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over a price hike on some of Britain's favourite bravenlteds


that's all from us. Welcome to Wales Today.


Tonight's headlines: A ?700 million black


hole in the finances Following a bus crash


in the French Alps, Catrin Pugh from Wrexham had more


than 200 operations. She's received a million pounds


compensation. I remember being on fire


and I remember the aftermath and I would not be able to describe


which was worse. A major upgrade to the railways in


south Wales has been promised. Now four companies are competing for the


right to transform public transport. Ffion Jones' mother killed herself


hours after she was discharged Ffion says she was let


down by staff there. I just think it was utter


neglect in itself really. I just feel like they didn't listen


to us as a family. And they're on a roll,


but the home of the Tiger Bay Now thousands of people are rallying


to save it. The NHS in Wales is "facing the most


financially challenging period" According to new research by leading


experts, the service could face a ?700 million black-hole


in its finances in just But the Health Foundation suggests


the gap could be closed. Our health correspondent


Owain Clarke has the story. Since it was established almost 70


years ago, advances in technology mean the NHS have been like a


factory, doing more than ever before. So if you think of the NHS


as an industrial process or a production line, you can argue it


has been a victim of its own success. Better health care means we


are living longer which means more of us need care for long term health


conditions and that increases the pressure. Derek from Treorchy has


been living with a serious lung condition for nearly 30 years. He is


too ill to leave the house but is full of praise for the care he gets.


Without the back-up of the NHS, life would be impossible. The different


drugs we have to have, the different consultants, the NHS, I can't praise


them enough. So if the NHS is consistently having to work harder,


what is the impact? Brand-new research shows the clearest


indication yet of the cost of those conditions. The NHS might have to


spend ?700 million more than it can afford in just three years' time.


That is more than ten per centre of what the health service pens in an


entire year. Wales is going through a period where the population is


ageing. The numbers over 65 are going to grow by almost 30% over the


next 15 years. Making sure they are able to stay well and be well


supported in their homes and in their communities is really


important for the NHS. So can a financial black hole be filled? Yes,


according to the analysis, but it won't be easy. It says the NHS needs


to find efficiency savings of 1.5 per cent per year over the next few


years. That is higher than the rest of the UK. Is it possible? Some of


the easier efficiencies have been delivered and each year it gets


harder to find where we are going to get them from. We have seen the


amount of efficiency is being delivered each year since 2013 is


starting to fall. But there are examples of the health service


trying to make its money go further. This hospital in Abergavenny is


trying to reduce the number of missed appointments by sending


texts. Before the scheme, roughly one in 11 patients did not attend.


We have improved that to the extent we have saved around 40,000


follow-up appointments in the last year. Many industries like this


power station in Newport are all the time trying to become more efficient


and save money but the analysis suggests the NHS needs to do more


than just working harder and smarter. But that is another risk.


The NHS in Wales is already struggling to recruit and keep


staff. The challenges we face in every part of the NHS family across


the UK are not all about pay, they are often about the way the service


is run. The recruitment campaign for GPs we are about to launch is about


making people understand the offer and making people train, live and


work in Wales. But the positive message is that the NHS could still


be affordable in the longer term. It won't necessarily need to be shut


down or sold off like a failing works. If it becomes more efficient


and if the money spent on it keeps pace with economic growth, although


the analysis suggests Brexit could still throw a spanner in the works.


But to get to a more secure position, the NHS in Wales will


first have to overcome what is being described as the biggest financial


challenge in its history. Few think that will be easy.


But, Owain, it's not only the NHS under pressure,


This research suggests the pressures facing social care could be even


worse, so much so that in order to meet demand, it suggests the adult


social care budget in Wales will have to rise by ?8 billion in 15


years' time. That is almost double what it is now. Problems in social


care can also cause problems in the NHS in terms of bed blocking and so


on. Some might be asking, because of these issues, shortages of staff and


so on, why doesn't the Welsh government just decide to pump


hundreds of millions of pounds into the health budget? It is not quite


as simple as that. Because health is such a big chunk of the total Welsh


budget, just protecting the health budget over the next few years could


mean cuts of 7.4 present in all other areas. If you increase the


health budget by 2%, you get almost 20% cuts in other areas. Some might


argue, so be it, but if you can services such as libraries, sports


centres, parks, decent housing and so on, arguably those are the sort


of services that keep us healthy in the first place. Slashing them could


cause big problems down the line. A woman from Wrexham who suffered


burns to 96% of her body in a bus crash in the French Alps in 2013 has


won a settlement of more than a million pounds


from the coach firm. 22-year-old Catrin Pugh,


from Rossett, was returning from a season working in a ski


resort when the coach burst into flames, killing the driver


and injuring dozens of passengers. Heading home after five months


working in a ski resort, Catrin Pugh was sitting directly


behind the coach driver when Engulfed in flames, a friend


pulled her from the wreckage. I remember being on fire


and I remember the aftermath and I wouldn't be able to describe


which was worse. Being on fire is one of the hardest


things I could ever explain. The pain, literally the only places


I had not burned were the top I actually passed out and I don't


remember anything else until waking up in Whiston Hospital


three months later. Months of painful rehabilitation


followed, where she learned to walk She had 200 operations,


including many skin grafts. But visits from other burn victims,


including Katie Piper, who was scarred in an acid attack,


inspired her psychological recovery. That really was my big turning


point because I could see that there was a life and a future


for me once all of this was over. Catrin's family have helped her back


from the brink and say she's become It's very easy to hide yourself away


when you have something like this happen to you and I don't


know whether I could have been But I am very proud of her and I am


proud of her brother and sister as well for all the support


they have given her. The exact amount of money Catrin has


been awarded by the coach firm hasn't been disclosed,


but it's believed to be more The money that I have received


is going to be used to make adaptations to my health


when I finally move out from my parents - to change


handles in the kitchen, drawers and cupboards, to


have a bathroom that is a wet room so I can walk into the shower


safely and have bars on the walls. Catrin wants to keep


growing stronger, doing the activities she loves,


like swimming and skiing. But her priority is to


give hope to others. Three and a half years


after the crash, Catrin Pugh isn't The trial of the former Wales


footballer Ched Evans has The Chesterfield striker denies


raping a 19-year-old woman at a Premier Inn hotel


in Denbighshire in 2011. The prosecution argued


she was too drunk to consent. The judge at Cardiff Crown Court


will continue her summary A Cardiff Jobcentre was closed today


after members of staff were taken An investigation is underway


and signs were put up at the office on Cowbridge Road to advise job


seekers about alternative A spokesman for the Public


and Commercial Services Union said several members were given oxygen


therapy for suspected 27 jobs are to be cut in Wales


as part of a restructure of the BBC's production arm


- BBC Studios. Around 200 staff currently work


in Cardiff on factual shows, including X-Ray, Bargain Hunt


and Crimewatch, as well as on dramas filmed at the Roath Lock


Studios in Cardiff Bay. Consultation meetings


between the BBC and the BECTU union The Welsh Government has named four


companies who are competing to run train services and create


the South Wales Metro. The eventual winner of the Wales


and Borders franchise will have to deliver a major


upgrade to the network Our political correspondent


Daniel Davies joins us Are we any closer to knowing


what the Metro will look like? The Welsh government has talked


about new technology, quicker journeys, but what will that mean in


practice? Could it mean trams replacing trains like this one or a


new light railway system serving Cardiff and the valleys? It will be


up to these four companies named by the Welsh government today to


explain what they can build and what they can offer. Those four companies


are foreign-owned companies, they have all made it through to the next


stage of the competition for the 15 year Wales and Borders franchise and


the next step for them will come in the middle of December, at which


point they will have to explain what proposals they have on the table to


build and run the Metro. But some are not happy with the way that all


this has been handled. One or two Assembly Members are annoyed that


these companies' names have been announced to journalists before they


were announced to the Assembly. It is all being handled by another


company, Transport for Wales. That has been set up by the Welsh


government for a not for profit railway system. Something the Labour


Party has been talking about for years. But they will not run the


trains, that will be done by one of these private companies, who hope to


make a profit out of it. But over a certain point, we are told that any


profits they make will be capped and the money will be shared with


Transport for Wales and spent on passenger services. How much money


and at what level will that can be set, that is one of many things that


will have to be negotiated as part of this very big and very


complicated project. The battle to stop farm slurry


polluting our rivers, but some farmers say new rules


will put them out of business. And this fencing academy has


helped children made it Now thousands of people are fighting


to save its home from closure. A woman has complained


about the care given to her mother who killed herself a few hours


after she was discharged Ffion Jones from Trearddur Bay


on Anglesey has told Radio Cymru's Manylu programme


that she pleaded with mental staff to keep her mother in hospital


but they said she was It could have been prevented


if they had just listened. If they listened to the family,


if they listened to my mother, She killed herself in April,


hours after being released And just days after she had


taken an overdose. She said, if I come home today


I will kill myself in the garage, I phoned Hergest to tell them this


and one of the staff nurses said, I understand your concern


but it is the doctor who decides Anyway, half an hour later,


my mum rang me to say She used public transport,


so she got the train home. This in itself was a shock to me


because how were they to know They said that she had a borderline


personality disorder Petra Jones had been treated


as an inpatient in the Hergest unit at Ysbyty Gwynedd but critics say


there is a shortage of staff She had first fallen ill ten years


ago but her family say there had been a sharp decline


in her mental health in the weeks They had asked for her to be


sectioned to ensure I just think it was utter


neglect in itself really. I just feel like they didn't listen


to us as a family, they didn't They took it a bit,


it was utter complacency again. The Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board


says it is bound by patient confidentiality and can't


discuss her case but insists it wants to improve delivery


of mental health services. The last 12 months has seen


a radical restructure in the way mental health services are managed,


the board said in a statement, including the recruitment


of a new director of mental health Petra Jones' family have filed


an official complaint. For now, they say, they have


lost their faith in the system. Plans to introduce new areas covered


by strict rules designed to tackle pollution in our streams and rivers


will be discussed by farmers The Welsh Government's consulting


on introducing more so-called But farmers say the rules on how


they store and spread slurry could put some


of them out of business. What goes in must come out. But what


do you do with it afterwards? For generations, farmers like Jeff Evans


have spread the Mac back on their land, using it as a fertiliser. But


in some areas there are strict rules about how slurry is stored and


spread to protect the water quality in nearby rivers and streams. The


farm in temperature would be in one of the new nitrate vulnerable zones


being proposed by the Welsh government. Our slurry provides


nutrients for the grass we grow. Our cows will be going out in early


February so to get grass there then, we need to put the slurry through


October, November, December, to encourage grass growth. The proposed


changes would make Jeff's slurry spreading season much shorter so he


would have two store much more of it on the farm. The zones cover just 2%


of land in Wales at the moment. The proposals would see that increased


to 8%. The biggest zone would be in Pembrokeshire, where Ray Quarter of


Wales' dairy farms are and half the country's potatoes are grown. There


is also an option to make the whole of Wales when giant zone. Unions say


farmers face having to invest tens if not hundreds of thousands of


pounds in new slurry stores and in Pembrokeshire, with the challenges


of bovine TB and the depression in milk prices say some are already on


the brink, they claim these zones could be the final straw.


Environmental groups argue the rules are vital to protect rivers and


lakes and to prevent those watercourses from becoming polluted


with high levels of nitrates which are harmful to fish, plants and


other wildlife. But there are questions about why the changes are


needed. Jeff's wife is not convinced by the science. I don't think


storing slurry for five months is going to have the beneficial


production they are looking for. We are still going to be spreading


slurry, even more so because they will be a higher concentration of


the -- people doing it. Thousands of fans having to empty their pits when


the period is over. NFU Wales members are meeting tonight at the


showground in Haverfordwest to find out more about the consultation and


to a their views. The consultation runs until December the 23rd. If it


gets the go-ahead, the Welsh government plans to introduce the


new regulations next year. A new ?1.2 million bandstand


on Aberystwyth's seafront has been officially opened after nearly


a year of delays. The original landmark,


built in 1935, was demolished in January 2015 with an initial date


of August given for the completion After countless delays,


the bandstand was officially Carl Sargeant, the Cabinet Secretary


for Communities, unveiled a plaque at the new ?1.2 million building


on Aberystwyth seafront. The 2014 storm is when I arrived


to all the devastation in the area. This is a great outcome


from planning and investment by the Welsh Government


in the community. The original structure was built


in 1935 and weathered many storms, even withstanding the one in 2014,


which caused major damage But it was decided it was showing


its age and so was demolished But the building was delayed


by bad weather and high tides. It's hoped this new one will be


a popular attraction. It's in the middle of the prom,


like a jewel in the crown, and when we got the regeneration


money, part of the programme was to improve the look


and the facilities on the prom And that is good news


for the Aberystwyth Silver Band. They have been busy rehearsing


so they can return to It's something we have really


looked forward to so much. The previous one did survive


many storms and stood up to the weather and our playing,


of course, but today The original structure


lasted 80 years. This has been designed for the 21st


century with amazing acoustics and it's hoped it will last even


longer than the original building We start with another sacking


in the world of Welsh football. Wrexham have parted company


with manager Gary Mills after four The club are 15th in


the National League, nine points off the playoffs,


and fans aren't sorry to see him go. He has been saying the defence


has been good but they are the 14th


worst defence in the league. Whoever comes in is going to be


stuck with them players and they will want to bring


their own players in. It has been poor, to be honest,


so it's going to be a long season. Now it houses roller derby, fencing,


cheer-leading and swimming. Around 4,500 people take part


in a variety of activities at the Cardiff Central Sports


and Community Centre every week. But its future is uncertain


as the council is reviewing So far nearly 3,000 people have


signed a petition to keep it open, The rough and tumble


of roller derby. The Tiger Bay Brawlers are one


of the top ten teams in the UK and are in the top


hundred in the world. They're one of several


sports clubs based at It's the former Welsh


National Tennis Centre, owned by Cardiff Council,


which is reviewing No decision has been made yet,


but groups like these might have We have struggled to find somewhere


we can call our own. We have looked up trying to get loans to buy


buildings and then we found this place, we managed to get the floor


that meant we could skate on there, and it was finally, we have got


somewhere. The question now of not having somewhere, it is not just


having this place, it is not having any to escape.


The Tiger Bay Brawlers also have a separate scheme funded


by Sport Wales to encourage young women from disadvantaged


And the club's youth team, the Tiger Bay Cubs,


is the only junior roller derby team in south Wales.


We have moved quite a few times since I have joined and this is


probably the best place. It is our own tracks so I am not too fussed on


the idea of closing down. We are all a really tight fat -- tight pack and


we are close group of friends. It is something different about you so you


are more interesting as a person. The centre is also home


to the Cardiff Academy of Fencing, which has more than 300 members,


including several children who've Hundreds of other young people


are members of Central Explosion, And nearly 500 people a week take


part in lessons run by No Fit State Circus,


as part of their community By far the biggest group


here is Cardiff Central Youth Club, a gymnastics club with more


than a thousand members. Its base has been secured with a ten


year lease but all the other groups are here under a temporary licence


which comes to an end next March. The council says it's


reviewing its buildings to ensure they deliver the best


value for the tax payer. The groups here hope they'll all be


able to stay afloat. Former Wales international


Andy Powell has been speaking today The 35-year-old announced his


retirement from the game on Monday and cited a knee injury


as the reason, but today he explained that mental health


issues had dominated his life Everybody knows me as bright


and colourful and full of drama sometimes and that's the person


I am - I'm not going to change. I think people don't


know what depression is about and everybody has


depression in different ways. There are people out there who have


got it and they don't realise they have got it and then


it just hits them in the big moment and it's like,


what do you do? If you can speak to


people, that is key. And you can hear that interview


in full on Scrum V tonight Now here's Derek with the latest


on the weather for Wales. Well, it's going to turn


milder over the weekend. But at the moment there is a chill


in the air. Some sunshine in Mumbles today


with a few clouds over Swansea Bay. Not quite so nice


in Llandrindod with The air colder and more unstable


today with a few showers spreading So this evening, scattered


showers will clear. A chilly night with a touch of frost


where the sky remains clear. Here's the picture


for 8am in the morning. During the morning the mist


and fog will lift. The best of the sunshine in parts


of the north and north-west. Generally dry but I wouldn't


rule out the odd shower Top temperatures of 10 to 14 Celsius


with a light to moderate breeze. In Meirionydd tomorrow,


dry with cloud and sunny intervals. 13 Celsius in Dolgellau


with a light breeze. Tomorrow evening, showers


possible in Pembrokeshire. Rain will reach the south and west


later in the night. The reason for the rain,


this area of low pressure centred On Saturday, rain and showers


will spread north during Behind it a window of fine


weather and sunshine. Some of it heavy, perhaps


with thunder will spread from the south later


in the afternoon. Sunday breezy with sunshine


and scattered showers. The showers heavy in places


and feeling milder Some rain and showers but some dry


spells and sunshine as well. The wind switching direction


from easterly to southerly so temperatures will go


up with milder nights. The main headlines. Issues


surrounding the supply of leading brands to Tesco have now been


resolved, according to Unilever. It had been in a battle with the


supermarket over wholesale prices. The sharp fall in the value of the


pound could push up the cost of products.


And the NHS in Wales is facing the most financially challenging period


in its history. According to new research by leading experts, the


service could face a ?700 million black hole in its finances in just


over three years' time. We'll have a quick update at 8pm,


and more after the BBC News at Ten. For now, from all of us here,


have a good evening. I think I love you. I love you too.


Let's move in together.


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