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a jury at his trial allegations of child sex abuse were


a 'nightmare that never went away'.


The plan to give more power to the Assembly -


but concern that it's still 'over-complicated'.


A man from Flintshire facing extradition to Greece and a stretch


in prison after an accident while he was on holiday


You think these people should be following some sort of procedure to


actually summon you and tell you what is going on. I did not even get


a chance to defend myself over this. as it's revealed up to a 100,000


litres of kerosene have leaked


into a Carmarthenshire river. And in tonight's sport,


the latest ahead of a big night The journey to the World Cup


continues tonight with Wales against Austria in Vienna as Chris Coleman's


men aim to qualify for another major tournament.


And Neil Warnock says it's his kind of club -


as he's unveiled as the new manager of Cardiff City.


A retired senior police officer accused of sexually assaulting


teenagers has said accusations against him were a nightmare


against Gordon Anglesey from Old Colwyn first surfaced 25


years ago which led to him successfully suing for libel.


He has sat in the dock listening for the case of the prosecution and now


it is his turn in the dock. He was taken back to October in 1991 and a


call he received from a national newspaper reporter. The next day


that newspaper published an article, headlined "New child abuse


scandal.". He was named as a regular visitor to this children's home in


Wrexham. It also said he retired from the police suddenly and without


explanation. On that day, has a life ever been the same, he was asked? He


replied, no. He won more than one third of ?1 million in compensation.


The jury was told about the defendant's time running a home


office attendance centre for young offenders based at Saint Joseph


School in Wrexham. The buildings have changed in the last 30 years.


He denied claims he sexually abused one boy at the attendance centre and


watched others in the showers. He was taken through the names of some


convicted child abusers, Peter Howarth, one ahead of a children's


home... He said... Garry Cook... He said, I have never associated with


him. John Hallam, who owned a children's home... He said, I know


John Hallam. I met him once. Tanya Griffith put the prosecution claims


directly to Gordon Anglesea. You have heard these allegations you


abused boys, she said. Have you abused any boy? The reply, never.


Any chance? Again, the reply was never. He denies all charges against


him and the case continues. Plans to give more power


to the Assembly could still result in a "roll-back" of devolution -


that's according to a committee The UK Government insists


the Wales Bill currently passing through Parliament will secure


"stronger" devolution. But a cross party committee


in the Senedd says the Bill Our political reporter James


Williams has the details. Since the start of the Assembly back


in 1999, there have been many steps


on Wales' devolution journey, of which, the current


Wales Bill is the latest. Well, it would give the Senedd


new powers over things such as taxi licensing and speed limits,


energy projects such as fracking and Assembly elections,


including the voting age. But the most controversial aspect


is a proposed change to the architecture of devolution -


it's meant to clarify how power is divided between Westminster


and Cardiff Bay, but critics say the Wales Bill, as it stands,


makes it more complicated. It's meant to push things forward,


but there's concern the Wales Bill as it stands could roll


back Welsh devolution. That certainly wasn't


the intention when these two launched the so-called


St David's Day Agreement last year - the basis for the current Wales


Bill. is concerned it could be


a backward step.... It will not last. It might last for


a generation or -- it will not last for a couple generations, couple of


years if that. It could roll it backwards and that will be the first


time a government of Wales Bill has ever done that.


Now, the main point of contention is about the structure


As it stands, the areas Assembly Members can make laws


Essentially, under the proposed new system, it would be those areas


where AMs could not make laws that would be written down -


it would be a list of powers reserved to Westminster.


But there's concern the list, which has already been


The committee says a law passed by the Assembly a few years ago


to set minimum wages for farm workers wouldn't be possible under


Neither, they say, would a future law on banning the smacking


of children - something the Welsh Government


I think there has been more thought put into this Wales Bill than any


previous piece of legislation to do with devolution and I recently


delivered a lecture where the last thing we wanted to do was to revisit


the settlement again, I said. I think it is almost a deliberate


dishonesty on the heart of the report authors about this.


Yet, criticism of the current Bill extends beyond the Senedd,


with some pointing the finger of blame at Westminster.


I think there is a general lack of interest on devolution in


Westminster. We are very much the poor relations when it comes to


discussions, even behind Northern Ireland in that respect. When you


put it together it comes up with a pretty weak bill which does not pay


any serious attention to some constitutional principles and


ambitions for the devolution settlement in Wales.


The Wales Bill's grand ambition is to solidify


the foundations of devolution - but many want it taken back


There will be a chance to make changes to the bill when it enters


the house of lords as part of its progress through Parliament. The UK


government insists it will secure a stronger, clearer and Sarah


settlement. But the difficulty is that it is the fourth Wales Bill


since devolution and that is what the government said about the


previous version. -- versions. At the retrial of footballer


Ched Evans for rape, the court has heard he told police


he "could have had any The Chesterfield striker denies


raping the 19-year-old woman A friend of the alleged victim said


she had turned up at her house Joe Stevens has been appointed part


-- Welsh secretary as part of Jeremy Corbyn's reshuffle of his front


bench team, replacing Paul Flynn. A man from Flintshire


who was involved in a car accident in Greece 13 years ago -


is facing extradition to serve a 15 Paul Wright from Mold was released


after being interviewed But this March, he was convicted


in his absence by a Greek court He's been speaking exclusively


to our reporter Matthew Richards. A holiday with friends to Malia


in Greece ended abruptly when Paul Wright got into a car


belonging to a local barman. His friend had offered to move it,


but crashed and ran off, leaving Mr Wright to


explain the damage. He says police interviewed


and then released him. He left Greece and flew


back to Britain. In March this year police


officers acting on behalf of the National Crime Agency


arrested him, saying he was the subject of


a European Arrest Warrant. He'd been convicted of joyriding


and criminal damage He faces 15 months in prison


in Greece unless he pays a fine I just didn't know


how to take it in. When you think that these people


should be following some sort of procedure


to actually summons you and tell you what's going on,


because I didn't even get Mr Wright has asked a solicitor


to fight his extradition as he qualifies for legal aid,


but worries he will be taken from his pregnant wife and two


children for a crime They haven't put forward specific


reasons for convicting him in his absence, but in terms of their


policy, I understand they will proceed in the absence


of the defendant to go straight The concern we have


in relation to that particular procedure is the summons to alert


the individual, the defendant, if you like, is sent to the last known


address, which is a hotel. Solicitor Paul Wright is appealing


to the UK government to change the way it reviews


European Arrest Warrant cases. Whatever the circumstances


of the case and I don't know what they are,


it is not acceptable for someone to be charged and convicted


in their absence, to have an arrest warrant in their


absence and having to fight through court for an event 13 years ago


when they were told at the time It's different if


you've got the money. You've got to weigh up


putting your family into a lifetime of debt to fight


something for the right to say yes, I didn't do it and have


no guarantee... Paul Wright is due to appear before


Westminster Magistrates If he loses his fight he'll be given


time to appeal. Up to 100,000 litres of Kerosene has


leaked from a major fuel pipeline It's already had an impact on local


wildlife around Nantycaws with many fish found dead


in the water. Natural Resources Wales says


at least half of the oil has been Our reporter Ben Price


is in Nant-y-caws this evening. -- in Virgin. Well, just behind --


in an anti-cows. This is a tributary just behind the river and a measure


is in place to stop the water from flowing further so they can extract


that kerosene. An investigation is under way to try and establish the


source of this leak. But as you can imagine it has already had a large


impact on the local environment and many people have serious concerns.


In the quiet countryside, teams have worked around the clock to prevent


tens of thousands of litres of kerosene from causing major damage


to the local environment. The volume at the moment, we are working on


estimates, it is about 70,000 up to 100,000 litres of oil which has


leaked. But the company acted very quickly, both on-board specialist


companies as we can see, to help gather the oil as they are doing


here and we have been fortunate enough to actually succeed so far in


actually recapturing about 62,000 litres as of earlier today. The


consequences of the spillage from a nearby pipeline are clearly visible.


Already local anglers have pulled a number of dead fish out of affected


waterways. A few hundred yards down the road behind me is where work is


being carried out to repair a defect on a high-pressure fuel line of


branding underneath the eastbound carriageway of the A48. It is not


certain if this work carried out has caused the spillage. That


investigation is ongoing. Some locals said they noticed oil in the


river two days ago and contacted the relevant authorities immediately.


Since then there continues to be a small -- strong smell of kerosene


vapour and people had been informed to keep their windows shut. It runs


through the land of this farmer and he says the impact it could have on


his livestock is a serious concern. I am very frustrated. Not just the


inconvenience of moving the animals, but the damage to the river. This is


my local river and it is polluted and will be for years to come. This


is not something which will get better overnight when you kill


anything in the river, it has gone. Work will continue for a number of


days to minimise the impact on people and the environment. Public


health Wales said it is unlikely anybody exposed to the fuel oil for


a short period of time would have any long-term effects. But they


advise anybody coming into contact with the oil to seek medical


attention if they become unwell. He's only just in the job -


but Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock is already talking


about bringing in new players. And the people of Port Talbot -


caught on camera for amid the uncertainty


of the steel crisis. It has emerged tonight


that the leader of Unite the Union, Len McClusky is meeting


with Ford Motor Company's top the future of the Bridgend Engine


Plant. It comes amid growing concern


about the plants viability when the types of engines


they currently make are replaced Our economics correspondent


Sarah Dickins is here - This meeting has been arranged in


the last 24 hours. It is a very important meeting. Len McCluskey


running the union at a UK level, and he will be meeting a number of


officials including somebody right at the top of the hierarchy. It is


not fought UK, or Europe, but the world, a very important person. --


Ford UK. 1800 people work at this plant. It is important not only for


that area but right across the Welsh economy because of the money that


has been put in. The engines they make at the moment for Ford cars and


Jaguar cars both come to an end in 2019. The concern is what happens


afterwards. They won investment at a level of more than ?100 million,


with 15 million from the Welsh government a while ago to create


only one third of the nub of engines they are making now. Only last month


it was hard to less than that. That engine known as the dragon would


only be won six of the engine they are making now. You can imagine that


that raises big questions about the viability of the plant. One thing


making it worse is almost all the parts for the engine we make in


Wales are imported from overseas, the engines are made here and they


go abroad into cars because we do not assemble Ford cars in the UK any


more. It is very serious. We will hear more about this tomorrow.


Sarah, thank you. Welsh farmers are amongst those


"with most to lose" if the UK fails to negotiate a trade deal before it


leaves the EU. That's according to the body


in charge of promoting Welsh Senior figures from the farming


industry have been discussing From Llanelwedd, here's our


environment correspondent, There is a brave new world ahead


for these Welsh farmers. Life outside the EU means big


changes to the way Farmers are more than


anything frustrated with all the bureaucracy


and red tape. Now they now want their voices


heard. They voted out because


they want change. Theresa May said she will activate


Article 50 by the I think we need more meat


on the bones now to know which way the negotiations


will go and what it will There is certainly plenty


to discuss, but top of the agenda at Only around 5% of


the meet Welsh farmers -- Only around 5% of


the meat Welsh farmers The exports are vital


and of the beef and lamb currently sent overseas,


90% of it ends up in the EU. Forging trade deals


with other emerging markets takes time and


the organisation in charge of promoting Welsh meat says we must


preserve the major market on our


doorstep in the meantime. Without an agreement,


the fear is EU tarrifs could hit


Welsh farmers hard. We built up a strong market


in Europe over the last 12 years, especially in Italy,


Germany and France. We've got a strong developing


market in Denmark. We spent a lot of time,


energy and money to develop those


markets and we need to be While some see clouds ahead,


others say Brexit is a chance for some blue sky thinking


with the future Opening today's conference,


a former special adviser to the Treasury on


agriculture and economics. You need to make your case


nationally, and there are farming communities up and down


the United Kingdom where one We should actually be able to get


a better focus and targetted The UK Government said


it will fight for the best deal possible for farmers,


putting the British food and drink industry at the front and centre


of trade negotiations with the EU. Those attending the conference today


say they intend to hold them A big day for Welsh football -


Claire's here. We start with the Wales National


Team and Chris Coleman's men are in action in around


an hour's time. Austria are their opponents


in their second - and arguably toughest -


World Cup qualifier. 4,000 fans have travelled to Vienna,


from where Tomos Dafydd It is their first away trip since a


successful summer in France. Expectations have risen since Euro


2016. Wales are top seeds in the group, no longer irrelevant


outsiders. Not a patch on France but then again it is Vienna. It means


nothing to me! Happy with a draw, I think. We are going to draw it. We


are going to win, so... If we are performing. 4000 made the journey.


The captain hopes the travelling fans will drive the players arm. I


think they know how much we appreciate them. They are massive


for us and I hope they can stick with us and keep pushing us arm. The


Welsh opponents perform for the cameras last night. They are


regarded as the best Austrian side in some time, undefeated in their


last qualifying campaign, but they had a nightmare at the European


Championships, freezing against Iceland and failing to get further


than the group stages. Tactically the teams may be shaped up a bit


different to what they would have done before against us. But it is


just another challenge we need to meet and overcome. Now we are in


Austria's back yard. The pressure is on them to win the game, also. It is


not Chris Coleman's first visit to Vienna. At the age of 211992 he


scored on his Welsh debut. Now as manager he is aiming to achieve


something no Welsh side has done before and win in Austria. They hope


Eric Bale can deliver again, he has scored two and created another in


Moldova last month. Austria also won their opening game against Georgia.


I do not think there are too many threats from Austria. As a team I


think they are quite strong and if we can deal with them as a team


individually we have got a better chance than anybody because we all


seem to be at Fred, we always seem to know what we need to do, and we


have this knack the moment of seeing games out and getting results, which


is so important. The long road to the World Cup in 2018 is going to


continue tonight. Austria incest Wales are favourites to qualify in


the group. The result tonight will be an early indication about whether


or not Wales can reach another major tournament. All the action on the


BBC sport website, BBC Wales and radio Cumbria.


Radio Cymru, and on the BBC Sport website.


And we'll bring you a match report at 10:25.


New Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock says he had no


hesitation in accepting the job especially when he heard he was


Speaking for the first time since getting the job -


he's already been talking about bringing in new players.


I have always liked it here. My kind of supporters, really. My kind of


football I think they will enjoy and get behind us and create at


atmosphere I love to work in. He will beat Cardiff city's six


permanent manager, since Vincent Tan became permanent owner in 2010. He


has built a reputation as a disciplinarian and tough task master


and his CB definitely boasts experience. Born in Sheffield, he is


a proud Yorkshire man, with a career spanning 35 years in management.


Cardiff city is the 15th club of his career. He has won promotion seven


times and his first test will be at home, Bristol City visiting one week


on Friday. I once the stadium full, not just for the Bristol City game,


I want it full, I want excitement to come back to Cardiff city, because


it is a great club. I want people to look forward to coming on a


Saturday. We are not going to win every game, but, we cannot miss


Saturday's game, we do not know what is around the corner. His last job


was at Rover when he changed their fortunes with an 11 game undefeated


run. -- Rob. He has been linked with a host of jobs but he said Cardiff


was a challenge he could not turn down. He says he is looking for to


working with the owner Vincent Tan. -- Rotheram. You have the right to


talk to him whenever you want. I will have the right to turn off my


phone and I have told him that. I think everybody at the club is


wanting to be successful, whatever position they are in. I have just


come on board to try and help them get to where they want to be,


really. Cardiff city are one from bottom in the table but Neil Warnock


is an old master at helping struggling clubs and has certainly


got a challenge on his hands. But he said he will be ready for what lies


ahead. And tomorrow, the new man


at Swansea City, Bob Bradley, is due to face the media


for the first time. A photography exhibition,


looking at the lives of people who live and work in Port Talbot,


has opened there. The works are by 12 photographers


from around the world - and the uncertainty about the future


of the Tata steelworks, Port Talbot has grown up around its


steelworks. From the boom of the 1950s and 60s and the decline in the


1980s. More recently the town without its works has become a real


possibility. It has been documented by these international


photographers, who are preparing to showcase their work. The project is


called in the Windsor wakes and it has documented the local history,


architecture, geography and social life in the last six months, aiming


to raise awareness about how uncertainty is affecting the


community. We saw that the town was a bit different from what the media


were showing. So we decided we would focus a little bit on it and maybe


explore different aspects of the town. Local people have been


involved, and some have invited photographers into their homes. When


they turned up they thought they would find a great, soulless and


depressed town. And what they found was a town with a lot of heart and


soul. There is iron in our blood. But there is a lot of joy and a lot


of variation that goes on in this town, as well. The photos are being


exhibited in the local shopping centre, another chapter in the


unfinished history of a town and its steelworks.


Benny good to see you, what's in store?


It is quiet in the coming days with high pressure keeping it nice and


quiet. We did get 17 Celsius in places today, pretty good with the


average at 13 Celsius. Tomorrow we can look forward to some sunny


spells but more clout and feeling cooler. Variable cloud tonight and


clear skies. The risk of the odd isolated shower. Most of us will get


away with a dry night with temperatures getting down to around


seven Celsius. The pressure charts tomorrow shows high pressure over


Scandinavia, controlling the weather in the coming days, keeping it nice


and quiet and blocking any systems from coming in. First thing tomorrow


morning is a chilly start but an isolated shower risk and most of us


will have a dry day, variable cloud and some sunny spells. If you are


lucky, between 13 and 15 Celsius. Wind easing up as we go through the


day. Another quiet night summer to tonight with variable cloud and


clear skies, again, the odd isolated shower is likely with temperatures


getting down to about nine Celsius. Into the weekend, that high-pressure


is still sitting over Scandinavia and controlling the weather. Another


fairly quiet day. If you are unlucky and catch a shower, otherwise it is


a dry day with highs of 15-17, some sunny spells to look forward to, and


settled heading into Sunday with high-pressure still in charge, some


sunny spells, and just the odd risk of an isolated shower. Thank you


very much. We'll have a quick update at 8,


more after the BBC News at Ten - including a report from


the football in Austria. But for now though,


have a good evening.


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