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Ford Bridgend is to cut the level of investment and halve production


of its new generation of petrol engines.


Tonight, grave concerns from both unions and MPs. What the statement


said is that it will go from 750 jobs to 550. That is our reduction.


They said there will not be redundant. My concern is how that


works. Inspecting damage to cars


towed out of the mud Organisers defend their decision


to park vehicles on a flood plain. They've pulled the


bumper off his car. He got stuck in mud and the bumper


is completely also we are just waiting for someone to pick us up


and we will probably write the car off.


after dominant industries like steel disappear - tonight the call


The future of salmon fishing in some of our rivers could be in doubt.


Experts warn the number of young salmon has reached an all-time low.


And if you Fat today felt warm, tomorrow will be even one and humid.


-- thought. -- warmer and units. They make the engines for some


of our best known cars - but tonight unions say


there are "grave concerns" about the future of the Ford factory


in Bridgend after it emerged the car-maker is halving the number


of engines it's to build there. The company had planned


to make 250,000 of its new generation Dragon engines -


but will now make just 125,000. Ford insists no jobs are to be lost


- but unions say it raises serious questions about the company's long


term commitment to Bridgend. Here's our Business


Correspondent, Brian Meechan It's been operating in Bridgend


since 1980, providing skilled well-paid jobs. But Unite the union


said the plan is now in a very dangerous situation. Ford announced


last year that it would invest ?181 million in the manufacturing of a


new generation of petrol engines at Bridgend. The relatively provided


?15 million to help bring the work to the plant. It has emerged that


Ford have now told word of it all only be investing ?100 million. It


is unclear what that means for the taxpayer money towards the deal.


Ford have given an Ashour and that the jobs will be safeguarded that we


recognise there are is anxiety. -- Shawlands. The Welsh job and


continue to do everything it can and will do to secure jobs for the


long-term. In the 1800 people who work there are amongst the most


skilled and qualified in our economy, so it is essential that


there is a pipeline of new development that can go to that


plan. I don't think the signals to move out of the UK. This is a very


sick Cecil plant. It has been in the Ford group in many years and they


will not want to use that one. -- successful plant. -- lose that one.


In the long term commonly Bridgend plant has two complete. Ford say no


jobs will be lost. They say people will be redeployed at the site but


it's an clear how this would be the case given that other manufacturing


work there is coming to an end and has not yet been replaced. Ford told


workers this move was an applicability. There's so much going


on in automotive at the moment, smaller engines, hybrid engines,


alternative fuel. I think this is the back just saying, hang on a


second, we will give ourselves a little little space air. Yes, we are


making me that as well, yes we will have the same level of jobs but at


the moment, we are just dying to have that number that we got the


might need. The news will concern people across the south Wales


region. What the statement said is that all will go from 750 jobs in


550. That is obviously a reduction. They say the word not be any


redundancies. My concern is how that works. They say it is to do with


distribution but we need confirmation as to how that works.


Unite the union have been clear that there are questions needing


answered. Ford are leading a global marketplace and people are concerned


as to what that means for the Bridgend usual. Did anyone see this


coming? There has been concern for quite some time. I think it has to


be said. They add a latter here sent from the company ultimately to the


workers talking about Howden and has not been as great as they expected


when a medicine as that the 180 LE pounds in the first place. That was


only last year. -- ?180 million. A lot of people welcomed it because it


did give comfort about the future of Ford in Bridgend. It only allowed


for a third of the engines to be made that are currently made there.


They still had to go out and get bomb is this and now we see they're


only getting half the business they once thought. -- get more business.


It has to compete against three other European Ford plans to get the


business in the first place and now it has to do that again. That is why


unions are so concerned about the long-term future. Eat as posted.


Thank you. Now, the rest of the day's news.


The organisers of Festival Number six in Portmeirion have finally


broken their silence to defend their decision to site


a park-and-ride facility on a known flood plain


after hundreds of vehicles became stuck.


Scores of music fans were stranded and had to spend the night


And so it goes on, fewer than 100 cars left on the site now.


Gwynedd Council say they have warned of


flood risk over a number of years and this is what Natural Resources


together makes this area somewhere that is risky when it comes to


But today, the festival organisers said they have been


victims of the weather, not bad planning.


People build houses on


That's not to say that we shouldn't use it.


The use of this has been going on for four


years and it's not a decision that we take lightly.


It's done as part of a multi-agency decision.


We attend safety advisory group meetings.


Over the past few years Festival Number Six has built for


itself a huge reputation but performing line-ups to match these


I didn't think I need a canoe to get my car.


The Festival organisers, well, what an


absolute bunch of incompetent idiots.


They get washed the car off and the driver will but I'm carrying


so pulled in and I'm waiting on the AA now to take the home.


The organisers say they are talking to


Beth Hall has come from Manchester to collect her


He was told it would be a two-day wait to get it out.


We have come back from Manchester, driven


back, and they will be done of his car this morning


You can view much of the car park site has been


I have the organisers will they had an alternative, a


They said they had but it was problematic and had to be


For now, there is more work for the tractors.


The organisers say they will be back next year.


A 57-year-old man from Flint has been charged


with the murder and rape of a


More than 100 leased offices were involved in the investigation. --


police officers. Stephen Anthony Huff


is expected to appear North Wales Police say he wasn't


arrested when the original investigation took


place in the 1970s. A man accused of murdering his


ex-girlfriend has told a jury at Swansea Crown Court


it was she who attacked him. 27-year-old Natasha Bradbury died


in her flat in Haverfordwest in The prosecution claim Luke Jones,


who's 33, beat her to death in a jealous rage after finding out


she had been with another man. But Mr Jones, from Milford Haven,


said Natasha tried to headbutt him. Earlier this year, Cardiff signed


a so-called City Deal to secure a billion pounds for big


infrastructure projects and regeneration in


and around the capital. Now, local authorities


in North Wales want one too - A futuristic view of South Wales


connected by a more integrated transport network of trains


and trams could soon be a reality thanks to a billion


pound investment as part A vision of 2035 has been drawn up


in North Wales which shows that businesses and councils there can


achieve more by joining forces. Businesses have confidence. They can


succeed here. I think that is happening. Not just any enterprise


in Flintshire, which is very successful, but elsewhere we have


big business parks. Also bringing in businesses further west and across


the whole of north Wales. This group of businesses has got together to


compile a wish list, and ultimate shopping list of things in north


Wales needs to put it on a level playing field with places like


Cardiff. It could take many years to get what they want and it won't come


cheap. The main demands are


improving the road Promoting business


growth and innovation - and supporting bigger


firms like Airbus. And increasing the level


of skill among the workforce All this could, the group says,


improve economic output from 12.8 billion pounds to around


20 billion by 2035 creating And there have been calls


for the region to be given more powers to take control


over its affairs. This is a partnership between


Government and local authorities in north Wales because in other parts


of England, they are a phenomenon. We want local authorities in Wales


to work together to make proposals which we are receiving and have


received today. Both will be assessed in the context of what it


brings to the north Wales economy. But some believe the investment


should be the priority. You have to set the agenda in terms


of what you want to achieve and then work back from that in terms of


value will achieve it. Hacking preparatory gulley is the wrong


thing to do and we haven't done that. -- asking for power


straightaway. You have to work out how to get there.


The plan will be discussed by local authorities


in north Wales over the coming weeks before it goes to the Welsh


A company owned by Rhondda Cynon Taf Council has been


criticised by a union, for using what it describes as


Amgen Cymru near Aberdare process waste for local authorities.


The GMB Union says agency workers at the site


are being sent home at short notice and are afraid of speaking out


On strike in the 1960s but are some of those kind of working practices


The GMB union is unhappy with the treatment of


agency staff here at Amgen Cymru, near Aberdare, which processes


I'm hearing of employees turn up to work in this organisation,


working for an hour and are being tapped on the shoulder to be sent


home with no pay because they filled their quota.


It shouldn't happen in a 21st-century.


Rhondda Cynon Taff council set up Amgen Cymru back in


the 1990s but the council pays Amgen for service.


Amgen employ some of its workers through an agency, Smart


That agency also used another company to pay staff in


The union said this is confusing for workers.


It says some were told to pay for replacement


equipment, told to pay for copies of pay slips


insurance payments because they were paid partly in expenses.


The agency which supply staff here said this is


the first it has ever heard of any concerns


It says it has never charged employees for a payslip and only


charges for personal protection equipment if it's repeatedly


The company said it always complies with all the


relevant employment rules and there is no suggestion that it has done


They say they're holding surgeries with


employees at the site to understand their concerns.


They moved from the public sector to the private sector


more creativity perhaps and changes to terms and conditions.


Some of these could be for the benefit of employees


but, at the same time, human labour is one of the biggest costs


Rhondda Cynon Taff council said contracts are a matter for Amgen


as it is a privately run company but the council also said it


received reassurances about the matters the


Newell watching Wales to day from the BBC.


Why the future of salmon fishing in some of our


And can our Paralympic and is smashed attitudes as well as records


when the games begin to roll? -- tomorrow.


Wales has seen its great deal of mines closing and industrial


industries demise. Wales want to try and protect this. There is a


long-term plan to protect poverty. Here is our political correspondence


and Davies. Ronnie closure over coal mines to the loss of 400 jobs when


this oil refinery close in Pembrokeshire. Wales has had its


fair share of economic shocks. To Port Talbot the next with


uncertainty hanging over the huge Tata Steelworks, the offers every


report have this message for the Welsh and UK governments. Port


Talbot is one of the places in the UK which has been knocked off its


lead by globalisation and massive economics. We have got to organise


and what a place like Port Talbot. We call on people in Wales and UK to


work with industry and community to make sure this place does not suffer


as badly as others have. Other places, like Ebbw Vale, it was


sustained by your works until it closed 14 years ago. Mike was an


elocution at the deal works but when work there finished, he started a


career teaching the guitar. It has gone downhill since the work has


gone but it's difficult to blame it all on the closure. The closure of a


big lad like that has multiple knock on effects. Whether financial all


what it is bring back injury means you. The old dear work site has been


redeveloped and the Welsh Government has declared ever there will have an


enterprise zone. Robinson says. The county comes out at the bottom --


problems persist. There is a sense of frustration that, despite the


money stand, it has not made up for the loss of Ebbw Vale's steelworks.


Your mac there was a buzz at one time. Different shops and now it is


pound shops. It was like a community before but now it is gone. It is not


the same. I really think that it will happen in Port Talbot as well.


The Government said it was committed to building a country that works for


everyone, no matter their background. The Welsh dominant sex


education, creating jobs and creating skilled and top priorities


-- -- the Welsh Government say education.


The future of salmon fishing in some of our best loved


Experts say the number of young fish in some rivers has reached


Our reporter Colette Hume is on the banks of the River Usk


Well, Janie, this river behind me, at any angle, they will tell you


that it is one of the best places in salmon fishing. It is one of the


Welsh rivers where the number of young salmon has reached a critical


load. Experts are trying to find out right before it is too late. -- low.


The salmon, the king of the river. But for how long? Now and critically


low levels in what were some of the country but most abundant rivers.


Experts say routine monitoring has suggested that the levels are at an


all-time low. The reason for the decline any numbers is a complete


mystery. There is now a real the decline good half the biodiversity


of our rivers and have an impact on tourism. Wales is seen by many as


one of the best places are salmon fishing in Britain. This is


unprecedented. This reduction in abundance of fish. Of course, these


are the fish which, in three or four years' time, will you be salmon


returning to our rivers to repopulate them and other spot to


some fishermen. We are urging a lot of restraint on anglers at the


moment because the stocks are under pressure throughout. Experts are now


trying to find out why the dogs of young fish have fallen. And stop the


numbers from falling even further. If they can't, the future of salmon


fishing in some of Wales' best loved rivers could be in doubt. Well, the


pressure really is on the experts to find out what is going on. For the


moment at least, it remained an environmental mystery. Thank you.


Tonight's sport now - including all the reaction to Wales'


Wales' football manager Chris Coleman has paid


tribute to Gareth Bale, after the Real Madrid forward scored


twice in last night's 4-0 victory over Moldova -


Bale is now within four goals of Ian Rush's all-time record of 28.


The journey to the World Cup in Russia started with a win


Chris Coleman's men will encounter better sides than


Sam Vokes made the most of his place and Gareth Bale


will break the goal-scoring record held by Ian Rush.


He may know that he's four goalsaway.


He won't think that he has to beat him in this


campaign, he'll just go on and do what he does.


There is every chance that, in my opinion, he can do


Having not scored a competitive international goals in


eight years before his clincher against Belgium in the summer, Sam


Vokes got his second in three games last night.


and I think it helps that they view of the next ones


important that we keep this run going.


While the opposition was


weak, scoring four times is an achievement.


They hadn't managed more than two goals in a game in


The ball blindly played backwards by Moldova.


That's the last thing Moldova want to do and Gareth


A penalty in the dying seconds means the Real Madrid man moves


ahead of Ivar Allchurch and Trevor Ford as Wales'


Wells' next opponents started their campaign


Austria beating Georgia in Tbilisi the 2-1.


Chris Coleman said that our feed result,


Well, the Under-21s are aiming to to get their Euro 2017 finals.


But they are aiming for -- heading for embarrassing defeat. The score


is 1-0 and Luxembourg had a penalty saved.


Tomorrow, the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games will take


place at the Maracana stadium in Rio bringing the curtain up on eleven


26 Welsh athletes have been selected as part of Paralympics GB,


In 2012, Welsh athletes contributed 15 medal to Britain's total of 120.


Aled Sion Davies in the shot putt, Hollie Arnold,


javelin, and Rachel Morris who's switched from


handcycling to rowing are just some of our medal hopes.


Well, the event is a showcase of disability sports


and last time round in London it generated not only unprecedented


levels of interest but a shift in attitudes.


after the most successful paralympics ever, our 2012


Paralympians undeniably raised the profile of disability sport


For members of the Ospreys Wheelchair rugby team


there was undoubtedly a lasting legacy.


It helps people everywhere. It helps except people in wheelchairs more


when you go to the shops or into town. People are aware that we are


disabled people but there is more to us than meets the live. -- VI.


For one of the younger team members, Ky Bishop, who has


celebral palsey the older players are inspiring


It has changed my life. You want to go in the seniors, don't you? Yes.


Why? I watched them play and their amazing. It's great to see people


achieve things everywhere. It makes it more acceptable. People can do


well and it's hard enough as a kit to be accepted.


In the build up to Rio this powerful advert has been watched by millions.


Many here feel its impact shouldn't be lost once the games are over.


Yes, you can get more interest than it is an event on but it's how you


take that interest forward. It's up to national governing bodies to


really work on the programme and on the back of programmes and events to


make sure that the maximum out of people with disabilities can access


the provision. Campaigners agree and want


to see disability issues It's important that the athlete and


what they can achieve, and that helped to inspire others who may


want to become athletes but it helps others in the work, small


communities. While members of Paralympics GB


gear up for these games, they'll not only be challenging


for medals but challenging Tomorrow, we'll be in Rio


for the Paralympics and Edinburgh where it's expected Warren Gatland


will be named Lions coach. Back to tonight and the weather


forecast with Derek. An update with the under 21, it has


finished 1-1. A bit cloudy today


but warm and muggy. Tomorrow will be even one and still


human and we should see more anyway sunshine. -- humid. A dry night in


the west. And where the cloud breaks it may


turn misty with fog patches. Last night was unusually


warm and humid. The temperature in Hawarden,


Flintshire didn't drop Temperatures tonight much higher


than they should be. Tomorrow, the wind will shift


more into the southeast. Drier air from France will reach us


and that means we should more breaks in the cloud


and a bit more sunshine. Here's the picture for


eight in the morning. At this stage most of


the country cloudy. Misty in places first thing but dry


with a light breeze. Sunshine across much of the north


and north-west. Nice in finding all. -- Llandudno.


So a dry day tomorrow and during the day day more


The cloud breaking with some sunshine.


And it will turn out warmer than today.


26C in places and feeling humid with a south-easterly breeze.


The Antiques Road Show will be in Pemborkeshire castle tomorrow.


If you're going along it will be dry and warm.


Tomorrow evening, fine and warm but after midnight a cold front


And that cold front will introduce fresher air from the Atlantic.


So Thursday a little rain first thing will clear.


The rest of the day then mostly dry with sunny spells.


Friday, breezy with a little sunshine but also showers.


On Friday night, an active cold front will move east


I'll have an update for you here at eight o'clock and again


That's Wales Today thank you for watching -


from all of us on the programme, good evening.


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