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It was the biggest ever drugs investigation by Dyfed Powys Police.


19 people are sentenced to 169 years behind bars.


Together they prayed upon those in the grip of addiction who often


turned to other crimes to support their habit.


Also tonight, a dangerous and manipulative sex offender.


Gymnastics coach Luke Griffin is jailed - a court hears


he was sexually gratified by feet and tied up


Why the Welsh Government sold these properties for almost a million


This power tunnel is the blueprint for one to be built on Anglesey.


It'll carry electricity cables linking the new Wylfa nuclear power


station to the National Grid - tonight an insight


And in tonight's sport, he says he's in the best


Nathan Cleverly prepares to fight in Germany for the world title.


Good evening, welcome to the programme.


It was the biggest drugs investigation ever conducted


by Dyfed Powys Police and it's led to 19 people being sentenced to 169


The gang, which included members from South Wales,


Liverpool and Manchester, attempted to sell ?19


These are the people who, it was said in court,, brought misery and


debt too many families. Convicted of a conspiracy to supply class a


drugs, they have been jailed for 106 to nine years. Described in court as


the leaders of this drugs ring, 32-year-old Matthew Roberts and


30-year-old Ian Michael Edwards from Liverpool took their time to recruit


and plan their efforts to bring 15 kilos of cocaine to south-west


Wales. It is fair to say this is one of the most challenging operations


we have taken here. Given the example of the numbers deployed in


Liverpool during the arrest phase of the upstream suppliers, in excess of


200 officers were deployed in the Liverpool area. This quiet street in


the Swansea Valley became the centre of their operations. It was to a


flat in this property where the cocaine was transported from


Liverpool and Manchester. Here it was cut, mixed and packaged, ready


to be sold on the streets of the South West valleys and


Pembrokeshire. It was here where Dyfed-Powys Police were able to


conceal a recording device to catch the gang of criminals red-handed.


The investigation focused on the activities of organised crime groups


in South West Wales, Liverpool and Greater Manchester. Very soon it


became clear to police of the rules of certain gang members, some acted


as the organisers, others as the pals guardians and careers. It


became a UK police effort to catch all those involved and eventually


more than 2.5 kilos of high purity cocaine was seized by Dyfed-Powys


Police as well as hundreds and thousands of pounds in cash. Each


defendant in this case had a distinct role in the group. Each


bears no responsibility for bringing misery to the communities they


supplied. Together they prayed upon those in the grip of addiction who


often turn to often other types of crime to support their habit. There


has been a 15% rise in hospital admissions involving cocaine over


the last five years. In 2013, cocaine was mentioned on the death


record of seven people. In the same year, police in Wales made 761


cocaine seizures, that is higher than the number of times they seized


heroin or amphetamines. There is a clear message to those individuals,


take this opportunity as a warning that this is not the place to come


to be involved in organised crime. The judge said the analysis of the


data obtained during this operation and the surveillance methods


deployed by the police of the absolute highest order. At the close


of proceedings, the judge said this had been a detailed and exceptional


investigation. He formally commended three officers of Dyfed-Powys Police


and a civilian crime analyst. He said the public would then a great


debt of thanks for their work. A 20-year-old gymnastics coach has


been sentenced to six years in prison at Cardiff Crown Court


for sexually abusing The police have called 20-year-old


Luke Griffin a dangerous and manipulative sex offender


after he groomed seven girls and one boy between the ages of seven


and ten over two years. The court was told that Griffin


was sexually gratified by feet Teleri Glyn Jones is in the newsroom


now. What more can you tell us? The court


heard that Luke Griffin targeted seven girls and a boy, all under ten


years old, I licking, biting and tickling their feet, all for his


sexual gratification. He tied up some of his terrified victims and


lock them in the boot of his car. Some of the assaults he even


recorded on his phone. The prosecutor said he was deliberate


and sophisticated in the way he chose his victims, targeting young


and vulnerable children whose parents had split up. He would then


arrange left to and from the gymnastics club in order to get


access to the children away from their parents. The judge said it was


the grossest breach of trust and that each child had been profoundly


affected. Was at the police said about this? Detective has said this


was a particularly serious case because Luke Griffin had abused a


position of trust to deceive decent trusting people. She said the


parents had been on a harrowing journey and that the children had


shown remarkable bravery in coming forward. The Crown Prosecution


Service said they hoped a six-year sentence would be of some comfort to


the young victims and their families. We approached British


gymnastics for a comment and they say they have been working with the


relevant authorities but that it wouldn't be appropriate for them to


comment at the moment. The man charged with the murder of


two people on Cardiff's Queen Street Andrew Saunders, who's 20,


spoke to confirm his name and date of birth and gave his address


as of no fixed abode. He was remanded in custody,


to appear at Cardiff Zoe Morgan and Lee Simmons


were stabbed near the Matalan shop The appointment of a new Chief


Constable for Dyfed-Powys Police Mark Collins who's currently


the deputy chief constable in Bedfordshire will take over


from Simon Prince, who's Mr Collins began his career


in Carmarthen in 1987. He says his main challenges will be


policing rural communities The challenges will always be the


morality of the force and getting to emergency calls as quickly as we


possibly can. That'll always be a challenge for a force such as


Dyfed-Powys Police but we also have challenges with austerity. We're are


negotiating for a new forming -- funding formula.


A company seeking a management buyout of Tata steel


is willing to increase its bid for the Port Talbot steelworks


Speaking exclusively to BBC Wales, the chairman of Excalibur,


Roger Maggs, also says he'd consider working with competitor


Liberty Steel and look at taking on the pension scheme.


I suspect there are other solutions other than the pension protection


front which will not be popular, or the change in the law that now seems


to be drifting away. If the door closed? Can explore other ways?


Having been told, don't worry about it, we're happy to explore other


ways. Let s speak to our business


correspondent Brian Meechan who's How significant is it that Roger


Maggs is speaking out now? It is significant, Excalibur had been one


of the three bidders that were expected to go on to the short list


to buy Port Talbot and the other UK sites that at a steel has. Before


that short list was expected, it emerged that Tater was in talks with


a German firm over a merger that would see it and other UK operations


on hold. It has to be said that is surprising to some people and this


move, I think, is the first time ultimately that Excalibur had spoken


out since that happened. It is making a move in three significant


areas saying it will increase its bid, it will potentially work with


liberty, its competitor, who it had seriously ruled out working within


the past, and that whole issue of pensions, a major part of the deal,


it now will be willing look at taking on that pension scheme. What


can we expect to see in the coming months about the future of Port


Talbot? I think the key issue is, that relationship as it emerges


between Tater steel and the other group and whether that merger will


go ahead. It is a complex one but many are concerned that it doesn't


leave a long-term future guaranteed for Port Talbot and the Welsh sites


although they say that necessarily true if it is efficient enough.


Pensions is the key issue, it is not just down to them because ultimately


the UK Government will play a part in funding any dealers goes ahead


and in dealing with the pensions issue. The pensions issue ultimately


is going to be crucial in anything that goes ahead now.


Three shops in Pontypridd were sold by the Welsh Government for close


to a million pounds less than the price they paid for them.


The units were purchased for ?1.25 million in 2008 as part


of regeneration plans which didn't materialise.


An opposition AM has referred the case to a spending watchdog.


The government says it sold the shops based


The shops are empty now, though clearly they were bargains to be had


here. In 2008, the last government was hoping this area would be


transformed by a new shopping centre. As a result, it bought three


shops at a total cost of over ?1 million. But when the economy crash,


the idea was dropped. Ministers had paid ?100,000 for these two shops


and a further 4,000 and ?50,000 with this one. Earlier this year, all


three were sold for a total of just ?271,000. Around a fifth of the


original cost. It only came to light after this assembly member uncovered


the information through a Freedom of Information request. He has now


referred the matter to the police. It is clear that it is happening


time and time again is at the very least, we are talking about a series


of incompetence is. There should be some disciplinary procedures


following there if people have not done what they should have been


doing. An independent valuation for the last government said the lower


price was as a result of changes in market conditions for properties of


this nature over the period between 2008 and 2016. The properties were


vacant so not generating a rental income and that the condition had


deteriorated for the past eight years. I have been told the Welsh


government only asked for that information earlier this week. I


have a letter containing the advice and it is dated yesterday, a month


after the initial request was made to ministers so we have asked the


Welsh government, why was that decision taken earlier this year to


sell these properties? The Welsh government says it the properties


because they had been identified as surplus stock. The matter has now


been referred to Wilson 's public spending watchdog and they say they


are considering the information to see if further investigation is


required. Still to come in the programme:


From a classical pianist to a tennis champion -


the first awards celebrating the achievements of young


black people in Wales. And could it be last orders


at one of Dylan Thomas The campaign to save a treasured


watering hole in New Quay. A 2.5 mile tunnel under


the Menai Strait with cables linking Anglesey's Wylfa Newydd power


station to the National Grid - National Grid say they're proposing


the underwater link instead of pylons, to protect


the area s natural beauty. However campaigners say power


lines should be buried The Menai tunnel will be based


on ones already under Anglesey is positioning itself as a


so-called energy Island, providing up to 10% of Britain's power using a


combination of generators, most notably the replacement for the


existing nuclear power station but it needs a way of delivering that


power to the National Grid on the mainland in an area of outstanding


natural beauty. To do that, they will have to tunnel under the water.


Techniques are already being pioneered in the UK capital. A city


the size of London it uses a vast amount of power and that is why they


are in the process of upgrading the infrastructure, but with pylons


above ground but with cables down below. It takes a full five minutes


to descend the dozens of flights of concrete steps that icky deep under


the heart of central London. These tunnels will eventually house


massive budget city cables, but of the power during deep under the


Thames. It is part of ?1 billion project, three tunnels, 30


kilometres. A similar project will be built in North Wales. The


Welshman will be a four point one: otters and analyse straight and the


tunnel will be even bigger than this, five metres in diameter. I am


external affairs manager of the National Grid. I know in London that


this project has cost ?1 billion. An expensive option, do you know the


last one will cost? We're looking at probably over ?1 million just for


this cable channel to take the link from Anglesey and over to the


mainland and into the National Grid. This is a feat of engineering. Here


in London we are digging through London clay. Different conditions in


Wales with rock and limestone that it will be a real engineering


challenge for us to do that. This project has taken about eight years


and we think it will be less for North Wales. Back on Anglesey


however, one Councillor has cold the tunnel a token gesture. Many have


campaigned for all the power cables to be buried because it is concerned


more pylons will have a negative impact on the island landscape. We


do not want pylons across the island because it affects the beauty. It is


our biggest selling point. It is a way important for our economy.


Economy is built on farming and tourism and that is what is


important to us, the natural beauty. National Grid say they published


their favoured route but the pylons and details of the tunnel and now


want local people's views until the consultation ends in mid-December.


The first ever awards ceremony for young black people in Wales


who've made a positive contribution to their community has taken place.


Among the winners a former asylum seeker now a tennis champion


A chance to showcase the talents of black youngsters from around Wales.


These towards held in the Senate today, recognition for hard work and


community spread shown by each of the winners. Kimberley from Swansea,


a former asylum seeker, has become a number-1 Welsh under 18 's tennis


player. Without funding, she has been coached by her father who


learned the game a book. It really means a lot to be me because words


can't explain how much my parents have struggled and how much I have


struggled and this award can show people that if you work hard and are


determined and if you sacrifice, you can become big and people can


recognise how much hard work you do. Also from Swansea, this lady awarded


for her music and passion to share it with others. There are not many


coloured people, I would say, but do what I do. It is very rewarding. I


want to show others that anything, any dream you can put your mind to,


you can achieve. These towards are about unearthing new talent which


deserves recognition. One of the nominees for the sport towards was a


chilly the national Welsh youth champion and I did not know, I had


never come across her name or seen her on TV, so you can imagine that


such a gem had it not been for these towards. There were towards for


young carers, volunteers and entrepreneurs among others. The


wider aims, say the organisers, is to share to the world the


conservation of the Black committee. Anything and I cannot believe it is


a chilly happened so, thank you. For me, good to see so many other people


in the black community. It is good, it feels nice. A very good day.


Thank you very much. Let's catch up with the sports


news - here's Claire. The pressure is still on for our


Welsh Football Clubs with Swansea, Cardiff and Newport at the wrong end


of the table. The Swans welcome Liverpool


to the Liberty Stadium, only one point above


the relegation zone. Cardiff are one OFF the bottom


of the championship, Newport County who're bottom


of League Two play Stevenage. The club's confirmed it's unlikely


a replacement for sacked manager Warren Feeney will be appointed


before the end of next week. Wrexham are mid-table


in the National League The most important thing for me is


to work with my players and with my team on the training ground and to


prepare the next game and focus with concentration. It is not a good


moment for our team because we have not a good table. We need a result.


On the international front - there's another World Cup worry


Joe Allen is doubtful for Stoke's game against Manchester United


on Sunday, he hasn't trained all week with a tight hamstring.


Coleman is already without Aaron Ramsey for next week's


qualifiers against Austria and Georgia.


Rugby and the Dragons play Glasgow in the Pro12 tonight looking


Tomorrow the Ospreys are first up away to Ulster.


The Blues are home to Leinster and the Scarlets


He says he's trained like a machine and is in


Nathan Cleverly fights in Germany tomorrow hoping to dethrone WBA


World Light Heavyweight Champion - Jurgen Brahmer.


It's a fight, that's taken five years to make and as Huw Morgan


reports, the Welshman says, it's now his time and the belt


Famous for its historic gates and buildings,


Neubrandenburg is a world away from the glitz and


glamour of Las Vegas or Madison Square Garden.


This weekend the eyes of the world will be firmly on this


quiet German city, two hours north of Berlin.


These two boxers, Nathan Cleverly and current light


heavyweight champion Jurgen Brahmer go head-to-head with this belt on


They've never fought in the ring but Brahmer has defined Cleverly's


Five years ago they were meant to fight for the WBA light


heavyweight championship in London, only for the German to withdraw with


injury, handing Cleverley his first title at just 24 years of age.


He is now 29 and no longer a world champion and his career has


All experiences, Cleverly says, he has learned from.


I wouldn't have done anything differently.


I look back and think, wow, what an absolutely brilliant


That was the first chapter of my career and it was an


I lived the dream, I was a world champion in a 24.


At some point it will come to an end and


here we are, wiser, I've learned a lot, I am more humble,


I am stronger and I'm ready for chapter two and to


The sports stadium is a venue Jurgen Brahmer


With the final preparations underway in the venue


ahead of fight night tomorrow, Cleverly's trainer is in confident


We're prepared to go into deep, deep waters in this fight.


Best physically and mentally I've ever seen him in the


four or five years I've been involved with Nathan.


He has come for one thing and that is the world title.


Don't be fooled by his relaxed demeanour.


Nathan Cleverly is a man on a mission, to


become world champion for the second time.


And just a reminder that you can catch the Dragon


in action tonight - Scrum V Live is on BBC


It's the oldest pub in the Ceredigion seaside town


of New Quay and it's said to have inspired some of Dylan Thomas' work.


But the Dolau Inn which opened in the 18th century is set to close


as a pub - and be turned into accommodation.


Locals have now started a petition to try and save it.


The town was not yet awake. Dylan Thomas 's play, quite early one


morning, inspired and written during his short time Britain in the


seaside town of the key. Dylan was a regular in most of the towns pubs


but it was the Dolau Inn it was said to be his wife was my favourite. It


is the oldest pub here but its life after 250 years of serving beer is


due to come to an end as the brewery in to turn it into accommodation for


their neighbouring pub. It has a lot of history. I think it is about the


first, second or third house built here so it has been around for a


very long time and a lot of the locals and tourists have great


memories of the place and it would be a shame to lose it. It wasn't


just and Thomas are trying here but also actors Richard Burton along


with Oscar winner Paul Scofield when they were visiting Newquay but it is


the link to the Welsh writer and poet that have earned it a place on


the Dylan Thomas trail with many tourists popping in here, following


in Dylan's footsteps. Dylan Thomas 's year here was even turned into a


film when Matthew Rees, Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley starred


in the edge of Love. Local historian says places like the Dolau Inn and


its regulars inspired his most famous work. He wrote quite early


one morning, which was a radio play and during the war and it is based


absolutely on new key. What you will find, if you look at the two of


them. I'll paintings still hang on the wall, it is a different pub from


the days of Dylan Thomas but many here have fond memories. Iron member


when I was a youngster, this was the first place I ever came to drink and


those of my father back in 1968. It seems time has passed and will be


cold but this pub, steeped in Welsh history. Last orders!


The weather is next. Were in for a mixed weekend, feeling


fresher with rain at times on Saturday and then Sunday is looking


drier and brighter. The pressure chart shows this rain that is curing


eastwards and the next area of low pressure arriving overnight to bring


in rain at times tomorrow. This evening, dry for a time with clear


spells further east that this next and of more persistent heavy showery


rain will arrive in the West overnight with those of seven to 12


Celsius. Tomorrow, some dry spells in the north and east but a Met


Office warning for outbreaks of rain pushing in from the Southwest. Heavy


at times with a risk of hail and thunder. It should ease in the


afternoon with winds easing and much fresher feel in recent days. Top


temperatures of 11 Celsius. Later tomorrow, that Lou clears eastwards


and a brief ridge of high pressure building from the south overnight


into Sunday, a settled spell between these two weather systems so


tomorrow night, showers easing, turning drier. Colder overnight with


temperatures into new single figures in rural mid Wales. Sunday, some


early mist that a dry and chilly start and then turning into a fine,


dry day with some good sunny spells. Highs of 14 or 15 Celsius. Ideal


weather if, like me, you are taking part in the current half marathon on


Sunday. It should stay dry with sunny spells. A mixed weekend. Heavy


rain at times on Saturday and on Sunday, the better day. And they


should be largely dry and fine but breezy and some early signs of


things getting warmer again midweek. Finally, today's picture by one of


our weather watchers. A rainbow between the sunshine and showers


today. More rain there at times. If you have any photos to help tell the


weather story, you can become a weather watcher and upload pictures


on the website. We'll have a quick update at 8,


more after the BBC News at 10. For now from all of


us on the programme,


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