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And Samsung has recalled all of its newest smartphones after some have


A call on the Welsh Government to do more to support asylum


Oxfam Cymru says they are more likely to experience poverty.


They tell us public services often don't work for them.


The ability to book a hospital appointment, organise transport


or find English lessons is actually quite difficult and daunting.


And tributes are paid to cancer campaigner and our colleague at BBC


Wales Rowena Kincaid who has died at the age of 40.


Questions over next years gay Pride event in Cardiff.


The actor Sir Ian McKellan voices his concern.


It is a bit alarming, I hope it doesn't mean there


is a serious change of attitude from the elected officials.


It's been four years since a Welsh winner of the Pro12.


Tonight, a former international says a major overhaul is needed


Some have fled the horrors of war or the threat of violence in search


But when they arrive in Wales, is enough being done to ensure


refugees and asylum seekers can integrate into communities and get


Oxfam Cymru is calling on the National Assembly to review


the support currently on offer, claiming many refugees find


The Welsh Government says it's working to ensure Wales


plays its full part in responding to the current refugee crisis.


The Oasis Centre in Cardiff is a place where refugees and those


seeking asylum can meet, socialise and learn.


Many here have learned to their cost it can be difficult to access


This man who is fearful of being identified says


without the right paperwork accessing a doctor is not easy.


It is because of these problems that the Oasis Centre


and Oxfam Cymru have written to the National Assembly's Equality,


Local Government and Commnities Committee to investigate.


The ability to make hospital appointments, organise transport,


find language lessons, can be quite difficult.


We are asking Assembly Members to have a review of those services,


how they work, how they are working for refugees and asylum seekers,


so they can get on with their life in Wales and have a sustainable


An asylum seeker is someone who has fled their homeland.


They make themselves known to authorities and submit


That is what happened to this man from Ethiopia.


I didn't go back to Ethiopia because so many of my people


A refugee is someone who has proven to the authority they would be


This 20-year-old arrived in Cardiff from Syria a month ago.


I want to spend my life living here and I want to study English


English lessons are vital to refugees to progress in society


and that is something they offer at the Oasis Centre.


For this man from Cameroon, language was never a barrier.


He is a published author and has written about his experience


and those of others trying to rebuild a life in Wales.


As a refugee, you have a recognised status, and doors are open to you.


As an asylum seeker it is a different ball game.


You have to rely on support from strangers.


He recognises he is one of the lucky ones and believes


I was kicked out of my village, human trafficked into Russia.


I came to live in a housing association.


For me, Wales has provided a perfect canopy, a perfect umbrella


The Welsh Government says it is working hard to make sure


Wales is playing its full part in responding to the current refugee


crisis, coordinating housing, health, education


The Labour MP for Islwyn Chris Evans has said there's


a deep wedge in his party with little sign it can


be reunited after the leadership election.


Mr Evans, who supports Pontypridd MP Owen Smith


in the two-horse leadership race, says he's more concerned


than ever about the future of the Labour Party.


The saddest thing about the last year has been as a long-standing


party member that party members are attacking each other


We are all members of the Labour Party,


That will not come about if we are fighting each other.


A conservation charity has strongly criticised the National Trust


for allowing a renewable energy project to be built on their land.


The director of the Snowdonia Society says


the Conwy Falls would "become the Cowny


trickle" if a dam was built by RWE Innogy on the Conwy River.


The National Trust says the scheme would continue


without its involvement, but it's influenced the design


During construction, a Brown sign of visitor attraction will be turned


into a building site and during operation the river itself will be


seriously diminished with up to 60% of the water taken out, out of a


significant section of the river. The wife of a man rescued


after an empty speedboat was spotted circling in Aberystwyth Harbour has


said they're utterly heartboken after his best friend


died in the incident. Amanda Jones says her husband, Alan,


and his friend named locally as Bill Davies,


were thrown overboard after Mr Davies became unwell


on Wednesday morning. One of the world's most famous


actors and gay rights campaigners, Sir Ian McKellen, has said he's


alarmed by the uncertainty surrounding next year's


Pride event in Cardiff. The council has said there could be


challenges over holding it in Coopers Field as it's being used


as a Champions League final fanzone next summer,


but stressed it has not The first British gay pride rally


was held in London in 1972. Rallies have been held in the Welsh capital


since the 1980s and by the turn of the millennium Cardiff saw its first


Mardi Gras. Every year since then thousands of


gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from Wales have


celebrated their culture in a colourful annual. Festival Cardiff


Pride 2016 was the biggest to date with 12,000 people attending.


Organisers have been told next year's event may be in doubt.


Plaid Cymru say they haven't been told anything officially but they


have heard unofficially their main venue in Cardiff will be unavailable


in August. Because on the 3rd of June there will be a fan zone for


all the football fans who failed to get a ticket to the Champions League


final being played over the road. They have heard the field will be


rested and re-turfed once the fans and is cleared away. With the most


recent figures suggesting 20% of LGBT people in Wales have exposed to


homophobic hate crime, organisers say the event is important in


changing attitudes. The uncertainty is alarming


according to one of our best-known actors currently performing in the


capital. is a serious change of attitude


from the elected officials. And the people they employ to


service the town, the city. And I hope there is a change of heart and


the practicality and goodwill will rain.


Cardiff Council says it has always supported Plaid Cymru and isn't


looking to move the event from the field but it says there will be some


flexibility with event dates next year.


It is having an enormous impact on our sponsors.


To say, 2017, this is the theme, and we can't do that at the moment.


Our sponsors are being cautious because if the event doesn't go


They are due to meet with Cardiff Council this month when they hope to


draw a line under the uncertainty and look ahead to next year's


celebrations. Parents and governors who've


campaigned to keep two high schools in Powys from closing


are celebrating tonight - as it appears a U-turn


could be on the cards. The council has planned on shutting


Gwernyfed and Brecon schools But a new report says both


sites should stay open. It also says the council should look


again at the future of other They said closing their


school was a bad idea. The council said having a smaller


number of large schools would lead to a better education,


a wider range of subjects available But now it seems there


could be a change of heart. The original plan was for Brecon


and Gwernyfed High Schools to close, replacing them with one


newbuild in Brecon. Builth Wells and Llandrindrod High


Schools were set to close. But this report says both Bracken


and Gwernyfed should change and improvement should be made


to both buildings. Builth and Llandrindod should merge


to form one new school operating For those who would have been


affected by the original The council have listened


and that is a brave decision. They have their budget


responsibilities, But we are looking for something


sustainable here financially If a council looks to close


a school, it has to be sure that taking that step will lead to wider


improvements in education When Powys County Council put


forward its controversial proposals to close schools here,


it employed an independent body That independent body found over


1000 people objected, as did the schools watchdog,


it said closing schools here is unlikely to improve


education in the area. It is in contrast to what is going


on in some other parts of Wales, like the so-called super


school in Port Tolbert. Three secondary schools and one


primary school closed to allow this Council leaders in Powys


will formally vote later this month on new proposals


with fewer closures. For rural schools here


who thought their time was up, Tributes have been paid


to Rowena Kinkaid, the cancer campaigner,


our friend and colleague Rowena became well known


for her frank and honest documentary about living


with a terminal illness, and raised thousands of pounds


for cancer research. My name is Rowena, I am young, full


of ambition and I have a zest for life. Even though I don't look it, I


am terminally ill. Three years ago, Rowena Kincaid was


told her cancer was terminal and was given up to six months to live.


Unsurprisingly to those who knew her she defied the doctors and became


determined to raise awareness of living with a terminal illness.


I want to find people in the same boat as me to see if they can offer


sensible suggestion as to what I should be doing in that time I have


left. Her documentary saw Rowena come to


terms with her diagnosis and support others in similar situations.


It has been my worst nightmare. And here it is. Living through the


worst. Her campaign to raise awareness went


nationwide and her fund raising for cancer charities totalled thousands


of pounds. Hello, good morning. A very cloudy


Good Friday. We do have some rain in the forecast.


After 13 years of working as a picture editor here, she became a


weather presenter, fulfilling one of her many ambitions.


Rowena will be remembered for her determination and her fighting


spirit. And, for us at BBC Wales, as a great colleague, and our friend.


Rowena Kincaid, who died at the age of 40.


The Snowdon Mountain Railway celebrates 120 years of carrying


And, spot the model sheep in the flock.


Find out why scientists from Bangor University


The long rugby season kicks off tonight with


It'll culminate with the Lions' tour of New Zealand next June.


On the eve of the campaign, there are calls for


a shake-up of the way the game is run here.


The four Welsh rugby regions in the Pro12 are suffering


because they have to do without their big name players


so often because of too many international games.


That's the warning tonight from the former Wales and Lions


On the eve of the opening weekend of matches, he's calling for world


rugby's calendar to be re-organised to help benefit the regions.


A new season and the message from the organisers is positive,


the league more attractive with more tries last season than ever.


-- Do followers of the Welsh regions they have much


Four years have passed since the Ospreys were the last


The highest any Welsh side got last season, fifth,


the Scarlets finished above the Blues, Dragons and Ospreys


Too often, players emerged on to the field to a sea of empty


One former international says it is a challenge to sell the league


when its star names play so few games for the regions.


Respectively England and France have a larger pool of players,


so consistently week in and week out they get the top boys playing,


generating interest from the crowd where they are getting 15,000 coming


through the turnstiles which gives you as a player that hype and buzz.


If you're playing in front of 3,000 in an empty stadium,


The Welsh Rugby Union has worked hard to stop the tide of Welsh


Centre Jonathan Davies has returned from Clermont to join


Scarlets, Bradley Davies is in Wales with the Ospreys.


Some say the regions aren't benefiting enough.


The major problem is the cannibalisation of the season


It doesn't happen in the southern hemisphere.


The ideal solution would be to move the Six Nations forward


That means the regions get to keep their players for the Pro12


And post that period, you have Six Nations,


and they stay together as a bloc, the Welsh squad, and go on a summer


tour which is what happens in the southern hemisphere.


Changing the world rugby calendar has long been talked about.


The head of the Pro12 says both club and country need to consider


Slightly reduce the international calendar, increase quality,


slightly reduce the club calendar, increase the quality.


Players play slightly less often, their intensity will be higher.


Play them in meaningful games and fans will watch.


For some, the season won't finish until the first week of July


when the Lions face the All Blacks in their final Test match.


As the campaign gets under way, concerns of a player burn-out


The former Cardiff Blues, Wales and Lions back-row


Martyn Williams is at tonight's game between Ospreys


Good evening, it has taken four years for a Welsh winner in the


Pro12. Will it change this time round?


I am optimistic this season, when you look at the ospreys, Scots and


blues, they have strengthened squads. Disappointing last season.


Only three teams getting into the top competition in Europe. There is


hopeful optimism throughout Wales. There is no World Cup which disrupts


our Welsh regions. The big players are there from the start. All three


can push to even when the league this year.


What needs to happen to ensure we see more of big names playing


It is difficult. You have this problem in France and England. Not


so much can our top players play, they will, probably a dozen games.


It is growing their strength and depth so when those players are


away, the regions are still competitive which at the moment they


are struggling. They showed that last year. Slowly and surely there


is more depth. Listening to that piece, a few less international


matches would help. That is why the cash cow is to fund the regions.


Many elite players have been rested but it's


Still a good looking squad. A perfect opening game, conditions


will be as good as you can have, the pitch is perfect. Expect some


rustiness in the first game. You can expect them to win Dibley this


evening. -- win comfortably. That's on Scrum V Live,


7.30pm, BBC Two Wales. London Welsh are facing a winding-up


order at the High Court on Monday as the club tries


to secure investment and avoid The club escaped liquidation


in April but have since struggled And the squad again


trained today ahead of their first World Cup qualifier


against Moldova on Monday. the first team he feels confident


that they could qualify for a World Cup and the success


in France though can It's a group I feel we can attack,


it is something we can take take confidence from,


from the summer. The lads are buzzing to get


together and looking Probably the first time


we are going into a group stage with this confidence,


on the back of the last tournament. Wales under-21s were aiming


to close the gap on group leaders Denmark


tonight in a European The Welsh side went


into the match four points behind the visitors


but it's not good news from the Racecourse Ground


in Wrexham, Wales are 4-0 down On Monday, all the build-up for


Wales versus Moldova. Now, it's 120 years old and still


pulls in the crowds. The Snowdon Mountain Railway


is the only one of its kind in the UK, taking its first


passengers to the roof Well, today they've been


marking the anniversary and Next stop, Snowden, another


generation enjoying a trip up our highest mountain.


The easy way. Return fare, ten bob. There are always more customers than


seats. These days, the fair is quite a bit


more than 50p and the number of passengers has ballooned over the


years up to 140,000. Much else remains unchanged, the


views on the way up past tumbling waterfalls before the high open


mountainside. The train sweeps past the walkers


tackling the climb rather than taking and paying for the ride. And


the train passengers that keep on coming, today, Michael and Mary


Heathfield from the south of England have bought their granddaughters.


It is amazing seeing the countryside, we are so high, it is


amazing. I really like going out into the


high hills and seeing the little Valleys below.


We have been on lots of mountain railways all over Europe. But this


is just special. The mountains all around you are so vast.


Unlike the other little trays of Wales, this mountain railway was


built for the purpose it is used for now, tourism. The tracks were laid


in a year, although disaster hit the very first service, a passenger fell


out of the carriage and died. Just after the First World War and


attempt was made to take a car up the tracks, replacing tyres with


train wheels. This weekend, all that history is


remembered. Even back then, people were becoming


more adventurous. They had more leisure time, they wanted more


extreme adventures. At the time, they could only walk to the summit.


Or take a donkey. That brought the decision, let us build a railway to


take many more people who couldn't walk to the top.


There is an enduring appeal, the anticipation of reaching the summit.


When we get here, it is windy, it is cloudy, and there is no view at all.


It isn't always like this. Then the clouds part just briefly to reveal


what must be one of the best views in Wales. A view hardly altered


since that first train journey 120 years ago.


Derek will have the latest weather forecast in just a moment.


September might be here but no signs of a cold


scientists at Bangor University are carrying out research into how


to make sheep more comfortable in extreme weather


The life-size models are being used to measure how much shelter


So lifelike in their design, the e-sheep are even


confusing their flesh and blood counterparts.


And, though this first meeting didn't go well,


it's hoped they'll provide data which could make their


doppelgangers' lives much more comfortable.


A cold snap a couple of years ago killed around 30,000 sheep.


And represents huge losses not just in terms of sheep


Energy that sheep are using to keep warm just isn't going


Bangor University along with the Woodland Trust


and the Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship are finding out how hot


or cold these electric sheep get in all weathers and all


The results could have a direct effect on a farm's


We want to be able to talk to farmers about how


they might design their farms with weather in mind.


Design tree-planting to offer shelter to the animals


from the sun and wind, to improve the efficiency


of their farming, to negate some of those energy losses and turn that


into healthier animals that grow quicker.


The e-sheep might not look high-tech but inside they are


crammed full of electronic equipment like this which acts


as a mobile weather station, heating elements, and a thermometer.


While their input isn't always as dignified as it could be -


the e-sheep will help animals on farms around the world.


Farmers will be able to work out the best places to buld shelter


With a Google map, let us say, he can look at his farm,


and he can click and control the actual barrier on the map.


Until now, shearing has been the main way to keep sheep cool


but this hi-tech field study is the future.


Let us hope there were no extreme conditions on the way for us or the


sheep. Trouble is brewing over the


Atlantique and the sheep will need shelter tomorrow.


A weekend of another two halves, dried tomorrow followed by heavy


rain and strong winds. Sunday is the better day with sunshine.


It brightens up quite nicely in Conwy this afternoon with blue sky.


After a damp morning, the sun eventually came out this afternoon.


Fine and brightness is running, dry overnight bar the odd light shower.


Clear spells, lowest temperatures, 11th Celsius.


With a south-westerly breeze. Tomorrow, the remains of the


hurricane will be near the Azores, it won't affect us but these


Atlantique France will. Tomorrow morning, not a bad start,


most of the country is dry for a while, bright in the north and east


with hazy sunshine. But rain and freshening winds will reach


Pembrokeshire. That rain will spread across the rest of the country


during the morning. A wet spell tomorrow, heavy rain, 30 millimetres


in the south and west, the wind becoming strong on the coast.


In the afternoon, the rain will ease.


Further rain likely in the south. Tomorrow evening, the rain in the


south will clear. Windy overnight, blustery showers in North Wales.


Sunday, a better day, improving as time goes on. Breezy with a few


showers, heavy in the north. These will clear. Some sunshine on a


Sunday afternoon. The wind easing down.


Festival number six is in full swing here.


Strong winds in the afternoon. Sunday, much brighter with lighter


winds. The weather going downhill tomorrow


but not a right of this weekend. Next week, some will return, the jet


stream will move north. High pressure will take charge with


warmer south-easterly winds. Temperatures rising into the


mid-20s. Funny how the weather is often improves after the school


holidays come to an end it? Always the way!


The main headline. Oxfam country is calling on the national Assembly to


look at its support for asylum seekers and refugees in Wales,


saying many find themselves living in poverty. The Welsh Government


says it is working to ensure Wales says its full part in responding to


the refugee crisis. We will be back with an update at


8pm. Have a good evening, goodbye.


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