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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me


Wales international footballer Ched Evans


I wish to make it clear that I wholeheartedly apologise


to anyone who might have been affected


by the events of the night in question.


Costs of relief and teasing court as the verdict was read out. A chance


for Ched Evans to rebuild his life. Are Welsh children at risk


from dangerous air pollution A leading health charity demands


governments in Wales Sergeant Louise Lucas died


after she was hit by a bus Tonight, the council


is criticised by a coroner on concerns the road layout


was potentially dangerous. Carmarthen ham is awarded


protected name status by the EU, but what will Brexit mean


for those recognised foods? And in tonight's sport,


how will the season unfold The American and the Yorkshireman


get ready that's how former Wales


international footballer Ched Evans described his emotions on hearing


that he'd been found not guilty of raping a 19-year-old


in a Denbighshire hotel room. The striker had originally been


found guilty of the offence in 2012, before his conviction


was quashed in April. This afternoon, a jury


at his retrial took two hours Mr Evans said the night


of the incident had changed his life,


and the lives of others, forever. Our reporter, Paul Heaney,


has been following the case. Ched Evans has shown very deadly


motion in the last two weeks, remaining calm in the dock. That


change today as he embraced his fiancee and cried with her in court


after the verdict was read out. This case was all based around consent.


The woman involved could not remember what happened. The jury


here agreeing with Mr Evans that he had a reasonably held belief that


she was consenting to having sex with him, based on two crucial


pieces of evidence. Some of the best years of his


footballing life spent in jail are only now has he been found not


guilty. Thanks go to my friends and family,


most notably my fiance, Natasha. She chose, perhaps incredibly, to


support me in my darkest hour. Whilst my innocence has been


established, I wish to make clear that I wholeheartedly apologise to


anyone who might have been affected by the events of the night in


question. The second bag, they Sunday of May 2011, a night out in


the town centre. A 19-year-old woman leaves a nightclub for a takeaway.


Here she meets a friend of Ched Evans. They take a taxi back to the


hotel. Mr Evans diverts his own taxi back to the Premier in as well. He


joins his friend and the woman in the room, and also has sex with her.


Later leaving by the fire exit. The woman later told police she had no


memory after leaving the nightclub. The next thing I remember is waking


up in a hotel room, not dressed, I just felt dead confused. She claimed


she was too drunk to consent to sex with both men. He was not called as


a witness in this retrial. The jury found Ched Evans guilty back in


2012. A promising Wales international, a Sheffield United


star striker, became a convicted rapist. After half of a five-year


sentence was served, clubs that considered signing him were subject


to protest. Then came the campaign to clear his name. I made an


incredibly foolish decision and failed those people who trusted and


believed in me. A website offered ?50,000 for information leading to


his acquittal but was later taken down. In April this year, a


breakthrough. The Court of Appeal overturned that previous conviction


for rape. A retrial was ordered to consider that fresh evidence. That


fresh evidence came from two men, one who slept with the woman two


days before Ched Evans, one who slept with her two weeks afterwards.


Both said she used certain phrases and took control during their


encounters. Mr Evans told police that she is the same phrases and


took control in the same way that he and her met in that Hotel. One of


the witnesses also said that the woman did not remember details after


a night out with him, despite not appearing that drunk. He was asked


by Mr Evans' defence... Now 27 years old, Ched Evans returns


to a career with Chesterfield. He plans to get married and have much


will with his fiancee, Natasha, who has been at his side throughout this


entire process. It is unusual for someone's sexual


past to be brought into a case like this. Only in exceptional


circumstances can people be asked about it. Several judges thought it


was crucial to this retrial. Also a warning this evening from North


Wales police. There has been a huge matter of discussion about the


evidence given here, and I do say that discussion will continue after


this case concludes today. But the warning from North Wales police is


that people have been prosecuted in the past for naming witnesses and


complainants in cases like this, in trials like this. Anyone doing so


again in future would be prosecuted, or liable to be prosecuted again in


future. The simple message, be careful about what you post online


in relation to this case. Thank you.


Urgent action is needed to protect Welsh children


from potentially dangerous air pollution.


That's according to the British Lung Foundation,


aren't monitoring air quality outside schools.


They're demanding the Welsh and UK governments act now,


Wales already has some of the highest rates of lung disease in the


UK, particularly in and around our cities. The British Lung Foundation


says exposing young children to more polluted air will only make it


worse. But they say that monitoring pollution levels outside schools is


woefully patchy. 41% of councils in Wales do not have monitoring of air


pollution outside schools at all, and the vast majority of those that


do are only monitoring outside one school. It is quite concerning to


see in some places that, for example in Cardiff, where the World Health


Organisation has said that we have unsafe levels of air pollution in


general, not a single school has a pollution monitor outside it.


Cardiff is one of five areas in Wales identified as having and save


levels of air pollution. We are replacing one of the passive


diffusion chewed switch measures traffic pollution along the highways


in the borough. Here, the borough metal health officers have a variety


of monitoring stations, such as this one at the school. We have not had


to define any air quality management areas. The air pollution is being


measured as good and below the statutory limits. Research suggests


that children growing up in areas of severe air pollution are five times


more likely to have poor and develop it and are prone to respiratory


problems. That is of concern to these parents picking up the Jordan


today. You are worried about what they can be breathing in. Air


pollution is a worry, especially as one of them has asthma. It is pretty


-- it is particularly important outside schools, whether small


children -- where children are breathing it in at head height. This


boy had an asthma attack two years ago, which led to a heart attack and


brain damage. Asthmatics are so honourable to


pollution levels. You have got high levels of traffic going in and out.


What happens at the beginning of school and end of school, large


numbers of buses outside, the engines running.


The British Lung Foundation have drawn up a petition to get more


stringent monitoring of air quality outside schools.


All 22 regions have been said to be members of a monitoring system to


ensure that levels of within limits. The First Minister is calling


on Theresa May to take urgent action to allow in all refugee children


with a legal right to be here, ahead of French plans


to shut the camp in Calais. Carwyn Jones says Wales is ready


to support the UK government in welcoming


more vulnerable children. is to ensure the safety and security


of the children in the Calais camp. who died at Deepcut Barracks


21 years ago, says he's applied for a full


public enquiry into events At the second inquest


into her death earlier this year, the coroner concluded


that she'd shot herself, and inappropriate


relationships in the camp. Earlier today, a judge ordered


a second inquest into the death of Private Sean Benton,


who also died at the base in 1995. A Coroner has criticised


Swansea Council for missing opportunities to make changes


to the city's Kingsway road system, prior to the death of a 41-year-old


off-duty police officer. Sergeant Louise Lucas


died in March 2015, after being hit


from behind by a bus. Today, the Coroner recorded


a narrative verdict. Described as a beautiful and


hard-working wife and mother, Sergeant Louise Lucas lost her life


after being hit by a bus on Swansea's Kingsway. She had been on


her way to the shops before tragedy struck. The inquest saw CCTV footage


of Louise Lucas, her young daughter and friend walking along the central


reservation. At the time, these temporary barriers were not in


place. The bus driver said that he assumed the three of them were


making their way towards the next designating Rossen point. He said


Mrs Lucas did not give any prior warning that she was about to Grasso


wrote. Seconds later, she stepped into the carriageway and was hit


from behind by the bus. As well as not paying attention


before crossing the road, the layout of the road was criticised, as it


was in the death of a man who died in 2013.


The senior coroner presented three criticisms of Swansea Council. He


said opportunities were missed to make changes to the road system


prior to Louise Lucas's death. The council, he said, had not responded


in a timely way to concerns from bus drivers about pedestrian behaviour


when crossing the Kingsway. And not sufficient weight had been


given to the need for barriers when the layout was inconclusive.


All of our lives were changed for ever. We hope that lessons have been


learned by all parties. We are confident that if barriers had been


installed, Louise could not have crossed the central reserve, and


therefore would have been unable to step into the path of a Metrobus.


Since her death, the council has induced safety measures including


temporary railings and has reduced the Metroline to a single bus lane.


As Mrs Lucas's family left the inquest, the coroner said it hoped


to have succeeded in answering their questions. He also thanked them for


conducting themselves with dignity throughout the inquest.


Carmarthen ham has joined the likes of Melton Mowbray pork pies


and Wensleydale cheese in gaining what's known as


EU protected name status, which protects them from imitation.


Wales has eight products with the accolade,


but what will happen to them when we leave the EU?


The Welsh Government says it backs a new British law


The Rees family has been curing ham in West Wales since the late 1800


's. That, other than ham's secret recipe


has been handed down from generation to generation. Carmarthen hand is on


air dried, cured leg of pork. And you've recently had this new


protected status. What does that mean to you? It means a lot. First


of all, it is putting Carmarthen on the map, but it is doing a job as


well because of the work my family had been doing over the generations.


Carmarthen ham joys a list of seven other Welsh products with


protection. Including Welsh wine, muscles and Welsh beef and Welsh


lamb. Exports of Welsh lamb grew by ?76.3 million in the ten years since


it acquired its protected status. That was in 2003. It is estimated a


quarter of the growth can be to direct a to its PGI status. People


will be happy to pay a premium of around 30% for a protected food name


because they perceive it as much higher quality. One of my concerns


about Brexit is what will happen to the protected food name scheme. My


fear is that the British gum and will bring in a scheme which might


dilute what we have achieved as a country. The UK protected food name


association is calling on the UK government to ensure there is a


specific legislation to protect iconic products in the UK and in EU


you. The Welsh secretary for the environment and rural affairs says


that the Welsh governor to support UK government in introducing a


British law to safeguard protected status for food and drink. According


to the Rees family legend, the Romans stole their recipe, took go


to Italy and called it Parma ham. Centuries later, with their new


protected status, it looks as though this protected product will be


staying in Carmarthen. Could it be Cardiff City's biggest


crowd of the season? More than 20,000 are expected


to watch Neil Warnock's And a change on the way for the


weekend. Rain at times, but some shine as well. Full details in a few


minutes. Dementia patients are working


with Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board to find innovative ways


of reducing anxiety The Health Board is offering funding


to small businesses to develop new technology


which will be road tested 62-year-old Teresa Davies


from Ewloe in Flintshire was diagnosed with Alzheimer's


disease three years ago. Public transport is her lifeline


and the key to her independence At the bus stop, there's


nothing to say what bus is going to stop at that stop,


there is no timetable. I get anxious


if the bus is late, because I don't


know if I've missed it. Things become more complicated when


Teresa has a medical appointment. She has to take two separate


buses to get to hospital, That can add another layer


of confusion, stress and anxiety. Betsi Cadawaladr Health Board


is appealing to small There will be a first phase


where we will have people given ?50,000 to do a sort


of proof of concept, and then those successful applicants


who we think are onto something


that is going to work, we have ?175,000


for those innovators. So we really don't know


what is going to come out of this, but we hope it is


going to be useful. Even the most familiar


surroundings can become alien Chris Roberts from Rhuddlan


is 55 and, like Teresa, Cameras captured his daily


challenges for a Panorama He'll be working with the health


board to road test the best ideas. COMPUTER DICTATION: We are looking


for small businesses and innovative


organisations to work with. He says apps like the dictation


setting on his tablet are the kind Not everybody has got


someone with them. A lot of people are living


on their own, of all ages, No-one should be isolated


and no-one should be on their own. Bus firm Arriva say staff


already do what they can and often the solutions


don't have to be high-tech. It doesn't always


take that sometimes. It's just if someone has an issue


like Alzheimer's or dementia, just mention to the driver that they


haven't got a very good memory, when they get to the bus


stop that they require. Back home safely, Teresa Davies


wants small businesses to dream big to keep the travel nightmares


to a minimum. Drivers are being warned


of severe delays when the A48 between Carmarthen


and Nantycaws closes in both directions this evening,


for the weekend. A pipeline running under


the road is being fixed, after it leaked thousands of litres


of kerosene last week. Swansea's Glynn Vivian Art Gallery


is preparing to reopen following a multimillion-pound


refurbishment. Works by Picasso and Leonardo da


Vinci will be on show from tomorrow. The gallery closed in 2011


for a ?6 million renovation, but construction delays


mean it is opening It's the start


of a new chapter for two of our


biggest football clubs. Tonight, Cardiff City's new manager,


Neil Warnock, takes charge for the first time


as he begins his quest And it's a new era


at Swansea City, too. Bob Bradley makes his debut


in charge tomorrow. Both managers may differ widely


in terms of experience but they share a determination


to change their clubs fortunes. Who knows how this football season


will unfold, and where the football clubs


and managers will find themselves but Swansea City and Cardiff City


have new men in charge, who are both making their presence


felt without a ball being kicked. As a former USA coach,


Bob Bradley knows how The no-nonsense American


has vowed to increase fitness And, in the build-up


to his first Premier League game, he has not been afraid


to show his true colours. I use everything in the tool box,


so there's been some moments in training this week


where I got a little bit louder and harder and the whole bit,


but they've been through that. Swansea haven't won since


the opening day of the season. But he says he could not have asked


more from his players this week. The response of the players


has been fantastic. The mentality for training


has been really good. So I couldn't ask more


from the group of guys so far. and little by little


is how we grow as a team. Cardiff City have a clear aim -


get up the table. There is no doubt -


with Neil Warnock at the helm, Likened this week to a pantomime


baddie, he is a colourful character. He's even been working


on his Welsh accent. WELSH ACCENT: Now, I'll only


be an hour. Probably as you get older, you know,


you need to delegate more and have a few


more five-minute naps. I want the lads to enjoy it,


I want the chef to be happy and I want the


washerwoman to be happy. But there is a serious side to this


straight-talking Yorkshireman. He's here to do a job,


and it starts tonight. I think we can give them


a good game. But we know how difficult


it is going to be. We've got to try and find a system


that will get us results. I want the lads to enjoy


coming into training, like I do. And I want the supporters to know


they are getting value for money. fans will be hoping it is the start


of a positive and exciting chapter. And Cardiff City are expecting


a crowd of over 20,000 tonight Now rugby, and European


competition starts tonight with three Welsh sides


in action in the Challenge Cup. as they kick off their tournament


against Newcastle. The Dragons welcome Brive


to Rodney Parade and the Blues


are away to Bristol. the only Welsh region


in the top-tier Champions Cup - Mike Phillips returning


to his former Llanelli club. And just a reminder we are looking


for this year's Unsung Hero. There have been some great winners


in the past, so do you know someone


who goes out of their way If you know a volunteer who deserves


recognition, let us know. Just go to our website,


bbc.co.uk/unsunghero. Nominations close


on the 23rd October. Results on tonight's rugby


and football matches but first to


the Iris Prize Festival. that celebrates the best gay


and lesbian short films - stories that don't always make it


into the mainstream. Here's our arts and media


correspondent, Huw Thomas. The Iris Prize Festival attracts


an international selection of films on topics that put gay communities


in front of the camera. 35 short films will compete for that


?30,000 prize during a weekend of screenings and


parties in Cardiff. The festival was established


to celebrate films or which simply gave a prominent


role to gay characters. And a decade since it was first


launched, the organiser says it has helped the films


to reach a wider audience. What we didn't want


was to create a festival where the gays


talked to the gays. You know, there are already


festivals that do that. We're delighted that about 30%


of our audience identify And not exclusively gay


or lesbian or transgender. Welsh language film Afiach


had its premiere on the festival's opening night -


a film funded by Iris to encourage more Welsh productions


to feature gay characters. The surreal story


is all about dealing with death, and focuses


on a character's sickness It is the kind of portrayal


that is welcomed by players a mixed team of straight


and LGBT footballers. Films in which they


are just normal characters who happen, incidentally,


to be LGBT is quite a rarity. Seeing people being celebrated


rather than being, like, beaten up or taken the mick out


of for being gay is absolutely I think it's a very powerful force


in the face of homophobia. Colourful scenes and some tough


issues will dominate the films shown this weekend,


with the winner of the Iris Festival's main prize


announced on Sunday. How was it looking? There is a


change in the way for the weekend. Turning milder, with rain at times


and some sunshine. Showers arrived in Pembridge show the form of


persistent rain pushes in from the south and west overnight, with those


of eight to 10 Celsius. High pressure over Scandinavia which was


keeping things settled has eroded, allowing this low pressure to move


in, bringing some wind and rain. It moves to a southerly direction,


bringing in milder air. The rain will come in in the morning and then


clear way. They'll be some sunshine for time. North Wales hangs on to


list for longest as another heavy bag a rain spreads in late in the


afternoon. Southerly winds start to introduce milder air, 12 Celsius to


15 in Newport. The low pressure continues to push on rain bearing


front of the Atlantic. Rain moves north eastwards, clearer for a time


but some squally showers developing. Temperatures holding up at between


eight and 10 Celsius overnight. A mixture of sunshine and showers on


Sunday. Brighter in the afternoon, quite windy along the coast, but


warm southerly winds so not as cold, with temperatures between 14 and 16


Celsius. Further rain on Sunday night, but this low pressure system


moves north, bringing clearer weather for a time on Monday. A


brief ridge of high pressure builds from the South. Changeable with


sunny spells and scattered showers over the weekend. Heavy in places as


well, would the risk of thunder. Less cold by night. Showers are


lighter on Monday, brightening up to the day. Then it turning cooler


again as more north-westerly winds bring a drop in temperatures again


later next week. Thank you.


A reminder of our top story. Ched Evans has been found not guilty of


raping a 19-year-old woman in a hotel room at his retrial in


Cardiff. That is it from us. Have a good


evening. Goodbye.


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