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Aberthaw Power Station near Barry pumped out double the limit of toxic


pollution for seven years, making it one of the dirtiest in Europe.


Tonight, Europe puts the UK Government in the dock


with serious questions about why they failed to curb


appearing to lay obstacles across a cycle path


amidst a bitter row between locals and cyclists.


Nigel Davies owed ?50 arrears in council tax,


he was threatened with a visit from bailiffs.


Are local authorities being too heavy handed?


The welshman honoured for his part in one of the most daring raids


of the second world war and it's the Autumn


The nights are drawing in with some rain and cooler air on the way.


The UK Government failed to limit pollution emissions from Aberthaw


power station in the Vale of Glamorgan.


That's the ruling from the European Court of Justice.


The coal-fired station was allowed to pump out more than double


the legal amount of nitrogen oxides for seven years.


Our business correspondent Brian Meechan is at


Aberthaw is a big employer, and lying 600 people here in the Vale of


Glamorgan. Other places around here depend on it. There are also a


number people around Barry as well. This is about a balance between jobs


and the economy, and health and the environment on the other.


Today, an EU court interpreting EU law told ministers they'd got that


balance wrong and that they had to make Aberthaw clean up its act


regardless of whether the UK's leaving the EU.


For 18 months, teams of contractors have been creating the outline of


this colossus. It was a massive construction project designed to use


Welsh coal. It finally began operating in 1971 and now generate


enough electricity to meet the needs of the million households. The coal


you that the site has largely come from opencast mines in Wales and it


is harder to bend and alternatives. That was the reason the UK, argue


that it was a special case and was allowed more than double the


emissions levels of nitrogen oxide many you would normally really


permit. It is produced once you burn coal. This doctor from Cardiff


University is an expert on the effects of pollution and said the


emissions from Aberthaw can cause serious health problems. The


emissions coming out from Aberthaw insist the particular matter and


various gases and, in domination, when you enter Helen, they cause


inflammation of the lungs. If you are healthy, making cars reduced


lung function, giving trouble breathing any long-term. Chronic


exposure to high levels, people with the disease could develop diseases.


They court rejected an idea that Aberthaw was a special case, saying


the UK governments cannot use it in order to the local economy as a


Justice creation not enforcing limits. They say there must also pay


the cost of the case. RWE said Caroline -- said : From April next


year, it will only produce electricity in the periods during


winter. The UK cover and has made it clear that it wants to see all


coal-fired power stations closed by 2025. New blue anchor pub has been


selling beer to customers in nearby east Aberthaw since the 14th


century. One local councillor told me the power station is important to


the area. We don't have an awful lot of unwanted opportunities at the end


this part of Wales. Certainly are, of course, I am concerned about the


loss of jobs. Be completed new technology at Aberthaw has already


reduced emissions. It'll also be using less gold from opencast Welsh


mines so businesses and suppliers can be affected. -- coal -- want.


There is a major clarity surrounding power stations in the UK. This was a


one off Rover Aberthaw but now we need to establish a coal based at


the. The new regulations will be invalid that Aberthaw. If the


European Commission is not satisfied with the progress being made in the


plan, it could result in fines being added to the cost of the clean-up.


Footage has emerged which appears to show the former Secretary


of State for Wales, Ron Davies helping to block an un-official bike


Mr Davies denies intending to hurt anyone by placing rocks


and logs over the trails - in a row over the way mountain


Natural Resources Wales which owns the land has encouraged both sides


Fast, exhilarating and, for many, on their doorstep.


Official bike tracks like this are great for some,


others like to go somewhat off-piste here on Caerphilly Mountain.


Turn off an established walking and cycling trail


It's not against the rules unless you cause damage


Natural Resources Wales, who own the land, recently


removed some dangerous jumps and blocked of


So, this is one of the lines that had


some features in that were deemed to be unsafe.


Some bikers have agreed not to ride them again,


But they say they are now finding rocks and logs


Ones that were not placed there by the landowner.


If you get something like that when you're going at any


speed at all, you'll go over the front of your bike.


That could cause a number of injuries,


you could break your collarbone from landing,


you could hit one of the trees in the woods.


These objects are being placed there, and


they seem to be getting bigger and bigger.


Maybe some people don't agree with the way that we use the


woods but I think when you're putting other


people in danger, that's a problem for us.


Natural Resources Wales put up signs when they closed


some of these trials, asking bikers to stop using them


The signs were torn down and defaced.


abused and intimidated by groups riding through the woods.


This footage appears to show two men using logs


and rocks to block one of


It is understood this man is the former


Secretary of State for Wales Ron Davies.


Both men didn't want to talk to me on camera but both denied intending


They both claimed they couldn't recall


continue to communicate with both groups to tolerate


And to make sure that both of them are allow the impacts


of their activities and behaviours on the route.


Mountain bikers say they've now started online groups


like other those others know which routes are acceptable


A week after the Conservative government in Westminster announced


plans allowing grammar schools to expand in England


they're "not persuaded" that allowing schools to select pupils by


It comes after Ukip called for the grammar system


But Wales' Education Secretary has called them a "distraction".


The number of school children being taught through the medium


That's according to Plaid Cymru, who used a Senedd debate today


They say - the teaching of Welsh in schools needs more funding,


if the Government is going to reach their target of a million


A man has been charged with criminal damage -


after two cars were set alight in Flint.


It happened at a property on Northop Road yesterday.


The 22-year-old man has been released on bail, to appear before


A 54-year-old woman has also been arrested on suspicion


of making threats to kill and is being held by police


A 22-year-old man from the Carmarthenshire area has been


arrested in London on suspicion of terrorism offences.


He has been released on bail pending further police enquires.


Dyfed-Powys Police are not releasing any further details at the moment.


A man who claims he was sexually abused by a former senior police


officer has told a jury the assaults wrecked his life.


Gordon Anglesea, who's 78 and from Old Colwyn,


denies three charges of indecent assault and one


His defence has suggested the witness, who can't be named,


wants compensation to fund a drink and drugs habit.


From Mold Crown Court, Roger Pinney reports.


The evidence of this trial, the fifth day, and details have emerged


that Gordon Anglesea is accused of committing against the second of his


alleged victims. They date back to 1982-1983, when they probably should


-- the probably superintendent was living in Wrexham. Much of that gain


any form of a video interview of the alleged victims. In it, he claimed


he had been sexually assaulted in the changing rooms there are


showering. The attendance there was at Saint Joseph School in Wrexham.


It has changed considerably in the past 30 years but, there, the


witness claimed that Gordon Anglesea exercise this power. Then the jury


heard from the man giving light evidence in court. Although


guaranteed anonymity, he asked for screens to be removed because he


said he wanted to see his alleged abuser, Gordon Anglesea. Under


cross-examination, the witness was pressed about his criminal record


and his mental state. He had spent time in psychiatric institutions and


then his drink and drugs problem. Mining and compensation would come


in very handy to pay for your drink and drugs, wouldn't it? Tiny


Griffiths asked. The witness said he did not want compensation. -- Tania.


He said he wanted people to see and to come forward. He then pointed to


Gordon Anglesea and said this. He has wrecked people's lives. And the


debate it. Gordon Anglesea denies all charges. -- and he needs to pay


for it. Much more to come


before seven o'clock. They say too many cooks


spoil the broth - but the truth is,


Wales has a shortage for his part in one


of the most daring raids The five the Labour leadership


closes today. The campaign has been a battle


for the party's soul; a battle for it's very survival


some would say. And now in Wales -


the party looks set to be handed new powers that will give IT


a bigger say in deciding Who speaks the Labour in Wales? Last


night, Illinois got that bit louder. Meeting in London, in the UK party


was 's ruling body known as the NBC agreed in principle to transcend our


palace to more powers in Wales. -- MBC. This Welsh NEC representative


welcomed the proposed move. We have been wanting well to have more


control over their powers for a long time. I do think that perhaps some


of those who are now more enthusiastic about greater


devolution of the party in Wales are at least partly influenced by the


idea of inciting the Welsh party. But he did not support the changes.


Giving a member of the Welsh Labour front bench a seat on the UK party


bus the gruelling unity. There was, however, unanimous support for


transferring power over these Welsh candidates in Westminster elections.


As for the election of the Welsh Labour leadership. What is important


in shaping policy. It is a big step to become independent. We received a


lot of benefits in kind from London. But battles for control of the party


between the pro-and anti-Jeremy Corbyn camps are set to continue.


Now, if Palin does indeed shift from Labour in London to Labour in


Cardiff -- power. That's because they disconnect, like it already has


in Swansea West between the ANZ MPs, and the membership at large. -- AMs.


Some members back to Jeremy Corbyn while thaw Alyn Smith. The local


party's secretary wants greater say for the members. -- the I am


definitely in favour of more devolution. I would like Welsh


Labour to make sure that we have an opportunity to have more of a voice


to grassroots members. Any elections take place for leader, etc. One


member, one vote and it's for the members. At next week's annual


conference, Labour members will decide whether to back the plans or


not. If they do, it may lead to a louder voice for Welsh Labour. Will


they be speaking in unison? So, plenty to talk about in the Labour


Party conference after the winner of the leadership battle is announced


on Saturday. Our Parliamentary correspondent has been following


what has, at times, been a pretty bitter campaign. How was they when a


patch things up? Yell back that is the big question. It is one Jeremy


Corbyn will try to answer by wiping the slate clean, as he offers, with


his critics by inviting them to rejoin the Labour front bench here


in Westminster. Now, that may sound like a sensible plan but it is by no


means clear that it will work. Some would only go back on condition, the


various conditions that they set out for Jeremy Corbyn. Others will not


go back at any price. Some opponents of Jeremy Corbyn clear that his


supporters in individual constituencies will simply drive to


deselect them, replace them with people who supports Jeremy Corbyn as


candidate. Those changes to the Wales Labour Party rules won't make


any difference to that. Alyn Smith -- Owen Smith said we will rejoin


the Shadow Cabinet. We will carry on serving from the backbenches. That


may sound like an admission from defeat, he said that it is not. We


will find out what Elton on Saturday morning. -- for certain.


Many local authorities in Wales are too quick to use bailiffs


to pursue council tax debts - that's according to


The charity says it's the biggest debt problem it


sees and is calling for a fairer approach to debt recovery.


It was the lead before Christmas when Nigel from Aberdare received a


letter from the local authorities saying he had a ?300 council tax


debt to pay within two weeks or he would be visited by bailiffs. I was


on edge. Even when they walk, I -- not, I was on edge. I have never


been able to my house. I did not want them to. Nigel has actually


made the amount, the mistake had been made because he had changed


address. They said he should get in touch if he needed help. They come


to reception. There are a lot of reasons why someone might get behind


with payments. They could be on a zero our contract, for example,


which means their entitlement to get help with cancelled it can


fluctuate. Citizens advice said the council should lead to people rather


than sending automated letters. They say that should be a better


relationship. Citizens advice said that council tax is the biggest


problem in debt it sees. There are many people in council tax arrears,


that is an increase of 7% on last year. While 97% of council tax was


paid last year, there was still a massive shortfall. Citizens advice


recognises the gaming category made but they call for a better approach


to recover the debt. They say enforcement should not be made for


small bits of 50- ?60. One local authority went to court DJs a debt


of the pounds 95. -- to chase a debt of 3.95. We encourage them to set up


repayment plans and to make sure they are affordable for people. That


would encourage people to set up a more sustainable solution for


everybody. The Welsh local governments association said it will


consider the report 's recommendations while the Welsh and


edible extend the council tax reduction scheme to those on a low


income. Dwr Cymru, Welsh Water has


been told by a watchdog to improve its performance


after complaints about its service - the rise in written complaints


was the biggest among ANY water More rigorous debt collection,


a new billing system - and poor communication caused


some of the problems. Welsh Water says - it's taken steps


to address these issues. Cardiff Airport has announced


an expansion of flights to countries like Greece,


Tenerife and Portugal. Chief Executive, Roger Lewis,


confirmed that next year the airport is "doubling its investment"


with Ryan Air, which began flying from Cardiff in 2014


with the flight operator launching There are concerns that a shortage


of chefs could harm Wales' food industry which is worth around


six billion pounds. The President of the Wales


Culinary Association says - more needs to be done at home -


and in schools to encourage young people to take up cooking


as a career. Behind the scenes at a busy


restaurant, it is a side of eating out most of us never see. But it is


a place their dream careers can be in. Even so, here need of the


kitchen is so -- too much for some to handle. We have a massive


turnover. Some people come in for a fusion, maybe a weekend or three or


four days and they decide that it's not for them. I think sometimes it


is a harsh lesson because of his hard work. 18-year-old Oliver has


worked his way from washing pots to helping prep food in the six month


he has been there. It is tough but it is enjoyable. I love taking part


in it every weekend. I don't know if I will stick with it being so young


and with all the other options I can do but, yeah, for the time being, I


am really enjoying my time here. From Bake Off to Masterchef, you


would imagine that this would be the kind of thing that would have taken


off but it seems that young people do not want to cook. In school,


something just largely to tell you something I wanted to do. There was


not enough cooking going on in homes and there is not good on the


curriculum in schools so what will spark the next generation of chefs


for this country? The food industry in Wales is worth an estimated ?6


billion but it's not unusual for it to be the national minimum wage was


managing a kitchen and anti-social hours are a fact of life for chefs.


But the rewards can be considerable. Many of the chefs have travelled the


world and opened their own restaurants. Now, they are


representing Wales at the culinary Olympic in Germany next month. The


financial rewards are a lot better many get to the doctoral topic takes


a long time but once you are at the top, and you're working in good


places, and you have that knowledge, then you can reap the benefits of


all that knowledge through financial means. Back at Moruzzi, they try to


balance a worklife balance. Unless more young people want to try


cooking as a career, Welsh food lovers may find it hard to aid their


field. -- eat their fill. It was one of the most daring raids


of the Second World War. In Operation Chariot,


British commandos set off in a warship full of explosives,


to destroy a dry dock Crucial to its success was the late


Captain Bill Pritchard, from Cardiff, who's today been


honoured in his home In early 1942, allied troops


were losing the Battle They had to stop the formidable


German battleship the Tirpitz from entering the North Atlantic,


as they couldn't compete British commando troops devised


a plan to destroy the huge dry dock at Saint Nazaire


in German occupied Normandy, the only one big enough


to take the Tirpitz. Crucial to the planning


of the operation was Captain Bill Pritchard from Cardiff,


a commando and Royal Engineer, and son of the master


of Cardiff docks. Key design, badly last ounce of


explosives, the plan to destroy the entire block infrastructure and it's


quite right that we remember him today because without him, as well


as all the other individuals who bought that day, the raid could not


have been a success. The commandos packed the HMS


Campbeltown full of explosives, and disguised it as a German


warship, sailing it straight into the gate of the Saint Nazaire


dry dock while under heavy fire, before carrying out other explosions


around the dock by hand. Captain Pritchard was one of nearly


170 allied soldiers The HMS Campbeltown exploded several


hours later, destroying Today, a plaque was


unveiled in memory of Captain Pritchard,


at retirement flats named after him The ceremony was attended by many


members of his family. We always felt that he did not get,


if you like, in studios for what he did because he was a key planner all


this. That track kudos. The ceremony was also


attended by the Chairman of the Saint Nazaire society,


whose father Captain Sam Beattie was also crucial in the raid,


as commanding officer of the HMS It is absolutely essential that the


GB memory of this raid alive. Because it was so special, after the


war, the French Prime Minister said that the troops who had taken part


in it were the first to give them hope.


Captain Bill Pritchard's family hope the plaque will raise


awareness of his achievements and those of more than 600


other allied troops who took part in what's been described


Tonight's weather now - Derek's got the forecast.


This time last week we were enjoying a return of summer.


Over 28C in Porthmadog but not sunbathing weather today.


Sunshine in short supply today with showers in places.


Most of the rain has been over Ireland and some


Dry for a while but rain will spread from the west overnight.


Lowest temperatures 10 and 14 Celsius with light winds.


The sun will cross the Equator and that means longer


Misty in places too and damp with spots of rain.


However, Pembrokeshire should be dry and clear.


And elsewhere things will cheer-up during the day.


15 to 18 Celsius and feeling fresher with a west to


The odd spot of rain but dry and brightening-up


Tomorrow night maybe a few showers in Gwynedd and Conwy.


Temperatures in mid Wales falling as low as 7 Celsius


The wind light at first but picking-up, especially in the NW.


Low pressure over the Atlantic on Friday and this cold front


is heading our way with strong and gusty winds ahead of it.


So on Saturday a dry start but rain will spread


On Saturday night, the rain will clear.


Sunday breezy and cooler with sunshine and showers.


I'll have an update for you here at eight o'clock and again


That's Wales Today thank you for watching from all of us




I just wish that I could stop loving you.


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