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Tonight - hopes the new Hinkley nuclear plant in Somerset can


boost the beleaguered Welsh steel industry.


This is an opportunity not just for Welsh steel -


but for our construction and engineering firms too.


But do we have enough skilled workers to win all that work?


We have been expecting this work for quite a while so we have been


gearing up but I have to say that we do also have a skills gap


Helen Thompson needed a car to take her autistic son to college.


The previous owner had borrowed against it.


The call for a change in the law on so-called logbook loans.


Ukip is about to pick a successor to Nigel Farage -


big figures in the party in Wales are split on who should take over.


Welsh football is on a high after success at the Euros.


Now talk of a Great Britain football team playing at the next Olympics


It's been billed as a good opportunity for the Welsh economy,


but there are concerns tonight that the new nuclear power plant


in Somerset will take the most specialist workers away from Wales.


The Prime Minister gave the ?18 billion Hinkley C project


Overlooking the Bristol channel, it's just 14 and a half


Welsh firms are already lined up to provide 200,000 tonnes of steel,


worth ?100 million, to build the plant.


There are up to 26,000 jobs on offer, but there are concerns


that Welsh people taking some of those roles will leave businesses


Our economics correspondent Sarah Dickins is in Port Talbot.


And so many times when we are here at Port Talbot in the shadow of the


steelworks, we are talking about bad news, the fragility of the sector,


but today it is more about opportunities, the opportunities for


steel. Not however for Tata Steel, the plant here and be hotrolled coil


that it makes but through the steel industry is that we have in Wales


that actually supply the construction industry with


reinforced steel that will be so much needed for Hinkley point. There


are other opportunities to because around Port Talbot over the decades


many metal fabrication businesses have set up and there could be


opportunities for them to perhaps do some self-assembly work year and


then supply across the water to Hinkley point. Across the water, a


different country, a different economy, the challenge for Wales is


to grab the opportunities that lie with his ?18 billion and adjustment.


If Wales can win business building the first nuclear power plant for 30


years, it could help the Welsh economy for the long-term. After a


more of that after more of a year than... This time he focuses on Tata


Steel, but instead on salsa in Cardiff. It makes the steel that is


used for reinforcing concrete and it makes it from scratch steel that has


brought here on massive lorries. Already, 200,000 tonnes of that


reinforced recycled steel has been ordered for the Hinkley project.


Steel from here will go to express reinforcements in Neath. It is


already involved in the Crossrail project in London and will be


supplying Hinkley C, just one Welsh company already talking to those


running the nuclear project. We have been expecting this work for some


time so we have been gearing up but I have to say that we do also have a


skills gap of mammoth proportions. We lost 400,000 people in the


construction industry in the last recession and they haven't come


back. And also our training needs to be moved up quite a few gears so we


need lots of Welsh Government help to do that. On the ground, there is


a real fear that the skills gap will only get bigger and that the most


specialist workers will be tempted to work on Hinkley C, pushing


smaller firms to the bottom of the food chain. I believe we will


struggle with subcontractors, addresses, plumbers, bricklayers,


Hinkley will be offering a higher salary than what Wales are paying.


And we already have a shortage and Hinkley will be taking those people


away from us, making it worse in Wales. But today the first ministers


pledged ?16.5 million towards developing skills across North Wales


as they prepare for a new nuclear reactor at Wylfa Power Station. He


is confident we can seize the opportunities from the Hinkley


project. We know that we have the businesses in Wales that can offer


jobs to people with the right skills so we're not looking at a brain


drain. What we are looking at is an opportunity for businesses in Wales


to act as suppliers and contractors potentially for Hinkley and that is


a bit we want to explore. What is undeniable is that Hinkley C will


have a clear impact on the economy of South Wales in a number of Wales.


But with wealth and know it on the drawing board, expertise learned


working on Hinkley but help Welsh firms winning projects and is the


whole of the Welsh economy. Ken Skates has said that the project


must use UK steel. He has also said that Welsh manufacturing must be


involved. You could say that the genes of a politician but he might


actually be knocking on an open door because EDF, the French company


behind the project, they will be running the project in effect, they


have a buy local policy, if you like. Now, North Devon and North


Somerset doesn't have much of a steel industry. We have much more of


one year round so we could well be in a good place, a good position, to


supply into that. There are big opportunities focused action, for


engineering and for steel for Wales but the companies in Wales will


really have to fight to get any bit of the action.


The trial of a former senior police officer accused of the historical


sexual abuse of two boys has heard one of them describe being passed


Gordon Anglesea denies three charges of indecent assault and another


The jury at Mold Crown Court heard a police interview with one


Gordon Anglesea was a former superintendent


Now aged 78, he was a police inspector based


The prosecution say that during that time, he abused two teenagers,


one of them now in his 40s was interviewed by police


He was a resident at the Bryn Alyn children's home.


The head of the organisation was John Allen, jailed in 2014


The witness claims he was taken by John Allen to different locations


to be abused by others over a period of months.


During the interview, the witness said he was taken


to a property in Mold in Flintshire, where he was indecently


But he had a birthmark on his face and glasses.


He was a really nasty, horrible piece of work.


I think he was something to do with the police.


That, the prosecution say, was Gordon Anglesea.


The witness then said that the man threatened him, saying he had


the authority to send him far, far away and he would never


Asked how he knew the man was something to do with the police,


The trial is adjourned for the week and will resume on Monday


with the witness facing cross-examination by the defence.


Gordon Anglesea denies two indecent assault charges and committing


a serious sexual offence against one complainant and an indecent assault


A drugs gang which ferried heroin and crack cocaine from Liverpool


into north east Wales has been jailed.


Mold Crown Court heard the gang brought class-A drugs


into Flintshire for distribution on the streets.


The seven members of the gang were given jail terms ranging


BBC Wales has announced a major reorganisation aimed


A shake-up of senior management will see six senior posts scrapped


and three new ones created, with the commissioning


of TV, radio and online content brought together.


The changes come against the background of the BBC's


"cash-flat" licence fee agreement, set in 2015.


Obviously, we have a flat licence fee, which means that in real terms,


we will need to find savings of about 2% every year


So a number of changes will need to be made there.


The new broadcast centre in Central Square in Cardiff city


centre will make a big contribution to those savings,


The second thing I announced, a number of management changes,


A reward of up to ?5,000 is being offered for information


about an arson attack on a school in Torfaen.


A fire in January destroyed the nursery and infant classrooms


Seven people from the area have been arrested on suspicion of arson


with intent to endanger life and are currently on bail.


A motorist from the Swansea Valley is backing calls for a change


in the law in relation to so-called "logbook-loans".


Helen Thompson from Ystalyfera bought a second-hand car last year,


but weeks later a finance company tried to re-possess it.


The previous owner had taken out a loan secured on the vehicle


The Law Commission says new legislation is needed to make


It's the biggest purchase most of us make after our home.


Our cars can be worth hundreds, thousands, even tens


And when hard times hit, it can be a valuable financial asset.


Now some specialist companies are offering to lend you money


There are a whole host of companies on the Internet offering


to lend you cash against the value of your car.


But they are only intended as a short-term loans and have


Now some unscrupulous motorists have been taking


the cash and selling the car on without settling the debt.


And that is having devastating consequences for the new owner.


Helen Thomson needed a cheap car to take her autistic son to college.


But the Golf she bought for ?1200 has cost her dear.


The man she bought it from had borrowed ?500 against it but hadn't


made the repayments before selling it on.


I bought the car in June, then I received a letter saying


that they were coming to get the car because it had a logbook loan on it.


And I contacted them saying that I didn't have the loan on the car.


And it went on for weeks and weeks and weeks.


He came at the door then, another one.


So I pulled the wheels off and I put it on the drive.


Now it is sitting there and I can't do nothing with it.


And I've had to purchase this one now.


Helen has had to borrow from family for an alternative car


Citizens Advice say at least 100 people have been caught out like


The Law Commission say new legislation is needed.


We're going to change the law so that people in Helen's position,


they will be the owners of the vehicle.


The lender can't come and repossess the vehicle any more.


What the lender will then have to do is proceed to sue the borrower.


Helen's battle with the finance company has now lasted more


than a year and it's taken its toll on her health.


Couldn't sleep, couldn't sleep for months and months and still now,


you'd hear someone with a glory and you think, oh my God,


they're going to put it up on a high up or something and take it.


So hopefully the law will change and the man who sold me the car can


If the government accept the Law Commission recommendation,


the new law could be on the statutes sometime next year.


Still to come on the programme tonight, Welsh football is on a high


Now talk of a Great Britain football team playing at the next Olympics


isn't scoring well with fans. And could a robot really do


Meet Emily who's going into service off the Gwynedd coast.


There's just under a week left of voting to choose the next


Labour Leader and both candidates have been setting out their


industrial policies as the contest enters its final days.


Jeremy Corbyn used a speech in London earlier to say


that he would insist on the use of British steel in


Owen Smith will visit Port Talbot steelworks shortly. You will be


outlining how he will protect manufacturing jobs. Jobs and the


economy very much the focus today. That's right, as we enter the final


stages of this campaign that started off fairly gently at the beginning


of the summer but has got increasingly fractious as the weeks


and months have gone on. The accusation against the Jeremy Corbyn


camp is they will lead some kind of vendetta against Labour MPs that


have been rude towards Jeremy Corbyn. The accusation against the


Owen Smith camp is that he is led an increasingly personalised campaign


against the character of Jeremy Corbyn but today an opportunity for


both men to lay out their industrial strategies. In central London,


Jeremy Corbyn talking about the need to borrow to invest in our


manufacturing base and Owen Smith as you say will come here tonight and


meets union and workers to set out one of his policies, which is again


linked to the need for the government to borrow to invest in


manufacturing but he will add a bit of spice to it by saying that it


Jeremy Corbyn was in charge, he would put hundreds of thousands of


jobs in energy, oil and gas and manufacturing and the nuclear


industry at risk. Now of course, the public don't vote in this contest


but union members do. And that clearly is what both men's messages


have been directed that today. Thank you very much.


Labour aren't the only party in the midst of


Tomorrow, we'll learn who'll take over from Nigel Farage


So, after months of bitter infighting within Ukip Wales,


what impact will the new leader have on the party?


The two main figures in Ukip here differ on what they want


from the next chapter of the party's story.


And while Roald Dahl 's life will be celebrated in Cardiff this weekend,


the person who will take the big seat in Ukip will also be announced.


So what do the characters in the party look like?


They've made Ukip one of the stories of Welsh politics.


They now have a significant group of Assembly Members and won


what is to most members the equivalent of


Reflecting a deep split in the party, the story


of Ukip in Wales has become a struggle between two men,


Nathan Gill who led the assembly election campaign and is close


to Nigel Farage and the man who beat him in a vote


to become assembly group leader, Neil Hamilton,


seen as being on the anti Farage side of the party.


Since then, Nathan Gill has left the assembly group and now sits


So where do the pictures go next in the Ukip block?


Well, Nigel Farage's successor will be drawn from a cast


The favourite is Nigel Farage's ally, Diane James.


So what's the mood on the story here?


Unsurprisingly, the big characters disagree.


Nathan Gill says he thinks Diane James will try to change


If you were the leader of the new party and you had people


in the party who were kicking against what you were trying


to achieve, you would have two stamp your authority on those people.


So could that mean trying to destabilise Neil Hamilton's role


There is absolutely nothing that anyone can do to change


the leadership of the group in the assembly because that is


entirely in the hands of our Assembly Members.


They elected me rather than Nathan Gill, hence


Because he can't cope with the democratic


They may not yet be giants on the political scene,


but whoever takes the hot seat for Ukip tomorrow is likely


to have a big say on how the story develops for the party in Wales.


Doctors at Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor say there's been a dramatic drop


in the number of diabetic people having legs or feet amputated.


They say better co-ordination between different medical


and nursing staff has helped them to act quickly and prevent


A checkup at Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor.


69-year-old Jenny Glover has type two diabetes.


Last December, her foot became infected and she was brought


She says it is only thanks to staff here that she didn't lose her foot.


They are wonderful but I live on my own.


If I didn't have some kind of mobility, I don't want to go


into care or anything like that, or have care is coming round,


Jenny Glover has lost toes in the past, having limbs


amputated is a known risk for people with diabetes.


They lose sensation in their limbs and don't realise if they have been


hurt by something as simple as a shoe rubbing.


In England, figures for the start of this decade show that as many


as 135 people a week had to have an amputation


The charity Diabetes UK says it is a serious problem and diabetic


people don't always get the care they need to avoid it


But at Ysbyty Gwynedd, things are a bit different.


Ten years ago, managers reorganise the way staff care for diabetic


Different specialists started working together


I find amputating limbs always very disappointing,


But to get people back from the brink of losing a limb


or even life, getting back to a real good quality


of life is a real thrill, not just for me, but for all


the staff and the staff keep going because they see results.


And those results are reflected in the figures.


In 2014, staff at Ysbyty Gwynedd did no major amputations at all.


They say they are working hard to carry on in the same way,


Let's get tonight's sport now with Tomos.


A Great Britain football team which could include players


like Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey playing at the next Olympics.


That's what the England manager wants but the Football Association


of Wales has reiterated its opposition to the idea.


It fears it could damage its independence and it's


an issue which always generates strong opinions.


Weeks after Wales exceeded all expectations and went further


in Euro 2016 than any other home nation, the thorny issue of fielding


The home nations got together over breakfast yesterday.


Scotland and Northern Ireland do not.


Along with the Football Association of Wales.


And some of the national side 's prominent supporters.


I just find the whole persistent agenda quite


For years, we were kind of left alone, no one really cared


about Welsh football, and now it is fully


2012 and a British football side in action


Now the British Olympic Association would love to see it return in 2020.


It argues when else would young footballers and the women's senior


footballers have the chance to get significant tournament experience?


11 football games were held here at the Olympics in 2012.


As for Wales, it enjoys something of a unique position


While not an independent country, it has a special place


within Fifa which allows it to compete independently


at European Championships and the World Cup.


The same goes for England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Is there a threat to their existence as separate footballing entities?


Fifa top brass can give all the assurances they want


but basically world governing is football body is run


by its member countries and therefore if three quarters


of those nations wanted Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland


and England to become Great Britain then they could force it through no


matter what the assurances that come from the hierarchy.


It is expected football bosses from the four home nations


Part of the process towards considering the reintroduction


Fifa say it would need the agreement of the ruling bodies in Scotland,


So it seems the impasse will continue with Wales wary of any


revival which could threaten its footballing independence.


Staying with football, Wales have climbed to 10th


They're now above former world champions Spain.


Worth remembering, just five years ago, Wales were ranked 117th.


Swansea City's Nathan Dyer will be out of action for two months.


The winger, who won the Premier League while on loan


at Leicester last season, has what's described as an "extra


Machines have been replacing people for years, but could a robot really


Well, one has gone into service off the Gwynedd coast today,


to help if someone gets into difficulty in the sea.


The robot lifeguard known as E.M.I.L.Y, or the Emergency


Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard, will be used by campsite


Launched on the California beaches of Malibu, this is Emily,


or the Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard.


It can reach speeds of up to 22 mph to reach distressed swimmers faster


And now from the beaches of Baywatch to this Gwynedd Council campsite.


It will be used by staff on this site where this year alone they have


rescued three adults and three children from the waters.


In the UK this year, we have seen a lot of riptides


being formed and people given the information.


It's basically a life ring with a control that you can get away


casualty straightaway, once it's in the water.


A life ring, you can only throw ten metres,


whereas this, it can get out to 100 metres victory


It has been a busy summer for the rescue services on the Welsh


coast with several lives being lost, including two teenage boys


from Birmingham who died after being swept out


When every second counts in a rescue, Emily is


I have been told this is idiot proof so I have been allowed to go


It is just a simple remote control with a trigger and a wheel


where you can turn her left or right and she is now going at full speed,


just over 20 mph and it will go as far as the eye can see,


around four or five miles out to sea.


It costs around ?8,000 and models in the United States have been


fitted with on-board speakers and cameras so the lifeguard can see


It can also be fitted with sonar systems to help


There is no replacement for a lifeguard, there is no


This is an idea that has been with to get buoyancy to people.


The rescue services to a cracking job around the country


It has been designed to keep people above the water whilst they are


waiting for the professionals from the RNLI and the Coast Guard.


It has been in use for several years in America but this is thought to be


a UK first and if it proves to be a life-saver we could see


Time for the latest weather forecast now with Sue.


Thank you very much. Today the last of the unseasonably warm days. Some


heavy downpours denied and then feeling fresher tomorrow with some


bright spells. The change comes as this front which brought thunder on


Tuesday and then stored in the Atlantic eventually moves eastwards


tonight. That could trigger thundery downpours. A warning for the risk of


those in south-east Wales. Otherwise turning increasingly cloudy with


outbreaks of showery rain overnight. Heavy at times. Temperatures holding


up in the teens. Tomorrow, any early rain clears to the east. Cloud and


missed lifting, allowing sunny spells to develop. A much fresher


day with sunny spells. Just the odd isolated shower. Brisk


north-westerly winds and feeling noticeably cooler. 16 Celsius in


Gwynedd. Temperatures back where they should be for September.


Tonight, much quieter. The odd shower. Otherwise dry spells.


Slightly cooler overnight with north-westerly winds. High pressure


builds from the South west into the weekend. We swap the humidity for


settled fresher weather on Saturday. But this low pressure could head in


on Sunday. A chilly start on Saturday. Cooler in the --


north-westerly winds. Sunday, the threat of rain heading in from the


west later in the day. We lose the humidity. A chance of some heavy


downpours denied and then a fresher day tomorrow, similar into the


weekend with more autumnal conditions to come next week.


We'll have a quick update at 8, there's more after


But that is Wales Today, thanks for watching,


from all of us here, have a good evening.


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