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Welcome to Wales Today. Our top stories:


A media scrum at Cardiff Crown Court for the retrial for rape


of former Wales international footballer Ched Evans.


Your council, the services we use and their future -


tonight the latest attempt at reform.


It is a public service. The public is entitled to know that we are


actually trying to deliver the best service. You can only do that if you


are talking to each other. Another day and another Welsh


football coach is fired. This time, Cardiff City sack


Paul Trollope after less than It has been their worst start to a


season for more than a decade. And we've been to Pontypridd


as the Conservatives claim the Welsh Government mismanaged


?4 billion of EU grants intended The retrial of former Wales


international footballer Ched Evans Evans is accused of raping a woman


after a night out in Rhyl in 2011. He denies the offence


and was in court today having won an appeal against his original


conviction back in 2012. The jury was told the alleged victim


remembered practically nothing of the night and was


too drunk to consent. Supported once again by his partner,


Ched Evans is back in court to try to clear his name once and for all.


He started his professional career at Manchester city in 2002. 13 Wales


caps followed. In 2009 he signed for Sheffield United for ?3 million. But


in 2012 that career pause. He and a fellow footballer were charged and


stood trial for rape. The jury at Caernarfon Crown Court acquitted the


other player but found Ched Evans guilty. He served half of a


five-year sentence. But new evidence emerged. His conviction was quashed.


A retrial was ordered. Ched Evans is extremely grateful that the Court of


Appeal has ruled that his conviction for rape was unsafe and should be


quashed. For the first time in four years, Ched Evans is playing


football once again with the League 1 side Chesterfield. There is no


prospect of Ched Evans going back to jail. He has already served a


custodial sentence as part of that first trial but he has always


maintained his innocence in all of this and that this retrial over the


next two weeks he will hope the jury will agree. It is the prosecution's


case that after a night out in May 2011, click on McDonald took a woman


back to a hotel to have sex but the court was told today that Ched Evans


also had sex with the woman in that hotel room. It is alleged she was


too drunk to be able to consent to sex with Mr Evans. Prosecution said


"We submit that she was so intoxicated, for whatever reason,


that she did not know what was happening. Sex without consent is


rape. She remembers practically nothing of the events of that


night." The prosecution also told the jury that although Ched Evans


steel is a well-known footballer, they should put aside any media


commentary or the views of anyone else during this retrial. The court


heard that some comments, especially those made online, were one-sided


and often unhelpful. Councils here will be


forced to work together, pooling their resources


with neighbouring authorities, to provide key services


like education and social care. This is the latest attempt at reform


after the Welsh Government dropped plans to redraw the map by cutting


the existing 22 councils Here's our political editor


Nick Servini. Regional partnerships don't sound


particularly dramatic but this would be a fundamental change. Big


spending services like social care, educational improvement, planning,


economic development and transport would be shared. Collaboration has


happened before but it has been done on a voluntary basis. The difference


now is that for the first time councillors will be forced to work


together. Even though the 22 councils would continue to exist, it


would mark the end of them being entirely self-contained bodies, able


to work independently. But there are concerns that adding a newly of


government would mean a lack of accountability, with confusion over


who is responsible for what. Local authorities work together in all


sorts of ways already. What we don't have is a systematic approach to


weight and we don't have an approach where local authorities know that


this is required of them. It is optional and it is very mixed. But


they do it and there is no suggestion this is somehow a new


tier of local government or you can't have accountability in it. One


of the big names is to help council's social services


departments to have better working relationships with hospitals. The


regional partnerships covering social care would mirror health


board boundaries with the aim of easing pressure on the NHS.


You cannot do this on the cheap to start it all off.


There are real efficiencies to be made about these organisations


working together, different social services departments working


But sometimes you just need that bridging money,


that finance, and we have got to make sure the Welsh Government


understands we may have to put up some money at the front


The last attempt at reorganising councils failed.


Are today's plans going to fare any better?


It was a striking feature of the last attempt which involves merging


local authorities that it was fiercely resisted right from the


start. This time around, the prospects are pretty good. Labour


does not have an overall majority. But a number of these policies were


very similar to the kind of things Plaid Cymru were talking about in


the Assembly campaign. They could get support there. And with the


councils themselves, this would not make -- involve major upheaval, a


major round of redundancies, and the 22, even though the door is open to


potentially some voluntary mergers, would continue to exist. But the


point about council reorganisation is that it can be deeply unpopular


with the grass roots party members around the country and none of the


parties are going to want to be involved in that at the moment


because guess what we have got in the spring of next year, council


elections. Thank you very much. A 33-year-old man from Cardiff has


been charged with six terrorism offences, including membership


of so-called Islamic State. Samata Ullah was arrested last


Tuesday by the Met Police Counter Terrorism Command supported


by the Wales Extremism Two houses in the city were searched


as part of the investigation. An employment tribunal has heard


that a former managing director of a Welsh food company referred


to a transgender employee as "it" and said she wasn't wanted


in the organisation. Chris Morton denies making


the comments while at His former head of Human


Resources Jackie Atkinson has accused him of unfairly


dismissing her after she criticised his behaviour in relation to two


members of staff who can't be named After just five months in the job,


Cardiff City have sacked their head The Bluebirds are second from bottom


in the Championship after only This has been the club's worst start


to a season in over a decade. Our reporter Ben Price is live


at the Cardiff City Stadium Sports fans watching tonight might


find it hard to recall a time quite like this in Welsh football. Paul


Trollope became the third Welsh club site manager to be sacked. He was


brought into the club back in May to replace Russell Slade but after just


two wins in the league this season, the club decided it was time for him


to go. Cardiff City is a club with big expectations. The owner Vincent


Tan wants them back in the Premier League as soon as possible so


whoever comes here next as manager will have a mammoth sized task on


will have a mammoth sized task on their hands.


It has been three seasons since Cardiff City rubbed shoulders with


the elite but a return to the Premier League is all but a distant


dream. It was all change once again at Cardiff City at the start of the


season. " Trollope, once a coach at the club he was soon handed the top


job back in May. This is a club with big expectations and so an eighth


place finish last year was not enough to satisfy the bosses. The


new head coach promised to deliver the goods. We are going to try and


hit the ground running, we are going to try and give the fans a team they


are proud of and proud to support. But that has not quite happened.


They are in a shocking position, second from bottom in the


Championship, they have only scored in a couple of matches. It is not


look like a man or manager who could turn things around so the club had


to react. Despite very little activity in the summer transfer


window, some may argue the current team has enough experience to get


themselves back up the table. It has been a tumultuous few years for the


bluebirds faithful, both on and off the field. They have been fallouts


and protests over changes to club colours and other big decisions. It


has left many fans feeling fed up. We have got a lack of experience


within the football world on the board, we have got people who are


good financial backgrounds but no football experience and that is


proved in the way we were rebranded. I think the coach has got a lot to


do with the result so something has got to be had by him. With an


international break this weekend, Cardiff have ten days to find a


replacement. The question is, who will be ready for such a challenge?


The question is, who will be ready for such a challenge?


Unlike Swansea City, Cardiff City are yet to name their replacement


manager. There has been quite a bit of speculation. The bookies


favourite is Neil Warnock, a man with a lot of experience in the


championship. He has also taken close to the Premier League. But


this is a situation we will have to watch closely over the next few


days. Much more to come before


seven o'clock: Frank Kitt has benefitted


from talking therapy but mental health charities say the waiting


lists are too long. When people do get access


to psychological therapies early, there is a reduction in the use


of prescriptions, a reduction Six members of staff have been


suspended at a mental health unit The action was taken


at Bryn Hesketh Unit after concerns were raised by another member


of staff over some Chris Dearden is in


our Bangor newsroom. The unit is run by the Betsi


Cadwaladr Health Board. It said it acted quickly when these concerns


came to light last week. It has not given as much detail about what the


problem is. A member of staff came forward with concerns about the


quality of care last week. The health board says it has reacted to


that, it has followed all the official guidelines on how it deals


with a case like this. It has also called in an independent outside


investigator and suspended six members of staff, although it


describes those suspensions as a neutral act. The unit is one of the


places where staff and patients were transferred to back in 2013 when


they were problems with another psychiatric ward. These


investigations are not connected at all, this is completely separate,


but they have still been calls from the Welsh Conservatives for some


reassurances in this case, firstly to people in North Wales that the


mental health service is being well-run, but also patients and


relatives at the unit that there would be any disruption while this


investigation is going on. Thank you very much. We will have more on this


during the course of the evening. One in four of us will suffer some


kind of mental health issue during our lives but when it comes


to getting psychological help people That's the view of a new coalition


of mental health charities. We Need to Talk Wales says half


of all people wait more than three months before their first


talking therapy session. He suffered from severe


depression and anxiety. At times he thought


about ending his life. Frank believes talking therapy


in the form of cognitive behavioural therapy changed his thinking


and saved his life. If I hadn't had that timely


intervention and a considerable amount of cognitive behavioural


therapy sessions, I don't think I would be here today


because I think that gradual decline into a depressive state,


I probably would have One in four of us will experience


some kind of mental health issue during our lifetimes and talking


therapies are widely seen as one of the most effective ways


to treat conditions such Earlier today, a new coalition


representing mental health charities Those behind it say all patients


should have access to talking It makes economic sense to do it


because it is going to cost the health service more if we don't


see people in a timely fashion. What research has shown is that


when people get access to psychological therapies early,


there is a reduction in the use of prescriptions, hospital


stays and GP visits, so it does make economic sense


to make it happen. The coalition has set


this target of 28 days. The Welsh Government has worked


on a new delivery plan and that has been done in partnership


with members of the coalition and people affected directly


by mental ill health as well. The new delivery plan will set


a target of 80% of people How soon before that


becomes a reality? The Minister will be launching this


delivery plan on World Mental Health Day, the 10th of October,


and we hope to see progress The cost of mental health problems


in Wales is estimated at ?7.2 billion a year


and prescriptions for The coalition warns if patients


continue to face long waits, the cost for Wales


will continue to rise. The Secretary of State for Wales has


launched a fierce attack on the Welsh Government's handling


of European Union funds Alun Cairns told the Conservative


Party conference in Birmingham that the Labour-run administration


in Cardiff had "mismanaged" grants Our Parliamentary Correspondent


David Cornock is at the conference Alun Cairns is very critical of the


way the EU funds have been spent in Wales but what he is not doing is


naming names. He won't tell us those projects he thinks have failed.


Instead he challenged us to go out and talk to people and to find out


whether they think they have got value for money, so that is what we


did. Restored to its former glory


and making a splash, the Pontypridd lido reopened last


year thanks in part to ?3 million And it is not the only part


of the town to get EU cash. Pontypridd, like much of Wales,


has received money for things like town centre regeneration,


improvements to its railway station The lido is now closed


for the winter but as politicians reflect on the summer's Brexit vote,


many are still asking why so many people in areas like this that have


qualified for European funding for so long decided to take


the plunge and vote to leave the EU. A big message of the Leave campaign


was there is no such But the Remain camp in Wales


used EU spending as one ?10 million for Pontypridd station,


the Church Village bypass. Pontypridd's AM made this video


listing EU backed projects, but the Welsh Secretary told


the Conservative conference today that the Leave vote in areas


like Pontypridd is in part down to Welsh Labour's handling


of the EU money. If you talk to people


in those communities, have they really felt an uplift


in their well-being, an uplift in their economic prosperity


because of the European aid? I would suggest the referendum


outcome tells you they didn't. Despite there being plenty of signs


like this in Rhondda Cynon Taff, People who live in the poverty


of the Valleys, as much as the money goes into these projects,


which is great, that I think once they get things sorted,


there will be more money for Wales. One Valleys Labour AM says


Alun Cairns is wrong to criticise You can't just put money


in for a short period of time They really are long-term projects


and it is not over yet. As Brexit gets closer,


the argument is now turning to the extent to which the UK


Government will deliver replacement funding and how that


funding will be spent. Well, also speaking at


the conference today was the leader of the Welsh Conservatives


Andrew RT Davies. Mr Davies reminded members here


that he had campaigned for Brexit - But his speech may be


remembered for other reasons. Conference, mark my words, we will


make breakfast...Brexit a success. That is one word that was not meant


to come out like that, was it? I will have a word with


the autocue at the back. Mark my words, plenty of food for


thought from the Welsh Conservative leader.


We are just getting news of a fire on a train in Caerphilly station.


The train was evacuated and crews were called around an hour ago.


National rail say it is causing delays of up to two hours and a real


replacement service will be available. We will bring you more on


this in our later bulletins. Every child in Wales


should be given the chance to play football, according


to the Assistant Wales Osian Roberts believes it's the only


way to develop another Gareth Bale or Aaron Ramsey and he's calling


for more investment in sport There are plans to install 100


all-weather artificial But those who run children's clubs


say they are often Even at this level, football can be


an expensive business. And those at the top


of the game are warning, as a result, Wales could fail


to nurture future talent. Wales midfielder Joe Allen,


for one, says he has seen talent We had examples of kids in my team


at Swansea or even in the local teams and local clubs


in Pembrokeshire that had talent but it was difficult


for the families to provide That is another area,


that is what I am hoping that The FAW made ?3 million


through Wales' success in the Euros There are already plans to install


100 3G pitches across Wales by 2020. But running costs can be up


to ?50,000 a year. So some clubs can't


afford to use them. The 3G pitches, it is ?89,


that is four or five week's subs for us, and that is if we get subs,


because it's voluntary. A lot of them say, we'll give it


next week, and then we've Wales assistant manager


Osian Roberts has his own idea I was speaking recently


to our colleagues in Iceland where they give a ?150 voucher


to each child to spend on any sports that they want to get


involved in every year. You decide how you want to exercise


and be involved in sport but we will remove the obstacle


and that is what we have got to do. We have got to remove those


obstacles that deter children Sport Wales says while it can't help


clubs pay for the hire of pitches long term, it does provide grants


for equipment and training. The Welsh Government says it invests


more than ?20 million every year in sport to support ambitions


and that is allocated to all levels, You can see more on this story


as former international Dean Saunders looks at how Welsh


grassroots football can help keep the Euros dream alive,


tonight at 10.40pm on BBC One Wales. In rugby, Sam Warburton has


undergone surgery for a fractured cheekbone today and is expected


to be out of action for two to four weeks, according


to the Cardiff Blues. He sustained the injury


after clashing heads with Josh Van der Flier during a defeat


to Leinster on Saturday. But the Wales captain should be


available for the autumn opener against Australia in Cardiff


on November the 5th. Lets see what the weather has in


store for the next couple of days. October is normally a wet month


but little if any rain Misty and cold in Llandrindod this


morning. But the cloud did lift


and break with a little Dry this evening and most


parts dry overnight. Just the odd spot of drizzle


on the hills. A few breaks in the cloud and milder


than last night with a breeze. Lowest temperatures,


nine, ten or 11 Celsius. Tomorrow's chart shows high pressure


over Norway and that means The high acting like a block,


keeping these fronts away from us. Here's the picture for


eight in the morning. A lot of cloud around but bright


in places with a breeze. So another dry day tomorrow


and during the day more More sunshine in the afternoon


than we saw today. Top temperatures


of 14 to 17 Celsius. A little cooler than today


and breezy with a moderate to fresh In Caerphilly tomorrow,


dry and breezy. Sunnier than today


and a little cooler. A cloudy start but cheering-up


with some sunshine. A bit breezy on the golf


course with a high of 15 Cloud will increase


overnight but staying dry. Parts of the south and west clear


and a cooler night. On Thursday, a mix of cloud,


bright or sunny intervals. The wind from the east with a light


shower possible in parts One or two light showers in mid


and north Wales, otherwise dry. The best of the sunshine


in the south-west. So benign weather this week


with subtle differences One or two showers, colder


nights with ground frost The headlines again. The retrial of


former Wales international footballer Ched Evans has begun. He


is accused of raping a woman after a night out in 2011. He was in court


today having won an appeal against his original conviction. The jury


was told the alleged victim remembered drastically nothing of


the night and was too drunk to consent. Mr Evans denies the charge.


And after five months in the job, Cardiff City have sacked head coach


Paul Trollope. The bluebirds are second from bottom in the


championship after only two wins in 11 matches.


I'll have an update for you here at eight o'clock and again


From all of us on the programme, good evening.


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