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That's it, so goodbye from the BBC News at Six.


Jeremy Corbyn tells us what his leadership means for Wales


and those tensions between party HQ and Labour here.


Carwyn and I get along fine. I did say that my acceptance speech meant


we would move on and we move on together as a part. Carwyn that. --


agrees with that. Linda Razzell from Carmarthenshire -


was double murderer, Christopher Halliwell,


linked to her disappearance? UKIP's new leader arrives


to knock heads together Lucy reports on the calls


for every hospital in Wales to have specialist services


to help diagnose osteoporosis He and his brother John


were the Bale and Ramsey of their day - tributes


to Mel Charles, one of our Lord Kinnock said there


wouldn't be another Labour government in his lifetime


if Jeremy Corbyn remained leader. The Pontypridd MP,


Owen Smith, who lost the leadership battle,


said - Mr Corbyn would leave But tonight Jeremy Corbyn has told


this programme - it's time for Labour


in Wales to get behind him. And he's dismissed reports


of tensions in his relationship with the leader of the party


in Wales, Carwyn Jones. David Cornock reports


from Liverpool. Jeremy Corbyn, among friends at a


Welsh reception in the conference bridge. He may have won the


leadership again but can he wind over voters? One of the reasons that


Owen Smith challenged US because you think you cannot wind an election.


If you listen from labour that if you have more left-wing leaders,


people like Ed Miliband. In Wales, you lose a share of votes and he's?


Welsh Labour has put forward a radical alternative to what the


Tories have doing so there is no internal NHS market in Wales, no


sale of council houses going to be going on in Wales. There was a


governor to log intervened and what industries and invest in the economy


in Wales. There is a labour governments in Wales. You are the


man who leads Labour across the UK. You are a man who would be Prime


Minister and Neil Kinnock said that under your leadership, you will not


see another Labour governments in your lifetime. Is he wrong? We just


had a wreckage turnout and I received votes of over 300,000


people. They are the ones who deliver the leaflets, knock on doors


and talk to the voters. They are the ones who have that need to the best


party so we will go followed to win an election. Is he right? Pontypool


isn't online. They sought after legacy. Voters here, are they


receptive to Jeremy Corbyn's mag message? Bye-bye and don't like his


policies. I was voted Labour that I will not vote for him. I think he


can attract votes from much of the working class, particularly from


people who don't engage in politics. I think a lot of the things he said


resonate with the will be bull. His policies seem to appeal to the


grassroots so, you know, nobody else has done any good so why not have a


go? Away Karas, Carwyn Jones and Jeremy Corbyn have fallen out in a


palatable over plans to let the Welsh Labour leader choose a member


of the party was a ruling national executive. Mr Jennings and wanted UK


leader that backsliding on those plans would be political leader


damaging in Wales. Why not let Carwyn Jones nominate a member of


the NEC? Why are you resisting the idea? I am not resistant to that


idea. You just don't want him to nominate it? I want to ruin any


party about how the nominations should take place to be an easy so


that it enjoys the confidence of the executive in Wales. That is surely


just a basic proposal. We get along fine and we had a good discussion


about it. Elbow he has been critical, he has warned that all the


gains Labour has made in Wales good struggle. We get on fine. I did say


in my acceptance speech that we move on from that point and we move on


together as a party and Carwyn agrees with that. Colburn supporters


as the net allowing Carwyn Jones elected individual the balance of


power lay from the leader. -- Jeremy Corbyn.


Our Political Editor, Nick Servini, is at


Nick, Jeremy Corbyn may have a bigger mandate,


but the tensions between him and Welsh Labour continue?


It's not often retailers about the Labour Party at the moment but I


think this is a row that has potentially been averted. I think


there was a sign of the importance that Carwyn Jones are made of this


current dispute and the fact that he physically turned up at the NPC


meeting today and I'm told very strongly that he may be placed that


Labour is in Dublin in Wales. -- NEC. And that they should have an


end on the NEC. Here is the crux of the matter. -- are aimed at in


Wales. We have a dispute between the so-called moderate than the left


wing as any party. Something which has gripped later any past year. The


point is that if this had really flare out, it would have been the


first time that Welsh Labour and Carwyn Jones would have been dragged


into this dispute that we need you factions. -- between the two


factions. Will they start talking about policy? A clear attempt by the


Shadow Chancellor, John McDonald, to do that Uday with a whole raft of


policies to do with the economy. Still a lot of talk about different


factions and different parties, and power bases within the Labour at the


moment. It is a striking fact that Labour is out of power at


Westminster but in power in Cardiff and in power in London. Now, despite


all the drama that we have seen in Westminster at the moment, you would


have thought that maybe what happened in Wales could be on the


Gregory but there is an argument to say that the performance of Labour


in Wales at the moment is more important than it has ever been to


restore the credibility of labour for the year that it is currently in


opposition at Westminster. -- periphery. Thank you.


A former detective has told the BBC he believes double murderer,


Christopher Halliwell, may also be linked to


the disappearance of a woman from Carmarthenshire.


Linda Razzell went missing in 2002 after setting off


Her estranged husband Glyn Razzell is serving life for her murder,


Mrs Razell's family have dismissed the claims,


This is Wiltshire Police's reconstruction of Linda Razzell


journey to work to Swindon College in 2002. It reduced to help them


with their investigation at the time. Shortly after walking through


this lane, Mrs Razzell disappeared. Special lease searches of nearby


rivers and ponds were carried out but her body was never found. --


police. Her husband was eventually charged with her murder but now


there is a claim that this man, Christopher Halliwell, a double


murderer, might have something to do with the disappearance. It comes out


of this ex-Wiltshire police detective questioned by officers


failed to follow up the taxi driver's connection to other


killings. We are aware of Razzell, Linda Razzell... Her husband is


serving time for her murder. Exactly. She had an connection with


Halley well and we know that he had a direct connection to Linda


Razzell. The asking controversy around the criticism of the police.


Wiltshire Police say they are not linking Halliwell to any other


murders but its officers are due to be a civil police forces are


visiting cases. We now have a much more detailed account of how good of


a Halliwell operated. I can go back to other forces and happened to look


outstanding offences, particularly around the depositions and burial of


bodies, clothing and revisiting scenes. River Halliwell is buying


bars or two murders and what the police say they do not want the case


to cause distress to families. A jury at Mold Crown Court


has heard claims that a former senior police officer,


was seen at a house used A witness who gave investigators


a list of men he says abused him, the property in Wrexham,


which was the "centre Mr Anglesea denies sexually abusing


two boys in the 1980s, Drivers caught speeding


on the variable speed limit section The eight-mile section


through Newport has been in place for five years,


but no-one has ever been prosecuted. For the next fortnight,


advisory notes will be sent to those caught speeding,


but after that motorists For the past few months,


two rivals - Nathan Gill and Neil Hamilton -


have both staked their claim Determined to put an end


to that rift, the new UK leader of the party,


Diane James paid them For the Ukip family in Wales, there


has been plenty celebrate this year. From winning seven seats in the CNS,


to campaigning successfully corrected. But behind the scenes,


all is not well. Nice to meet you. We have never met. She has only been


in the job for just over a week but Diane James visited the party's


assembly members in Cardiff Bay today for a spot of relationship


counselling. It is all smiles here today but since you get entered the


parliament, this place has been the centre as an bitter infighting


between Neil Hamilton and Nathan Deal. -- Gill. Another snap for the


family album Nathan Gill was missing. Apparently stuck in


traffic. In the assembly, he is although stuck in a bit of a jam


having being told to sit as an independent and leave Ukip. We'll


Nathan Gill be a Ukip assembly member? We will have to wait and


see. I'd love to happen. I have having constructive meetings and I


will build on that and hopefully develop something and deliver


something which is what the group once at the moment and what Mr Gill


once. She gave no answer to the question of moving the party in


Wales but, in another interview, she said she understood it was this man,


Neil Hamilton. His team say she is right to say so in what would be


seen as a blow to Nathan Gill, who has not responded to ABC Wales' call


this morning. -- BBC. Our understanding constitutionally is


that it was not making any more and perhaps that was as far as we knew.


I'm not really sure what the position is at it today's events,


I'd end now. What I saw on a television was that it was Neil


Hamilton but the leader of the group and the leader of Wales could be


confusing, I think, and maybe... I don't know. Speaking ahead of


today's visit, Diane James said she hopes to have a happy bunch of


Ukipers buying time she leaves Wales but she may have maybe split even


deeper. Much more to come


before seven o'clock: The Wales coastal path


is a mecca for walkers - but tonight criticism that we're


dragging our feet on marketing Mel Charles has died at the age


of 81. More services in Wales to help


diagnose osteoporosis could save the NHS four


and a half million pounds a year. So says the National


Osteoporosis Society - which is calling for every


hospital in Wales to The Welsh Government says extra


funding has been provided for more physiotherapists as part


of a community based approach. Jackie Pile was diagnosed


with osteoporosis seven years ago. She has broken a number


of bones in her spine My back aches if I'm standing


for any length of time. I used to be a teacher,


carrying big boxes of books I know now that I can't do that so,


obviously, you modify that Jackie had a scan because of


ongoing back pain and said identifying the cause


of it was a relief. She has lost six inches in height


since her diagnosis. I'm a bit cheesed off being short,


compared to being five foot eight. I could reach things


and people would Yeah, now I've got to stand


on a stool to look in the mirror. Fracture Liaison Services


at hospitals help identify if people who have broken bones have


osteoporosis or if they are at risk But the National Osteoporosis


Society warns that only half of hospitals in Wales offer


these services to their patients. The charity believes


that if the support was available at all hospitals, it


would help diagnose the many people in Wales who have the condition


without realising. There's a huge lack


of provision in rural areas, particularly looking at a very rural


parts of mid Wales and that makes a huge difference because we know


that Liaison Services and, so,


potentially, there osteoporosis is I've come to the University


of South Wales in Pontypridd. I have a small frame


and a medical history, which may make me more


vulnerable to osteoporosis. At the age of 30, you start


to lose approximately 1% You lose 2% of the bone


that is inside the bone. The scaffolding of


the bone, all right? So, when you reach menopause,


that increases by around ten fold. This scanner will be able to tell me


whether my bones are weaker all more fragile than it


should be for my age. Whether I have a


bone-related condition. If it is bad news, there


is plenty that can be done. Weight-bearing exercise,


more calcium and if needs be can all help


build bone strength. Experts say we should


all be doing what we can


to look our bones, whatever our age. Earlier in the results of that again


later on July in the show. It is on 833 and tonight and is called ACL


in, middle aged me. -- 830 tonight. Visit Wales, the body that promotes


the country to tourists, should be doing more to promote mid


Wales and its destinations. That's according to local MP,


Russell George, and a number of small operators who've


contacted this programme. They say too little money is spent


on tourism promotion in Wales and the current focus


on the Year of Adventure The Government says visitor numbers


are at record levels. It is being sold as a country of


adventure from whitewater rafting to taking your's lauded the wild. Wales


has little to offer what smaller operators in a sector feel that a


sector based on adventure is hazardous. This lady runs a


bed-and-breakfast while this woman runs a restaurant and accommodation.


They both feel that there is not enough clarity on promoting


individual areas of Wales and more simple pleasures such as the coastal


path. All of our visitors bar none said that when they were walking the


coastal and, they did not meet anyone. It is not getting advertised


enough. The coastal and was opened in 2012. It runs for 870 miles


around the beautiful coastline of Wales. Somehow or other, the message


is not getting out there and it has to be down to Visit Wales. They have


good rugby areas and I didn't think they are doing so. A recent survey


said four out of five to rest and businesses in Wales say the summer


was at least as busy as 2015's record-breaking yeah. It has been


down to a... But there was cause for well to be marketed to the world. It


is not enough money is being spent on promoting mid Wales. In Scotland,


breezy ?50 million spent on truism. In Wales, it ?8 million. There is no


evidence that any of it is spent on promoting mid Wales. -- onto risen.


-- on to risen. We will do everything we can do naked with


wells. The focus we have placed on making sure that every element the


economy well slash. -- to make it work with Wales. For smaller


operators, like Susan, she feels that it is proving to be tiring for


other reasons, struggling to get the bookings in. Our next destination


tonight is the world of sport. We start with sad news


tonight of the passing Tributes have been paid to former


Wales footballer Mel Charles, Mel was the younger brother


of John Charles and in their day they were the Bale and Ramsey


of their generation. I've been looking


back at his career. Mel Charles, playing


ability that was legendary. A character that was


larger than life. Melvin Charles was born in Swansea


in 1935 and became a footballer because his family love


the game and, at school, As a schoolboy, he played for Leeds


but was so homesick he came Throughout his career, Mel had


to deal with being the younger He was a few inches


taller than him but he was further in John's


formidable shadow. But it was playing for Wales


in the 1958 World Cup that he got his chance


in the limelight with his brother Wales lost to Brazil but it was


Mel's quarterfinal tussle with a certain Pele that saw


the footballing world sit up. Mel got high praise for his


performance but I remember coming home


to Swansea station by myself. Someone says, have you been


on holiday again, lads? They didn't realise


we had just come home from Sweden and we got


to the Hester followers only World Cup


sorry they got cold. Mel moved to Arsenal in 1959 for a


record-breaking transfer fee. injuries would nlight


his Highbury career but he found happier times


in 1962 when he would return to Wales


and found his former Cardiff city. When Cardiff got relegated, Mel's


and relatively coming to an end but he reignited his lovely game


in the Welsh league, playing for Porthmadog


and what the hell and he is remembered fondly at


every club he played. He had ability like his brother. He


could play anywhere from centre back to centre forward. They were a great


family and when you throw in Jeremy as well the Charles dynasty in many


ways will move on for many years to come. Mel went on to win 31 caps for


Wales and was never booked in his professional career. In 2009, he


wrote a book. In The Shadow Of A Giant. Detailed two brothers who


played football. He was a star. He played until his wife did not work


any more. He was from the people of the people and he never forgot that.


-- until his legs did not work any more. Mel died in the age of 81 but


he will be remembered as a Swansea and Wales legend.


Now staying with Swansea City - and it's understood


Francesco Guidolin will be given time


The Swans lost to Mancester City on Saturday but defender Jordi Amat


says they showed their potential under the manager in the 3-1 defeat.


And just a reminder that final plans are being made to celebrate


the achievements of our Olympic and Paralympic athletes this summer.


A home coming ceremony will take place outside the Senedd on Thursday


The catalyst was the Second World War.


Army and civilian casualties desperately needed


blood transfusions - and clinics were set up


Sensing they were onto a good idea - the Welsh Blood Service


was established in 1946 - seventy years ago today.


This is a 11-year-old Cyrus Parry. When he was two, he was diagnosed


with a brain tumour. He underwent therapy and needed blood


transfusions. Thanks to blast Dennis, he is now fit and well. You


don't realise the effect the blood will have. -- blood donors. You just


knew that he needed blood. He went from lying on the bed to being this


child who was balancing around a playroom and it is just an amazing


cancellation. This is what giving blood looks like. Many of the


service men and women in the barracks are regular donors. They


have a real sensitivity and under the portions. -- understand the


importance to carry out operations and save lives. Donors like these


are in the minority. The Welsh blood service said it needs to recruit


13,000 new donors every year. The vast majority of the population can


give blood and that anyone over the age of 17 and before their 65th


birthday if it is a clear kinder nation but they can giving as long


as they are fit and healthy. It was the outbreak of the Second World War


which saw the beginning of mass organised blood donation. The others


give some of your blood to the transfusion services. It was not


until 1946 that the service as we know was created. Cathy Shah was an


RAF servicewomen in Cardiff and she has a special reason for giving


blood. Two years ago, husband Mike died suddenly. She has now recruited


more than 100 friends to become donors in his I know my blood goes


to premature babies, personally. I get you what out of here knowing I


have potentially saved eight tiny baby's lives. Who would not want to


do that's 70 years after the creation of the National blood


service, more than ten in units of blood have been donated in Wales.


Saving countless lives. Let's see what Benaz can offer


on the weather forecast. The weather is looking pretty


unsettled but we will see some tropical air pushing into night. We


start on a and know it by tomorrow but he was a radar showing the


extent of the rain earlier. We did see drier conditions over the some


sunshine on Anglesey. Through tonight, the travel agent in further


from the west, bringing outbreaks of rain on and off through the night.


Turning back she injured early hours of tomorrow morning. We will see is


a low-level cloud, nice and milk tomorrow. Dylan Celsius for the


winner and -- 11 Celsius. Tomorrow, one that frankly is, we will seize


on pressure taking charge from the south-west. Things will settle down


as these. First thing tomorrow, for the rush hour, not very nice. We


will see a great start to the day. Dan. -- grey. They should brighten


up with some lovely sunshine to laboratory. The conditions to hang


out your washing with highs of 16-19dC. The wind is easing as that


players do. We will see a quiet night tomorrow night with some clear


skies as well. The wind picks up budget is a dry night with the


temperatures in double figures. -- but it is. Into Wednesday, we see


another front bringing some unsettled weather. Listening on


Wednesday morning, it is a dry start. We will see the wind coming


in and spreading to western parts of the further inland you are, it is a


drier and brighter with the judges above the average for that kind of


year. Ranging between 17-19dC. The blustery conditions to with some


rain coming in from the west as we head into Wednesday night. The rest


of the become unsettled. Turning cooler by the time you get into


Friday with some rain at times. Some sunshine and showers as we head into


Friday and the weekend is looking rather unsettled, too. More anyway


Sunshine challenge to come but hints of something a bit warmer as yet at


the start of next week. Back to you. Thank you very much. The headlines


again. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told its programme that it is


time for Wales to get behind him. He has dismissed reports of tensions


with his relationship with Carwyn Jones at the First Minister


intervened to ensure that plans to give Welsh Labour more power would


be grew to a vote at the party's conference.


I'll have an update for you here at eight o'clock and again


From all of us on the programme, good evening.


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