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Our top stories: Former Police superintendent Gordon Anglesea


on trial for child abuse in the 1980s.


Two men from Cheshire have died in a microlight


Specialist air accident officers remain here in Cwmbach Llechryd


as the investigation into what caused the crash continues.


The number of obese people being rescued by the fire


We go behind the scenes with the emergency services.


Black bin bags collected every four weeks -


It is ridiculous. We will see an increase in flights began littering,


more pest control incident with seagulls and rats.


In tonight's sport - Must improve and improve quickly -


the message from Swansea City as they top off a


One of the alleged victims of the retired police


superintendent Gordon Anglesea - who's on trial for sex offences -


He told Mold Crown Court he'd been scared to name


Mr Anglesea as an abuser because he was a powerful


Gordon Anglesea denies the four charges against him.


Today in the witness box one of his alleged victims was


asked to explain how he had come to identify the former senior police


The witness, now in his 40s, cannot be named for


He gave his evidence from behind a screen.


He says he was a teenager when he was abused.


He told the jury he saw a man with a birthmark on his face at the


He had been taken there because he had run away


Its owner, John Allen, is serving a life


Allen, the witness says, took him to a


There he says he was indecently assaulted


by the same man he saw in the police station.


The man he now says is


The prosecution asked the witness why he had not


named the man in a number of police interviews.


Gordon Anglesea was very powerful, he said.


I was scared of getting stitched up if I took someone down.


The jury was told it was not until 2014 in the prison therapy session


that the witness fully identifying Gordon Anglesea.


Then came the cross-examination and the defence


drew attention to the witness' criminal record.


More than 60 burglaries, four robberies,


She asked the witness why he had not identified Gordon


Anglesea as his abuser until relatively recently and they were


angry exchanges which he questioned him about compensation.


"You knew he had won over one third of a million


pounds in compensation in a libel trial," she said.


"I don't want compensation, I want justice,"


Gordon Anglesea denies all the charges


An investigation is underway after two men died in a microlight


The men are from the north-west of England and have been named


locally as Scott Penlington and Nick Jefferies.


The crash happened yesterday lunchtime in Cwmbach,


Our reporter, Jennifer Jones, is near the crash-site.


What in the past hour we heard the two man who sadly died here


yesterday have been named locally as. Pending, and Nick Jefferies,


understood to be from home chapel. They were flying from the North West


of England to an airfield in south Wales when their light aircraft came


down here. There families have been informed and are now being supported


by a family liaison officers. We can see there is still a police presence


there this evening. Yes. The police cordoned behind me has been here


since yesterday lunchtime. We are about two miles north of... And the


crash site is just behind us police officers but due to the sensitive


nature of the investigation and the recovery work this is as close as we


are allowed to get to the site. Local witnesses called the emergency


services to this spot yesterday lunchtime immediately after they saw


the micro light coming down. They were too upset to talk on camera


today. I spoke to several local people who are short list would take


place and the local area and a farmer pulled me he saw the light


aircraft come over his land before it disappeared from sight. A local


councillor told me people are shocked and this kind of incident is


very rare in this area. People are surprised and shocked as happened in


the community. This is usually a low-flying area for military


aircraft and there have been military aircraft crashed in the


area with the past few years, but not a light aircraft. Tragically,


two people have died and we must not forget the family that are involved.


Air accident investigation officers were here within a few hours of the


crash. Their investigation started immediately and have been here all


day again today and they will be here tomorrow again. They work to


find out what caused this crash, why it came to the ground here but it


could be sometime before the exact nature of the crash is clear.


Jennifer, thank you. Police are appealing for information


after a 12-year-old girl was assaulted by three


teenagers in Rhyl. The incident is alleged to have


happened near to Mr Bees Arcade on the seafront at around 6pm


on Tuesday 6th September. The teenagers, two girls and a boy,


are believed to have attacked the girl by hitting her in the legs


with a metal bar. North Wales businesswoman


Stephanie Booth has died after a crash involving a tractor


on a farm in Denbighshire. Ms Booth was well known


in the area for running several hotels in North East Wales


and an unsuccessful bid to take over Ms Booth was one of the first people


in Britain to speak publicly about her sex change and ran


businesses The number of obese people having


to be rescued by the fire service in a medical emergency


because of their size is going up. Last year South Wales Fire Service


attended the largest number Mid and West Wales recorded


the second highest North Wales was among


the lowest, with two. Caroline Evans watched the emergency


services training for these Today the patient is historically


stoned dummy. This is a new type of training course for a problem


emergency service of the see more and more --, today the patient is a


30 stone dummy. And a medical emergency there is no


time to lose but these rescues can take hours. These are complex


rescuers. It is not, there is no rescue where we go in and do this


quickly. It has to be preplanned from start to finish. It makes it


safer and minimises the impact on the patient. It may be simple things


like what all the week the patient will travel with a tape measure


because we need to know if we have to take doors or windows off and


every furniture. I have been involved in Port of 20 of these


incidents. They are not a daily event. -- involved an add-on 20. We


do transport patients categorised as obese on a daily basis and that is


reflected on the different equipment on our ambulances since 2013 such as


a new stretcher which has an extra 100 kilograms capacity, or wider and


is electrically powered. The figures do not reveal white south wales Fire


Service were called to the most incident in the UK, they think the


good relationship between ambulance and Fire Service makes such


operations are more likely here, others claim in some areas such


incidents are going unreported. It is also recognised around one in


four of us in Wales as obese and almost 60% overweight. So obesity


experts say these results are not surprising.


It is getting worse and worse as more and more fat people get fatter.


It is all over the country so South Wales should not be terribly upset


that they are unique, they are not unique at all, particularly in the


north-west and north-east of England. Somebody figures they watch


them might believe have not been reported properly, will show the


same kind of comparison. -- some of the figures. This is the extreme end


of what these specialist teams do. But increasingly, they say, they are


called to people who get stuck not just in buildings but in cars and


trains youth here in Wales. A PE teacher at Willows High School


in Cardiff has been cleared of raping a woman after a night


out in the city centre. Neilson Smith took


the woman home in a taxi It took the jury four and a half


hours to find him not guilty of rape after a week-long trial


at Cardiff Crown Court. A ballot closes today on potential


strike action at Welsh universities, Unison has accused higher education


institutions of relying on temporary agency workers,


and rewarding only In response, universities say,


the use of agency staff is widespread and competitive


salaries are needed to attract It's the busiest road


through west Wales, used by tens of thousands


of motorists every day. And roadworks starting tomorrow


on the A48 near Carmarthen could mean severe disruption


for the next six weeks. The eastbound carriageway


between Pensarn and Nantycaws will High volumes of diverted traffic


could cause long delays and disrupt Underneath this section


of the A40 which heads is a high-pressure pipeline carrying


diesel and aviation fuel from a refinery to terminals


in Manchester and Warwickshire. Tomorrow work gets under way


to reappear a defect in the pipe. It will mean a three and a half mile


stretch of the eastbound carriageway will be closed from


the Pensarn roundabout. Diversions will be in place and one


of the main alternative routes will eventually bring motorists back onto


the A48 at the Nantycaws junction. This is the main road


which links West and main road which links the West


with the rest of Europe. Every single day heavy goods


vehicles travel along the A48 but tomorrow when it closes


and traffic is diverted to the side roads it is believed it could


significantly We are the largest roadway


that spans this way. We get a lot of Irish ferry traffic


and also from the whole of West Wales there is


a lot of commerce that happens and that anything that lasts up to six


weeks you just want to make sure it One local councillor


says there are concerns in his ward about how the diverted


traffic along this road will affect The last time it was


used as a diversion it had three lanes but since then it


has been reduced to just two. It is believed this


could compound traffic Especially after 3pm


until six or 7pm. Local residents will be turning back


into the village with only one lane up the hill and introduce


a 30 mph speed limit. The residents are concerned


about speeding tomorrow. I don't think the will be room


for anyone to speed. Today temporary traffic lights


were put out along the road to help people cross it,


particularly schoolchildren. This bike shop and cafe


is situated on what will be one It is anticipating


the road closure to We get a few people dropping


in to get for coffe on the way to work and we also have quite a few


people come here for their morning meetings,


so potentially the congestion Mainline Pipeline Limited says


repairs are essential but it will endeavour to reduce


the six-week closure The advice to motorists


is to leave plenty of time for Your bins collected every four


weeks - will it really And First World War German


flying ace the Red Baron What is it that's brought


their descendents together? The Liberal Democrat leader has


defended the party's only Assembly Member for joining


the Labour-run Welsh Government. Tim Farron says the Brecon


and Radnorshire AM, Kirsty Williams, can "make a difference"


as Education Secretary, ensuring Conservative policies


for England are not He's been speaking to our


parliamentary correspondent, David Cornock, who joins us


now from Westminster. David, it's been a bleak 18


months for the Lib Dems. How is Tim Farron


planning their comeback? You're right. I was at the Lib Dem


conference in Brighton yesterday and you will not find anyone who does


not try to pretend it has not been a pretty awful couple of years for


them. They lost all but one of their MPs in Wales and then this year they


lost all but one of their assembly members, leaving just Kirsty


Williams who set in the Labour Government. Talking to Tim Farron I


get the sense he thinks the way politics is moving with the


Conservatives focused on Brexit and Labour focus on their own leadership


difficulties, there is now for his party something of an opportunity.


The result in May was clearly disappointing and then


you see what has happened since which is the party membership


has shot up and you see across the UK a real massive


improvement in our fortunes, and it goes alongside


what is happening in Westminster, which is a Conservative Government


now taking Wales for granted because you have got a Labour


opposition does not, does not want seem to want to be in opposition,


never mind an alternative Government.


Given that, the space for the Lib Dems to be the opposition


to the Conservative Government is vast and we shall fill it.


You talk about being in opposition and you have been very critical


In Wales your former leader has joined Labour in Government.


Here is the great contrast between the Liberal Democrats


and Jeremy Corbyn's Labour, and that is we will stand up


for the people and make a difference for them.


You let down the people who you stand up for if you do not


take power and you turn away from power.


Kirsty Williams taking the education ministerial position


gives her the opportunity to make sure we do not go down the narrow


selective route that England is going down,


to make sure you have a pupil premium, that


And for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party power seems to be a dirty word.


It is the power struggle for the Labour leadership, between Jeremy


Corbyn at Owen Smith that has been in the headlines all summer but that


is nearly over now. It feels like it has always been with us but on


Wednesday the polls will close, the votes will be counted and on


Saturday morning we will find out whether Jeremy Corbyn has survived.


What whether Owen Smith has taken his job. There are very few people


here at Westminster who think Owen Smith stand much of a chance. They


think Jeremy Corbyn is odds-on to regain, retain, the membership,


possibly with the same sort of majority he got last year. Talking


to Owen Smith's team and they say it could be closer, they are not


necessarily writing of that man just yet. We do not have long to wait but


once the leadership is declared the big challenge then is for whoever


wins to unite the party and that will not be easy after the summer of


inflating we have seen. David, thank you.


People in parts of Conwy are the first in Wales


to have their waste bins collected every four weeks.


The council says the year-long experiment is aimed


at encouraging people to recycle more.


More than 10,000 households are affected by the change.


Putting out the binbags in the village.


But Sue Haywood won't be having her wheelie


The recycling lorry is due, but people here are among the first


in Wales to wait four weeks between non-recyclable waste collections.


I do not think it is very good and I think there will be


We've got quite a good neighbourhood here and everybody does


the recycling but not everybody is as fortunate as us, are they?


And things are changing in other parts of Conwy County as well.


People on Conwy Morfa had their last wheelie bin collection today before


they start to move to a collection every four weeks.


The change affects everyone who has their bins emptied on Mondays.


The rest of the county is also changing to


I think these plans are ridiculous and what we will see


is an increase in fly-tipping, littering, we will see more pest


control incidents with seagulls and rats and of course we will get


into a situation where there are potential public health


I do not want that laid out the door of the local authority


and that is what I want them to step back from these proposals and crack


But Conwy Council says it needs to get people's to recycle more


Last year it did a survey of people's bins and found that over


half of what was thrown away could be recycled.


The council says putting that extra waste into landfill tips


It is a fact sometimes people need a nudge,


and when we went to fortnightly refuse collections that


increased recycling from below 20% to up to 40%.


It has been proven in other areas and other parts of the country that


reducing refuge collection frequency does increase recycling.


And the targets for how much councils in Wales


Wheelie bin collections every four weeks in Conwy County


It will be reviewed in a year's time.


Let's start with football, and Swansea City are feeling


They now haven't won since the opening day of the season.


Head Coach Francesco Guidolin says, his players must show him respect,


and will speak to Ki Sung-Yeung, who failed to shake his hand


He says his side need to improve, and improve quickly.


I don't know why but for us it was not a good performance.


We have to improve in all the different situations.


Well, Swansea's defeat topped off a miserable weekend for Welsh sides.


Cardiff City are bottom of the Championship table


It's their fourth defeat on the bounce.


Newport County lost to Doncaster in League Two, and Wrexham


had their fourth league defeat of the season -


Wales' paralympians will fly home tomorrow with Team GB,


Welsh athletes contributed seven medals to Great


Britain's record haul - four golds, a silver and two bronze.


Back home there were celebrations last night as crowds gathered


in Flint to welcome back double Olympic


There'll be an official homecoming for all the Welsh Olympians


and Paralympians at the Senedd at the end of the month.


And, more than 2000 endurance athletes descended


on Pembrokeshire over the weekend, as the Ironman Wales triathlon


Thousands turned out to cheer on the competitors,


aged between 19 and 70, complete a 2.4-mile swim,


a 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run.


The event started and finished Tenby.


He was one of Germany's most feared pilots in the First World War -


Baron Manfred Von Richthoven, known as Red Baron,


Captain Tom Rees from Sennybridge near Brecon was killed above France


And a special ceremony to comemorate the event brought together


Meriel Jones grew up knowing all about her great


He was an observer during the battle of the Somme in September 1916


with his pilot Lionel Morris, when they came under German fire.


The so-called Red Baron, Manfred von Richthoven,


killed 22-year-old Tom Rees and 18-year-old Lionel Morris died


They were the first of his 80 confirmed kills.


Lionel Morris was a former pupil of Whitgift School in Surrey,


where an exhibition has commemorated the war.


This weekend, to mark the centenary of the dogfight,


the descendants of Tom Rees and Lionel Morris celebrated a toast


with Baron Donat Von Richthoven in the same way the Red Baron did


after his aerial battles. Manfred von Richthoven commission


a silversmith in Berlin to make him a little schnapps glass in silver.


And then this silversmith was on to a very good thing


because von Richthoven ended up having 60 of these


made over the years, until Germany ran out of silver.


Whitgift School is displaying many artefacts from private collections,


Meriel Jones has followed her great uncle's story from his family farm


in Brecon to life and death in the Royal Flying Corps.


Now she's made contact with the two other families


Sort of, three people who would have never have met under


any other circumstance, both the competence in the air and


I mean, that was quite strange but a part of...


Something from ancient history, I guess.


The Red Baron was shot down and killed just two years


Time has eased the pain of the losses on both sides,


but the stories behind them are being passed down


After some warm weather last week a more typical fuel out whether this


week. Fresher with sunny spells and rain at times. This evening it


should be largely fine and the dry and quite liked. A few mist patches


and in the clear spells temperature is down into single figures,


especially in rural mid Wales will close of six Celsius. Tomorrow the


front that brought the re-entered the quiz his throat at high pressure


building from the south-west. Some early mist and bright chilly start


with some sunny spells and largely fine and dry. Close a thickening


through the afternoon with light winds and top temperatures of 15


Celsius. Tomorrow night is largely quiet and dry with a variable cloud,


some clear spells and a few mist and fog patches and lows of its 13


Celsius in towns and cities and cooler in the countryside. Some


changes into Wednesday as it starts to write with low pressure in the


Atlantic edging closer with this cold front pushing end. Wednesday


starts fine and dry with bright spells and a few showers developing


the winds will pick up and then turning cloudy from the West at that


front edges and by Wednesday night. For the end of the week we keep the


unsettled Atlantic theme with a succession of weather systems


pushing in bringing wet and windy weather with high pressure to the


south-east and a low pressure to the north-west. At high pressure could


push northwards to bring a more settled fuel on Friday but this


front to the West could bring more rain into next week. If changeable


autumnal feel to the weather this week. Sunny spells with the rain at


times and temperatures back where they should be for mid-September.


Today's picture from one up of about weather watchers. If you have any


questions on the ups and downs of the Welsh whether you can ask Derek


from 7pm you can join and Derek on the BBC Wales News Facebook page for


a live chat in just a few moments. Thank you. The headlines, one of the


alleged victims of the retired police superintendent Godber


Anglesey, who is on trial for sex offences, told the Crown Court he


was scared to name God in Anglesey as his abuser because he was a


powerful figure. -- God in Anglesey. -- Gordon Anglesey. Join us


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