haul this time round. Our reporter Steffan Messenger


is in Brazil for us. Welcome back to Brazil. Once again,


the eyes of the world will be on this beautiful city as it welcomes


Paralympic athletes from over 170 countries. In the stadium behind me


they are getting ready for the opening ceremony. Britain are


sending 264 competitors and we will be honing in on the 26 who come from


Wales. There are some real medal hopes in a range of different sports


over the next ten days. We really are in for a treat.


As the Paralympians arrive, Rio has become a place of heroes.


Athletes who've faced huge challenges in life here to impress


with feats of strength, endurance and skill.


Targeting a medal at his first Paralympics, archer


and former steelworker David Phillips from Cwmbran.


He picked up the sport after a diagnosis of MS forced him


Ten years ago I thought I would be wheelchair-bound


I didn't realise that sport could make such


Archery is one of 12 sports to feature Welsh competitors.


In the athletics, there are big hopes for javelin thrower


Hollie Arnold from Ystrad Mynach, current a world champion.


We've a great planning, we've had it all worked out and there


Meanwhile, four of Great Britain's 12 strong table


Brecon's Robin Davies is world number one in his classification


while his good friend Paul Davies is also hoping for a podium finish.


He won a bronze at London 2012, as did Sara Head.


To have a third of the team is a fantastic achievement in itself.


We are very proud to represent Wales, to represent everyone,


Winning a medal at the Paralympics can be life changing.


Just ask one of the biggest stars of London 2012.


Back then Aled Sion Davies claimed a discus gold and a shot put bronze,


It was my opportunity to show everyone I can be an elite athlete.


I took that opportunity with both hands and didn't look back.


After winning the gold, I was given the opportunity


At London 2012, Welsh athletes provided some really


There were 16 medallists from Wales as part of Paralympics GB.


Four years on, against a stunning backdrop here in Brazil,


those responsible for running and promoting disability sport


in Wales say they hope to equal that success.


Our medal ambition over two Paralympic Games cycles,


Rio and Tokyo, is to get between 20 and 30 medals.


We have got some particularly talented athletes and some


experienced athletes but we have also got some new athletes.


We have got nine coming onto the Paralympics stage


for the first time and it will be interesting to see how they go.


The hope is that a successful Games will also help to drive interest


There are some 750 clubs in operation, up from just


Proof, if it was needed, that the Paralympics has


Disability doesn't always have to be about setting limits.


A man has appeared in court in Llandudno accused of raping


and murdering a teenage schoolgirl 40 years ago.


15-year-old Janet Commins from Flint died in January 1976.


Now Stephen Hough is charged with sexually assaulting


and killing her as well as more recent sex offences.


Stephen Hough was brought to court today from police custody.


He was charged yesterday with committing five offences


From 1976, he is accused of murder, rape and a serious sexual offence.


In February this year, he is charged with rape


The hearing before District Judge Gwyn Jones lasted


Stephen Hough spoke to confirm his name,


As he was remanded in custody, he was asked whether he understood


Police and forensic experts have been combing every square inch


of the school playground today where the body of pretty 15-year-old


The killing of the schoolgirl 40 years ago made headline news


and became a major police investigation involving dozens


of officers who took thousands of statements.


One senior officer appeared on BBC Wales Today in an attempt to speak


This girl had been sexually assaulted and she did die...


After nearly three weeks, a man was charged and subsequently jailed


In a statement, North Wales Police have said Stephen Hough was not


charged in their original investigation.


He was remanded in custody until tomorrow, when he will appear


Three health boards in Wales have been placed under an increased level


of scrutiny and control by the Welsh Government over


doubts about their ability to tackle their challenges.


Cardiff and the Vale, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg and Hywel Dda


health boards now face what is known as "targeted intervention".


That's one level lower than special measures.


An agricultural machinery company says it's closing


its North Pembrokeshire base because of the difficulties


Up to 20 people work at the Riverlea depot in Crymych.


Owners say staff will be offered posts at their other branch


The BBC has announced that funding for S4C will remain at its current


level of ?74.5 million a year until 2022.


The Welsh language society, Cymdeithas yr Iaith,


said although it meant financial security,


the freeze meant more real term cuts to come for the channel.


Scientists at Swansea University have developed a revolutionary blood


test which could detect oesophagael cancer, one of the most deadly


forms of the disease, at a far earlier stage.


It's hoped the test could be in widespread use within five years,


So this is a blood sample and you can see the mutant


Professor Gareth Jenkins and his Ph.D student Rachel Lawrence


have been studying the blood of oesophageal cancer patients


and noticed interesting differences with the blood of healthy people.


They believe they have made a significant breakthrough


in Swansea, which means this particular cancer could now be


We have been asking the question, do cancer patients, patients


with oesophageal cancer, have elevated levels


We have shown in a pilot study we have been doing for the last


four years that they do, so this offers the promise


that we could, in the future, detect an undiagnosed cancer patient


at an earlier stage purely from taking a blood sample


and measuring the number of these mutated red blood cells.


And it's that simplicity that is key.


Currently the test for this cancer involves an invasive and costly use


of an endoscope but simply testing blood instead means the disease can


Cancer Research Wales believe that has the potential to save lives.


Early diagnosis of cancer generally is critical because Wales actually


suffers from late diagnosis and is a major reason why Wales


suffers poorly in terms of survival rates.


A so a blood-based test that can actually detect cancers


earlier is very welcome, particularly for something


like oesophageal cancer that has poor five-year survival rates.


The Swansea researchers have likened their technique to a smoke


detector that warns of fire as this test warns doctors


They hope it could also be developed for other cancers too.


They now need to conduct a larger validation study


but they are confident this simple test could be in widespread


For many, it was rugby's worst kept secret.


Warren Gatland is appointed Lions head coach for the tour


And it's been a lovely summer's day across much of Wales


A campaign to encourage us to reach out to people with mental health


Time to Change Wales wants to get more of us talking about mental


illness and break down some of the prejudice that often


surrounds it, as Nicola Smith has been finding out.


To me, spending time with family and spending time with the kids.


This is a television advert about mental illness but Lisa


and Liz aren't actors, they are a couple who experienced


first-hand how devastating it can be.


Lisa developed pre and postnatal depression with their second child.


I would have to be in bed, under the duvet, and that would be


I would have complete anxiety and it was nothing I had ever felt


before, so the anxiety for me would be a tight chest,


panic and it would be more of...I would freeze.


At those times Lisa turned to her partner Liz


She says talking about it saved her life.


My very worst day, I was able to find a little bit of strength


in me to stop myself doing anything to seriously hurt myself.


And that subconscious part of me conntacted Liz,


who was my support, and I wouldn't have done that if I had not felt


supported by her and everyone else throughout the good days.


So all those things that everyone did gave that part of me


the strength to fight back against everything else.


She has returned to work full-time at the Principality


Someone reaching out to you at work can make all the difference.


Now she is part of a campaign encouraging us all to reach out


We know that one in four people in Wales will experience a mental


health problem in any one year but we also know that 25%


of the population still feel uncomfortable around people


One in four people think you shouldn't be able to hold public


office and some people still feel you shouldn't have children


The people we talk to every year who come to our services tell us


that sometimes the discrimination they experience is worse


She lives with depression after being diagnosed with a rare


eye condition and says the simplest gesture can make


It can be as small as sending a text to someone, a funny


It's not difficult and I would stress for anybody who knows anyone


with a mental health problem to reach out to them.


It's what happened to Anya and Lisa, proof that changing attitudes


The body which distributes Lottery money to historic projects


is calling for new ways of managing parks in Wales.


The Heritage Lottery Fund says we need to avert 'a crisis'.


80% of park managers it asked expect budget cuts in the next three years.


The green heart of a capital city. Cardiff's Bute Park, home to


thousands of species of plant and businesses to. Caffrey 's which help


pay for its upkeep. Many parks in Torfaen are well maintained to. This


Bowls club took over the facility from the council but others have


become overgrown. Local people now fundraising to make a difference.


Lots of comments that we have been getting through the fundraising


activity is, I have climbed every tree in that part, I played there


every Saturday and Sunday, and it has opened up conversations with


people about how it used to be and how they would love to see it


brought back. We are where we are with budgets. If we can raise the


money ourselves to the community working together, that is


phenomenal. The Heritage lottery trust report today says 80% of Park


managers it asked in Wales anticipate cuts to their budgets of


10% or more over the next three years. It says in these financially


challenging times, innovative and sustainable models of funding need


to be found to maintain these highly valued community spaces. Every time


there is an issue, we contact council. They come here and anything


we can get to help the park, we will get it. One local group in Swansea


was formed last year to make sure their local park stays looking as


good as it does today. Regular litter picks, applying for money,


putting on community events. We have cleared about 50 black bags out of


the park. Swansea council says it maintains its parks to the highest


standard but welcomes the support of local groups to make a contribution.


The body representing local councils across Wales says authorities will


continue to find new ways of ensuring our green spaces are


maintained. The message from the Heritage Lottery Fund today, don't


take your local park for granted. Let's get the rest of today's


sport now with Tomos. Wales coach Warren Gatland will lead


the British and Irish Lions for next His role with Wales will be filled


by Rob Howley for the season, which will see the national side


play four autumn internationals, the Six Nations and a tour


of the Pacific Islands. But tonight, Gatland has warned some


high profile players will miss out on selection for Wales


if they ply their trade The head coach for the 2017 British


and Irish Lions tour There was really no need


for the big introduction today. Warren Gatland getting the top job


was the worst kept secret in sport. But before heading to New Zealand,


a warning to the Welsh players Some, he said, won't be picked


for the national side in future. A couple of big-name players


are going to miss out in the autumn, they will not be involved


in the squad, and that will be quite dramatic,


and perhaps the Six Nations, but everyone has been questioning


where we are going with that policy and I can guarantee


that is going to happen. The Welsh Rugby Union has worked


hard to stop the stem of Welsh Jonathan Davies is one who has


returned home recently. Only players who play in Wales


will be considered for national selection, with only three wildcard


places available to those who play This man will help


enforce that rule. With Gatland gone for a time,


Rob Howley takes temporary charge, as he did four years ago


when he guided Wales It's a great opportunity for Warren


to probably undertake the biggest challenge in world rugby


and when he comes back to us in ten months' time,


I would have thought he will be Gatland led the Lions to success


in Australia three years ago but no Lions side has won a series


in New Zealand since 1971. It has been made more difficult


as players will be involved in the finale of the domestic


season the week before The playing season this year,


if you go on the Lions tour this year, it is going to be about 11


months, so it's all Who can best recover the quickest


because everybody is going to want a pound of flesh from the WRU


from a Welsh perspective He flies tomorrow to New Zealand


to start preparing, aiming Something he has failed


to achieve in ten attempts Thousands of spectators


were in Denbigh this morning to cheer on some of the world's best


cyclists as they reached the first Welsh stage


of the Tour of Britain. Sir Bradley Wiggins


and Mark Cavendish joined more than 120 riders including


Welsh Olympic gold Pleased to be home


but not taking it easy. Owain Doull went straight


from his Rio success to competing in the gruelling road race


from Glasgow to London via Wales. Riding as part of Team Wiggins


with fellow Olympian Sir Bradley, he says it's a world away


from the velodrome. They are polar opposites. For the


last two years, we have optimised our body to be good for four minutes


but today I have got to race for five or six hours. It does take a


bit of getting used to. Myself and Brad are struggling quite a lot this


week. The Tour started in Denbighshire


for the first time, with people lining the route to catch a glimpse


of their sporting heroes, including Rio silver


medallist Mark Cavendish. With 100 of the world's best riders


going through the heart of Wales in front of tens of thousands of people


and with the Rio Olympics still fresh in people's memories, there


has never been a better time to get on your bike.


Cycling clubs across Wales say they're reaping the benefits


We started a new club about a year ago and I think we are probably up


to about 100 members or thereabouts. It is a very active club. That has


all started in the last year and that has stemmed the activities the


British guys have been doing over the last couple of years.


Team Wiggins is some way off the lead, but after scooping so many


medals just a few weeks ago, they're already


Some warm and muggy conditions for the riders


The average temperature for September is about 16 Celsius so it


has been quite a warm day. Turning pressure as we go into tomorrow but


still some sunny spells to look forward to. Some clear skies


tonight, especially further inland, but a cold weather front will bring


thicker cloud and some rain from the West. The rain is patchy in nature


but some heavy poles is likely on Snowdonia. Those temperatures


between 14 and 16 Celsius. The breeze picking up as the front


approaches as well. Tomorrow we do have high pressure to the east, low


pressure to the West. That cold weather front will clear and behind


it we will have another friend that will bring some rain tomorrow night.


But first thing tomorrow morning, a little bit of rain across the


north-east. Some brisk south-westerly winds. Some sunny


spells and a few isolated showers. Those temperatures will range


between 17 and 19 Celsius. If you can find shelter from the wind, in


the sunshine it will feel pleasantly warm. Tomorrow night we will start


to see the next weather system pushing in from the West, bringing


more rain with it. Those temperatures will range between 14


and 16 Celsius. By Friday morning, we will start to see that rain band


clearing as well. As we head into Friday, we have got high pressure to


the south-east, low pressure to the west of us and that is controlling


our weather. It is a fairly unsettled day. First thing on Friday


morning we have a little bit brain, that will clear, and then it is


sunny spells and a few showers. But in between the showers, if you can


find some sunshine, it will feel rather humid again for the end of


the week. Those temperatures between 16 and 20 Celsius. If you catch a


shower, it could linger on for a time as well. As we head into the


weekend, a little bit of rain Friday night into the early hours of


Saturday morning. That will clear and by the time we get into Saturday


afternoon, we can look forward to dry and brighter conditions. Sunday


the best day of the weekend. Largely dry, bright and breezy. Keep your


umbrella to hand. I'll be back with a quick


update at 8pm and more For now, from all of


us on the programme,


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