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English universities have got the go ahead, but the Education Secretary


says Welsh institutions will not be allowed to charge more


Also tonight: The latest on the terror arrest in Cardiff,


Police indicate it relates to a possible attack within the UK.


As a resident of this area I find it very disturbing and upsetting for


us. Especially for families. We're at Ferndale Labour club


in Rhondda, finding out who's proving a hit with members


on the eve of the leadership result. Tora's genetic condition increases


her risk of developing cancer. Her family call for a specialist


centre to be opened here. And in tonight's sport there's no


vacancy, but Ryan Giggs would be interested in managing Swansea City


if the club came calling. It's emerged tonight that Welsh


universities will not be allowed to charge more for courses


next year, unlike their Education Secretary Kirsty Williams


says the maximum they'll be able to charge will remain at ?9,000


compared to ?9,250 over the border. It comes amid concerns higher


education in Wales will become "second rate" if tuition


fees here don't go up. Our education correspondent


Bethan Lewis is at What's the detail on this? Well, the


situation at the moment is that universities in Wales and England


can charge a maximum of ?9,000 a year for full-time undergraduate


courses. Over the summer the UK Government said that universities in


England could charge more next year, ?9,250 a year. That's the first rise


since the system was established in 2012. Subsequently, that charge


could go up with inflation. The Welsh governments decide on three


levels for Welsh universities and today the Education Secretary has


written 2am 's and said that tuition fees, the fee level, would be the


same in Welsh universities next year. -- written to Assembly


members. At the same time, she said that Welsh students studying in


England would be able to extend their tuition fee loan to cover the


extra costs they may have if courses get Mike Spencer. What has been the


reaction so far? The NUS in Wales has welcomed the announcement that


they won't be an increase next year. Over some are reacting to the rise


in English university fees the Vice Chancellor of Swansea University,


Professor Richard Davies, said there was a risk that Welsh universities


could be considered second rate if they couldn't increase the levels.


We spoke to him again this afternoon and he said that he is hopeful the


Welsh government will find a way of allowing for inflation to


university's costs. But everybody in higher education is looking ahead to


the publication of a major report next week into university finance


and funding. The Diamond review publishes on Tuesday. In particular,


people will be looking at what will happen to the Jewish and the grant,


the ?5,000 a year the Welsh government contributes towards Welsh


student's fees. -- the tuition grant. This is just one piece of the


student finance jigsaw with much more to come next week.


Police have indicated that an arrest in Cardiff yesterday and the


Terrorism Act relates to a possible attack within the UK.


A 33-year-old man is still being questioned, and two


houses in the city have been searched by police.


From yesterday afternoon through the night and today, police have been


searching this house in the Riverside area of Cardiff.


Though not confirmed, it is believed to be connected with the


investigation by counterterrorism police understands the arrests made


yesterday afternoon in Cardiff is related to alleged Islamist


terrorism. The Metropolitan Police have


indicated that the arrest relates to a possible attack within the UK.


The man who lives here in this street has not been named, but local


people say he's lived there for more than 20 years. A Cardiff man.


Former councillor, Mohammed Islam, lives in this neighbourhood. He told


me how people feel about what's happened.


It's shocking and horrifying for us in the local community. Riverside


has become a centre point for the media and the police. For this kind


of incident. It is very upsetting for local residents. Local residents


of this area will find very much disturbing and very upsetting for


us. Especially for families and young children. We wake up in the


morning and CB police vans. It's nice.


Another man who has lived here all his life told me how shocked he was.


It's quite worrying for my children and staff when they go to the shop


and see people walking, see police. They get terrified for things like


that. The 33-year-old man arrested in the city yesterday is being held


at a central London police station. He's being questioned on suspicion


of the preparation, commission and instigation of terrorist acts.


Police say this arrest was preplanned. The result of an


investigation by the MPS counterterrorism command. Supported


by the Wales extremism and counterterrorism unit. Meanwhile,


another surge has been taking place in the nearby Grangetown area of the


in the nearby Grangetown area of the city.


A man who says he was sexually abused as a teenager,


has told a court he has nightmares about a birthmark on the face


Former police superintendent Gordon Anglesea denies three charges


From Mold Crown Court, here's our reporter, Roger Pinney.


This is Saint Josephs School in Wrexham.


But in the 70s and 80s a Home Office attendance and was based there.


That has been the focus of much of today's evidence.


Gordon Anglesea ran the centre, according to the prosecution its way


he abused one of his alleged victims who was a teenager time.


In the witness box that teenager, now a man in his 40s,


was pressed by the defence about the birthmark


In a statement seen by the Jury he said it was on the right side,


He also said it gave him nightmares prompting this from the defence.


That birthmark you said you would never forget,


you put it on the wrong side, and too high up.


For the prosecution, Elinor Lawes QC asked the


The prosecution then turned to Gordon Anglesea's visits


to the now closed Brynestyn children's home in Wrexham.


Retired police Inspector Ian Kelman said in 1994 he been shown


a statement in which Gordon Anglesea said he'd only visited


I knew that was wrong, Ian Kelman, said.


And what was the harm in that, he said?


Another former police officer, John Kenny, said Gordon Anglesea


was a regular visitor to Brynestyn and another home, Brynaman.


Gordon Anglesea denies all charges and the case continues.


Roger Pinney, BBC Wales Today, at Mold Crown Court.


A 15-year-old boy committed suicide, partly due to management failures


at a privately-run school and children's home in Powys.


That's the finding of an inquest jury.


The body of Jordan Kane Woonton from Nottinghamshire was found


at Pentwyn School at Clyro near Hay-on-Wye, four years ago.


The school was closed in December 2012, by Hampshire-based owners,


One of Jeremy Corbyn's shadow ministers has called on the Labour


party to "grow up" and show some "tough love", as it gathers


in Liverpool for the result of its leadership contest.


The Cardiff Central MP, Jo Stevens, also says that if Mr Corbyn


beats the challenger, Owen Smith, he'll need


to make compromises for the good of the party.


As the contest comes to an end, our political editor, Nick Servini,


has been looking at what it means for Labour.


Rehearsal time for some veteran rockers at Ferndale Labour club in


the Rhondda. Over the course of the year another better and has emerged


centrestage to lead the party, Jeremy Corbyn. Even by recent


standards this has been an extraordinary year. Civil War at


Westminster and bad feeling out in the constituencies, now culminating


in the second leadership contest. It's easy to lose sight of this, but


what on earth to party members and voters think of it all? I came here


exactly 12 months ago when people's thoughts surrounding Jeremy Corbyn


were a mixed bag. Is he going back to old Labour? Perhaps people want


old things coming back, perhaps they want more puberty in politics.


But what is the feeling now? -- puberty in politics.


Why are you a businessman? He's had a year and he's had one good speech


against Theresa May in the Commons that is the only thing he's done in


a 12 month. They should never have happened.


Corbyn got elected and B should have let it run.


You sound disillusioned. I think at the moment there's so much confusion


going on with the Labour Party they need to find they are going. They


need this election. Jeremy Corbyn made a big splash here


in the summer but critics say he will put Labour out of power for


regeneration, a claim dismissed by his supporters.


Every election we lose about 8% of the electorate by tidying or


dementia. Come on, somebody once said we aren't going to win


elections for 20 years. They are working out how people who want even


conceived yet going to vote! Local boy Owen Smith has been seen more in


Wales launching his campaign in his Pontypridd constituency. The Cardiff


Central MP Jo Stevens supported him but has also remained one of Jeremy


Corbyn's shadow ministers. We've got to show the public we can


be a government in waiting. We have that responsibility. It's


not going to be easy but politics isn't easy. We have two be grown up


about it and tough love. We need to do a better job in the next 12


months language done in the last five months.


Rock bands famously break-up in acrimonious circumstances, whether


winds tomorrow, Labour's challenge would be keeping the Show on the


road when not everyone agrees with the front man.


The family of a two-year-old girl who has a rare genetic condition,


which can cause tumours to grow on her skin, are calling


for a specialist centre to be opened in Wales.


Tora Betsi, from Cardiff, has NF1, which means she's more likely


There are two specialist centres in England, but none here,


Tora is a happy to go who enjoys playing with her friends. She's been


coming to this gym since her family found out that she has NF1. As a GP


home unnoticed when she was born that there was something wrong.


She was born with a cafe au lait spot which most people think is a


normal birthmark, but because I'm a GPU is one of the things I spotted


an thought I'd keep an eye on to see if she developed anymore. Although


her first year she developed quite a few more, other little markers were


things like having a bigger head and being quite short as well and not


being as strong on her feet. She's a delayed developmentally with her


motor skills. NF1 is a common genetic condition with the same


number of cases as cystic fibrosis. It affects one in every 2500 babies


born in Britain. That means one baby Uday is born with NF1. Because


severity varies Tora needs regular tests. There are two centres in


England in London and Manchester, but no centre in Wales. One


specialist in Manchester feels that in an ideal world a centre in Wales


would be beneficial, but feels there isn't enough expertise here.


There is a bit of missing out, but obviously the Welsh population is


quite small. We only have two centres for 52 or 53 million people


in England, so there's only 3.1 million people in Wales. So it's


difficult. It might be more cost-effective to actually buy into


the English service van to try and create a file, multidisciplinary


complex NF1 service in Wales. The Welsh government say it's difficult


to provide services for all brick conditions. And in some cases people


will need to travel to other centres in the UK for care and support. NF1


can run in families, but NF1, Tora's brother hasn't been diagnosed with


the condition. The family are enjoying spending time together and


there are plenty of laughs and giggles. So, here we are inside the


shipping container. It used to spend its life at sea, but now it's a home


for someone that needs affordable housing.


There is some rain and stronger winds on the way but most


A man who was accused of harassing a Catholic priest who he says


abused him when he was a teenager has been told that he


Mark Murray from St Asaph travelled to Italy, to offer


However, he's now been left with a large legal bill,


Mark Murray secretly filmed his encounter


with Father Romano Nardo last year on a visit to Verona.


The missionary told him that if he was responsible


for hurting him as a boy then he was sorry.


Mark Murray was 14 when he says he was groomed and abused


by Father Nardo at Mirfield Seminary in Yorkshire in 1970.


He is one of 11 men who were given financial settlements


by the Comboni Missionaries Order for abuse they suffered,


but the payments weren't an admission of guilt.


Romano Nardo has never been charged and according to police is too frail


But after their encounter Mark Murray was accused of trespass,


stalking and interfering in the priest's private life.


Now though a judge in Italy has ruled that Mr Murray's actions


were justified, and he won't face prosecution.


It's scandalous that it ever came to a hearing in the first place.


I can only conclude that the reason why they did it is to try


and intimidate and stop people from coming forward.


Who may have also been abused at midfield.


They want some sort of redress, or some sort of closure


or understanding of why they were abused in the first place.


In a statement Comboni Missionaries UK say the case wasn't pursued


by them but by Father Nardo's court-appointed legal guardian.


They say they re shocked by the allegations of historic abuse


at the seminary and condemn unreservedly any actions which cause


Mark Murray still has a legal bill of around ?1,500.


He hopes his experience won't deter any other victims of abuse


Investment in community-based projects is key to improving mental


health and reducing pressure on NHS services.


That's the message behind a new learning centre in Gower.


The 'Down to Earth' social enterprise scheme helps vulnerable


and disadvantaged groups with their personal development,


This sustainable building represents a new chapter in the lives of the


people who've worked hard to build it. Dave Black is one of those. A


former engineer with his own business he suffered a brain


haemorrhage three years ago which changed his life for ever.


I withdrew from society. I didn't want to be involved. I felt as if I


was a victim, as strange as it may seem. It feels like you've been


abuse. There were dark days when I felt like, is it worth carrying on


with living. I considered, at times, would I take my own life? I would


never do that sort of thing. Since being introduced to the


project by the neutral psychology department at Morriston Hospital


Dave has experienced a positive change in his mental health. The


project is about helping individuals who sustained a brain injury to


rebuild their lives. The focus is on cognitive thinking and social


interaction. It's seen as an effective recovery process alongside


clinical intervention. It's so important that we invest in


projects to improve people's psychological well-being. Enable


them to thrive into the community. It has a knock-on effect, the


individual, the family, society. And at the end of the day, to the health


service. It will save money in the long when if we rethink how we


deliver models of health care. With investment from the big lottery


fund and the Welsh government be centre will be used to teach a range


of skills to some society's most vulnerable people. The aim is to


reduce social isolation and boost self-esteem. An initiative the first


Minster believes could be rolled out more widely.


We need to look at what is best for people when they are recovering from


a traumatic time. We always have to look at new ways of doing that.


Particularly ways that are effective. I've heard from people


today have told me how effective this particular way of getting onto


the road of recovery actually was. Carefully constructive, it's hoped


the centre can make a positive change to people's lives. They


They realise the sky 's the limit to their ambition.


Time for tonight's sport now, with Claire.


There's no vacancy at the moment but the BBC understands Ryan Giggs


would be interested in managing Swansea City if the club parted


The Swans have made a poor start to the season,


putting increasing pressure on the Italian and prompting


Swansea city aren't looking for a new manager but should one be


required but Ryan Giggs be the first name on their wanted list. The


42-year-old has made no secret of his desire to manage a Premier


League club. The speculation comes against a backdrop of increasing


pressure surrounding the current manager. He has the backing from the


club's owners but needs doing things around quickly. That won't be an


easy task. Swansea face Manchester city at the Liberty Stadium tomorrow


followed by Liverpool weekend. Then they face Arsenal away.


There is no doubt that Ryan Giggs would be top of the list if Swansea


city were to dispense with the services of Francesco. The American


investors would be part of the process, they are making it clear


that there is no immediate danger to the Italian. But he knows as any


manager would, that the club near the bottom of the table and results


need to turn around quickly. Another manager feeling the pressure is


Cardiff City boss Paul Trollope. He says he's confident he can change


the fortunes of the club after receiving backing from the chairman.


They sit bottom of the championship table and face away. We obviously


know we can't keep getting beat, getting beat but we are confident.


We are sticking together. We can get the results and get the winds to get


us off the bottom. It's a horrible place to be. It's something we need


to address as quickly as possible and looking to do that tomorrow.


Both clubs would welcome a return to form tomorrow, and take the pressure


off until the next game at these. and take the pressure off


until the next game at these. So Swansea and Cardiff looking


to get back to winning ways and in League Two,


Newport County are looking to pull away from trouble,


they face bottom of the table, Rugby, top of the table Ospreys


are aiming to remain unbeaten tonight, when they face Leinster


in the Pro12. Alun Wyn Jones will make his 200th


appearance for the region. The Dragons play Treviso this


evening - Hallam Amos will captain And tomorrow the Cardiff Blues,


who are also unbeaten, face Zebre away; and the Scarlets


are home to Connacht, The Ospreys game is live


on BBC Two Wales, catch Scrum V Recycled shipping containers have


already been used to house cafes and office spaces. But could they be a


way of tackling homelessness? A Newport charity is aiming to convert


containers into apartments. Today they unveiled a show home to


persuade councils to fund ten more. Most of their working lives they are


on the high seas exposed to the elements but the humble shipping


container shares many properties with an ideal home. Watertight and


robust with a suit in urban chic. They are being snapped up for new


uses on dry land like this Cardiff Bay cafe. With the homeless crisis


growing and house prices rising these containers are being seen as a


source of affordable homes. Here we are inside the container. It


spent its life at sea, but now it's a home for someone that needs


affordable housing. This 40 foot container in Newport is the


brainchild of Stuart Johnson and his charity Amazing Grace Bases it cost


?2000 to buy and 20,000 to convert. We've insulated fully, walls,


floors, ceiling. There is a full-size kitchen with a proper


kitchen not what I classed as a student kitchen. You've got a nice


living area, big enough for a single person or a couple. We've used a


second hand went straight off the war. Its recycling. It's good for


the environment. We can start them, we can do three, four, five high.


I used to be a heroin addict living on the streets.


Maria knows what it's like to be homeless. She's as a place like this


would be a dream come true for those who fall on hard times.


It gives homeless people more hope and belief that they could get a


chance of somewhere to live and somewhere safe. They can keep their


belongings and everything else say. Somewhere where they can close the


door at night and feel warm. The charity is hoping to persuade


councils to back this project to build more.


We want to do a pilot of ten, that means ten of them, 200,000. You


wouldn't get anywhere in this area, ten, one-bedroom self-contained


flats for that sort of price. This charity has been helping those


caught in the cycle of homelessness for 25 years. They are confident


these steel structures could be part of the solution.


Ok, it's Friday, so we all want to know what the weather has


Derek, can you promise us some sunshine?


Mind you, there is some rain on the way.


Sunday cooler and fresher with showers.


Later in the night cloud will increase in the west


Temperatures staying in double figures.


Some cloud around but bright in places.


Strong to gale force winds in the west.


Some bright spells and hazy sunshine with a brisk and gusty wind.


Rain will reach the west, Anglesea to Pembrokeshire later


17 to 20 Celsius with a fresh to strong wind.


Windy and dry but rain expected by 4pm with a wet evening.


The Nantmel Show is taking place tomorrow.


If you're going along it will be dry and breezy.


Tomorrow evening rain in the west will spread east.


Some heavy bursts of rain followed by much drier,


Sunday a cooler, breezy day with showers.


Heavy in places but with some dry weather and sunshine in between.


The Llandovery Sheep Festival is on this weekend.


Tomorrow breezy and dry until evening.


Windy with some rain later in the day.


Sunshine and showers on Sunday with a drop temperature.


I'll be back with a quick update at 8, and a full round up


That's Wales Today, thanks for watching, from everyone


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