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better day, Dreyer, with some sunshine in the offing. -- dryer.


Our top stories- Zoe Morgan and Lee Simmons


were stabbed to death on Cardiff's Queen Street


A 20-year-old man is questioned on suspicion of their murder.


Much of Queen Street was closed for seven hours as police probe


the death of the young couple who'd worked together


Also tonight, the Welsh Government's new Brexit team take their seats,


but some are asking why there's only one Leave campaigner on the panel?


There's a warning tonight that harmful emissions could be trapped


for days in the Sirhowy Valley if a planned waste site is approved.


And we'll have the latest on claims the former Libyan dictator,


Colonel Gaddafi, gave Plaid Cymru ?25,000 pounds in the 1970s,


In tonight's sport: Allegations Cardiff City


investigated unauthorised payments in a transfer deal involving


the former England manager Sam Allardyce.


A double-murder investigation is underway tonight after the bodies


of two people were found on one of the main streets


The victims, who are believed to have been stabbed,


have been named as 21-year-old Zoe Morgan and her boyfriend


A man, who was known to the couple, has been arrested


Let's go live to Queen Street now and our reporter Nick Palit.


Thanks. It's quieter here tonight and an area of normality has


returned. Just after 6am emergency services cordoned off this whole


Emergency services were called to the centre of Cardiff just before


6am this morning after reports of two bodies outside


Police later confirmed they were investigating the deaths


of a 33-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman.


It's believed they were both stabbed.


Police have named the victims as Lee Simmons from the Grangetown


area of Cardiff and Zoe Morgan from Llandaff North.


They both worked at the Matalan store and had been in


Zoe had just finished a fashion course at the University


of South Wales, and was a former pupil of Whitchurch high school.


Really, a year group with an excellent reputation,


not just in the classroom but for being good citizens.


That's what you always want as a teacher.


You want them to go on and do great things and we have no doubt


that she was going to go on to do great things.


After the incident police cordons were quickly set up and scenes


of crime officers combed the usually busy shopping street for evidence


Their attention focused outside Matalan.


The area is ringed with CCTV cameras which may have


Just after 9am this morning police confirmed they'd


arrested a 20-year-old man at Castleton near Newport.


He is currently being questioned at Cardiff Bay police station.


Throughout the day police have been searching a property in Castleton


where the man was arrested less than one hour the incident.


They say it doesn't appear to have been a random assault and believe


this aspect was known to the victims.


They say they are not looking for anyone else in connection


Back in the city centre this busiest streets was partially closed


along with many shops, for most of morning.


This coffee bar which fronts Queen Street was one of the few


businesses that was allowed to stay open.


But there were few customers and staff were naturally shocked


When we came in at about five to six we didn't know anything


was going on and then when we put the furniture out about 6:30am,


it was all cordened off up there, and there were blue lights


The incident caused chaos in the city centre with many shop


workers sent home and shop deliveries unable to get through.


Well, you could see the blood on Queen Street.


Obviously, Queen Street being closed is going to put a huge


dampner on things today, but at the end of the day


the priority is now to find out what happened.


Tonight there are floral tributes to the dead couple outside the store


where they'd worked together for just a few short months.


The police investigation is continuing.


The Police are currently awaiting the results of a post mortem


examination and an incident room has been set up


at Cardiff Central Police Station lead by the Major


They're seeking to re-assure the public and say they're keen


to dispel speculation that this tragic incident had any


links with terrorism, or the homeless community.


The Conservatives have criticised a Welsh Government Brexit group


for having only one confirmed Leave campaigner.


The 20-member committee, which will advise first minister


Carwyn Jones on leaving the EU, began work today.


Our political correspondent Daniel Davies is in the Senedd for us.


Dan, the Tories say this group doesn't match Carwyn Jones's


rhetoric? They see he's relying too heavily on his own party with five


Labour politicians on the group including Lord Kinnock the former


leader. The Tories say Mr Jones is relying on people who agreed with


him. There's only one member of this


committee, that is Ukip politician Nathan Gill who campaigned for a


lean forward in the referendum. Most of the other 19 members either


campaigned for remain or are linked to groups that wanted to remain in


the EU in some way. The Welsh government says politics has got


nothing to do with this, neither has the stance people took in the


referendum. They invited people to join because of their expertise so


we've got a committee of business leaders, union representatives and


heads of universities. People with experience working in the EU who can


guide policy. Frankly that isn't going to wash with Andrew RT Davies.


I wish the committee well but I think that Carwyn Jones has missed


the opportunity to have a genuinely cross-party committee that will work


in the best interests of Wales. It's stacked for a lot of Labour luvvies.


Quite what Neil Kinnock will bring to this committee I don't know.


Meanwhile, Carwyn Jones has made an interesting appointment to another


committee? Yes, a lot of debate at Labour's Arnold conference in


Liverpool this week about how Wales should be represented on the Labour


Party's ruling national executive. That's been put into Carwyn Jones is


hands on this afternoon after Jeremy Corbyn finished his big speech


Carwyn Jones announced that he'd appointed a minister, Alun Davies,


to sit on the committee. An interesting appointment because


last year Alun Davies described Jeremy Corbyn as an absolute


electoral disaster. This has been seen as a flash point in the battle


for control over the Labour Party. The left where one is about people


being elevated who could weaken Jeremy Corbyn's control of the


party, they wanted to see elections to these posts and didn't get what


they wanted. Instead they've got Alun Davies who recently said that


Mr Corbyn was long on rhetoric and short on action.


A body has been recovered in the search for a kayaker who's


believed to have got into difficulty in a river near


The man was reported missing yesterday afternoon,


after taking to the water at the Aberglaslyn Pass.


His family is being supported by North Wales Police.


Multiple agencies sprang into action following the call that


Divers from the police regional underwater team joined various


members of the emergency services to search the river Glaslyn


which cuts through a deep valley near Beddgelert.


It was dark by the time the body was found last night


and the decision was made to postpone the recovery operation.


A number of volunteer agencies have been supporting our colleagues since


yesterday afternoon. We brought in some specialist resources. Due to


the conditions of the river and the time and light it wasn't safe to put


officers and volunteers into the river. Contingencies were put in


place this morning and resulted in the body being found.


When activity resumed at around 9am this morning there was a sombre


atmosphere as volunteers carried out their grim work hampered


It was a slow process. Police, fire and mountain rescue teams brought to


be body out of the water. It was carried through the woodland.


Police have paid tribute to all those involved in the operation.


They say the coroner has been informed of the death and that


a post mortem examination will be carried out.


Meanwhile the Force has offered its sympathies to the family


who are being supported by trained staff.


A Flintshire taxi driver, jailed for 11 years for raping


a student after a night out in Chester, has fled the country.


Syrian-born Sultan Amari, from Flint, had denied two counts


of raping the student at a house he owned in July last year.


He should have returned to the trial on Monday,


Police have been given more time to question a 33-year-old man


arrested in Cardiff on terror offences last Thursday.


Officers have until October the 6th to question the man who remains


Two houses in Cardiff have been searched as part


In the trial of former superintendent, Gordon Angelsea,


who's accused of historical sexual abuse against two boys,


the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner has told


the jury how he used to drive him to a children's home in Wrexham.


Arfon Jones told Mold Crown Court, as a police constable


in the 1980s he took Mr Angelsea to the Bryn Estyn home.


Mr Jones says he believed Mr Anglesea was going there to issue


Mr Anglesea denies the charges against him and the trial continues.


It's a weather phenomenon which means cloud and smog can


But now a senior Health Board official, has warned that


"temperature inversion" in a South Wales valley could also


lead to harmful emissions if a new waste processing plant


Aneurin Bevan Health Board says trapped Nitrogen Dioxide


over Cwmfelinfach could affect residents' health.


Locals here say the microclimate traps cloud for days.


Where you've got those two units, the Green next


They are concerned that emissions for a new waste plant planned


for Cwmfelinfach may also get trapped here.


I'm asthmatic, I've got two granddaughters, 13 and 14.


I'm worried about what they'll breathe in as they grow up.


Some days you can see this cloud really blame. It's thick. We don't


Now doctors say they have concerns about the amount of nitrogen dioxide


that may be released from the plant planned here.


They say there is no known safe threshold.


It can irritate people's lungs and lower resistance


The Aneurin Bevan health board has told Natural Resources Wales


to exercise caution when considering whether to give


Where cold air and cloud is trapped in a valley high warm air above.


Officials say it wasn't looked at in the original


And their new data shows the plant will cause significant long-term


The plant will go here, Caerphilly council gave


It would turn huge amounts of waste, that would normally go


The company behind it, Hazrem Environmental Limited,


says any factory can produce nitrogen dioxide.


And emissions will be less than previously thought.


And even then the impact on air quality would have been negligible


Caerphilly council say air qualitywould have been considered


Natural Resources Wales say they'll look at the information before


Still to come before the end of the programme: After the worst


possible start to the season Newport County have sacked


We'll be hearing who's in the frame to take over his job.


And discovered in a storeroom the ?3million pound painting


There are claims tonight the former Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi gave


Plaid Cymru a donation of ?25,000 in 1976.


Party activist, Dr Carl Klaus, visited the country as a guest


of the Arab Socialist Union 40 years ago, and says they were keen


to forge links with other socialist parties.


But Plaid Cymru says there's no record or knowledge of a donation,


as our Political Editor, Nick Servini, reports.


It's an unlikely connection, Colonel Gaddafi's regime in Libya in the


1970s and Plaid Cymru. But that's what happened when a small


delegation including Carl Clow seen here on the left and the deputy


treasurer Brian Morgan Edwards met with representatives from the Arab


Socialist union in 1976. The trip was said to have been the brainchild


of the late Phil Williams, the former chair of Plaid Cymru went on


to become an Assembly Member who wanted to learn more about the way


Libya managed resources. The visit has been well documented. What is


new is the claim that the late Brian Morgan Edwards told Carl Clow is


that the party was given ?25,000 after the trip. The party had


discussions with the Socialist union and there was, in his words come in


receipt of the money from Libya so why would I doubt that. He was


central to the organisation. In a sense, Plaid Cymru has a Socialist


party was something he could identify with. He wanted to see all


countries with Socialist parties. The Arab Socialist union invited us


over to see what they had achieved. That's been denied by Dafydd


Williams who was Plaid Cymru's general Secretary in the 1970s. He


insists that if such a donation had been made he would have known about


it. I'm looking forward to reading the


book. I'm sure it's a very good book, very interesting but on this


matter I think the author has been misinformed. It was our job to


receive and to bank money to look after money.


No such sum was received. In 1976 ?25,000 was a huge amount of money.


Those who dismiss this claim if a lump sum like that was given to the


party this certainly wasn't any evidence of big spending.


I'm told that the party headquarters in the late 70s, during Cardiff,


used to regularly flood and Plaid Cymru was notoriously strapped for


cash at the time. 1976 was well before the accusations surrounding


Lockerbie. But even back then Libya's collections with the IRA


were well known. A reminder then they forgotten moment in time, and


the curious connection between Plaid Cymru and Colonel Gaddafi.


A charity has warned that Wales urgently needs more specialist


epilepsy nurses to cater for the needs of around 26,000 here.


Epilepsy Action Cymru says the Welsh Government was told


by a group of experts in 2007 that 88 specialist nurses were needed.


A campaign was launched at the Senedd today, calling


Epilepsy specialist nurses can reduce hospital admissions and


waiting lists. If they are used properly they have the expertise and


knowledge to diagnose, treat and manage epilepsy. People don't have


to see a consultant. People don't have to


see a consultant. The Welsh Government says


there "is no single model for neuro-science services" and it's


up to individual Health Boards to allocate specialist


nurses in their areas. A ban on parents using a new nappy


collection service on Anglesey, if their children are over the age


of three, is under review. Families on the island voiced


concerns, after being told they must provide birth certificates to show


they're eligible for the service, as part of changes


to waste collections. But the Council has now confirmed


it's reviewing the plan. There are allegations tonight that


Cardiff City investigated a transfer deal done with West Ham two years


ago, when Sam Allardyce The former England manager


left his job yesterday after he was secretly filmed


by the Daily Telegraph offering advice on bypassing rules


on player transfers. Our Football Correspondent Rob


Phillips joins me now. Rob, what is the newspaper claiming


happened at Cardiff City? Well, the Daily Telegraph alleged


that Cardiff City investigated a deal which saw West Ham's Morrison


joined Cardiff City on loan in 2014. One of the agents said to be


involved is someone who is now banned. What is the Telegraph


alleged was that because card of Saudi problem they brought in an


outside source to look at the deal, I understand that is correct, the


chairman, whose background is in banking and knows all about


financial property ordered that someone from outside the club look


at this deal. The club found that they weren't found wanting in any


part of the deal so therefore they drew a close to it. It's possible


that maybe they should have told the FA this. They may face a problem


over that. But overall, Cardiff City have looked into it and they also


insist that the man in question was never an employee and they did not


use him in any deal. Away from that it's not been a great


start on the pitch for any of our clubs. It was Newport today.


Newport blinked first sacking warren Feeney after a much improved


components against Grimsby. But another defeat last night. That made


it one win in 22 league games since Feeney took over in January,


following John Sheridan's departure. Terry Butcher only survived 12


games, Warren Feeney has managed 11. It remains to be seen, they are


hopeful of bringing somebody by Saturday but I think that's a tough


ask. You have to feel some simply for Feeney because it was a much


improved performance. I'm wondering whether the fact that Newport County


is and run played a part in the board panicking over this.


Who do you think? Mark Yates is the bookie favourite, the former


Cheltenham town manager. Chris Chard has been mentioned. He has


managerial history. Even Colin Pascoe, the former Liverpool


assistant. And someone from Forest Green Rovers has also been


mentioned. Please keep us posted. Boxing, and former World champion


Nathan Cleverly says he's learned the hard lessons success brought him


and wants to 'live the dream' once again ahead of his title


fight this weekend. He takes on Juergen Braehmer


in Germany on Saturday for the WBA light-heavyweight championship,


trying to win a world crown The first chapter was brilliant,


a brilliant feeling. Hard work and a lot of pressure


but I loved it. This is going to be


the same, you know. And just a reminder that tomorrow


we'll be celebrating the success of our Olympic and Paralympic


athletes this summer in Rio. There's an official home coming


ceremony outside the Senedd. Welsh athletes won 10 medals


for Team GB, and seven We'll be live from the celebrations


in tomorrow night's programme. For now though, that's


all your sport, Jen. A rare 17th century Flemish


painting discovered in a storeroom at Swansea Museum


is going on display. Thought to be worth around ?3million


it was identified during filming for a new BBC series,


and it's thought it may have belonged to


the museum for 150 years. Restored to its original glory,


ready for its public This 17th century painting


is the work of the Flemish The subject of the work


is the Greek classical myth It's been described as both


"important and beautiful" Hidden away in the museum's


storeroom, little did staff here realise they had


in their possession work by an artist who has


been known to bring more We treat every work of art in the


same way. But when the price tag of that came up we were shocked.


It's thought the painting has belonged to Swansea Museum


It had been catalogued as a work by an unknown 18th Century artist.


But when it was discovered by experts it was clear to them this


rare oil painting had been repainted by a local restorer.


The work was discovered by art historian Bendor Grosvenor,


for the new BBC Four series, Britain's Lost Masterpieces.


During the programme, conservator Simon Gillespie


casts his expert eye over the piece and identifies the alterations


That is ghastly. A horrible over paint. That very pale blue is the


That very pale blue is the original sky.


This rare discovery comes at a time when questions have been raised


Whilst it won't be closing, cuts are expected to its budget.


But Swansea Council says it certainly won't be


Our job is to collect, conserve and interpret works of art and our


heritage for future generations. Not to sell them off. We don't sell off


the family silver. What we would do if we had something super-strong


requirements is offered to another museum. Some may ponder what other


unknown treasures could be hidden here.


And you can see more on this story in Britain's Lost Masterpieces,


Derek's here with the forecast now, damp for most of us today, how's it


Changeable, but better tomorrow with some sunshine.


Dull, damp and misty in Glandwr with low cloud and drizzle.


Dry, bright and warm in Ewloe with a high of 23C.


This evening more dry weather, mist and hill fog.


Strong and gusty winds in the north and north west.


Overnight a band of heavier rain will move South Eastwards.


Drying-up in the north and west later in the night.


Now by 8 in the morning rain should have cleared.


Bright too with broken cloud, sunshine and good visibility.


You may catch a shower but a lot of places will get away


Top temperatures 15 to 18C with a westerly wind.


In the Vale of Clwyd tomorrow, mostly dry.


In Rhondda Cynon Taf, much better than today.


Dry, bright and breezy with a high of 15 in Ferndale.


Tomorrow night clear spells and scattered showers.


Breezy on the coast and a cooler night.


Friday a mix of sunshine and scattered showers.


The wind lighter with temperatures 14 to 16C.


Now the chart for Saturday shows low pressure over us


Heavy in places but it should turn drier and clearer later in the day.


And then on Sunday, we re in between weather systems with low


pressure over Denmark and another low over the Atlantic.


A double murder investigation is underway after the bodies of two


people were found on one of the main shopping streets in Cardiff City


centre. The victim is believed to have been stabbed have been named as


Zoe Morgan and Lee Simmons. A man known to the couple has been


arrested on suspicion of their murder.


I'll be back with a quick update at 8pm, and a full roundup just


thanks for watching, hwyl fawr, goodbye.


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