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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me,


The Welsh Government promises what it will do for all of us over


the next five years - but can it deliver?


More childcare, more apprentices, and keep more of your money


But what will the Welsh Government cut to pay for all of this?


Three fires at three recycling sites - all owned by the same company.


This fire's been burning since the early hours of yesterday,


and now the firm has pulled plans for another recycling site nearby.


Chris Hallet from Cardiff attacked on holiday in Vietnam.


Now the massive bill to fly him home.


And watch this binman throw one of these two bins in


Why waste the money? Asking the taxpayer to pay freeze burns, why do


that? It does not make sense. -- for these wheelie bins.


More free childcare, more apprenticeships,


more money for schools, and keep more of your money


They're among the Welsh Government's pledges for what it'll do for us


over the next five years, but can it really afford it?


The First Minister says the plans will make a tangible difference


The opposition says they're lacklustre and lacking in detail.


In a moment, the judgment of the people of Port Talbot.


First, our Political Editor, Nick Servini, with the lowdown on


From the cradle to the grave, that is the purpose of this national


Insurance bill. From cradle to the grave was a familiar mantra from


governments of old. Help people live healthier lives, make the most of


opportunities and give support when they need it. That was echoed by


Carwyn Jones today in some of his claims about the programme for


government. Is it realistic over the next five years? One thing we know


is that it will affect people at different stages in their lives. For


families there will be 30 hours of free childcare week available for


parents of three and four-year-olds. For those seeking a first job, a


minimum of 100,000 apprenticeships have been pledged, but these will


also be available at all ages. There will be a new find that the Welsh


government says would provide access to new and innovative treatment. And


the value of assets elderly people can keep on entering residential


care will more than double, to ?50,000. This programme for


government gives us what we need to tackle the major challenges that lie


ahead, and to make a tangible difference to people's lives that


they want to see. It enables us to approach the next five years with


confidence, energy and clarity. We have set the ambition and we have


set out what we will do to achieve it. And denial, we will get on and


deliver. The main opposition Plaid Cymru has been involved in setting


some priorities with a deal with Labour. But there was still


criticism. We were led to believe you were unveiling a five-year plan


to take Wales forward today, and as such I had hoped to learn in greater


detail how exactly your government will do just that. However, as was


the case with your previous programmes for government, we are


offered an exhaustive list of objectives and priorities but very


little by way of detail as to how you will achieve them. Also on the


list the M4 relief road at Newport, although the controversial decision


on the exact route will be made after a public enquiry. Also is the


Metro bus and rail project for South East Wales. But the Conservatives


and Ukip balls latched onto what they felt was a lack of detail in


the programme. It is disheartening to see that they have come up with a


document that runs to 15 pages, which includes the front cover. 15


pages for five years worth of government. I am sorry to say that


he is still miserable about Brexit, because he's still talking about


every analysis, and says we should be prepared for a shrinking economy.


Nothing could be further from the truth. All the economic figures


which have been released since the summer show the economy expanding.


In the background to all of this is Brexit. Ministers say it has created


a degree of financial uncertainty that means big cuts will have to be


made in other programmes in order to fund some of the more expensive


items, like the childcare provision. We will not know exactly which until


the budget is published in a few weeks. Warm words are well and good


but one thing that has not changed over the years is that governments


of all descriptions are not judged on the plans, but whether they are


delivered. Wane so the politicians have had their say on what the Welsh


government plans to do for us over the next five


years, but Carwyn Jones says the ideas came


from listening to the public. Our Political Correspondent,


Daniel Davies, has been to Port Talbot to find out,


is this what people at the election Labour said it


wanted to help people a long life's journey, I promise that whenever you


got to one of the big milestone is the Welsh government would be there


to make things easier. So, we took our own journey, and where better to


go down here in Port Talbot, given that Labour says its programme is


the result of a conversation with the public. What sort of things do


you want to see the Welsh government doing? The NHS, obviously, schools.


But it's the lack of money from Westminster that is really playing


on these councils, they have not got the money these days, they are


cutting back everywhere. The roads are filthy, they have not what


people to clear them. What about the cost of care for the elderly? Put


them in cottage hospitals, care for them, yes, and then you would have


more beds. Today was Carwyn Jones's chance to explain how he would turn


this, Labour's manifesto, into reality. But he has two problems.


First, he does not have a majority of seats so he has to deal with his


opponents. And secondly, if the demand for public services grows, so


does the pressure on his budget. One of the most expensive policies is


the promise of more free childcare. 30 hours a week to help working


parents like Damon Darlington. My girlfriend wants to do more work but


she cannot get the resources or help with the kids, so it would be a


fantastic idea. Any faith in the politicians to deliver? I hope so,


but we have not had any hope in the past with them. Wade think tank has


said more childcare might not help mothers back into work or alleviate


poverty, and ministers have not yet said what they will cut to pay for


it. But cuts will be needed to fund things like apprenticeships for


people of all ages. Charlotte is training to be a carpenter at


college. But it was not easy for her to get a place as an apprentice. I


tried last year, but no one was taking me on because I was a girl. I


thought that was really wrong and everything, but I start with a


building company tomorrow. About apprenticeships, people like me


would not get the chance to do it. After 17 years in office, do not


expect a radical change in direction from Labour. Instead, it says it


wants to keep Wales's momentum going. Opponents say it is all a bit


pedestrian. Let's talk to our Political


Editor, Nick Servini. Some expensive pledges here -


where exactly is the Welsh Government going to find


the cash to fund them? Well, the smart money is on cutting


what is called anti-poverty schemes, but we will have to wait a few weeks


before we know exactly what it is. In a way, today was easy day for the


government. Today is the kind of day they set out what they tried to


achieve and what they want to do. The difficult they will be next


month when they have got to set out what they have to drop in order to


achieve their aims and this programme for government, and behind


the scenes we are told because of the uncertainty towards Brexit there


will not be salami slicing of different budgets, entire programmes


will be have to cut because of it. A big day here today. The assembly


elections seem a heck of a long time ago, but this is a direct


consequence of that, and what is in this programme for government is


largely what was then Labour's manifesto. Some on the opposition


side said the small size of the document, 15 pages long, and the


lack of detail was hugely disappointing. The government


insists it is deliverable, and practical. And when all is said and


done we will judge this government by all sorts of measures, but this


will be one of those right at the front of the queue. Thank you.


Fire-fighters have been tackling a blaze of around 6,000 tonnes


of woodchip at a recycling plant near Bridgend.


It's the third fire at a site owned by South Wales Wood


The company says in light of the suspicious circumstances


around the fire, it is withdrawing an application for another


Our reporter Kate Scott-Williams is at the plant in Coity for us.


Well, Jamie, as you can see the smoke is still billowing


The smell of the fumes is still choking. Fire officers have been


tackling the days all day. They say the cask has been difficult. As for


what happens at the recycling plant, any kind of wood gets recycled into


woodchipping is. They then get used across industries like the


construction industry, or as biomass fuel, but it is not the first time a


fire like this has happened. It is absolutely ridiculous.


The smoke was blowing from the north last night and for many nearby it


meant staying indoors, trying to escape


It is really choking, Lakeland plastic is burning. Awful.


Absolutely awful. We have had to close all the windows for a start.


My husband got out a farm, but that did not make much difference, it


just blowing at around. It was seeping through everything. -- my


husband got a fan out. It was coming under the door.


The water carriers have been ferrying water back and forth


the site from local hydrants, they hold around 9,000 litres each,


but it has proved a tough job for the teams on site.


It is a well-developed fire, and it is deep-seated to using heavy


machinery to pull out the woodchip from the fire and damping down to


make it safe. There is a lot of heat coming from the fire, and the smoke


coming from it. It is arduous working conditions for the crew but


we are swapping them every few hours.


At the end of last year, a similar fire at the wood recycling


centre at Alexandra Docks in Newport burnt over the whole month,


and in March it was the Old Llynfi Power station in Maesteg


that was affected when 2,000 tonnes of woodchip caught alight.


Firefighters have been working around the clock to try to get the


blaze under control. But it may be a few days yet before the fire is


completely out. With fires previously a the to other sites,


local residents are increasingly concerned about plans for yet


another plant a few miles away. Those plans have been put on hold


this afternoon with news from South Wales Wood Recycling Ltd


that in light of the suspicious circumstances surrounding the fire


they've decided to withdraw their planning application


for the safety of their employees. Local councillor Jeff Tildesley,


who had chaired meetings with hundreds of concerned local


residents recently, says any further developments of such sites will come


up against opposition. These people are wanting a 365 days


a year operation. Heavy goods bringing things and taking items


away at night. And the woodchip goes on in the daytime. Local residents


are concerned on three grounds. Firstly, health grounds. Secondly,


noise, and thirdly, traffic. So the end of one application,


but the company has said it hopes the community will work with it


to help deliver renewable Welsh power to benefit


local areas and business. Back in Coity, it may be


some time before we know The Fire Service say the priority


is obviously getting Only then can the fire investigation


team come in to try and establish A spokesperson for South Wales


Recycling Ltd says it works closely with Natural Resources Wales,


the Fire Service and other agencies to ensure existing


and new developments are managed Plans for a specialist vascular unit


at Glan Clwyd Hospital in Denbighshire have been approved


by health chiefs. The decision comes after some


clinicians warned it could put But Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board


says the unit will be used for the most complex surgery,


and the majority of its vascular services will still be carried out


at other hospitals The New Ukip leader Diane James


will meet the party's assembly members to try to end


the in-fighting that has divided Ukip Wales leader Nathan Gill now


sits as an independent AM, while rival Neil Hamilton leads


Ukip's assembly group. The condition of the buses operated


by a Wrexham coach company was so poor that a wheel flew off


one, whilst it was carrying schoolchildren, a public


inquiry has heard. The directors of GHA Coaches,


which went into administration in July, have been told they may be


disqualified from holding It was one of three bus


firms to cease trading The Welsh Government has announced


plans to improve support The number of buses serving


the Tanat Valley in Powys has The local firm which provides


the timetable is serving many passengers who simply couldn't


do without it. If I didn't have this service I


would have to rely on other people taking me, and I think the service


is really wonderful. They were going to cut the bus, but so many people


complain that they kept it running. But numerous cutbacks to subsidies


and increases in outgoings have made Local buses are used by far more of


the travelling public than the railways are, for instance. So let


us start putting more and more of the budget into helping the local


bus services. One firm has admitted neglecting


safety to stay in business. At an inquiry in Welshpool today


the traffic commissioner for Wales told the directors of Wrexham-based


GHA coaches that someone could have been killed when a wheel came


off a school bus full It had been 14 weeks since there had


been any maintenance on the vehicle. When asked if finances came before


safety, one director GHA Coaches went into administration


with the loss of 300 jobs in July. A month earlier, Silcox Coaches


in Pembrokeshire closed, and a month later Ceredigion's


Lewis Coaches collapsed. The limited amount of welcome


support we get from the Welsh government, each year there is no


continuity of knowing what is going to come the following year, and that


is important for investment, investment in new vehicles and on


staff, and important for knowing what services you can provide. With


the best operators who have survived saying they are feeling the squeeze,


a 5-point plan has been announced which it said should make ten


sustainable bus services across Wales.


The plan is to appoint regional co-ordinators


to shower good practice, to liaise with operators


and councils to identify vulnerable routes and draw up contingency plans


Meanwhile the directors of GHA Coaches now face


losing their operator s licence after leaving


Watch the binman chuck one of these two bins in the back of bin lorry.


And we had a warm, hot spell last week but this week feels more


like autumn, with some wet and windy weather on the way.


A man from Cardiff is in a serious condition in hospital in Vietnam


Chris Hallett was on holiday earlier this month when he was


discovered with a fractured scull and his wallet missing.


But because he didn't have health insurance,


his mother is now desperately trying to raise tens of thousands of pounds


33-year-old Chris Hallett was on holiday with his friend when he was


found on the pavement next to a cashpoint to weeks ago. He had a


fractured scull, both his cheek bones were broken and his wallet was


missing. They had to take him to a hospital an hour and a half away.


Following surgery for a bleed on the brain, he is now in intensive care.


His mother is at work at a hospital in Cardiff. She is desperate to see


him but has been advised not to travel to Vietnam. On Friday he


opened his eyes, he said his name, Chris, but hasn't spoken since. But


he can move his hands, which is really good. There is a Chinese


couple going to visit him that he had a meal with, they have contacted


us on Facebook to tell us how he's doing. He did not have travel


insurance. No, he didn't. Leg what is your situation financially? Very


heart. -- hard. Would not how much to get him home, they said hundreds


of thousands in a coma, now he is out of the coma we do not know. How


do you hope to raise those funds? We have got a page online and the


hospital has been helping us to raise funds. We don't know if he


will be left with brain damage anything at the moment. We not know.


A police investigation is underway to establish what happened to Chris.


But so far no witnesses have come forward. In the meantime his family


just want him back, in Wales. People in Torfaen have criticised


the council's policy of destroying household waste wheelie bins,


if they believe residents A man from Abersychan


claims his wheelie bin was destroyed by mistake,


as do other residents in the area. Torfaen council says additional bins


are removed and recycled. Look what happens to the bin


on the far right, circled. The rubbish goes in,


then the bin goes in after it. This was recorded by


Russell Burgess, who believes The second was in fact his


neighbour's, which he says I was livid. I was more annoyed as


to why would anyone do that, why throw it in the back of the wagon,


there was nothing wrong with that? There was no justification for doing


that. What a waste of money. Russell claims he was forced


to show the waste of money. He says they refused to believe


their employees were involved. Torfaen says it's looking


into the incident. But this may not be the strangest


thing about this saga. Other residents claim their bins


have also been mistakenly removed, but haven't been able


to film or prove it - so have had to pay


?20 for a new one. Torfaen Council says in the five


months to August, residents had to pay for nearly


200 replacement bins. Clearly bins can go missing


for a number of reasons. White crush it, why waste the money?


Why ask the taxpayers to pay for these bins? That does not make


sense. There's no suggestion this employee


did anything unlawful, and this may But residents are wondering


whether this may, in part, go some way to explaining other bin


disappearances in the area. The Anglesey-based artist


Wilf Roberts, famous for his paintings of the island,


has died at the age of 75, after being treated


for a brain tumour. After teaching art in London,


he returned to North Wales in the 1970s, working in local


government, before retiring in 1996 His work is displayed


across Wales and worldwide. The weather forecast next,


and what a difference Last week, temperatures


were up in the 20s. 28 Celsius in Porthmadog last


Wednesday, but it's back Some blue sky and sunshine


in Llanwrtyd today. And dry in Llanrwst


with gaps in the cloud. Staying dry with breaks


in the cloud, and where the sky remains clear it may turn a bit


misty and chilly Temperatures dropping as low


as 6 or 7. Tomorrow's chart shows a cold front


approaching the west of Ireland At 8am, though, much


of the country is dry. Misty in places first thing,


but that will lift. Bright in parts of mid and north


Wales with light winds. A few showers expected in


the afternoon, but not everywhere. Temperatures a shade


higher than today. 16 to 20 Celsius, with a south


to southwest breeze. In Pembrokeshire tomorrow,


mostly cloudy and dry. In Flintshire tomorrow,


a lot of cloud with sunny intervals. Maybe a shower in the afternoon,


otherwise dry. Tomorrow evening, dry


for a while but some showery rain On Thursday, it's the autumn


equinox, when the sun crosses the equator and day and night


are almost equal. On Thursday, showers


in the morning will clear. The rest of the day


is then quite nice. Sunny spells and feeling pleasant


with a light to moderate breeze. On Friday the odd shower


in places, otherwise dry. And that heralds a change


for the weekend. Low pressure over the Atlantic


will turn things That means a spell of heavy rain


and stronger winds over the weekend, although south-east Wales may stay


dry until Saturday night. The Welsh government has set out


plans for a major expansion of free childcare, moored apprentices and a


fund for more treatment in the NHS over the next five years. The First


Minister says the programme for government will make a tangible


difference to people's lights. Opposition parties criticise what


they claimed was a lack of detail in the documents.


I'll have an update for you here at 8pm,


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