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Theresa May has ruled out a points-based system to


Welcome to Wales Today - our top stories.


But all of their lives have changed since Brexit.


Tonight life here in the aftermath of the Referendum.


For some, it's abuse shouted in the street...


In four decades you have never had anything like that?


This is the best multicultural country that I can think


of in the United Kingdom, especially Wales and Cardiff.


The Coffee importers - and the water exporters -


the Welsh businesses on their experience


How come hundreds of motorists became stranded at


We were stuck in the field, the park and ride field from six


until about midnight to wait for a tractor to come and tow us out


and in the end, the tractor got stuck and we had


Wales aiming to reach another major finals.


The long road to the World Cup in 2018 starts tonight -


Manager Chris Coleman determined to ensure that the Eurors


And when the boat comes in - who'll look out for


the fisherman and the sailors - if the post of Harbour master goes


The number of hate-crimes reported to the police in the weeks before


and after the EU referendum was sixty percent higher


Over 600 incidents were recorded in June and July.


Immigration was at the centre of the Brexit debate,


which became one of the most animated political


Tonight the First Minister is calling on people in Wales


to abandon the abuse and bitterness unleashed in the campaign.


We'll hear from Carwyn Jones in a moment.


First of our series of Special Reports begins with -


how that decision to leave the EU has affected us here in Wales -


The campaigns for and against leaving the European Union


are impassioned, frenetic and some say divisive.


So, more than two months on, how has the vote affected our communities?


For the former deputy mayor of Cardiff, the votes


revealed another darker side to his home of 40 years.


I was talking to one of my friends and we were just talking and one


gentleman coming towards us from the junction stopped


We voted to leave, when are you going to leave?


In four decades you have never had anything like that?


This is the best multicultural country that I can think


of in the United Kingdom, especially Wales and Cardiff.


In Wrexham, community activist Yolande from Portugal says


We did not understand really what was about to happen,


especially when people passed in front of the cafe


and would say out, out, out, you have to go


This is perhaps the most tangible social consequence so far.


In the weeks before and after the June vote,


reports of hate crime in Wales were up 60%, compared


Reports of racially motivated hate crime increased by


It is too early to say if the trend will continue in Wales.


I think what Brexit has done has given greater exposure to hate


crime, key individuals are coming forward and giving examples


where they believe they have been targeted as a consequence of Brexit.


We do expect the trend to have a natural spike in this time


of year but that is not until July, but we saw the spike


started slightly earlier than we would expect.


In Swansea, some women joined this self-defence class over fears


Here, the opposite, it was made clear that Polish people have


In Newport, the repercussions are also being felt,


in this quaint creative corner, where Wales is sold to the world,


Brexit has put a strain on relations, including for this


There are a couple of people who I cannot talk to,


because they voted out, friendships that I have had


with people for a long time and I said I cannot


The owner of this impressive store who has worked all over Europe


in the circus says that many of her friends are now


They are just saying that is it, I do not want to live here any more.


I would rather live anywhere but here.


Those are some of the things that have been said to me.


While the full consequences of Brexit are yet to crystallise,


for some, things here have already changed.


Ripples in society that may or may not grow to become waves.


The First Minister says divisions in Wales since the Brexit


Carwyn Jones who campaigned for Britain to stay in the EU -


says - he acknowledges immigration needs to be tackled -


but repeated his call for access to the single market to be


maintained in the negotiations to leave.


He's been speaking to our political editor Nick Servini.


What do you think people in Wales want to see happen to immigration?


Some people were concerned that they felt that immigrants


Even though most of the jobs are in industries where it is


difficult to recruit locally but that is the way people saw it


It is quite clear to me that unrestricted free


movement of people is not going to be acceptable


through many people in


Of course what we cannot do is then pick the reasons why people


The free movement of Labour you think does have to


I think it is inevitable that things will have to change, but


what cannot change is our ability to sell freely in our biggest


market, if that happens I can only be bad


Think about it sensibly, if you are an investor


would you go somewhere where you can sell freely


in the biggest market or


someone you cannot on the same terms and the same price as?


It does not take a genius to work out where the


investment will go if we do not get free movement of goods and services.


Do you think Wales is still a divided country?


I do not think it will be that way forever.


One of the things that concerns me about the nature of


Is Wales still feeling divided to you?


Quite clearly people voted in different ways in


We have to get away from the bitterness from the


I have never seen anything like the referendum


If that is the way that politics is going in the UK in the


future, the UK will become a very bitterly divided society.


The formation of the new Welsh Government


nearly coincided with the


Brexit vote, to what extent has it changed things and changed your


What we do not know is what money will be


I know people in Wales wanted to leave, but


I do not think people in Wales, voted to be done over financially.


We have to make sure that when people


believed it was their money in the first place,


that money is still on


Do we judge you now on how you handle


Of course people are going to judge us on the


Not just the UK Government and everyone who


I am fully aware of that, a big challenge, we know that, but it is a


challenge we have to face to make sure that the progress we have seen


with unemployment, youth unemployment...those


Questions are being asked about how hundreds of motorists became


stranded in a flooded field at Festival Number 6 in Portmeirion.


Many festival-goers are furious that the car park was opened


Around 160 people were forced to spend the night in


Roger Pinney is in Porthmadog.


Yes, I am at the leisure centre in Porthmadog. It is much quieter but


throughout the day this has been used as a transit site,


festivalgoers have been bustier from their campsite and then bust out


again to the car parks to see if they can move their vehicles. If


not, they can spend the night here and they are expecting 50 or 60


people to do that tonight. Not a disaster,


not a crisis, but hugely inconveniencing. Images like these


will be unwelcome to festival organisers, there is a reputation at


stake here. Then there are images like these, 200 people in Porthmadog


leisure centre. Local people have turned out to serve food and warming


drinks, essentials like toiletries have been donated, but there is


complaint as well. We were stuck in the field and till midnight from six


o'clock waiting for a tractor to bring us out but the tractors were


getting stuck and telling each other out. We stayed overnight and had


some food and then we tried again this morning and after a couple of


hours in the rain, we finally managed to get the car. It is really


disappointing, this is clearly a flood plain. It is really bad.


Others seem more relaxed about it all. They could have planned it a


little bit better, but I do not think there is much they can do if


the weather is really bad. Every festival gets like this, doesn't it?


In its short life, Festival Number six has grown in popularity, it has


become known for the quality of the axe as well as the setting. In


future, organisers are now being urged to think again about the way


they do things. There was a contingency plan, but perhaps that


needed to be a bit firmer and we needed to have that ready to roll


when the weather forecast was perhaps predicting it badly on the


Saturday. Friday was a perfect day and Sunday was OK, it was just the


Saturday. There is something to learn from that. Through much of the


day there has been a flow of festivalgoers to the car park site.


Four drivers have been here to help. We are getting cars start left right


and centre and it has been a hard struggle. We have had a few that


have managed to get themselves off, but it is a lot of hard work.


Tonight some cars remain on the site, these are the most mud bound


and the most difficult to move. They think 300


vehicles are stuck and some of them may be here until Friday. We have


repeatedly passed the organisers of Festival Number six for an interview


and they have repeatedly failed to give us anyone to talk to. Thank


you. A 36 year old man has admitted


murdering his neighbour The body of 65 year


old Christine James was discovered after she missed a flight


to Florida in March. Kris Wade is due to be


sentenced later this month. The mother of a four year old boy


who died in a house fire near Pontardawe in July -


has been arrested on suspicion Jac Davies was rescued


from a bedroom at his home Three of his siblings escaped


unharmed. 28 year old Jennifer Davies,


has been released on bail. South Wales Police says it's


investigating a complaint about the far-right group


"Britain First" after it filmed The force says it has received


a complaint from the Al-Manar Centre in Cathays about the incident


on the 20th August. It followed allegations made


in national newspapers about the Mosque's Imam Shaykh Ali


Hammuda, which he has Manager Chris Coleman


is aiming to guide his side The first qualifying


match is tonight -- Believe it or not it was just two


months ago that Wales were in the semi-finals of the European


Championships. Now they must do it all over again to reach and other


major finals. The long road to the World Cup in Russia in two years'


time starts tonight, between now and then, Wales will play five countries


home and away and they find themselves in an unfamiliar position


because they are top seeds in their group and they will have to finish


top to qualify for the World Cup, finish second and it is the


play-offs. Let us look at their opponents, we have got Austria,


there is also Serbia, Chris Coleman contemplated quitting after losing


heavily against them a few years ago. Then there is the Republic of


Ireland who reached the last 16 of the Euros and then potentially


tricky trips to Georgia, a six-hour flight away but it all starts


tonight here at the Cardiff City Stadium against Moldova and Wales


are the overwhelming favourites. Gareth Bale for Wales! In! Ramsey


onside, Aaron Ramsey with a dank and Wales are in the lead! Sam Vokes!


How do you follow that? That is the challenge facing the manager, Wales


's success in the summer was the standout story of Europe 2016 and


Chris Coleman must maintain that. We once more tournament football and


campaign football and we want make sure that we do what we did in the


last campaign. It is important to acknowledge what we did and it is


important to put that to bed a little bit and use the experience


and move on. 154 places in the rankings are separate Moldova and


their house, so how does their manager plan to bridge that divide?


TRANSLATION: It is good to say we do not care about that. Thank you for


reminding us. The visitors have shocked Wales before, the mid-19 90s


and in only their second qualifier having separated from the Soviet


Union, Moldova surprise them by winning 3-2. The coach joked that he


was too young to remember that and was coy about how his defence would


prepare tonight. Is he familiar with the term park the bus, but does he


expect them to reduce a defensive performance?


TRANSLATION: We are not the best team, maybe we do not even have


buses, but we will probably have a car! Chris Coleman says that his


players are desperate to build on the success of Euro 2016 after


surpassing expectations then, the challenge now is to ensure it is not


a one-off. Team news for you, Sam Vokes as expected starts instead of


Hal Robson Kanu,. We'll bring you all the goals


at 10:30 this evening. Much more to come


before 7 o'clock... Wake up and smell the coffee -


the welsh businesses How has Brexit affected them?


And we're in for a taste of summer this week but how


warm will it get and - Over 600 people have


signed a petition calling on Ceredigion Council


to save the post of Harbour There's concern that the local


authority could cut the post to save money, but campaigners say -


it could threaten the safety The Council insists no firm


proposals have been decided. The busy summer season is winding


down in Aberaeron and the harbour is the focal point for visitors who


flock to this popular Ceredignon resort. For four centuries,


Aberaeron has had a harbourmaster to supervise the general safety of the


port and the current incumbent has a lifetime 's worth of seafaring


experience, but there is concern locally that he could be the last


full-time harbourmaster in Aberaeron. At present there are


harbour masters in Newquay and Aberaeron but there is concern that


the full-time position could be under threat and that has prompted


local people to launch a campaign to save their harbourmaster. Nick


Sawyer is a boat owner and a member of the local yacht club and he set


up an online petition signed by over 600 people now to call on the


council to protect the harbourmaster. The role he says is


vital for Port safety. Both Newquay and Aberystwyth have a lifeboat,


they have lifeguards on the beach and they have a coastguard that is


resident, we do not have any of those. They have breakwaters which


make the water is safe. We do not have a breakwater. So we do get


these rolling waves coming in at high tide when the sea is a bit


rough. Aberaeron is unique in the sense that we have more hazards. The


idea of cutting the number of harbour masters in Kerry Duignan was


first proposed earlier in the year by a firm of consultants employed by


the council to help them save money -- Ceredignon. The local council


said she was surprised that the idea was being refloated. We threw it out


and I remember asking when they came up with the idea to get rid of one


and a half jobs, basically harbourmaster jobs, you explain to


us how you run a harbour? They could not, it is easy to make


these decisions on paper, but the reality is very different. In a


statement, the council said it is operating in a tough financial


climate, but no firm proposals or decisions have been made about the


harbourmaster service in the county or how it could operate in


Aberaeron. The idea is likely to be discussed by committee at the end of


September in what could be a stormy meeting.


Just over two months since the UK voted to leave the European Union -


there have been big POLITICAL changes - but what


The value of the pound is around 13% lower than it was before


the referendum - but otherwise - the economic landscape appears


The horror stories of economic armageddon haven't materialised.


But there is uncertainly about what trade deals can be done.


Our economics correspondent Sarah Dickins has been speaking


to two businesses about life since the Brexit vote.


From South America and Africa to Bridgend fire London docks, 60


tonnes of raw coffee beans a year. Is this copy more expensive now than


before the Brexit vote? About 15% it has gone up, it is a bit higher than


usual, but because it is a big commodity, the second-biggest


commodity in the world, it does go up and down. At this Welsh coffee


company it is all about imports. The weaker pound has cost it money, but


he is used to changing commodity prices and the business is helped by


low interest rates. Most sales are in Wales but around one third of it


is sold in London and that is expanding. People are still


spending with us, they have not cut back, there might be nervousness and


they might not be sure what to expect, but I think it is still


growing. Across the Welsh economy little has changed so far. Generally


orders have not fallen away nor have large numbers of jobs being lost,


CBI Wales reckons it will be another six months before there is


noticeable change in the economy. In the year to last March ?7 billion of


goods were imported into Wales, while exports from Wales amounted to


?12 billion. These are the biggest markets for Welsh goods. In the year


to last March, exports to Qatar and Ethiopia have seen the biggest


growth. It is the detail of future trade deals that will have a


tangible effect on the economy and how businesses decide whether or not


to grow and invest. People here in Cardiff are doing what they can to


make sure that Wales makes the most of future new trading relationships


while at the same time growing and deepening those that they already


have liked with North America. In the meantime, it is Welsh exporters


who are already feeling the impact of a weaker pound. Not a bubbling


mountain stream, but pure water from deep down below Welsh organic


fields, destined for top restaurants around the world. This is the


nucleus of the whole company. Below us is a lot of water and the idea is


that we will withdraw the water from the soil and the depths below, the


water is drawn through these pipe works, which then goes through a


filtration system and is sent to the bottling shed. With international


rivals, its selling point is that it is pure and top chefs say it works


particularly well with food. It is not cheap, it can cost up to ?8 per


bottle and the weaker pound after the Brexit vote makes this company


is water cheaper for buyers overseas, good news because it can


sell more abroad to new overseas distributors who might have been put


off in the past. It is not worried about future trade barriers because


it is already selling and 19 US states with different regulations.


Competitors within Europe or outside the US have seen it as too much


hassle and it is probably not something we will want to do so I do


embrace that aspect about it because it makes us work and think about how


we get around it and if our competitors are finding it too


difficult, it is happy days for us. Two months after the referendum,


that opinion seems to be gaining support, but like it or not, Brexit


will bring challenges and opportunities.


A final word with Our political editor Nick Servini Nick -


politicians will want businesses to feel confident trading


They will. It will really be about the here and now even though there


will be longer term debates about some of the policies and to stick


with Sarah 's example, it depends if you are glass half full or glass


half empty, Carwyn Jones is in America now trying to drum up


support for inward investment projects, speaking to him about the


potential doubts about our future membership of the single market, he


at times sounds as if the glass is half empty and there is a degree of


vulnerability for the Welsh economy. The person who is definitely glass


half full at the moment is the Conservative Welsh Secretary Alun


Cairns and rather than look at the potential pitfalls, very keen to


look at what the opportunities are and what the benefits could be. This


is what he had to say. We want to get to a position where our goods


and services can be sold and traded in Europe. There will be different


terms on that and of course the detail of those terms will emerge,


but we are not going to say absolutely from the outset, this is


what we demand, but we can reassure businesses that the market is our


closest market, it is the biggest market and at the same time, we will


be looking for a new markets elsewhere, because how many times


have we heard the argument, you cannot do that because of European


regulations and rules? As we leave the European Union, we will not be


restricted to those sorts of obligations. You have spoken to many


politicians, what are your overall impressions since the Brexit vote?


It has been an eye opening experience particularly for those on


the Remain side and the kick in the teeth for them is what happened in


so many of the communities that received most in terms of aid and


yet they were the ones who voted in the greatest numbers to leave. Those


on the Leave side feel vindicated and they can at least feel that they


have had a lease of life and will certainly try to hold the UK


Government to account in the negotiations but we are talking


about very high-profile issues, the focus will be intense. Thank you.


More analysis on what next for Wales after Brexit on our website


bbc.co.uk/walesnews - so what next for the weather?


We're still on course for a short burst of summer this week.


26C in places but the heat and humidity won't last long.


Thursday and Friday cooler and fresher and more unsettled


It felt like summer in parts of the north and northeast


Some blue sky in Rhyl with a high of 25C.


A different story, though in the south and west.


Damp and misty in Mountains Ash and only 18C.


Elsewhere low cloud and some drizzle, especially


Temperatures in many places not falling below 17 or 18 Celsius.


Here's the picture for 8 in the morning.


The north coast and NE bright and warm with some sunshine.


During the day, mist and fog patches will lift and a few more places


Having said that, parts of the west will stay grey


Top temperatures 19, 20C in Carmarthenshire.


24 Celsius in Flintshire with a south to south-westerly breeze.


On Wednesday the wind will turn more into the SE bringing drier


And that means more of the country will brighten-up on Wednesday.


The cloud lifting and breaking with some sunshine.


On Thursday a cold front will swing through Wales with low


Cooler and fresher with a few showers.


Friday less windy but breezy with some rain and showers.


Wednesday the warmest day but back to normal later in the week.


I'll have an update at 8, and again after the BBC News at Ten


That's Wales Today, thank you for watching -


from all of us on the programme, good evening.


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