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the weekend while between those heavy bursts of rain it should feel


warmer. Our top story: A Welsh MP calls


for a review of fixed odds betting Tonight, in a special report,


one former gambler tells us My son watched me put ?1500 in the


machine one day. When you are in the zone nothing is more important.


Also tonight, this former scoutmaster is already in prison


The latest from court where he's been given a fresh sentence for sex


Are you one of the landlords who could soon be breaking the law?


With weeks to go, thousands still aren't registered


Considering I had no idea about the scheme I don't think they've had all


done a good idea about encouraging good landlord behaviour.


And, a rural job in need of 21st century technology.


One farmers' union says slow broadband is causing


In tonight's sport, it's one of the world's biggest sporting


events, but one expert warns there could have been NO economic


benefits to Wales hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games.


Good evening and welcome to the programme.


They generate billions of pounds for the gambling industry,


but tonight there's a claim that some betting game machines


are causing serious damage to Welsh communities.


The Welsh MP who's leading an inquiry into the fixed odds


terminals is now calling for a UK government review of the machinesm


which are found in bookmakers across the country.


With this special report, here's Gareth Bryer.


They are essential part of the gambling industry, fixed or what


betting terminals. Touch screen machines where you can play casino


games, electronic slot games and virtual racing. But unlike other


slot machines you can stake up to ?100 bet. After almost 50 years of


problem gambling, this man who wanted to remain anonymous, they


proved his undoing. His words are spoken a member of our production


team. My son watched me put ?1500 in a machine one day and he was


physically shaking. It when you are in the zone nothing matters and


there's nothing more important than the machine. Nothing could have


stopped me. Now, a Swansea MP and chair of the Parliamentary group


looking at the machines says the government needs to do something. We


need an overhaul and hopefully come up with a solution which will not


suit the bookies but it will help the associated problems with these


machines. When the bookies were on the high street and they were just


doing horse racing and dog racing they were part of the fabric of a


community but now they've become the scourge of the community. The


terminal 's first appeared in 1999 and last year, customers across the


UK, lost a total of ?1.7 billion playing them. Betting shops are


restricted to four machines and as things stand there are over 1400


terminals in Wales. The UK Government has indicated it will


conduct a review of the machines and the maximum stake people can bet.


The industry accepts the review is likely but says the bookies shop is


the safest place to gamble. We welcome the debate. It's easy for


the antigambling lobby to make quite strong false claims about the


industry. The shins have been in shops for 15 years and they've been


reviewed. When the evidence comes before government they come to the


same conclusion, that they should be there. He was using money he's saved


for Christmas presents that prompted this gambler to break his habit.


I've been gamble free for two years but the addiction below was be part


of my life. It will never disappear and the thought of going into a


betting shop is frightening because I know if I walk back into a betting


shop the machines will make me have that feeling again. He made a break


from his past but for other individuals it is still at the heart


of our high streets and the stakes are high.


A former scout leader, who's already in jail for abusing


boys in the 1960s and '70s, has been given a further 11-year sentence.


Mold Crown Court heard how more victims of 70-year-old Martyn Tucker


came forward after seeing news reports of the previous case.


Our reporter Chris Dearden joins us now.


Well, the church described his behaviour as deviant and wholly


representative -- reprehensible. He admitted to 28 offences of indecent


assault or gross indecency. It involved eight victims aged as young


as 12 and one of the victim said he was left with long-term injuries


after he was sexually assaulted by Martyn Tucker. Another victim said


he was on a canoeing holiday with Martyn Tucker who I work in a tent


in the middle of the night and found he was being sexually assaulted.


Another said he was groomed between the ages of 12 and 14 by Martyn


Tucker in the 1980s and he was indecently assaulted several times


as well. Martyn Tucker had been a canoe instructor and Scout leader


but the judge said the -- that he had inflicted things on his victims


that they would suffer for three years. Reminders of his previous


convictions. In 2014 he was given 12 years in jail for offences against


five other victims. The court heard today that one man saw a news report


about that case in 2014 and broke down in tears in his kitchen. He


rang the police and spoke about it for the first time because he too


had been abused by Martyn Tucker. These were the charges on the sheet


today for which he was sentenced. There was another man in court,


Malcolm Gould, who was sentenced for assault on one of Martyn Tucker's


victims and the police have welcomed the sentences saying they hope there


is some justice for the victims who can get some closure on this.


The design of Swansea's Kingsway was a contributory factor


in an incident which resulted in the death of a 41-year-old woman


Sergeant Louise Lucas died in March 2015 after being hit


from behind by a bus when she attempted to


Road safety expert, Mark Steventon, said it was likely


Mrs Lucas momentarily forgot about the unconventional


Since Mrs Lucas' death metal barriers have been placed along


The Caerphilly MP, Wayne David, is returning to the Labour front


He originally left the shadow cabinet, in protest


at Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, but has agreed to go back IF he can


continue to support the renewal of the Trident nuclear system,


A former police superintendent who is on trial for historical sex


offences has told Mold Crown Court he's the victim of a "conspiracy


Gordon Anglesea, who's 78, denies abusing two boys


There are fears that thousands of landlords will soon


be breaking the law, when a new central licensing


Welsh Government figures suggest only one in four landlords have


undertaken the Rent Smart Wales training, with the deadline


It's hoped the scheme will raise standards,


but opponents say rogue landlords will slip through.


Here's our economics correspondent, Sarah Dickins.


Ffion Paschalis works for a Cardiff letting agency and shows me


The landlord has ten or 12 properties altogether.


He's converted this building into eight self-contained flats.


A mixture of two and one bedroom flats.


So that's someone who would be counted as a professional landlord?


Landlords and agents have to register within six weeks.


A central licensing scheme, Rent Smart Wales, has been set up


The scheme involves landlords being trained about


and responsibilities online or in a classroom and they get


Another option is not do the training, pay for


a letting agent but still register as a landlord.


Many landlords do not see themselves as businesses.


They just let out a home they've inherited or grown out of.


I fully agree with protecting tenants but there's not an awful lot


sometimes to protect landlords because there's an assumption


every landlord is bad and they have multiple properties.


I don't think Rent Smart has done a good job in helping to encourage


This is one of many events in which landlords are being


It takes eight weeks to be trained and registered for the scheme


so with six weeks before the government's deadline and three


quarters of landlords in Wales not registered that's quite a challenge.


The Residential Landlords Association says it advised


the Welsh government against this type of licensing.


It's incredibly bureaucratic and has proven not to be successful


Scotland hasn't taken up more than 15% of the problems.


The Welsh government hopes the scheme will increase


the reputation of the private sector here and attract more


There are a fair few accidental landlords in particular who have


maybe inherited property who aren't aware they have the same obligation


as someone who has maybe a hundred properties.


The fear is those people may find themselves the wrong side


A man who claims he slept with a woman just days before


she was allegedly raped by footballer Ched Evans,


has told a court he was "shocked" by her sexual behaviour.


The former Wales international denies raping the 19-year-old woman,


at a Premier Inn in Rhuddlan in Denbighshire, five years ago.


He was found guilty of rape in 2012, but had his conviction


Jed Evans has always maintained his innocence. His retrial has heard in


graphic detail about consensual sexual relationships but it's


claimed his alleged victim had with other men on other occasions -- that


it's claimed. It was in 2011 that the 19-year-old went back to a held


-- hotel room after a night out. The prosecution say that Mr Evans also


had sex with the woman here but she was too drunk to be able to consent


with him. She remembers nothing. The court heard today from a witness who


can't be named for legal reasons but he explained he also went back after


a night out with a moment when she was also drank but on a separate


occasion. He explained the direction and the words she used with him. The


court heard those words and direction were similar or identical


to the ones that Chad Evans said she used during their encounter at that


hotel that weekend. The witness added the woman was expecting sex as


soon as they got into the house. "She Turned and said... You're not


even going to rip my clothes off". Another witness explained he also


went back after a night out. He told the court that the 19-year-old


didn't appear to be able to remember what happened between them the night


before either. Defending Mr Evans, the QC asked why he was giving


evidence? The answer was because he believed she was lying. This was


extra evidence given to the Chad Evans legal team after Woods. Mr


Evans denies rape and the trial continues.


A look at some of the more unusual ways of sparking interest among


girls to follow a career in science and technology.


And there was a record medal haul for Wales in Glasgow,


but a report sets out some of the reasons a bid to host


the Commonwealth Games HERE was dropped.


The head of National Museum Wales has warned that proposals to merge


some of its commercial work, would tie it "by the legs".


Director General David Anderson told the assembly's culture committee


he feared a loss of effectiveness, if the plans involving Cadw,


the body in charge of historic sites in Wales, went ahead.


The Welsh government says it wants the institutions to become


It is hard to beat effective as an entity even though it may look as


though only certain functions are being taken. In practice, commercial


activities and non-commercial call work are deeply integrated with each


other and require savage surgery to separate them out.


Let s speak to our Arts Correspondent, Huw Thomas,


who is at the National Museum for us tonight.


Huw, how strongly is the museum resisting this plan?


It's fair to say that the museum is raising questions about the proposal


while also accepting some form of collaboration could ultimately be


beneficial to the museum and other institutions like it in Wales.


They're raising questions about a plan that could ultimately see its


commercial operations merged -- merge with those of Cadw. And also


attention you with the National library in Aberystwyth. We heard


from Mr Anderson saying how hard it would be to separate the commercial


function of the museum from the call work it does and they are


essentially fairly intertwined. He hinted that in the long term it


could be damaging to the museum. But the government has said it's at the


beginning of a consultation process to work out what the role of


Historic Wales would be when it's created and once the discussion to


take place in the coming months. But national Museum Wales aren't the


only one to debate this. They all claim it could be a threat to the


museum 's independence if the merger went ahead. Creating Historic Wales


was a Labour manifesto, wasn't it? Yes. In a sense it helps explain a


bit of the museum's stance as they feel that perhaps some of the ideas


about what Historic Wales should do have already been taken. The


government say a group will look at the business case for Historic Wales


in the next few months. In the meantime, you can expect National


Museum Wales to put its case for its own independence. Thank you.


A minute's silence will be observed across Wales next Friday morning


to remember the victims of Aberfan exactly 50 years after the disaster.


Earlier today, pupils from three local schools planted a tree


On October 21st 1966 - a colliery waste tip collapsed


onto Pantglas Junior School, killing 144 people.


There's a widening digital divide between rural Wales and the west of


the community according to the managing director of the farmers


union of Wales. Davies says businesses in farming are suffering


and unable to diversify. The Welsh government says it remains committed


to offering fast reliable broadband to every property here.


Gareth Lloyd is a sheep farmer in Talgarreg in Ceredgion.


He was brought up on the farm so learnt the business


at a very early age, but it's changing quickly but it's


battle to keep up when his broadband is still painfully slow.


Gareth is also often without mobile signal which makes it hard to run


This widening digital divide between rural Wales and the rest


You register cattle online and more and more people are coming online so


it is being more technologically advanced -- advanced. The ability


isn't there for a lot of people to do that because they haven't got


broadband Internet connection or the speed they have got means it takes


an age. It is the slow Internet connection that farmers say it is


making things difficult as they look to expand what they do. With Ning a


living off the land becoming increasingly hard, many farmers look


to diversify but that can be virtually impossible if you have a


slow Internet connection as you need it to market your business and take


bookings and for customers to use Wi-Fi when they are staying. At in a


poor mobile signal and it becomes increasingly frustrating when you


see other parts of the country seeing vast improvements. Alan


Davies Is The Managing Director Of The Farmers Union of Wales. He is


asking for a review. We are not getting anything in terms of


investment on local development because the connectivity isn't


there. Something serious needs to change, not least of which should be


a review of technological options available within superfast broadband


programmes. The Welsh government says they are continuing to make


solid progress on their superfast programme. There are whole counties


in Wales who have nothing at all. So, through superfast, we got to the


end of June and properties did get superfast broadband. But with many


parts of rural Wales still failing to see improvements, this is a


digital divide which seems to be getting wider.


Why do many women decide not to pursue a career inside and


technology? Research shows it is often a lack of confidence putting


girls are. An event today aims to inspire 15 to 22-year-old.


Making music with a glass bottle, a piece of wood and a string. It's all


to try and get girls more interested in subjects like science,


technology, engineering and maths. This social enterprise supports


girls considering a Stem career. This young woman says you don't need


to be as gifted as heard to work in the sector. Actually, the myth has


got a lot to do in the way of getting in the way. There's a


perception you must be amazing at maths to do anything related to it


but there are semi-different options. At an event today, a


practical demonstration to get girls interested in science and


technology. This is just a guitar string which vibrates. The vibration


is then picked up on this. If they can see how things actually come to


life... And it's about practical applications. Many pupils here are


seriously considering a Stem career and say encouragement often begins


at home. My grandad is a doctor so I've been inspired by him to pursue


a career in medicine or other sciences. I'm thinking of something


to do with technology as I enjoy computer work and designing


products. But women are still underrepresented when it comes to


so-called Stem subjects. In sectors like engineering, Wales has some of


the lowest numbers of women working will stop in Wales, the number of


chartered engineers stands at 5.6%. Far lower than other European


countries such as Sweden where 25% of engineers are women. The Welsh


government says it has spent ?2.2 million over the last couple of


years on science academy and has funded over 20 major programmes of


work with the aim of getting young people, especially girls, interested


in science technology. It hopes that at events like this it's a path that


more of them choose in the future. And now for the sport.


Hosting the Commonwealth Games in Wales in 2026 may have had no


economic benefits according to the Welsh government's chief economist.


A study into a possible bid released to BBC Wales following a Freedom of


information requests also warns that dropping the bid could damage the


reputation of Wales. The big events just keep coming...


Glasgow 2014, showcasing Scotland and not just its athletes, to the


world at a cost of ?425 million. It was under budget and considerably


less than what Wales would have spent to host the games in 2026. The


Welsh government study looked at a range of options and prices. In


third place at ?1.3 billion was the games in south-east Wales with the


new athletics stadium and velodrome in Newport. The second most hotly


was the game is split between South and North Wales. In first place, the


ministers' preferred options was an all Wales game costing ?1.5 billion.


The report says the main economic return would be from building


facilities like these. But it says that can be done without hosting the


games. It also says there is no clear evidence that hosting big


sporting events will get many of us out on the track and participating.


Some disagree with putting a price on moments like these. A gold fall


cyclist Geraint Thomas. But those behind Commonwealth Games Wales says


there will be another bid in the future and now there's plenty of


time to bring the cost down. Glasgow built a lot of its venue going into


the games whereas that wasn't the case for Wales. Some venues could


still be built and host single sport competitions. If those are done and


we were to come back, as we would like to come it would bring the cost


down. The Welsh government dropped their bid in July citing high cost


and funding and uncertainties over Brexit but the report says that may


damage the sporting reputation of Wales around the world. But winning


on this occasion might just have been too high a price to pay.


Cardiff won't host a marathon until 2018, a year later than originally


announced. Ten days ago, run for Wales said they would announce a


marathon next April, saying they don't want to rush a route.


Now for the weather. Thank you. Beach weather in some


parts today. Not everywhere has date dried today with a few showers


drifting in from England this afternoon. One or two showers around


tonight but most of the country is dry. Cloud and missed in places.


Temperatures will be cool. Tomorrow morning, parts of the North will be


cloudy and misty. Much of the country will be dry with lovely


sunshine in the south and West. During the day cloud will spread


across the country bringing one or two showers in the afternoon. Most


of the showers will be in the North and East and the Marches. Cooler


than today. The breeze from the east or Northeast. In Pembrokeshire


tomorrow, dry with sunny spells. Tomorrow evening, a few showers will


die away so generally dry overnight. Ground frost in places. Saying --


staying clear in parts of the South and West. On Friday, much of the


country will be dry with bright spells of sunshine. On Friday, the


chart shows low pressure in -- towards Ireland which will influence


our weather for the weekend. Heavy showers but some sunshine as well


and turning milder.


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