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for student tuition fees - a fairer deal promised for those


Tonight a broad welcome for the Diamond Review


We do celebrate that Diamond has targeted support at those who the


most because widening access should be a core mission for Welsh


education. They're our youngest patients


but children's doctors say the Welsh NHS needs to tackle


shortfalls in babies' care. We have got Jeremy Corbyn as leader


whether we like it or not. BOOING.. Boos for a Welsh delegate


at the Labour conference questioning Jeremy Corbyn's


appeal as leader. And 60% of adults say they've


suffered as a result of someone around


them abusing alcohol. On a night out you get people


fighting. That happens every night you go out.


from poorer backgrounds, but an end to grants


covering tuition fees - some of the recommendations


of a major report into funding higher education in Wales.


The review - carried out by Professor Ian Diamond -


recommends focussing help with living costs,


with every student here likely to get ?1,000 a year.


Here's our education correspondent Bethan Lewis.


Covering the costs of higher education, both the student


and the taxpayer contribute but getting the balance


Diamond wants to see an end to the current system under which the Welsh


Government pays around ?5,000 per year towards Welsh students


University course fees. He wants a new maintenance grant established


instead. A new system, a maintenance grant to the great majority of


students so that they have money in their pockets while they are


students, and then the fees are paid back when they get the benefit from


higher education in a job subsequent to graduation. The new living costs


glad we mean everywhere else shouldn't we get at least ?1000 per


year but that could be as much as ?9,100, depending on their household


income. The report says that the average wealth student would get


around ?7,000. This student is in the second year


of her course at Cardiff University. She has received a tuition fee grant


and taken out a loan but with more than ?1000 per term to pay in rent


to make ends meet she has taken on two part-time jobs. She has


estimated she will leave university with student loan debt of around


?20,000. She said she had to look carefully at finances before


deciding to go to university. It is a big worry. As my course worth it?


Well I have a job? If I was not 100% sure that I wanted to study politics


I do not think I would have gone to university just in case the course


was not for me and I was still have that much debt. Student


representatives and university bosses were on Professor Diamond's


panel and they say that concerns have been addressed. Students will


be leaving university with debt and in an ideal world we would not want


bats but in the current economic climate we celebrate that Diamond


has targeted support towards those that need it most because that


should be a core access of education. There have been big


concerns about the affordability of the current system and for getting


rid of the glance towards tuition fees would save around ?100 million,


under Professor Diamond's plan that money would be pumped back into


higher education, including more help for postgraduates and part-time


students. Overall, he says, his plan would cost the same. This afternoon


the Education Secretary outlined her response. She accepts the


principles. There will be a closer look no further details and the


costs. What is important to me is that we do have an affordable system


going forward. We do not want to have two but that this system and a


couple of years' time. One of the things I am very carefully as it


affordable and sustainable in the longer term. Any changes will not be


introduced for at least two years so it will not affect this group of


students but today's report looks set to establish a new deal for


students. Live to our Political Editor.


Student tuition fees has been a flagship Welsh Government policy.


He submitted as this proposed change? In policy terms this has


been a headline grabbing policy and something that was a major point of


devolved difference between Wales and England. Many people saw it as a


way of financially helping people put their children through


university and that was considered very jealous. Its generosity was in


the end its downfall. Politically it looks as though this is a done deal.


I understand that it hurts broadly accepted in its entirety by the


Welsh cabinet and judging by the tone of the opposition voices this


afternoon there will not be any major issues here. The review has


been rumbling on for a couple of years. In the assembly campaign


labour Barcelona the issue but they did say repeatedly that Welsh


students would not be laden with debt. That is not strictly true


because in order to pay their tuition fees they will have to take


student loans. Professor Diamond told me this morning that one of the


big lessons from England in recent years is that student loans to pay


for tuition fees does not deterred them from going to university. The


real deterrent they believe is the actual day-to-day cost of being a


student. Clearly that argument has won throughout the highest levels of


the Welsh Government. What about the concern about the


current system, that's too much money ends up feeling about


education system? That is right with the current


system that money follows the students rather than the


institution. The key point here is that even with the new system, that


principle of portability has been accepted and unlike in Scotland


where you only get financial help if you are a Scottish student going to


a Scottish university, as things stand this current administration


believes that would be too much of a limit on the omission of Welsh


students but there will be a lot of talk about how to incentivise


graduates to come from England back into Wales. Easier said than done.


But a significant day about a very significant policy.


at the Marl Recreation Ground after being seen on fire


He suffered severe burns and died after being taken


Police are not looking for anyone else in relation to his death.


A man is missing after he reportedly got into difficulty in the water,


while canoeing in Aberglaslyn, near Beddgelert.


A major search of the area involving emergency services


Denbighshire Council says the Welsh Government


will offer financial help following the collapse of bus


Services in Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham were hit hard


when the Ruabon-based firm went into administration in July.


The money will cover some of the costs of maintaining


They're our youngest and some of our most


vulnerable patients but how well are they


According to the organisation representing children's doctors


the Welsh NHS needs to tackle a number of shortfalls in the care


provided for sick and premature new-born babies.


To explain some of the findings from the Royal College


of Paediatrics and Child Health - our correspondent Owain Clarke.


How do you make sure that the youngest patients of all


Each year specialists take a look at how


neonatal services across Wales, England and Scotland are performing.


8% of babies here don't get screened for a potentially


harmful eye condition which is a complication


of being born prematurely - that's four times higher


When babies leave Welsh neonatal units just 43% are breast-fed -


because mothers' milk is full of antibodies which can


help premature babies fight off infections.


And strikingly the Welsh NHS is lagging well behind in performing


comprehensive check-ups when the children


The records show only 31% of those tests took place in Wales -


compared to an average of 60% across the three countries.


We haven't got enough people who can do these Bayley's assessments


and we don't have enough clinics to run this and so it needs more


investment in both personnel and training and also


proper clinic space, so that these assessments can happen


and that's where we have lagged behind the rest of the country.


Now there have been concerns for a long time


For example, the Welsh NHS is performing better than average


in making sure mothers who go into early labour are given steroids


- which reduce the risk of the baby having breathing problems.


Now, the Welsh Government insists things are improving


and the experts agree many neonatal units are performing well.


But clearly there's some way to go before care for the youngest


and sickest babies here can be considered to


Five people have been sentenced to a total of 47 years in prison -


after the biggest drugs investigation ever carried out


The defendants from South Wales and Liverpool were part


of a gang which attempted to distribute cocaine


with an estimated street value of ?19 million.


Our reporter Ben Price is at Swansea Crown Court.


Tell us more about those who were jailed today?


Earlier today the judge at Swansea Crown Court jailed five people for


their involvement in a major drugs ring which took place between


November 2014 in November 2000 and 15. Those involved were from the


South Wales area, Liverpool and Manchester. Yesterday for members of


the gang were jailed and a further five today. Two were from South


Wales. One is 29 years old from Swansea, described as an habitual


cocaine user. He has been handed an 11 year sentence of which he will


serve half. The other is a 36-year-old single mother from


Swansea. Then we have a 29-year-old, a 38-year-old, and a 31-year-old,


all from Liverpool. They were jailed for a total of 23 years and they


will serve half of the individual sentences.


We understand this looks like a well-organised operation.


Yes. This is a large gang which it was said attempted to sell 15 kilos


of cocaine on the streets of the Southwest valleys and Pembrokeshire.


The estimated street value of this cocaine, ?19 million. The cooking


was transported by couriers from Liverpool and Manchester to this


property in the Swansea valleys. Here it was cats, mixed, and then


sold onto the streets the area. As well as that in court today the


judge said that those involved in this drugs gang brought messily and


debt to the people of the area. He said he hoped the sentences he was


handing out would be a message to others that this kind of behaviour


is not tolerated here. The remaining nine defendants of the gang will be


jailed by the end of the week. Much more to come


before seven o'clock. Our man Nick Palit


reports from Aberdare - where they've become


so disillusioned with mainstream politics that they've


set up their own party. And typical autumn


weather this week. The Welsh Labour Party is to get


more say over its own affairs The plans were approved by Labour's


conference in Liverpool - despite an attempt by


Jeremy Corbyn's Our parliamentary correspondent,


David Cornock, is in Liverpool. David, these changes are through but


not without a fight. That is right. These changes are


important because they will make it harder for Jeremy Corbyn to get his


way in terms of running and changing the Labour Party. That is one reason


why his supporters tried so hard to block or delay them. Those delaying


tactics earlier today did spark some angry scenes in the conference hall.


This is our one opportunity to make policy for grassroots Labour members


to make policy for the year ahead. We need to start making changes. We


have got Jeremy Corbyn as leader whether we like it or not... BOOING.


A sign there that the leadership election may be over but tension is


never far from the surface here at the Labour conference. But Carwyn


Jones got his way and he tonight described the vote as an important


step forward for Welsh Labour. He is expected to announce very shortly


the name of the person, the Welsh Government minister, who will


represent him on the national executive committee.


We heard from a young delegates there.


It is 35 years since Paul Flannan spoke at conference. He told


delegates he has two rules thanks to Jeremy Corbyn's jobs for geriatric


scheme. He made this appeal for party unity.


Take all the bile and their hatred, put it in our box, bury it


underground, put six feet of concrete on top, put a sign saying


never shout the last 12 months be unearthed from its dishonours


delayed. We are going forward, comrades, to Government. And he


appeals to those MPs who resign from Jeremy Corbyn's Cabinet over his


leadership to return to the fold and the signs are that some of them


will. We should get an announcement next week.


Assembly Member Nathan Gill, has confirmed he is no longer


Mr Gill and Neil Hamilton have both staked their claim over the role.


But visiting the Senedd yesterday, the new UK leader of the party,


Diane James, said Mr Hamilton now holds the post.


Powys Council has scrapped plans to close two high schools


in the county and establish one secondary school in its place.


There were plans to close Gwernyfed and Brecon High Schools.


But a report by the education watchdog suggested


the change would not improve standards.


The potential damage alcohol can cause to our own health


But what about the effect drinking has on others?


According to a report from Public Health Wales


and Liverpool John Moores University more than half of all adults


in Wales have suffered because of someone else's


This man's father was an alcoholic. His childhood was shaped by his


father's heavy drinking. He now works as a counsellor. It could be


very tense in my house. Sometimes I would try and keep the peace and


stuff like that and try and make sure nobody would argue. They could


be quite fiery and environment to live in. Lots of rows. Things were


bad. With the advent of 24-hour drinking and cut-price drink in


shops and supermarkets getting hold of alcohol has never been easier.


But today's report shows it is becoming a problem for more and more


of us and in different ways. We have a higher level of alcohol


consumption, especially binge drinking, than any other compatible


countries. There are some big issues here which means he see a lot of


people go to hospital every year and we see about 1500 deaths every year


as a result of alcohol consumption. According to the report 60% of


adults in Wales have suffered in the last year because of somebody else's


drinking. The report found that 18% said they had felt physically


threatened by someone who had been drinking and 11% said the property


had been damaged by a drinker. 5% said they had suffered physical


violence at the hands of someone who was drunk.


You have seen some are being hit with a bottle? Yes. It was not a


nice experience. It was scary. You do not want to be hurt. It was


because they were drunk? Yes. On a night out all the time you get


people fighting. It happens every night you go out. Charities trying


to change attitudes to alcohol say it is time to take a long hard look


at our drinking culture. This report raises interesting questions about


what sort of drinking society we want,


what sort of night everyone. There are quite extreme examples of


violence but what most of us experience is that low-level


unpleasant behaviour which means that a lot of people say they do not


want to go out in the town centre at night because they consider to be a


place for heavy drinking. Many of us jointing is used as a way to


celebrate, commiserate, or simply unwind at the end of a hard day. But


this report shows the impact of drinking on others can be far


reaching. Football, and its emerged that


Swansea City chairman Huw Jenkins met former USA coach


Bob Bradley of a management change


at the Liberty Stadium continues. Bradley is currently working


in the French second division. Current manager Francesco


Guidolin's position has come under increasing pressure


following the Swans' poor start Tonight Cardiff City


are looking for a second win in a row against fellow


Championship strugglers Derby. In League Two Newport County


are at Grimsby and in the National Two businessmen from Aberdare have


become so disillusioned with mainstream politics that


they've set up their own party to contest next year's


local council elections. Andrew Chainey and Graham Marsh have


founded the Cynon Valley Party - and it's been formally approved


by the Electoral Commission. They say by campaigning on issues


that effect ordinary people they hope to make


a real difference. Then part of this Green and


pleasant, ancient forests. In other parts it is grey and bleak. The once


industrious community is less industrious. Times like this have a


proud history but it is the future that worries many.


Covering 70 square miles with a population of nearly 70,000 people


this valleys community is one of the most densely populated areas of


Wales. Cynon Valley also ranks highly in the deprivation index with


unemployment higher than the Welsh average but with lower than average


pay for those who are in work. Now a new party has been set up to


represent those who feel that they have been sidelined by mainstream


politics. My mother was born in the top house. I was born in the next


house. Businessmen Andrew Chainey and Julian Marsh felt political


parties were not representing them well enough at a local level and


decided to have a go themselves. The Cynon Valley Party was born. The


issues are schooling, bins on the street, the latter, but that is also


how local politicians also do not really represent the people. They


often put the party first. We hope this will go national. We want to


set up residents of other areas can copy of what we are doing. It is


time for change in the political system. The party is looking for 23


candidates across Cynon Valley for next year's local council elections.


Mixed reaction today. Probably at some time in the future I can see it


being a force for good. I do not tend to thought because I find that


they do not get what we want anybody. It would not make much


difference to me. Somebody who is local I suppose would be more


interested in what is going on here. They used to say in valleys politics


you could pen a Labour rosette on a donkey and people would follow like


sheep but Andrew Chainey says he is a new breed of politician and if you


live in Cynon Valley he is working for you.


The Derek Brockway party can only offer you sunshine and showers -


more showers than sunshine, Derek.


Grey, damp and misty in Llandrindod earlier this afternoon but it did


eventually dry and brighten up with some sunshine in Cenarth.


Dry overnight as well with some patchy cloud.


Lowest temperatures 10 to 14 Celsius.


Here's the picture for 8 in the morning.


Most of the country dry at this stage.


Bright in places for a while but make the most of the sunshine.


During the day cloud will increase and lower with some drizzly rain


Most of the rain on the hills in the south and west.


Top temperatures 17 to 20 Celsius and breezy.


a dry start but turning dull and damp in the afternoon.


The best of the weather tomorrow in the Marches.


Most of the day dry with a little sunshine.


some patchy light rain, drizzle and mist.


And then after midnight a cold front will bring some heavier rain.


On Thursday morning the rain will move south-east and clear,


followed by dry and brighter weather.


One or two showers and a westerly breeze.


Friday a cooler day with a mixture of sunshine and scattered showers.


Temperatures a little lower than Thursday.


Saturday unsettled with low pressure over us.


But that will move away with a ridge of high pressure


Should improve later in the afternoon with fewer


Dry and more settled with lighter winds.


Our picture tonight is from Thomas Davies


And make the most of the dry weather tomorrow.


The headlines. I grant covering Welsh students tuition fees should


be replaced with a grant for living costs instead. The report says all


students would receive ?1000 per year before a means tested grant. It


does have a final work with our education correspondent.


Reminders of how significant this is. It more or less signals the end


of the Welsh Government's subsidy towards students tuition fees. It


has been a flagship policy. A new focus on help with living costs


through a maintenance plan. It is not a straight swap in terms of


funding. At the new system is implemented if you are from a more


comfortable background you are likely to get less financial support


but if you are looking on to stay in university and do at Masters degree


or part-time study you are likely to get more support. There is a feeling


this type of study has been neglected in terms of student


support over what is important in terms of providing the skills the


economy needs and widening participation, getting worried


people from disadvantaged backgrounds into the system. There


was a clear feeling from Professor diamonds today that the package in


its entirety had to be in fermented for it to work but that is a long


way to work. Lots of politics, number crunching to do before


anything changes. Nothing will change for 2018. It could take a lot


longer ' we're feeling tonight that it is inevitable now, the system


will change. Much more on this story on our BBC


News website. I'll have an update for you here


at eight o'clock and again From all of us on the


programme, good evening.


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