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Islamic State has been jailed for killing


They sold teeth whitener containing dangerous levels of chemicals that


Two men are jailed after a major investigation by Powys Trading


They were active that 150 sites throughout the UK, and they were


trading for at least eight years. Financial investigations are likely


to show millions of pounds of profits were made.


The campaign to get patients to take more control over decisions


A warm welcome for UKIP's new leader - can Diane James


What you can expect in the City of the Unexpected this weekend -


as Cardiff celebrates 100 years since the birth


The pain of just missing out on a medal.


Claire Griffiths' 5th and final Paralympics


A father and son whose family business sold dangerous


teeth-whitening products at the Royal Welsh Show in Llanelwedd -


and across the UK - are starting a prison


The judge described the venture, run by John Hargreaves


and his son Matthew, as 'a sophisticated well


organised operation, which risked the health


Good morning. What's your name? When Powys Trading Standards raided the


Hargreaves luxury home two years ago. Tonight, 69-year-old John


Hargreaves and his 49-year-old son Matthew had been sentenced for


selling cheap wine with 110 times the limit of the legal limit of


hydrogen peroxide. It started to come undone at the


Royal Welsh show when they began to sell teeth whitening products from a


stand. -- cheap teeth whitening products.


This post as customers and bought some of the goods, they were tested


and shocked by results. The store was raided and goods


seized. They were trading selling products which were over 6% hydrogen


peroxide, which really means that they could be harmful for anybody


using the products. Our investigation demonstrated that they


were active at 150 sites throughout the UK. They were trading for at


least eight years. Ruth Clements from Dorset wanted whiter teeth so


she bought one of the home whitening kits from a stall at the show which


cost her ?30. She told a BBC programme that she took it home but


after putting it in her mouth, she had to take it out almost


immediately. My gums began to burn after a very short time. A tingling


sensation which was most uncomfortable, and soon became


painful. My gums were actually on fire. Teeth whitening is a popular


and modern way of lightning teeth which is used extensively in the


UK... Professor Alan Gilmour is a


consultant in district -- dentistry in Cardiff, he realises


that teeth whitening is becoming more popular but is concerned as to


how it is done. Safety is paramount and materials


used need to be able to cause minimal or no harm, and affect


whitening. Unfortunately, some materials at the wrong concentration


or the wrong material themselves can cause sensitivity, sometimes


extreme, and cause gums to be burned around the teeth. The judge said


upon sentencing that this was a sophisticated and well organised


family operation that was thoroughly dishonest, risking the health of the


general public for a highly lucrative business. He sentenced


Jonathan and Matthew Hargreaves to 18 months in prison each, Jean


Hargreaves received a six-month suspended sentence.


An Iranian man, living in Cardiff, has been sentenced for illegally


helping asylum seekers into the country -


It's the first case of its kind dealt with by the Regional Organised


Cardiff Crown Court heard that 32 year old Mostafa Rabeh Lalaikah


helped 4 Iranian women and 2 children enter the UK -


in what was described as a carefully organised enterprise,


where people were exploited for substantial gain.


He was sentenced to 38 months in jail.


If we are serious on addressing this problem, I think we need to continue


to develop whatever information is available and look


for information to get us to a point where we can


identify these people and stamp this form of criminality out totally.


To make Wales a hostile area for individuals


who want to engage in


A 43 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder


Emergency services were called to Cardiff Road in the town centre


A 61 year old man was taken to the University Hospital of Wales


where he is said to be in a stable condition.


A former Anglesey councillor has been jailed for 18 months


for endangering aircraft - by shining a powerful torch


66 year old John Arthur Jones had become obsessed with repeated


night-time low-flying exercises close to his house.


The judge described him as arrogant and said his actions


Earlier this afternoon, Diane James was appointed UKIP leader -


And Neil Hamilton, who leads UKIP's group in the Assembly here has


Infighting has already seen the party's leader


in Wales, Nathan Gill, decide to sit as an independent


The party's conference is underway in Bournemouth and our


political reporter Cemlyn Davies is there.


Yes, Diane James is already making her mark, just a couple of hours


after she took over as leader, this new revised agenda was distributed.


The first thing we noticed was that Ukip's assembly group leader in


Cardiff Bay, Neil Hamilton, who was done to speak tomorrow, has been


replaced by Ukip's leader in Wales Nathan Gill.


We know that there are tensions between the two men and did a couple


of minutes I will be getting Neil Hamilton's reaction but this is yet


another example of a deep division within Ukip.


Bournemouth basked in glorious September sunshine today, perfect


weather for the post EU referendum party Ukip had planned. And there


were celebrations here. Cakes too. But there is no denying this is also


a deeply divided party, especially in Wales where the knives have long


been out, having been turning his back on the party,


Nathan Gill was conspicuous by his absence at the Wales delegations


conference stand. Instead he was showing support for


Diane James, the party 's new leader, who took questions later


from journalists. May I ask about the situation in Wales and how you


plan to heal a deeply divided party in Wales with Nathan Gill sitting as


an independent member. Nathan Gill has my 100% support. He's been a


very, very valued member. CLAPPING In European Parliament. I trust him


100% entirely in terms of his views and commitment to Ukip. I believe


that she will now be able to professionalise on many different


levels way needs to be done. She is pro-sorting out the NEC which is


something that has to happen for us as well as a party internally. And I


think that she's got a very big vision and it is the exact vision


that I had for the party as well. This leadership race has further


exposed the deep split within Ukip between those like Nathan Gill who


believe the party should continue with Nigel Farage's approach, and


those who feel it is time to change direction.


Although today grassroots members from Wales from both wings of the


party were keen to look to the future. At the end of the day, we


all have to be united and obviously Diane is now our leader and we had


to support her. I'm delighted that Diane James has won today. I think


that she can review build upon the success and either ship that Nigel


Farage has had -- rebuild. So that we can become successful


opposition. Away from the conference, a former


aide to Nigel Farage who continues to work for Nathan Gill has said


that she has joined the Conservative.


We have these divisions which are executing people with talent, that


is not what he party needs going forward. The environment is probably


the worst in Ukip, they are not able to profit from those big electoral


gains. Despite successes this year, Ukip faces challenges and the new


leader has significant rebuilding work to do.


Ahead of next year 's local elections.


I am now joined by Neil Hamilton. Mr Hamilton committee did not support


Diane James in this leadership race. You are not speaking tomorrow now.


How do you feel this evening? It is very perplexing, I think, that on


behalf of Wales to hear from someone not a member of Ukip rather than the


leader of the Ukip group in the assembly. Nathan at McGill is still


the leader, isn't it right that he speaks?


To be a leader you need followers, I've been democratically elected as


the leader of the group in the assembly but it is up to Diane James


as to who she hears from. Had she thinks it is too exciting


and needs a sedative? Nathan Gill has Diane James's unequivocal


support, are you worried about what it could mean for you and your


position in the assembly, for example? I was voted by the Ukip


members in the whole of Wales. As the lead candidate in West Wales. I


was elected by the people of West Wales as assembly member and was


elected by the group of assembly members as the


Leader. None of that will change and giving Nathan a title without


substance attached to it will make no difference at all. You spoken


today about needing to lend factionalism in Ukip at the moment,


you don't sound like a man prepared to compromise or play a part in


uniting the party. That is exactly what I want to do


but I do not think this helps, for no reason at all, I've not actually


been informed the agenda has changed tomorrow officially.


To be taken off the speaker's list and for my slot to be given to


someone who isn't even a member of the assembly. What do you think the


future holds for Ukip in Wales and Nathan Gill? I've no idea what the


future holds for him, we have to wait for the conclusion into the


investigation into allegations that he is misused his expenses.


They are allegations. Yes, they are, but we continue to work hard in the


semi and fighting council elections next year in a positive frame of


mind. Thank you. Back to you, Lucy, from Bournemouth. -- work hard in


the elections. Should we have more of a say


in the treatment and care Well a new campaign called


Choosing Wisely Wales - wants to encourage a more equal


relationship between medical It comes amid concerns that up


to twenty percent of NHS treatments 'do no good' -


or might even cause harm. Here's our Health


Correspondent, Owain Clarke. Use plenty of it,


a generation or two of germs The traditional view of the Doctor


and patient relationship. Doctor Finlay knew best,


his patients needed The TV series is showing its age,


but its attitude hasn't It's interesting that some


conditions that come over from England to work in Wales have


said that Welsh patients are that little bit more passive,


though not quite so He's leading a new campaign to try


and get us to take more control of decisions


about our own care, but why? Where there is decision-making,


patients feel greater ownership of that decision and are keen


to follow it through. It tends to been more in keeping


with their needs and experiences While training for the London


Marathon, she noticed she was lacking energy


and her heartbeat was a regular. she was lacking energy


as her heartbeat was irregular. After discussing all of the options


with a specialist, she decided to have a pacemaker mainly


because it meant she I don't have the symptoms I had


at all now, I hardly In fact, some of my friends


are a bit jealous. They think I've got some


kind of advantage now, But equally it is argued that


patients will be less likely to want treatment if they understand it


will not make much difference. It is estimated around 20% of tests


and treatments carried out One example where more is not


necessarily better is in There's almost this belief growing


that an MRI scan will provide The key element is about having


the confidence to keep So we are all being encouraged,


when discussing treatment options, Second, what are the benefits


and harms? And lastly, what can I do


to help myself? Through taking more exercise


or living more healthily? So what do the patients


here in Prestatyn think? When you go to the doctor


you are looking for a solution If I've got an opinion, I'll


tell him. I used to have a doctor years ago -


you walked into his office. He never looked up, he'd be


writing everything down. A cigarette in one hand,


and he'd say "sit You'd say yes, he'd say give it up,


and he's there puffing away! So that wasn't


a relationship really? And then he said, how long do


you want a sick note for? He didn't even know


why I'd gone there! The Choosing Wisely Wales


campaign concedes that some will think that this


is all about cutting costs. Others ask, can this work


when patients usually get no more But what is clear is that compared


to the days of Doctor Finlay, The question is, does


it always need to? Disappointed, yet proud -


Newport's Claire Griffiths denied bronze in her 5th


and final paralympics. Preparations for Cardiff to become


the City of the Unexpected - It was established in the aftermath


of the BSE crisis to help support local producers -


and 17 years on the Abergavenny Food Festival has grown


into an international event - attracting chefs like


Raymond Blanc and Rick Stein. It opens tomorrow and tens


of thousands of visitors But some local traders in the town


claim they're being They say they've been told to close


for the weekend to make room for the event -


without compensation. Sights, sounds and tastes of an


international food Festival. For 17 years, Abergavenny has played host


to producers, chefs, critics and visitors from across the world, an


event that is flying high like the art installation the organisers


helped pay for. But market traders will have to


close over the weekend to make room for all of those visitors.


This business has been in Robert's family for two generations. We are


all small businesses here, it's difficult enough as it is but to


lose two days has a big impact. When you lose half of a week 's wages you


don't see other councillors losing their wage packages, they will still


get paid. Other businesses have applied for one of 300 stalls at the


festival itself, they cost hundreds of pounds though. This bakery says


it is worth it. You can encourage people back to the


business in the market in future. No reason why it cannot work on both


sides. I don't know why people don't want the festival to come, they just


want people to stop and give them a thought. The issue was only brought


while retention yesterday and sadly it's too late for us to be involved.


So next year, perhaps compensation or a different arrangement? I think


that we would have to look at making sure these people have a good


arrangement next year. Contractually, the issue is with mum


and share council -- Monmouthshire. But we have to put these issues out.


Robert received a token amount in compensation last year for lost


trade, but no sign this year. I asked the council if they had spoken


to some of the traders here about their concerns, about perhaps


offering some sort of compensation for losing their pitch here this


weekend. I also asked if the council received money from the food


Festival this year as rent for this building. But I was told there was


no one available for interview and the council had no information to


act. Millions of pounds of spending


power, some local businesses hoping for some thing slightly different


next year though, to make them feel better.


Time for tonight's Sport - here's Tomos.


The Rio Paralympics enters its final weekend -


Welsh athletes have so far contributed a total of 6 medals


Tonight, Claire Griffiths from Newport is part of GB


Women's most successful Wheelchair Basketball side


just missed out on a bronze medal - she said this will be her


Disappointed yet proud. Newport's Clare Griffiths helped the GB


women's basketball team to their first appearance in a bronze medal


match. But they lost to the Netherlands earlier, missing out on


a medal. When a member of the Paralympics GB team wins a medal


they are brought to British house to speak to the world's media. So far,


six athletes have stepped onto the balcony for round after round of


interviews in Welsh. There were gold medals for Rachel Morris, Hollie


Arnold in javelin, table tennis player Rob Davis, and shot put


Geordie Shore. One of the youngest Welsh


competitors of the games, 19-year-old Sabrina Fortune, claimed


a shot put bronze. It was a really good performance, a


couple of chances still to come, but I think we would all say it has been


a successful games for Welsh athletes. When it comes to sport, it


has been a golden games, the best ever in terms of medals for


Paralympics GB. The build-up they was branded a mess


by the International Paralympic Committee. The games organisers


Brazil were plagued by financial problems. With everything going on,


my expectations were so low. To be fair though, it's been really good.


Such a nice place. It would never beat London, London was phenomenal.


But, for what it was, it was pretty special. My highlight was a la John


Davies in the shot put which was remarkable. This man has been out


here seven weeks volunteering as a Riojas met Angel, helping the


athletes and spectators. It's been fun, everyone enjoying


each other's company and sharing achievement and stories. With two


days left, matching the 14 medals won by Welsh competitors at London


2012 looks unlikely, but the Rio games have provided some memorable


moments for athletes from Wales. Rugby - and the Scarlets face Ulster


tonight in the Pro12 after losing their two opening games


of the season. That match live on Scrum V Live


over BBC Wales at 7. Elsewhere tonight Wales


captain Sam Warburton will start his first


competitive game of the season when Cardiff Blues


host Glasgow Warriors. Both sides so unbeaten


in the Pro 12. Football - and Swansea City's Neil


Taylor could be left out of the team The Wales international


was substituted before half-time last weekend as manager


Francesco Guidolin changed Record signing Borja Baston


could be on the bench after a thigh injury which has delayed his debut


since a 15 million pound move and Non Stanford from Swansea


are competing at the Triathlon World Series Grand Final


in Mexico this weekend. Stanford, who finished


4th at the Olympics, says she's considering taking part


in 2 events at the The former World Champion wants


to compete in the triathlon and in the 10,000


meters on the track. I might look at doing some track,


they have not released qualifying times yet or the timetables to see


if it would be possible to double up on both events. It interests me, it


is a different challenge. Normally the grand final is the biggest race


of the year but for us it was three or four weeks ago. It's not as big


as Rio, definitely! But I'm just happy to be here and see what my


body can produce on the day. See how they get on on the BBC


Red Button and Online Roald Dahl's centenary celebrations


will continue this weekend, with Cardiff being transported


into the "City of the Unexpected". Organisers remain tight-lipped


about the detailed arrangements, but they say it will be the biggest


arts event ever to happen on the streets of the capital,


with thousands of artists and performers contributing


to the spectacle. Our reporter Geraint Thomas had


a look behind the scenes. It has been two years in the making,


the pages of Roald Dahl's books will come to life on the streets of


Cardiff this weekend in an event on the scale rarely seen in Wales.


Around 6000 performers have been rehearsing to take part in the


weekends events, including 2000 choristers, 1000 dancers, four brass


bands and 40 bald men! These amateur performers will be taking part in


one of over 75 spectacles staged across the centre of the capital


after responding to an advert searching for hairless volunteers. I


thought the question was quite interesting, are you a bald man?


I've always been a fan of Roald Dahl, I'm half Swedish so the


Scandinavian and Welsh connections were intriguing.


I love Roald Dahl, I thought he was amazing. Great, I love Cardiff. I


want to be part of something amazing for Cardiff. It is so far out of our


comfort zones, I think we had to say yes to it. It would be like Roald


Dahl is up there in the heavens with a control of logic and the city and


traffic and the people... Nigel Jamieson has directed many


world-famous large-scale events, including the Sydney Olympic opening


ceremony. This National Theatre Wales and Wales millennium Centre


collaboration is his latest project. Although the budget of course is


nothing like the opening ceremonies, but I've been involved in in the


past, in terms of sheer scale of time and energy and ideas, it is


certainly, I think, one of the biggest things I've been involved


in. I don't think any city has ever attempted anything like this. It


really is a first. Don't forget we are counting down Wales's favourite


Roald Dahl characters... Familiar faces and voices will be taking part


in the weekend events. But, the exact details are being


kept tightly under wraps. I never read Roald Dahl as a child, but


thankfully because of the centenary celebrations, Roald Dahl has come


into our home. But I'm not quite sure if I'm allowed to tell you what


I'm doing. But if I don't say a word, I'm not


spoiling anything! If you are in Cardiff, over Sunday, come over and


see us at the castle. Some of Cardiff's they miss lummox will be


transformed this weekend. For flash mobs to giant fruit to


pyjama parties and pillow fights, the city of the unexpected aims to


inspire visitors in Cardiff with Roald Dahl magic on the streets of


the city that made him. Looks fantastic -


but will the weather perform? Sue hoping for dry in Cardiff this


weekend? After the humidity


of the last few days - feeling much fresher


as we head into the weekend, fairly settled with some


decent sunny spells - Although rain is likely


later on Sunday. Tonight's fairly quiet -


the odd shower, otherwise clear dry spells -


some cloud around - and slightly cooler


than recent nights - High pressure builds


from the SW into the weekend, keeping things settled -


although this Atlantic low will start to push


in later on Sunday. So a chillier start tomorrow -


we swap the humidity for fresher, fine and settled weather with some


decent sunny spells, variable amounts of cloud -


it should stay dry for most with a cooler northerly breeze -


16C in Conwy - 19 in Cardiff - temperatures back where they should


be for mid-September. It stays clear tomorrow night -


but this cold front will arrive Fine on Saturday evening,


dry and quiet tomorrow night - and under those clearer skies


temperatures will drop away - lower than of late, 7-13C,


cooler in the countryside. A dry but chilly start to Sunday -


sunny spells in the morning - but turning a bit cloudier


from the west, with the threat of rain heading in later -


reaching Anglesey and Pembs So we lose the humidity


of the last few days - then we're in for a cooler,


fresher weekend. More typical autumnal


conditions to come next week. Finally today's picture,


taken by one of our I will be back with a quick update


at eight o'clock, but from all of us on the programme, good evening and a


great weekend.


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