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Welcome to Wales Today. Our top stories:


Prime Minister Theresa May tells this programme she will listen


to the Welsh Government's views on Brexit, but they will not have


Of course, it will be the UK that is negotiating with the European Union


in terms of the times are Brexit. I want to make a real success of it.


But in doing our preparations, I want to listen to the devolved


administrations. and replaced by


the American Bob Bradley. Can he turn the Swans' season


around? Will Brexit lead to an "open season"


for illegal fishing? That's the warning from


a Welsh Government minister. And this is the most polluted


road outside London. An increase in pollution, habitats


lost, risk of flooding increased - Will Wales' voice be heard


when it comes to negotiating Britain's exit from


the European Union? The Prime Minister has told BBC


Wales she wants to listen to the Welsh Government's views on Brexit,


to ensure it's "fully engaged" in preparations to leave


the European Union. But Theresa May stressed


it'll be her Government There'll be no seat at the table


for the Welsh Government. From the Conservative conference


in Birmingham, David Cornock. It is the big question, and no one


can be certain of the answer. Or how to do it while keeping the United


Kingdom together. The Prime Minister told me the Welsh Government would


be involved in discussions appearing for Brexit, but... Of course, it


will be the UK that is negotiating with the European Union in terms of


the terms of Brexit. I want to make a real success of it. But in doing


our preparations, I want to listen to the devolved administrations to


hear the particular issues in different parts of the United


Kingdom. So they are fully engaged and will continue to be fully


engaged. If the Welsh Government thought it was going to get a seat


at the Brexit table, it can think again. Theresa May is clear that it


is her Government and hers alone that will be negotiating Britain's


departure from the European Union. The First Minister insisted his


voice would still be heard. What the UK Government said is that we have


to leave the negotiations and I agree, but it makes sense to get as


much value as possible across the UK. -- lead the negotiation. There


might be disagreement from us, but so far we have at the level of


engagement we would expect. But Comrie said it was an affront to


democracy. I have been quite critical of the First Minister and


particularly in comparison with the effort and action that has gone him


on the part of the Scottish Government. Wales' unique economic


position needs to have a very strong and loud voice in the middle of all


of this, including a voice in the negotiations, and to date, I'm


afraid I don't see that strength of voice that we need is there. Back in


Birmingham, the Conservatives prepare for Britain to leave the EU.


Conservative MP and mints. They will not be around for longs Theresa


May's position to start the Brexit process early next year means that


Britain's MEPs will lose their jobs, but a clear message from the new


Prime Minister that when it comes to leading the United Kingdom's nations


out of the EU, she is in charge. Our Political Editor, Nick Servini,


is at the conference in Birmingham. What kind of influence is Wales


actually going to have? Well, I think it depends who you ask. If you


ask many Brexit supporting Conservatives here in Birmingham


tonight, they will say this is not a particularly big issue because


Theresa May is giving what 52% of people in Wales won, namely Brexit.


That company are leading the cant of you saying that not only is it not


good enough -- Plaid Cymru, they are saying that it is an affront to


democracy. Up until this point, the First Minister has said he wants a


seat at the negotiating table. However unrealistic as that may have


appeared, I think all of us took him at his word as a key demand. What we


have seen today is a rolling back on that, we're told it was a turn of


phrase, but there was never an expectation they were going to be in


the same room as Angela Merkel and what is important is that they are


consulted in talks before the goes out for those discussions. But


behind the scenes, the Welsh Government is pretty happy with the


levels of engagement with the UK Government. Also, none of this had


been tested yet because no difficult decisions have been made. But I


think we can safely say that with two years, a very difficult and


convex negotiation underway, this really will be tested to its fullest


extent. Now with news of a tumultuous day


at Swansea City Football Club - There is a new man in charge


at Swansea City tonight after the club sacked


Francesco Guidolin. Former USA national team boss


Bob Bradley is his replacement, becoming the first American to take


charge of a Premier League side. Guidolin paid the price


following a poor start to the season, which has seen


the Swans win just one They sit just above


the relegation zone in 17th place. It adds up to the club's


worst start to a season Our reporter Ben Price


is at the Liberty Stadium It may not come as a surprise


to the fans that yet another manager has left the Liberty Stadium,


particularly since all the speculation over Guidolin's


future here in recent days. Now, you'll remember last week,


Ryan Giggs was mooted to take over the job,


but today it has been confirmed that the Premier League


will get its first-ever American manager, as Bob Bradley is set to


become the new Swansea City manager. He is the fourth manager to leave


the club during his six seasons in the Premier League. This lunchtime,


Swansea City announced it is to part company with Francesco Guidolin.


Despite an improved performance, Saturday's 2-1 defeat against


Liverpool meant that time was up for the Italian after nine months. I


sort my team play 95 minutes with character, with good quality,


overall and the first half, and I think if we play in this way, we can


turn the situation around. We find ways to win. But it will be the job


of this man to turn the situation around. Bob Bradley will become the


Premier League's first American manager when he takes over before it


next weekend's trip to Arsenal. So, who is Bob Bradley? Unusually, he


started his managerial career at the age of 22 in the US. He has


experience of managing club side around the world, including in


France and Norway. He also coached the US men's national team. This is


the first time we have ever seen an American manager, one of the world's


top for European leagues. He is a no-nonsense manager, he likes to


have what he calls real conversations with people, whether


it is players, media, anyone was not sometimes those can be uncomfortable


conversations, but he is fearless, he wants people to get better every


day, including himself. He Premier League years have been a bit up and


down for the Swans Vettel. There have been relegation battle but also


top-10 finishes. A League Cup win and Europe in Kabul. -- the Swansea


faithful. Familiarising themselves with new managers has also become a


trend. What have they made of the appointment? I'm not sure whether he


knows enough about us as a club and our way of playing. Because I don't


think anyone knows what our best team is, even at the moment within


the club. The Liberty Stadium has already welcomed to American


businessmen with plans to improve the club's future off the field.


Fans will hope another American would be able to improve


performances and results on it. A strong reaction from the


Supporters' Trust tonight? Yes, that is right. The Supporters'


Trust are currently holding a median -- meeting in the stadium, but no


one was available to speak to me before that. However, on their


website earlier, they released a statement in which they said they


were disappointed they were not fully consulted over this managerial


change. So obviously not everyone is content here at the Liberty Stadium


this evening. We will have to see how things play out over the next


few weeks. And I will be back with the rest of


the sport a little later. An 18 year-old-man has pleaded


guilty to the kidnap and rape of a 62 year-old-woman


who was walking her dog Jack Karl Thomas Williams appeared


at Mold Crown Court. The woman needed hospital treatment


after the assault in August. A public inquiry into


the proposed ?1 billion M4 relief road around Newport


has been delayed from next month, A new formula to project the amount


of traffic across the UK has been brought in by the Department


for Transport, which means the Welsh Government has


to re-evaluate its evidence A nursery worker has been dismissed


after a young boy was left alone for more than


two hours in a minibus, on one of the hottest


days of the year. It happened outside Camau Bach


in Aberystwyth, in July. In a separate incident,


police have confirmed a man entered the nursery,


without permission, last week. There were no children in the room


at the time. Brexit could lead to an


"open season" for illegal fishing That is the warning


from the Welsh Government's senior legal adviser,


the Counsel General. But Mick Antoniw's comments have


been dismissed by leading figures in the Welsh fishing industry,


who have described Oystercatchers, doing what they do,


off Llansteffan in Carmarthen. Oystercatchers, doing what they do,


off Llansteffan in Carmarthenshire. But the illegal harvesting


of cockles is putting their food source at risk and the very future


of the cockle beds in doubt. These cockle beds are currently


closed to commercial operators, but the demand for cockles


is still very much here, so there is the temptation


for some to come here It is the Marine and Fisheries team


from the Welsh Government And the man who brings


prosecutions in their name, the Counsel General,


is here today to see their work. Enjoying his visit,


the fisheries officers find Mick Antoniw says he wants to use


the full force of the law to protect But he says Brexit


is a big challenge. At the moment, we have specific


Welsh laws, they have to comply Once that comes to an end,


it is almost open season. We don't know what the


situation is going to be. We don't know how we're going


to to actually protect our waters, because there will no longer


be any agreements Conveyor belt supply of fish


to Grimsby, Hull and Fleetwood may shrink to a trickle if British


trawlers are kept outside The question of who can fish


in the waters around the UK is not new, but what is going


to happen after Brexit? Well, that is entering


uncharted waters. Between 2012 and 2015,


the number of vessels operating out of Welsh ports dropped


from 479 to 444. And according to this fisherman,


that is because of EU regulations. He supported Brexit and says


the Counsel General's Once Article 50 is signed,


then technically, our 200 mile limit comes back to UK waters,


under UK control. Now, that's got to be a benefit,


whichever way you look at it. The Welsh Assembly will have it at


up to 12 miles. Where the free for all comes, I don't know. As it


stands, Europe has been devastating for the fishing industry, especially


Wales over the last six years. Meantime, this vessel patrols the


Welsh coast. In the past three years, Welsh Government officers


investigated 57 cases of illegal fishing activity. That has led to 31


successful prosecutions. Fines have ranged from between ?2000 to


?40,000. But what lies over the Brexit horizon remains unclear. Will


there be stormy seas or plain sailing for Wales' fishing industry?


Much more to come before seven o'clock.


We've been sending people from Wales to Africa for a decade,


trying to improve the quality of life - has it done any good?


And I'll be talking to Wales' newest World Champion.


Nathan Cleverly is here, with his belt!


It's a label they really don't want -


a tiny village outside Pontypool is home to the most polluted road


And the rest of a new report detailing the challenges facing


the Welsh environment doesn't make for comfortable reading either.


and we're losing some of our most important habitats.


Our position in relation to the ground,


And on our left would have been the coal tip.


Once a colliery with coal tips and railway lines,


now it's guided history walks, new paths, cycle routes.


Restoring this land at Maesteg near Bridgend,


Natural Resources Wales planted 60,000 new trees here.


It was about bringing more health benefits,


Traffic, the biggest cause of air pollution in Wales.


This road, on the border between Torfaen and Caerphilly,


is the most polluted, not just in Wales,


The motor fumes and that, which come off the traffic here,


We've had this from about 4:30 in the morning until about


Caerphilly Council says it is working to reduce the problem.


40,000 people a year, though, die prematurely


Woodland can improve air quality, but it also helps absorb rain,


Devastation in St Asaph in 2012 will live long in the memory,


although flood defence work is under way.


The coastline here in Rhyl is being made more resilient as well.


Could new habitats, tourism opportunities, jobs,


all be built into other projects in future, too?


Some are concerned about conservation, though.


Flood defence work changed this stream in Llanrwst.


Conwy Council pushed ahead with its construction


It meant the environment in which their eggs


Natural Resources Wales did object at the time,


and says it is now working with the council


But should it be doing more for conservation?


Well, we are an organisation with multiple roles,


so we have to advise across a huge range of duties.


What we are saying is, we need to do that differently


So, all decision-makers, land managers, policymakers,


need to consider this report and what it means for


The report is handed to the Welsh Government today.


The state of natural resources like this in Wales,


just the start of a process which could mean new rules on how


we all might better look after the environment around us.


Welsh doctors, teachers and inventors have all helped


improve the lives of thousands of people in Africa,


according to a report marking ten years of the Government's


Among those to have made a difference -


an Anglesey company which has developed a saddle


allowing pregnant women and sick people living in remote areas


to be transported safely to hospital by horse.


This is the region of Uganda where a Welsh charity is helping people to


make honey. It is one of them edgy -- many projects supported by Wales


for Africa. The charity is based in Monmouth and with funding from the


programme, workers are teaching how to keep Bees. The honey they produce


helps them to support their families and their communities. It is just


one of the many small business, health and education projects being


run in the region. The West of Africa has saved lives, saved lives,


and has brought hope in the lives of the people there, through their


response, tree-planting, climate change, it has made a big difference


to saving life that were lives for the people of Mbale. Wales Hrabove


was launched ten years ago and since then, thousands of people from Wales


have joined forces to tackle global poverty. In the past decade, the


Welsh Government has spent ?7 million on 528 projects involving 25


African nations. Bearing in mind the economic times we live in, can this


continue to be justified? We are talking about roughly 300 and --


?750,000 a year. I have seen what this has done for people in terms of


new school facilities, trees being put back in place, cover for the


crops, the ability to build up more beehives, it is a real difference to


people's lives, we are global citizens at the end of the day. This


special saddle is another of the projects supported by Wales for


Africa. Developed in Anglesey, it is used to transport pregnant women and


the sick safely to hospital by horse or dog. Giving birth in remote


villages without any medical care and quite often very little


knowledge, just being in a situation where things are clean and hygienic


and someone has basic knowledge and clean tools, that will make a


difference in life and death. The Welsh Government says the funding


will continue and so will Wales' efforts to help some of the poorest


people in Africa. The rest of tonight's sport now


with Claire and special guest. Now, it's not every night


you are joined by a World Champion. Nathan Cleverly has become the first


Welshman to lose and regain He claimed the WBA light heavyweight


title in Germany at the weekend, beating Jurgen Braehmer


in the seventh round. Welcome, lovely to have you here.


Just tell us, you were 24 when you won it first time, how does it feel


this time? It feels even better this time. 24, I achieved my dream to


become World Champion, but here we are at 29, we came back to achieve


it again and it feels better this time. Maybe it was a bitterly last


time, but this time I feel wise and mentally, physically stronger and


mentally stronger, it does feel better. Looking at the pictures, how


do you rate yourself? How was it for you? It was a great fight, while it


lasted, six rounds, I knew it was done to be tough. Braehmer is a


strong, experienced champion but my game plan was to put it on him early


and make him work. He is 37, make his older legs work! It was only a


matter of time before he felt the pace, the intensity, then he pulled


out of the fight, he said he had a bad injury. But I believe I broke


his heart. Do you believe that? Yes, I believe I broke his heart and he


didn't fancy the next six rounds. Everyone is asking now, will you


have a rematch? Is that on the cards? You spoke about it with him


after the fight. There is a rematch clause in the contract so Braehmer


was good enough to give me a shot at the world title in June so I will


oblige by the contract and give him a rematch to try and avenge his


defeat. I'm happy to go to Germany and defend my title against him


again. You have done it once. Let's just speak with regards to the


sport. It has been a difficult time lately for the boxing community,


with what has happened, devastating, Mike Towell, just goes to show what


a tough sport this is. It is a devastating loss, a young Scottish


lad lost his life due to injuries caused in the boxing ring. It is


such an unforgiving sport sometimes, boxing, one of the most brutal


sports. So, my condolences go to Mike Towell and his family. It is a


sad loss and it is just a reminder of how tough and brutal the sport


can be. Absolutely, wise words. Thank you, nation -- Nathan.


And there is much more chat from Nathan on Radio Wales Sport


Some rugby news - Wales captain Sam Warburton has had a scan today


He was taken off in the first half of the Blues' defeat


The 28-year-old could be a doubt for the Autumn Tests.


Wales' first match is against Australia on November 5th.


Organisers of yesterday's Cardiff half marathon say


it was so successful, the city will now stage


The men and women's elite winners both set new course records.


Athletes from around the world are likely to compete in


That's it from me, enjoy the rest of your evening.


He's been called the King of Painters and the Painter of Kings.


Once one of the world's richest living artists, Andrew Vicari died


in Swansea this morning at the age of 84.


He is best known for painting some of the world's


Sarah Hibbard looks back at his life.


Andrew Vicari first thought of becoming an artist when he won a


gold medal at the Eisteddfod at the age of 12. My father said that I had


won the Eisteddfod the painting. I received ?10 and a gold medal. I


said, that's the life from me! It's so easy! Born in Port Talbot, he


attended art school in London before deciding to tour Wales to paint the


faces of Welsh people. But it was outside Wales that he found fame and


fortune. After being introduced to the Arab world by a friend of the


Foreign Office, in the 1970s, he was adopted as the official artist to


the Saudi Royal family. In 1991, he painted over 200 canvases depicting


the Gulf War. They were both for millions by an anonymous Arab. He


was born into a fairly grey landscape, but his dreams were in


technical and he wanted adventure and he travelled the world. In 2002


he was commissioned to paint a mural to help break an apparent curse on


one of the dressing rooms of the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, where


teams have lost 11 matches in a row. At the height of his fame, he was


estimated to be worth ?92 million and listed as Britain's 18th richest


person. It was not to last. In 2014, he filed for bankruptcy. But his


legacy will live on in the Middle East, where there are three museums


dedicated to his work. A lovely sunny day


for many of us today, but how long


will it last, Sue? It might last a few days yet. It is


going to be a fairly quiet week, weather-wise, largely dry with sunny


spells, often breezy but with some chilly nights. A bridge of high


pressure over Scandinavia is keeping the weather settled for the next few


days. Dominant enough to keep these fronts at bay. This evening, dried


with clear spells overnight. Patchy mist and fog forming but not too


dense because of the breeze. Temperatures in single figures in


towns and cities. Colder in rural areas. Tomorrow, more of the same


after a chilly start. Fine and dry with long, sunny spells, rather than


unbroken sunshine. Some patchy cloud at times, quite breezy.


South-easterly winds and feeling quite pleasant in the sunshine.


Highs of 15 to 17. Tuesday night into Wednesday, clear and dry,


chilly overnight. A subtle change as the Isa buyers move from a savvy


easterly wind to more other easterly, slightly cooler wind


direction. So more of the same on Wednesday, sunny spells, the best of


those in the West. Variable cloud but it should stay dry. That


easterly breeze developed while winds lighter inland, stronger along


the coast. Just a slight dip in the temperature, 14 to 16 Celsius. Later


in the week, the high pressure continues to dominate, but fronts


will try to push in from the Atlantic. It could be a bit more


cloudy at times. Looking largely fine and dry for much of this week.


Chilly nights, plenty of autumnal sunshine. Cooler later in the week


and possibly a bit more cloudy at times. The cloud could be big enough


for some drizzle, but no significant rain in the forecast. Today's


picture is from Trish, a chilly morning with early mist in


Denbighshire. More scenes like this over the next few mornings and you


can always send your pictures to us on the website.


The headlines again. The Prime Minister has told BBC Wales she


wants to listen to the Welsh Government's views on Brexit to


ensure it is fully engaged in preparations to leave the European


Union. But Theresa May stressed it will be her Government that


negotiates with the EU, there will be no seat at the table for the


Welsh Government. A quick word about a documentary


later this evening. Since the 1980s, dietary advice


in the UK has promoted a carbohydrate dominated diet


with as little fat as possible. Now there are serious disagreements


in the medical profession as to whether we may


have got this wrong, and if the wrong dietary advice has


contributed to our obesity epidemic. I've been experimenting


with the high-fat, low-carb diet. That's Fat v Carbs


at 8:30 this evening.


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