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A woman who alleges she was raped


by footballer Ched Evans in a hotel room tells a jury she did


Another blow for the Welsh steel industry - 100 jobs go


And we're underground with the latest on the Severn


It's costing ?10 million, but bosses say work is right on track.


You can understand the scale of the work, working 24 hours with 200


people around condensing five years of work into six weeks.


In tonight's sport: It's arguably their toughest


World Cup qualifier - the Wales team arrive in Vienna


ahead of their clash against Austria tomorrow night.


A court has heard that a woman allegedly raped by the former Wales


footballer Ched Evans woke up naked and alone in a hotel room and


The prosecution say the woman was too drunk to consent.


The Chesterfield striker denies raping her at the Premier Inn


in Rhuddlan in Denbighshire five years ago.


His re-trial was ordered after a successful appeal


For a second day, Ched Evans listened in court that the woman he


is accused of raping. It is alleged to have happened five years ago in


Denbighshire. The court heard the 19-year-old woman was out drinking


with friends in real during the second Maybank holiday weekend in


2011. The jewellery were shown recorded a lease video interviews


with the alleged victim from 2011. In them, she explains how she


remembers nothing after leaving a nightclub last night save for


holding a piece of pizza at some point in a takeaway. She described


waking up alone in a hotel room without her clothes on, unable to


explain how she got there. She said even her friends would say she does


go out and drink, but not to the extent where she doesn't remember


anything. CCTV shown in court showed the woman at this takeaway, she is


seen stumbling and falling over. She met a friend of Chad Evans here,


too. Follow football at Clayton McDonald's. The jury was shown CCTV


showing the pair of getting a taxi back to the hotel. Previous trial,


great Donnal was admitted of rape -- cleared of rape, there is no


suggestion he has done anything wrong. The defence team of Ched


Evans say he went into the room while the woman was having


consensual sex and joined in with her permission. The QC put it to the


alleged victim, I'm suggesting you were disinherited, you lost your


inhibitions because you had been drinking? I don't no, said the


woman. Later she said, a memory blackout does not mean unconscious,


not capable of making decisions, would you agree with that? Yes, the


woman replied. It was put several times to the alleged victim that she


took the lead and directed things at the hotel that night. She maintains


that's not something she would do. Chad Evans denies one count of rape.


The trial continues. Around 100 workers have lost their


jobs at a Newport steel firm. AIC Steel Limited, which has only


been operating since 2014, 29 people are left


working at the plant - and their future is unknown,


as our Economics Correspondent Right in the heart of


Newport's Docklands, they've been putting together


structures made from steel Just two years ago, AIC celebrated


a ?10 million investment But yesterday lunchtime,


130 workers were called in the canteen, and told


that the business was going 101 of them were made redundant,


and those that are still left here are keeping the business


ticking over while the administrator AIC has been buying steel


and drilling and welding it and cutting it into whatever


structure their clients order. The sheer size of the site means


this team can work on vast projects. The site has helped build some


of the most high-profile sporting venues in the UK,


including the roof at the London Olympics Aquatics Centre,


stadia in Cardiff and Swansea, Most recently, AIC had a contract


with Bristol City Football Club It is very unfortunate for the


workforce and the steel company. Unfortunately, it's not a great


surprise, because the fabrication industry is facing a number of


difficulties. Firstly, the demand, which was predicted to increase


through 2016, is still flat-lining, there is very the full increase in


demand in the fabrication industry. Working here for more than 40 years,


and at one time, more than 1000 workers were there. It is only 2.5


years since AIC took it over, when the company went into


administration, hitting the local community hard. It has come as quite


a shock, really. Only one year ago, they laid quite a few people off.


And now have, you know, but in all of them go, is, yeah, it is going to


be big in Newport, 100 people, lots of people, yeah, a sad day, a sad.


How vulnerable is the Welsh steel industry right now?


Well, really this isn't the steel industry as we might think of it in


terms of Tata Steel, this company does not make steel, it buys steel


and make things from them, it is a fabricator, we have got lots of


fabricators across Wales but that doesn't mean they are having an easy


time. They are the kind of business that do badly in a downturn or a


recession, and it is very competitive out there. In fact,


somebody who's applies that sector told me today that it is very quiet


in Wales in that field. That is particularly dangerous because you


could go out as a business tendering, trying to get work, get


too much work in and not be able to deliver in the time because you


don't have the capacity, you have only got 130 workers after all. But


the other thing is special bespoke tailored products like this are very


hard to cost. You want to offer a cost that is cheap so that you get


the business, the lowest you can to get the business, but you might find


there is no room for any profit there. We don't know the reasoning


behind this, the administrators and saying what, but it is a fragile,


delicate kind of business. Thank you, Sarah.


A 33-year-old man from Cardiff has appeared in court charged


with six terrorism offences, including membership of so-called


Islamic State, and possessing a missile guidance book.


Samata Ullah was arrested in the city last Tuesday


by the Metropolitian Police Counter Terrorism Command.


He was remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey later this month.


An investigation's underway into an oil spill which has entered


Natural Resources Wales says it's working to contain the spill


Kerosene from the pipeline which carries aviation fuel


and diesel from the Valero refinery in Pembroke has


Anglers in the area say they've seen a large number of dead


You know, the river's bad enough as it is.


You can smell it in the air now, I can feel it on my hands.


If this is happening here, what's it going to be like once it


And then it's floating up and down with the tides.


We don't know what effect that's going to have.


The leader of Ukip in the Assembly, Neil Hamilton, has ruled himself out


of the running to become the party's new UK leader.


Diane James, who'd only held the post for 18


Nigel Farage, whom she took over from, described the prospect


of Mr Hamilton leading the party as a "horror show",


I do not see any prospect of that horror story coming to pass.


He is the leader of Ukip in the Welsh Assembly?


Because I'm afraid he doesn't do our public image a whole


Our Political Reporter, Paul Martin, has been following another lively


Yes, it was just last week that Diane James was here in Cardiff Bay,


meeting Ukip AM to tell them about her plans for the future of the


party. Nine days later, she is out of the job at Nigel Farage is back,


temporarily at least. As for who is going to take over from Diane James


here in the longer term, Neil Hamilton ruled himself out, and he


had this response to that big from Nigel Farage. I suppose different


things Bright and different people. In the cause of a long political


life, criticism is rarely inhibited by ignorance. As for who is in the


running for the drop, Steven Woolfe, an MEP who fail to get his


nomination papers in in time, he confirmed this afternoon he is going


to go to the job again, and he is very close to form the Ukip Wales


leader Nathan Gill. A rival, of course, of Neil Hamilton. People who


followed the Ukip Wales or will not be surprised to hear that Neil


Hamilton is backing a different candidate. He wants another MEP,


Paul Nuttall, deliver the job. Mr Hamilton feels that Paul Nuttall


will be the best man to develop the presence that Ukip as in traditional


Labour areas like the Welsh valleys. Thank you, Paul.


It's emerged the six-week electrification work


in the Severn Tunnel is costing Network Rail ?10 million.


Engineers at the partly taxpayer-funded body say


they are on track to finish by their October 21st deadline.


The tunnel is closed during the engineering,


The future's arrived in the dark, damp Severn Tunnel.


A 21st-century rail anchored in Victorian brick.


But while engineers are ferried to their subterranean work,


This work has caused misery for thousands of commuters,


who've had to travel the long way round using


Transport planners are hoping it's worth it.


The Swiss-made rail will power faster trains to South Wales.


The England to Wales line has already been finished.


Those working here say it's the most intensive rail project


These six weeks are costing Network Rail, which is


Within the six weeks' working, we're spending circa ?10 million.


So you can understand the scale of the work,


working 24 hours with 200 people round-the-clock, condensing five


Commuters are travelling the long way round while


Trains between South Wales and London are taking the scenic


route via Gloucester, adding around 35


And passengers have been sharing their experiences online.


Emma from Newport posted this picture, pleased


with her new commute along the River Severn.


But others, like Nathan Cready, are frustrated with


Electrification will allow these to operate in Wales -


they should cut 30 minutes off a journey to London.


Engineers say working the tunnel is going to plan,


but exactly when electrified trains will arrive here


Network Rail say they should be in Cardiff by 2019,


And more bad news for commuters tonight -


the railway line between Newport and Cardif has been closed


because an unexploded bomb from the Second World War has been


We'll be in Vienna, as Wales prepare to take on Austria


in arguably their toughest World Cup Qualifier.


And it's been a beautiful autumn day.


Sunny and breezy, but how long will the fine weather last,


The Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to help ordinary working


class people in a speech to the Conservative Party


conference, claiming they'd been hit hardest by the financial crisis.


But what do the blue-collar workers of Wales make of her message?


Our Political Correspondent, James Williams, has been


A speech delivered to the party faithful in Birmingham, but one


directed to the country at large. This is a bold plan to bring Britain


together, to build a new united Britain, rooted... The test, as


always with these beaches, is whether they resonate outside of the


conference hall in places like Bridgend. A lot of water has flowed


under the bridge since this area last turned blue. It was 1983, in


fact, when spread end back the Conservatives. But the party has


been chipping away at the majority of Labour here in recent years, and


has the seat firmly set in its sights. So, what are the people of


the town make of Theresa May's hotly contested pitch that the


Conservatives can reclaim the new centre ground of British politics?


Well, I've never been impressed with the Conservative Party, to be


honest. I think she's possibly got more qualities to help most people


in the country than Mr Cameron before her. Do you think she is a


strong leader? Yeah, I'm just glad there is another woman in, to be


honest. Would you consider voting for her? Yes. She didn't vote for


Brexit. I voted out, and I'm glad to see now that she is trying to keep


it going, you know, do the best she can for the country. Brexit will


undoubtedly defying Theresa May's time in Downing Street. She called


the vote to leave the EU we quiet revolution, urging people to seize


the day. She will do the best that she can. And she is in a difficult


position. In reality, it's probably a no-win situation on a personal


site. It has been six months since this councillor left the


Conservatives. But he thinks other people in the area may go the other


way. In the last election, we had the unknown quantity that is Ukip.


And as they are currently seeking the votes back from Ukip by really


adopting there are gender, it is quite possible, of course, that they


will chip away at Labour's majority little bit more -- there agenda.


Whether it is enough to turn its blue, that is going to depend very


much on how Brexit really does affect Bridgend. Three months into


her premiership, Theresa May is still enjoying her honeymoon. But


there is a very rocky road ahead. A drop-in session has been held


for people to find out more about plans for a ?7.5 million


flood-defence scheme 91-year-old Margaret Hughes died


and 400 homes were flooded when the River Elwy burst its banks


in St Asaph in November 2012. Work to protect the city from future


flooding is due to start next week. Plans for a ?12 million renewable


energy project at a waterfall in the Snowdonia National Park


have been withdrawn. Innogy Renewables UK Limited had


proposed a hydro-electric scheme on the River Conwy,


near Betws y Coed. But it says it's decided


to shelve the project. It had attracted opposition


from environmentalists, Let's get tonight's


sport now with Kate. More money than ever


before is being spent on rugby in Wales, according


to the Welsh Rugby With a 13% increase in its turnover,


the WRU says it will continue to increase funding


for the game at all levels. But some community clubs claim


they're struggling to survive. Nurturing the rugby stars of the


future. Today, this club welcomed Gower College. This is on the 18th


elite college rugby. The young players at Galer College, like many


other schools around Wales, are coached by a rugby officer,


appointed as part of the school choir Pup programme. Its purpose is


to boost the number of children playing the game. We are trying to


promote rugby, encourage kids to play, we can start filtering them


into the clubs. Last year, we had year sevens, a lot of them coming to


school, never played rugby before, we worked really hard to get the


team up and running. We created and under 12 is. If we can do that every


year, we can have a full junior section in three or four years,


which is great for the club. Expanding this kind of initiative


has been possible due to what the Welsh Rugby union claims is a record


investment in the national game. If we take a look at that investment in


a bit more detail we can see that regional rugby gets the biggest


portion of the money, more than ?19 million. Around ?200,000 more has


been invested in premiership rugby, and further to that, an extra ?1


million has gone back into the game at the grassroots level. We always


try and encourage the club to be sort of like the hub of society. I


think we're all aware in Wales that many of these institutions are


struggling, if you like, in terms of attracting people. So it's


important, you know, villages the length and breadth of Wales have


rugby clubs, it is important they have sustainable futures.


Encouraging words for the likes of this club. They had to pull out of


the league this season because they were not able to arrange a team.


This is a unique situation. Over the past few years, many clubs have


struggled. We have been struggling for a few years. But at the start of


the season, we were hopeful that we would have a decent season. First


training session we had 20-odd players out. But from there it


declined. I come up here two or three weeks later, coming in the


dressing room and there five or six players. They said that players have


transferred into other clubs. I just don't know what the reason is. Many


of these young players have their sights set in a career on


professional rugby. To ensure more young players can have the same


aspirations, the W Y dew says it will look for new ways of generating


revenue to allow the game to to grow.


Let's start with Cardiff City - they've appointed Neil Warnock


as manager after Paul Trollope was sacked yesterday.


The 67-year-old helped Rotherham avoid relegation


from the division last season, but turned down the chance to stay.


Trollope was dismissed after only two wins in 11 games.


The Wales team have arrived in Vienna, head of arguably their


toughest World Cup qualifier against Austria tomorrow night. Chris


Coleman's side will be looking to continue their good run of form. In


the city famous for Mozart and Strauss and calculus concert halls.


It is Wales' turn to perform in Vienna. It's all on tomorrow night.


It's the night we've been waiting for, we'll see who is ready and who


is prepared. Whether they've got strength and weaknesses the same as


us, it's who is ready for the night and ready for the game tomorrow


night. The Austria manager said the night two or three of his players


will be tasked with marking Gareth Bale. The manager also claimed Wales


were lucky to reach the semifinals of Euro 2016. After success in the


summer, the demand for tickets has been higher than usual. Around 4000


supporters are expected to travel here. But some fans won't have to


travel too far to get to the game. John Morgan was brought up in


Newcastle Emlyn, but Vienna has been his home for 40 years. Having


clocked up thousands of miles in his car following the national side,


this game is on his doorstep. This is marvellous, because we're still


recovering from the French trip, even the bank account are being


slowly repaired. At the moment everybody wants to see Gareth Bale,


he is the superstar, he is the local hero in Austria. Everybody wants to


see him play. And who would bet against it Wales side with bail on


form? But tomorrow's match is possibly Chris Coleman's toughest


test of the campaign, taking all aside seeded second behind Wales in


the group. -- taking on a side. We will of course have all of the


build-up. We'll have all the build-up


to Wales' World Cup qualifier against Austria


in tomorrow's programme. For now, that's all


your sport, Nicky. ?7 million a year is spent


clearing drains in Wales, because people are flushing things


they shouldn't down the loo. Now Welsh Water is launching


a new campaign to get people to clean up their act,


as Caroline Evans reports. Yet another blockage


for the Welsh Water team to tackle. And there's a stone


in there as well, I think, Wet wipes by the bucketload


are having to be pulled out Steve has been doing


this job for 15 years, The worst thing I found


in the drains was a small kids' paddling pool,


which someone had obviously just stuffed on the line


and used it as a bin. His colleague, Gareth,


just a few months into the job, has A kids' toy, and I've seen


a football before now. It seems people will throw


anything down the drain. But even rinsing oil down the sink


can lead to major problems. Just remember this fatberg


found under Cardiff. With 2000 call-outs to blocked


sewers every month, Welsh Water has today launched a campaign hoping


to make people realise the damage they can cause by flushing a cotton


bud or putting food down the sink. If we just stick to putting paper,


poo and pee down the toilet and not wet wipes and cotton buds


and plastic and all sorts of manner of other things,


then the sewers will block far less So, really, it's all


about working with customers so that they understand what not


to put down the toilet. A recent survey found Welsh Water


customers would rather see investment in our water system


than money off bills. It is hoped that by highlighting


the cost of work like this, ?7 million per year,


it will help change habits. There is plenty more dry weather to


come this week, that's for sure, although it will turn a bit cooler


and Claudio. No sign yet of any significant rain, just one or two


showers. Lots of sunshine and cloud in Welshpool today with a gusty


wind, sunny and breezy in Tonypandy. High pressure over Scandinavia at


the moment, that's the reason for the dry spell. Quite a few isobars


across the UK, that's why it has been a bit windy today. We also have


some cooler air lurking David Germany, and that blob of cooler air


is heading our way, it's going to reach us tomorrow, bringing in


temperature. In the meantime, fine and clear this evening. -- bringing


a cooler temperature. The South and West stays clear, and cooler than


last night, temperatures falling as low as six or seven Celsius. Here is


the picture for tomorrow morning at 8am, it will feel chilly, but dry.


Cloudy in parts of the South East. Some cloud likely in Wrexham and


Flintshire. I'll swear, fine and bright, should be sunny in the West.


-- elsewhere. During the day, some cloud will spread from the east,


still a few sunny intervals in the afternoon but not as sunny as today.


Generally dry and cooler. Temperatures lower than today, 12 to


15 Celsius. The wind not quite so strong, but still a noticeable


breeze. In Monmouthshire tomorrow, cloudier than today, cooler as well


with the breeze. Turning a bit cloudier in the afternoon. Tomorrow


evening and overnight, the cloud may be thick enough for one or two


passing showers here and there, and feeling on the cool side. Friday is


fairly cloudy, showers in places, otherwise a lot of dry weather and


bright and sunny towards Pembrokeshire. Temperatures a degree


also higher, 16 Celsius in Aberystwyth. The weekend, not agree


deal of change. -- not a great deal of change. One or two showers,


otherwise dry, bright spells of sunshine, wind light, similar on


Sunday, the risk of a sharp too, slightly cooler. Make the best of


the sunshine in parts of the South and West. That's all for me. Thanks,


Derek. A reminder of our top story tonight. A court has heard that a


woman allegedly raped by the formal Welsh footballer Ted Evans -- Ched


Evans said that the woman was too drunk to consent. The Chesterfield


striker denies raping her in Denbighshire in 2011. I'll be back


I'll be back with a quick update at 8pm, and a full round-up


From all of us on the programme, have a lovely evening.


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