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due to Winter pressures are becoming the norm here.


has had her hernia surgery cancelled three times.


It's horrendous. I can hardly walk with it because it's so big now. And


the consultant I saw last time, Mr Davis, he just couldn't believe it.


He said he couldn't understand why I had had to wait for so long.


Also tonight: Counter terrorism police arrest a 33-year-old man


on a Cardiff street and are searching at two addresses -


in a sexually motivated attack at her flat in Cardiff Bay -


her neighbour, Kris Wade, is sentenced to life in prison.


After former Welsh Secretary Ron Davies


an unofficial bike-track, he tells us he was actually


What I am telling you is that here and there was a large boulder on the


path, which I moved out of the way. They race through our


forests every year, but as Wales Rally GB


celebrates this year's launch, talks continue over who picks up


the cost for the damage Cancelling scheduled operations


is becoming routine in Welsh hospitals because of overwhelming


demand for emergency care. That's according to the Royal


College of Surgeons, which warns that the pressures


on the NHS in Wales this winter could be as severe as last winter,


which was described as one of the most difficult


in recent history. But new figures show


almost half were cancelled Here's our Health Correspondent,


Owain Clarke. When hospitals become full


of patients needing emergency care, operations that have been arranged


in advance get postponed. It happens all year


round, but it's a huge Last winter, according


to this leading surgeon, It was as bad as I can


ever remember it. Certainly the knock-on effect


was there in May I think there were cases


where patients were cancelled He's worried the pressures


in the coming I think that in the past


we used to cancel elective operations just


in extremis, when we had particular


pressures we had to cancel I think it's become


now more the norm that this is the pressure


outlet that we have Previously unpublished figures show


almost 85,000 planned operations were postponed


last year in Wales. 11% of those didn't go ahead


for clinical reasons. For example, the patient wasn't


well enough for surgery. But 40% were cancelled by the NHS


because of problems like no beds being


available. Christine Perkins knows


that all too well. She's already waited almost two


years for surgery to repair a hernia, but it


keeps getting delayed. I can hardly walk with it,


because it's so big now. I've had three pre-ops, hoping then


that I'd have the operation But no date arranged


then for the operation. The Welsh Government says


it is encouraged that the proportion of operations cancelled by the NHS


for nonclinical reasons is actually going down, although it says


the NHS needs to do more And here in the University Hospital


of Wales in Cardiff, they've managed to reduce the number


of cancellations for serious pre-planned surgery like cancer


surgery to almost zero. It's because this part of intensive


care hasn't The patient, once they're


in a bed, they own it. They come here, post


operatively, and when they're ready to go back


to the ward, the space is empty. And the ward, the bed just moves


straight Essentially, we took about 250


people into intensive care in the year following


high-risk surgery. We used to have about


500 people booked. Unfortunately, out of that


proportion, about 80 didn't Since the system started,


in first 12 months afterwards, we've cancelled


no patients at all. But the Welsh Government insists


patients also have to take their share


of responsibility. And that's because of the 85,000


postponed operations last year, almost


half were cancelled last year, almost half


were cancelled by patients, And if we look in detail


at South East Wales, for example, 28% of those types


of cancellations had been because I think it's the height


of selfishness, to know you have one However, I don't like


the Welsh Government's chip that I don't like the way they put


all the emphasis on the Because this is a logistics problem


that we have had for years. And we should be able


to resolve it by now. But according to the Royal College


of Surgeons, the situation is now so critical politicians from


all parties need to accept things This is where difficult


decisions may have to be made about the siting of emergency


departments and whether we have all of our hospitals doing both


emergency and elective work. The difficulty is people are often


worried that would mean downgrading And similar plans in


the past have been hugely But with cancelled operations


now becoming the norm, the question is, are difficult


decisions inevitable? Do patients have to accept that


postponing operations is a fact Beyond encouraging patients to act


responsibly, much of this is about a balance of risks. Some would argue,


if you have loads of emergency cases coming in, is it not sensible to


postpone some planned operations? The argument is those patients might


have to wait longer in pain but at least they will be safe. But it is


not as simple as that, because we know that when the pressure is


really on, some really serious operations also get cancelled or


postponed, and that means patients may deteriorate because of the delay


to a position where they cannot have that operation that they needed.


There are plans in place to deal with this, but the Royal College of


surgeons says we need to go much further. In Wales, we have lots of


hospitals that do similar things. In other countries, there is more


differentiation. Some concentrate on more emergency staff and others


concentrate on more preplanned work. The argument is, if you separate


those two things out, it's less likely one will lose out at the


expense of the other. But moving to that model is politically and


logistically tricky. Thank you. In the last hour, it's been


confirmed a 33-year-old in Cardiff under the Terrorism Act,


and two houses in the city Caroline Evans is in our newsroom


now with the latest. Well, the details on this are scarce


at the moment. But what we do know is that this arrest took place in


Cardiff earlier this afternoon, and we understand that it is related to


an investigation into Islamist terrorism. The police have told us


that officers from the Metropolitan Police counterterrorism command


arrested a 33-year-old man on suspicion of the commission,


preparation and instigation of terrorist acts. From what we are


being told, it looks as if it was a planned operation. The police say


the arrest took place in this Cardiff street and that it was


preplanned, as the result of a proactive investigation by the


counterterrorism command, and that this was supported by the Wales


extremism and Counterterrorism Unit. And on those two searches, the


official line from Scotland Yard is that these searches are underway,


but they will not confirm at what location. Caroline, thanks for the


update. A man who admitted


killing a grandmother in a sexually-motivated attack has


been jailed for life by a judge 36-year-old Kris Wade,


from Cardiff Bay killed Christine James after


she rejected his advances. The court heard how he lived


in the flat above her and targeted her as he


knew she lived alone. Christine James had only been living


in her apartment in Cardiff Bay for about four months, when she was


killed in a brutal and sustained attack. She had recently separated


from her husband and moved out of the Annalee home. At the end of


debris, the 65-year-old grandmother was about to fly to Florida on


holiday, but 20 did not arrive at Gatwick, her family became worried


enough police to check our home. When officers arrived at her flat,


they found it unlocked. Her body was lying on its side in the whole


weight in a pool of blood. The prosecution counsel Paul Lewis QC


told the court she had been the victim of a brutal attack with a


knife. A postmortem examination found that Mrs James had severe


bruising to her head. Because of her death was described as a cut to the


throat. Kris Wade, who lived in the flat above her, had already admitted


the murder at an earlier hearing. Today, he appeared in court by a


video link to be sentenced. It is believed the motivation for the


attack was sexual and Mrs James had not been sexually assaulted. When


police searched the flat of Kris Wade, they found bondage gear and a


black handcuff which had the blood of Christian James on it. The judge


-- the defence said his client had no memory of the attack but the


attack was sexually motivated. Christine's Sun said, the more her


daily and feel constantly numb. Please read out a statement from the


family. Not a day has gone by when mum is not in our thoughts. Our


hearts are broken and we as a family have been trying to come to terms


with the events of that weekend ever since. Kris Wade has never shown any


remorse or given any account or explanation for his action.


Sentencing wait to life in prison, the judge said he went to her flat


with a suitcase containing a number of items which I would describe as


sex toys. Your intent was to engage in sexual conduct with her. You


targeted Mrs James as a potential victim of your sexual desire. When


she rejected your advances, you subjected her to a brutal, sustained


and ferocious attack. The judge recommended Wade serve at least 21


years before he was eligible for parole.


Former Secretary of State for Wales, Ron Davies, has called for wildlife


in woodland to be better protected, after a dispute with mountain


Covert footage passed to BBC Wales shows Mr Davies and another man


moving logs and boulders on the woodland floor.


He says they were simply clearing a footpath,


but bikers claim someone has been placing dangerous


undercover footage. The former Secretary of State for Wales, Ron


Davies, and another man are moving logs and rocks on the woodland


floor. Mountain bikers here in Philly say that if objects like this


are placed in their path, it can be dangerous. Both men denied trying to


hurt anyone and this is Mr Davies's explanation. Photos showing the


moving a large boulder out of the pub so that I as a walker can move


there. Why not to say this wasn't me? Because it may well be that


there are lots of people who have been putting stones and blogs on the


trails. What I am telling you is that here there was a large boulder


on the path, which I moved out of the way. We are not going to go any


further with this. The accusation is that people have been putting things


on the path deliberately and it could lead to someone getting


seriously hurt. Is that appropriate? I would be very, very hurt and I


would be very disappointed and people were hurt themselves on these


trails. This is a row between two groups of people who want to use


this would love to slightly different things. On the one hand,


you have walkers who like to conserve nature and on the other


hand, you have mountain bikers who want to start at the top of the


mountain, come down trails like this and also break off into the


undergrowth through the trees to make their own unofficial,


unauthorised bike trails. Land owners and natural resources Wales


says it is not against the rules to go off the beaten track here unless


you're causing a safety issue or a threat to the environment. And that


is where the debate lies. The wildlife is really damaged in that


area. You feel that natural resources Wales are not doing enough


to protect it. Absolutely. Well, they cannot do extreme sports any


woodland like this which is used by a talking unity for quiet


relaxation. Natural resources Wales says it has already moved dangers


here, but it is up to both sides of the debate to resolve their


differences. as Wales Rally GB launches this


year's event - our reporter experiences just what it's like to


race through the forests of Wales. And they've been roaming


the fields of Carmarthenshire for a thousand years -


now the National Trust is looking for a bull to save this rare


breed of white cattle. The new leader of UKIP


has tried to play down Diane James blamed "people


being a little bit excited" after Nathan Gill was replaced


as leader of the UKIP Assembly Ms James told our Parliamentary


Correspondent, David Cornock, she'd meet her party's AMs


in Cardiff next week, It is a serious political party, on


the basis of the electoral success that we enjoyed both in terms of the


European elections which put Nathan in as member of the European


Parliament in Brussels at Strasbourg, and then of course knew


Hamilton plus the other members, a superb bunch of people, and they are


headed up by Neil sitting in the Senate. I have no issue with that at


all. You set your members are a splendid bunch of people, so why did


you stop Neil Hamilton from speaking at your conference and replace it


with a copy break? I did not replace him with a copy break. I change the


programme quite substantially. He says you did. Sometimes Neil makes


statements that perhaps he would like to rethink in terms of what he


said. He said that maybe he thinks the conference is to exciting and


needs a sedative. In any other party, insulting the party would


result in disciplinary action. He gets promoted. He leads your


parliamentary group and this is your shop window and all the voters see


that in this democratic institution where Ukip made a breakthrough in


May is inviting insults and name-calling. How we sort that out?


On Monday, I am hoping we will be able to conclude all of the


arrangements from today. I have set aside a whole day to travel to


Cardiff to meet with all the Welsh assembly members. That includes


Nathan and will include Nathan and also includes meals, so there is no


issue there at all. I think what we are picking up on in terms of your


kids questions is the legacy that I have inherited of a certain amount


of disarray in Wales. I am not going to try to cover that up. But I am


year as the new leader. I have been in the Bosporus seven days. It is my


opportunity by meeting with them all to see what we can do to heal any


rifts and stopped at line with that new has used. I have not taken


personal affront. I put it down to people being a little bit excited at


the moment. You will have to be the riot act, won't you? It is not my


style to read the riot act, if you don't mind. We will have a grown-up


conversation, Niall and myself and also the other Welsh assembly


members. I have asked each of them or one-on-one meetings, so I am


anticipating that if each of us can lay all of our cards on the table,


to use that metaphor, we can discuss the issues and I would hope that by


the time I leave Cardiff, I have got a happy bunch of people.


David Cornock, speaking to UKIP's new leader.


What's it like living with a disability in Wales?


That's the question a series of workshops being held across


They're part of preparations for next year, when the United


Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People, will start


to examine how well disabled rights are upheld in the UK.


Earlier, we spoke to some of those giving their views in Cardiff.


I am from Swansea. I have been a wheelchair user for 36 years after a


motorcycle accident. My name is David Sage and I have only recently


become disabled. Four years ago. I live in Cardiff and I have multiple


sclerosis. I was diagnosed 13 years ago. I am Joe Blakley and I live in


Newport and I was diagnosed with autism at the age of seven. It is


frustrating when you can't park your car because the disabled bays are


taken up and it is frustrating when you get on a train and they do not


provide you with a ramp to get you off at the other end and just as air


travel is hard work because you have to be light on other people to carry


you and left you. They need to provide better financial support for


us. It is all right to paint all disabled people as we are having


this and we are having that, but actually that is not the case. We


have to fight for every penny. You turn a corner and they have removed


your allowances. People who feel that because you look are you sound


or you act different means that you have to be treated different, you


don't have to be treated differently. You just have to know


how to treat the brazen and just treat the person like you would


anyone else. We want to make sure that they are focusing on the stuff


that will give them the best value for money but also increase the


opportunities for disabled people in Wales when it comes to accessing


education and work in transport and generally accessing a normal,


independent life. Claire's here now


with all the sport. They race through our


forests every year in what is one of the most thrilling


motor sports on the planet. The drivers competing in Wales Rally


GB take on the challenging forests of North and Mid Wales,


pushing their cars to the limit Today, the launch took place


for this year's rally, but as Matthew Richards reports,


talks are continuing as to who should pay for the cost


of repairs to the roads and tracks. There's no doubt that the Wales


Rally GB has been welcomed by North Wales since it


relocated its HQ to The event attracted 87000 spectators


last year and sees the best drivers from around the world race


through forest stages But it's left its mark


in other ways too. As well as offering a spectacular


backdrop, the forests of Wales at a certain flavour to the thrills and


spills of the Wales Rally GB, but all of that racing has an impact on


the environment and cleaning it up does not come cheap.


says its calculated the cost of repairing damaged tracks is some


?300,000 more than it's getting from the Motorsports Assocation.


As for all public bodies, times are harder than they have been and we


have to look at how we will cover the costs and how we provide these


roads which are not only for timber transport but also recreational use


it in for people wanting to come into the forests for their own


enjoyment. Funding negotiations


are still ongoing, but Wales Rally GB says it takes its responsibility


to the environment very seriously. We want to leave the forests in as


perfect condition as we find them in, so we have a huge commitment to


littering, litter picking, to the cycling, to minimising our damage to


the watercourse with huge numbers of activities that we have to do and


that we want to do in order to minimise our impact.


At Llyn Brenig near Abergele today, I got to experience the natural


setting up close and at very high speed courtesy of


He's a second generation rally driver, and he's not the only one


It runs in the family. It is in the blood. Our dad was quick. So that is


how we get into it, really. But there have been some really great


guys that just get into and because they love the sport.


The damage to the forests is only temporary and Natural


Resources Wales are confident they and the rally organisers can


Football and despite some reports today linking Ryan Giggs with a move


the current man in charge, head coach


Francesco Guidolin, says he's not feeling the pressure.


Swansea crashed out of the EFL Cup last night, beaten 2-1 by Manchester


Gylfi Sigurdsson scored in added time but it wasn't enough to stop


the League Cup holders progress to the fourth round.


Swansea face Manchester City again in the Premier League on Saturday.


Cricket and Glamorgan suffered a spectacular collapse


after they seemed to be cruising, in their last game of the season


They needed just 45 runs with six wickets in hand, but Leicestershire


snatched an unlikely victory, as the welsh side lost their last


White Park cattle have been roaming the carmarthenshire


countryside for a millennium, but they could soon be


The breed is said to be rarer than the giant panda,


so the National Trust is trying to raise money to buy a new bull


White Park cattle, roaming these grounds as they have done for more


than 1000 years. In the days long ago, there are even used to pay


large fines, but centuries later, the breed is in danger. The White


Park cattle have been here since 1918, but there are just 750


breeding heifers left in the world and is heard eating a bowl to keep


the bloodline align, so The National Trust has today launched a campaign


to find a ball. After many years of service, the herd's is ready to


retire, and he is not the only one. The man in charge of the herd is all


so retiring after 18 years. They are far more characterful than you


modern cattle. They retain that distinctiveness, that independent


spirit, that attitude. Which you don't get in modern cattle, that has


been bred out of them. Before he goes, he has been training his


apprentice, who is hoping to secure the breed's each. We want to


increase the numbers here. We're 13 breeding cows in the herd at the


moment but we know that is not sustainable. We know that we need to


be nearer to about 25 breeding cows with followers in the of costs, so


the idea is that we kind of by the required cattle and bowl and hope


that the public will help us by donating some money towards that. As


part of the campaign to save the breed, today local schoolchildren


have been learning about the herd. They were from Ireland and then when


a king moved here, you brought the cows with him. We have come here


today to raise money for a new bull, as they are getting old and tired


now and they can't have any more babies. The National Trust hopes to


raise around ?36,000 to buy a new ball and cows to try to secure the


future of this very Welsh breed. Let's take a look at


the weather forecast next. Much of Wales enjoying some lovely


sunshine today. It is the first day of time. It is starting to feel


chilly and you will feel it tonight. Milder oxygen that taking charge as


we going to tomorrow. More sunshine and a lot of dry weather to come by


the end of the week as well. But tonight, when the sun sets, you will


feel the chill in the oxygen back and we will start to season showers


coming in from the West, but most of us will get away with a dynamic,


some clear skies and where the skies do clear, we could see a dot of mist


or fog forming into early hours of tomorrow morning. The wind is light,


lows of 9-12dC. Temperatures getting down and perhaps to five Celsius.


High pressure pushing into moral from the south. That will bring


milder oxygen max from the south so you will notice the difference as we


going to tomorrow afternoon, but first thing tomorrow morning, it


will be a cold start. Some showers running across the South. The wind


picks up from a southerly direction, so you will notice it in exposed


areas. Temperatures just above average. 15-18dC. We have some


sunshine to look forward to but by the afternoon cloud will increase


far western parts, with the best of the sunshine further inland. Into


tomorrow night, we will see some clear skies at first but then


overnight more cloud will push on from the West. Coastal showers. Mild


error across as. Chilly tonight but tomorrow morning it will be warmer.


Most of us getting away with double figures. 12-14dC, remaining blustery


into early hours of Saturday morning, and then this weather front


will bring the rain through Saturday. A bit of uncertainty about


the timings, but as it stands, it will be a dry start to Saturday


morning and the wrinkling into western parts and then by the


afternoon reaching most areas in the east as well. Brisk winds coming in


from the southerly direction. It will feel mild on Saturday. Those


chapters range between 16-19dC. That rain clears on Saturday night and


then on Sunday, we will see some showers, especially across mid and


North Wales. A breezy day and the start of next week is an unsettled


start. Looking fairly quiet over the coming days as we head into


tomorrow. Saturday some rain and on Sunday, it is a day of sunshine and


showers. That's your forecast. There is a warning that cancelling


scheduled operations is becoming routine and Welsh hospitals because


of overwhelming demand for emergency care. That is according to the Royal


College of surgeons, but new figures show that almost half were cancelled


by patients themselves. at eight, and again straight


after the ten o'clock news. But for now, from all of us


on the programme, thanks for watching, and have a


good evening.


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