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Kris Wade murdered his neighbour in a sexually-motivated attack.


It's now emerged he'd been previously sacked from his job over


allegations of sex assaults - but no prosecution was brought.


In the last half an hour 20-year-old Andrew Saunders has been charged


with the murder of Zoe Morgan and Lee Simmons in Cardiff


Their family and friends have been paying tribute.


They were in a relationship which I thought was lovely and she was his


Tinkerbell. It was so nice to see them happy.


?65,000 for this wall - two bogus builders are jailed


and branded inhuman after conning vulnerable, elderly homeowners.


Good evening, a party to welcome home our Olympians and Paralympians,


who returned home from Rio with more medals than ever before.


30 years after Wales' first guide dog training centre opened,


how its recruits have helped those who need them.


It's emerged that a killer - jailed for the sexually-motivated


murder of his neighbour in Cardiff Bay - had been previously


sacked from his job over allegations of sex assaults.


Three people with learning difficulties accused Kris Wade


of assaulting them while employed as a support worker,


though no prosecution was ever brought.


Disability campaigners say those with learning difficulties often


In the waterside apartment she had lived in for just a few months,


Christine James was brutally murdered by the neighbour who lived


upstairs. The 65-year-old grandmother died from a cut-throat


in February and was discovered a few days later in her Cardiff Bay flat.


Kris Wade admitted the murder and last week the judge at Cardiff Crown


Court said he'd targeted Mrs James because of his sexual desire. Now


it's emerged he'd already be investigated for a series of alleged


sexual assaults. Those incidents were when Kris Wade was employed as


a health care support worker at this special centre in Ely district of


Cardiff. Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board complaint -- confirmed


complaints about Kris Wade's conduct here at Rowan House first managed in


January 20 12. Eventually there were allegations he had sexually


assaulted three patients with learning difficulties. In October


2012 he was suspended while a multi-agency protection of


vulnerable adults review was carried out including a criminal


investigation by South Wales Police. Although no prosecution followed,


the health board's and disciplinary procedures resulted in Wade being


sacked for Joe -- gross misconduct. But that wasn't until earlier this


year, nearly four years after the first allegations were reported.


South Wales Police say the allegations surrounding Rowan House


were fully investigated but in each case no further action was taken


following advice from the Crown Prosecution Service. Campaigners


working for those with learning difficulties say such people often


feel they are denied justice. I think there is a stigma associated


often with being a person with a learning disability, in that your


opinions, your comments, your views and -- are not valuable taken


seriously and it's well documented that have been a number of instances


where Crown Prosecution Service is have looked at issues of serious


allegations of abuse or other offences, but have felt there wasn't


enough evidence to proceed. We need to know how they were communicated


with when evidence was being gathered and what credibility was


given to the concerns that they raised, very serious concerns,


people who said they had been sexually assaulted by somebody we


now know who has subsequently been convicted for murder. Christine


James' family are painfully aware that had there been enough evidence


for prosecuting Kris Wade for the sexual assaults when he first --


when they'd first arose in 2012, he wouldn't have been living in these


flats next to the grandmother he went on to murder.


They preyed on elderly, vulnerable people right


across South Wales - conning them out of more


Now, father and son Jeffrey and James Tawse, from


Cardiff, are behind bars - the judge labelling them "inhuman".


They charged one disabled pensioner ?65,000 to build


Preying on elderly home owners across south Wales.


Their oldest victim was 97.This an example of their "shoddy" work.


It may not look like much - a garden wall.


But the Tawses charged a 71-year-old disabled man nearly


The price of a small house in some places.


The man - referred to in court as "Mr P" -


had suffered a brain injury in a cycling accident.


Police were alerted to the fraud by his bank manager


after he withdrew ?100,000 over the course of a year.


Damp inside the home of another 84-year-old victim


The Tawses were paid ?1000 to weatherproof


The men were aggressive and intimidating.


This victim doesn't want to be identified -


His words are spoken by someone else.


I should have been wiser, but I was conned. He had no intention of doing


the job properly because if he had done it properly they would be no


need to come back. He was creating a situation where he could return and


possibly get more work. This weed-proof drive another one


of their jobs. They simply threw sand


into the cracks - which blew away. They were caught after a two-year


investigation by trading standards. We see people who have been taken


advantage of and we see the effect it has on those people, and to bring


the perpetrators before a court gives some satisfaction and them


some closure on what has happened to them.


Jeffrey and James Tawse conned their way across the country.


From Carmarthenshire to Monmouthshire.


They'd been convicted several times before.


Jeffrey Tawse used the bank account of a young relative to "hide"


In court today the judge described Jeffrey Tawse as inhuman.


He said the men preyed on people in a cold-blooded way.


He sentenced this father and son to a total of eight years in prison.


Jordan Davies, BBC Wales Today, Cardiff Crown Court.


In the past half hour, police have charged 20-year-old


Andrew Saunders from Castleton near Newport with the murder of two


21-year-old Zoe Morgan and 33-year-old Lee Simmons


were found stabbed to death on Queen Street


Zoe's family have described her as "a beautiful daughter, sister,


granddaughter and auntie who had a heart of gold and would do


Floral tributes have been left at the Matalan store


where they both worked, and friends have set up a Go Fund Me


page to raise money for the funerals.


He was very quiet, kept himself to himself. He wouldn't hurt a fly. I


only saw them last week of the couple. I saw a few months ago


they'd put on Facebook they were in a relationship, which I thought was


lovely and she was his Tinkerbell. It was so sweet, it was so nice to


see them happy. A man from Cardiff who stabbed


a neighbour on his doorstep in March has been jailed for a minimum


of 20 years. Stephen Pike from Ely


denied murder, claiming 39-year-old father of five


Clint Simms had allegedly woken Mr Pike by kicking his front door,


but was stabbed in the chest as soon A 24-year-old kayaker who died


following an incident on a river near Beddgelert in Snowdonia has


been named as Thomas Lloyd The Bangor University student


was reported missing His body was recovered yesterday


following a major search operation. He's been described


as an experienced outdoor pursuits Celebrations are taking place


tonight to mark the success of Team GB's Welsh athletes


at the Rio Olympic They won a record ten Olympic


medals, Welsh Tonight they're gathering


at a special ceremony at the Senedd. sunshine of Copacabana Beach is a


world away from Cardiff Bay tonight on this cold, crisp September


evening fans have come out to welcome back their heroes. The


crowds are not as impressive as organisers would have hoped, but


they are here to welcome their heroes, Welsh athletes were welcomed


by the First Minister inside the Senedd earlier today and they were


welcomed onto the stage one by one so the crowd could share they were a


priest -- could show their appreciation. Make no mistake, this


summer our athletes broke right records and brought home more medals


than ever before. It was an unforgettable summer of sport. Rio


lit up the Games and with a backdrop of colour and music our athletes


didn't disappoint either. The medals kept coming. Ten in all four Team


GB's Welsh Olympians are surpassing the seven won in London. So tonight


a chance to meet our sporting heroes and get close to those medals.


Between them cyclist Becky James and Vela Hannah Mills returned home with


two silvers and years of hard work and sacrifice paid off. -- sailor


Hannah Mills. You have one chance every four years to do it on the


biggest stage in the world. There's a lot of pressure, time and


commitment. You just pray it comes together on the day. That smile says


you are happy, take is back. For you it was a great family moment. You


are sharing in your success. Yes, it was incredible. My foot whole family


had never been to watch a race together, there was ten of them


there. It was amazing. I told them don't book it, you don't have to


come and watch, I don't expect anyone to come and support me, but


I'm so glad there because I could see them in the crowd and it made me


think Win or lose, they are there to support me. Team GB's 67 medals


surpassed the hall of four years ago, but could the Paralympians do


the same? The pressure didn't seem to affect Aled Sion Davies, the shot


put from Bridgend broke the world record three times on the way to


winning goal. He'd broke the world record three times but you were not


entirely happy question might no, I went in to execute and we had


distances in our head. I have worked so hard over the last two or three


years. After London it hard to get back, I worked hard to get in shape


for this. I wanted to get close if not over 17 metres, but it didn't


happen. I'm over it now but at the time I was a bit frustrated. A great


Games for you and for Paralympics GB. How do you think history will


judge the Games, considering Russia were not there? I think it's


something that is greater success as it has been you really have to take


it with a pinch of salt because as Paralympics GB we won a lot of


medals and Russia were there, so it's hard to beat that medal tally


ever again. We'll see in the athletics World Championships next


year when Russia are back in how much of a presence they have,


because their team is so strong, so big, so it's going to be interesting


going forward. I hope that our medal target may not be set too high. And


this is what it means to win on the biggest stage. Gold for Rob Davies


on the table tennis and Hollie Arnold in the javelin helped


Paralympics GB bring home 147 medals, more than they won in 2012.


The crowd has been treated to more highlights on the big screen here


tonight. Tonight's event is part of a series held right across the UK.


Scotland have their party last night and next month special parades will


be held in Manchester and London. It looks like a great atmosphere, thank


you. There are calls tonight


for an investigation into how a Flintshire man on trial for rape


managed to flee to Turkey Syrian-born Sultan Amari picked up


a woman from Chester He had been due in court on Monday -


but flew to Istanbul on Sunday. He was jailed for eleven


years in his absence. Now his local MP is demanding


to know how he escaped justice. Warrington Crown Court was told that


in July last year taxi driver Sultan Amari,


who owned properties in Flint as well as Cheshire, picked up


a student from Chester city centre. She was obviously intoxicated


and he took her to a house on this road, where he raped her twice over


an eight-hour period. The student initially had no memory


of what happened to her after waking up naked and confused. She got


dressed, left the house and asked a passer-by to use their phone. The


jury was blamed on 999 recording in which she tearfully told police I


don't know where I am, I woke up in a house with no furniture and my bag


has gone -- the jury was played the 999 recording.


She later remembered more details of the attack.


But just as he was about to complete giving evidence at his trial,


Sultan Amari emailed the court to say he wouldn't be returning


Born in Damascus in Syria, he's also alleged to have


His local MP wants to know how it was allowed to happen.


Justice for the victim has not been achieved. An individual appears to


have left the country and I'll be asking the Justice Secretary to


investigate, to look quite a watch was not put on his passport, why his


passport was confiscated and what risk assessment was taken.


The Crown Prosecution Service says Sultan Amari wasn't considered


He was convicted of two counts of rape and given an 11-year


Cheshire Police say a warrant has been issued for his arrest


and efforts are being made to locate him.


Wales Manager Chris Coleman gives a big fat no to the England job -


as he attacks corruption in football.


And they give independence and friendship.


If the evidence is there and they are called, get rid of them.


And they give independence and friendship.


It's 30 years since the opening of Wales' first guide


More than ?1 million of public money was spent keeping it


But with falling passenger numbers - a review into the North South air


link between Cardiff and Anglesey has been ordered by


Our Political Correspondent, Daniel Davies, has more on this


This service took off in 2007, with twice daily flights


Various companies have run it - part funded by the Welsh government.


Passenger numbers peaked early, with more than 14,000


people a year flying in the first two years.


Figures obtained by the Conservatives show in the twelve


months to August 2015, there were just over eleven


In the following next twelve months, there fewer than 9000.


Last year AMs said it was difficult to assess value for money.


But critics on the opposition benches say the more


than ?1 million spent by the government last year raises


questions about whether the taxpayer is getting a good deal.


Today came confirmation the air-link is under review.


And the Tories say if that review doesn't prove


the subsidy is good value, funding should stop.


We have seen passenger numbers plummeting, subsidies going up, and


this is a route that has cost taxpayers millions of pounds over


the past decade. I think if the Welsh government can't demonstrate


that it adding value for money from this Airlink they need to scrap it


all together. Mr Millar thinks the only people


benefiting from this service are civil servants and politicians -


something the Welsh government has always denied, saying it's good


for business and tourism. But money is tight -


and we're told Economy Secretary Ken Skates will look


at the viability of these flights. Meaning he could soon be deciding


whether the air-link The former Economy Minister -


Edwina Hart - has been accused by the Welsh Conservatives


of breaking the ministerial code. She approved more than ?3 million


to support the firm Kancoat - near her Gower constituency -


despite a warning that The Welsh Government says


the code wasn't broken, as the firm was outside


her constituency. Tributes have been paid to former


union leader Terry Thomas - He was Vice President of the South


Wales National Union of Miners, during the miners' strike,


and was instrumental Beauty parlours and clinics offering


laser treatment for clinics that Chas -- need significant


improvements according to a report. Despite being given four weeks'


notice before inspection, six of the 19 premises visited last year were


asked to stop providing treatment until improvements had been made.


Cosmetic treatments using lasers and intense -- intense pulsed light are


used for skin treatments and to remove hair and tattoos. If you


offer the service you have to register. This clinic in Gowerton


complies with all regulations and is one of 73 that are registered. While


procedures here are safe, HIW found some clinics were potentially


putting patients at risk. They may not be following guidelines, they


may not have suitable people using the equipment which poses a risk of


burns to the client. The effects of not administering laser treatment


correctly can be devastating. This is what happened to one patient when


attempts to remove a small birthmark from her cheek went wrong. Health


care Inspectorate Wales looked at 19 premises last year. Despite being


given four weeks' notice many of them didn't comply with the


regulations. In fact HIW said many were not even aware of all the


regulations. Those places were asked to improve and also to update staff


training. Of the 19, five have since stopped carrying out the procedures.


There's a strong message coming out from is, part of it goes through the


report we're publishing. That's a message to providers of these


services, which is that you must take your response ability


seriously, you must understand regulations. We will inspect you and


if you are not meeting the regulations we will take action. But


the problems are not just with some of the register premises. Last year


BBC Wales revealed there had been an increase in business is offering


cosmetic laser services but not registering with HIW. Today's report


shows following in enquiries by HIW, 14 places are now registering. A


further 11 are still being investigated. What we don't know is


how big the unregistered industry is. Those people who see an


opportunity to say for example get involved in removing tattoos get


hold of a laser and just start doing it themselves. We don't know who


they are, we don't know where they are, and that's the area of concern.


Registered practitioners like Jodie echo these concerns. She and her


colleagues support HIW's work to find those that don't comply with


the rules. Back to the party in Cardiff Bay now


- where hundreds have gathered to celebrate our athletes


who competed in Rio. We have had the Olympic highlights,


now we are watching the highlights of the Paralympic Games and Aled


Sion Davies on the screen at the moment, who won gold in the shot


put. Let me bring you some of the other sports news.


Starting with football - and the Wales Manager


Chris Coleman says anyone found guilty of corruption in football


The Daily Telegraph alleges that eight current or former


Premier League Managers have taken bribes for player transfers.


Coleman was speaking as he announced his squad


for the World Cup qualifiers with Austria and Georgia next week.


As expected Aaron Ramsey and Jonny Williams are both


We all belong to an industry where there is corruption, at the lower


level, right at the top, and it's disappointing. It is unforgivable.


But what we're going to do if we find out who the perpetrators are,


what is the punishment? Is it a little rap on the knuckles, or is it


being banished? I know what it should be.


Swansea City head coach - Francesco Guidolin -


has admitted he could lose his job - if his side


does not beat Liverpool at the Liberty Stadium on Saturday.


The Swans have won just once in the Premier League this season.


Ryan Giggs and former USA manager Bob Bradley have been


It's understood Steve Cotterill - the bookmakers' favourite to be


Newport County's next manager - doesn't want the job.


County are searching for their sixth boss in the last 21


months - after sacking Warren Feeney yesterday.


A taste of Brazil expected on stage soon - a local samba band


It's 30 years since the official opening of Wales's first guide dog


The centre meant prospective guide dog owners no longer had to make


long journeys into England to complete training


Meet Teasel, a 12-week-old Labrador. She's living with this Brownings


near Cowbridge and once vaccinated will be taken anywhere that a guide


dog will go, like the butchers, the doctors. I've taken her on the bus,


for the sake of the poppy's needs it's good. We've been to places


where we haven't been before simply because it's a good place to go for


the dog to learn and to experience the noises and the people. When


Teasel is about 13 months she will hopefully come here, to the Cardiff


dock training centre. Today, big Dave and big Bob ER men mastering


one of the greatest obstacles, the stairs. Bobby is learning to find


the top step and come to a stop. The we have 260 owners that we provide a


service to with 33 or 34 on our waiting list and new guide dog


owners come into was all the time, old guide dog owners need that dogs


retiring and retraining, so there's a constant need. It was in 1986 that


Wales got its own dog training centre. Until guide dogs owners,


like Eva Rich, who is with his sixth guide dog, Oyster, and to go to


England for residential training. I could satisfactorily exceed the high


street but coming back here was a different story. So having a


training centre in Cardiff has made a world of difference. And for Sean


Healy, a residential stay in England wasn't an option but the centre has


meant a new start for her and her family -- Sian Healy. They are


calmer and me at my side, otherwise they would be ringing and checking


what was going on. Now they just think you have Arnie, you don't need


help. Even doing simple tasks like getting to the shops for bread and


milk, I didn't want to face doing that. It takes around 20 months of


specialised training to become a confident guide doglike ceilidh


here. As for Fiske, she's retired and enjoying a well-deserved rest.


For the rest of the team a slice of cake to celebrate the last 30 years


and the guide dogs who have made a difference to people's lives here.


It's time for the weather now. We got to see some sunshine today,


didn't we? Certainly, much brighter today. With


sunny spells and a few passing showers. Some blue sky and cumulus


cloud here today, the temperature around 16 Celsius with a gusty wind.


This evening and tonight some dry, clear weather but a few showers


dotted around as well. Heavy in places and a cooler, fresh and last


night. Temperatures in mid Wales falling as low as 7-8 Celsius.


There's a chance to night of seeing the Northern lights especially in


the north. So look out for those. So what about tomorrow? At 8am it's a


bit of a mixed picture. There will be a few showers about, one or two


heavy ones. The chance of hailstones. Some parts will be dry


and bright. Some sunshine in Carmarthen and the wind lighter than


today. A mixture of sunny spells and scattered showers tomorrow. Sharp


showers in places, but they will be hit and miss. That means you may be


lucky and get away with a dry afternoon. Temperatures will be a


little lower than today, 14-17 Celsius and less breezy. In Merthyr


Tydfil tomorrow, a mixture of sunny spells and showers, feeling cool and


fresh, 14 Celsius. Similar in Montgomeryshire, showers in places,


some dry weather and sunshine as well. Tomorrow evening scattered


showers, dry for a while, but then more rain and showers will spread


from the west after midnight. That doesn't bode well, really, for


Saturday because we will have low pressure over the UK. The


waterproofs will come in handy on Saturday with heavy showers or


longer spells of rain circulating around the low. A few bright sunny


intervals in the mix with temperature of the cool side.


Saturday night will become dry and chilly. On Sunday we are between


weather systems with high pressure over France. So much nicer on


Sunday. One or two mist and fog patches in the morning, otherwise


dry, some sunshine and light winds. If you are taking part or watching


the Cardiff half Marathon on Sunday the weather should be ideal. Sunday


is the best day of the weekend. Monday as dry as well with the


south-easterly breeze. That's Wales Today. We have a quick


update at 8pm and more after the BBC News at Ten PM. For now, thanks for


your company and have a really good evening. Goodbye.


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