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All smiles once in Plaid Cymru but they're not smiling now.


Tonight, party leader Leanne Wood on Dafydd Elis-Thomas quitting.


He has been a semidetached member of the group,


so in practical terms, it is not going to make


that much difference, but it is sad that given he has put


so much into politics over so many years,


This is Esther Hoad growing up in Carmarthenshire in the 1970s.


Today the taxi driver who drove her to school


and abused her is finally sent to prison.


MPs hear claims that the Cardiff City manager - Neil Warnock -


asked players to pay him to get picked at a previous club.


The Welsh Police force are encouraging drivers to send


And in the week marking 50 years since Aberfan, the


Well, I can see the tables and chairs with the children sitting


in them and they were such a happy group of children,


It's the political divorce that has rocked Plaid Cymru but tonight


the party's leader has hit back at her former colleague


Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas after he dramatically quit over


Leanne Wood has told BBC Wales that a deal struck


with the Welsh Government over its forthcoming budget shows


just how co-operative Plaid can be in opposition.


Lord Elis-Thomas - for decades one of the most


recognisable figures in Welsh politics - is now sitting


Here's our political editor, Nick Servini.


Dafydd Elis-Thomas, a former leader of Plaid Cymru with vast experience


within the party has never embraced the views of the current leader,


Leanne Wood. It was all smiles back in the month of May as Plaid Cymru,


fresh from the assembly election, became the second biggest party, but


Dafydd Elis-Thomas became increasingly frustrated with Plaid


Cymru's robust stance against Labour. He believes it should be


more focused upon building another coalition, like the two parties


formed nearly a decade ago. Today Leanne Wood hit back at the


accusations levelled against her leadership. We have sought to be


constructive in our opposition, we have work to try and get our


manifesto priorities in. We have tried to influence the Welsh


Government's responds to Brexit and we will continue to do that. But he


has been nothing but trouble for you, you must be glad to see the


back of him. The resin element of relief that I do not have to deal


with him now, but there is an element of disappointment and


sadness that it has had to come to this. Dafydd Elis-Thomas has become


one of the most recognisable faces in Welsh politics. Here, rubbing


shoulders with Anthony Hopkins. He has rejected claims he led his


constituents byes-mac let his constituents down having left the


party so soon after fighting the election for Plaid Cymru. I do not


understand what morality has to do with holding a by-election. The


constitutional argument, I have never seen one and I haven't seen


one in the last few hours. But the implications of this followed a far


greater than the internal relations of Plaid Cymru, it means that


pressured votes at the Senate are up for grabs. Following the assembly


election in the month of May, Labour were the biggest party with 29


seats, they have since brought some Lib Dem Kirsty Williams into the


cabinet. But a passport and was expected to be made to negotiate


with Plaid Cymru, who had 12. The Conservatives have a live-in and


Ukip at seven, but Dafydd Elis-Thomas and Ukip's Megan Gale


have become independents now. If the Labour Party can get in their


support, it effectively gives them a working majority. This decision


reduces the ability of Plaid Cymru to play hardball. They will not be


able to hold the governance to ransom because they have other


choices that they can now pursue. That said, Plaid Cymru have formal


mechanisms feeding into government decision-making, liaison committees,


and could become a more important channel for influencing government


policy. All this talk of stiff opposition comes on the eve of one


of the big days of the year, budget day. Ironically, we learn tonight


that both the Labour Party and Plaid Cymru have agreed on a deal to get


the budget through. The first big test of the relationship, it has


been passed. What is the long-term impact of what


will happen? I think much depends upon the


relationship between New Labour Party and Plaid Cymru. That be the


defining relationship in this assembly term. Remember, they are


not in coalition but they have set up committees to work together and


it would appear it is going well the moment. So we know that they have


agreed a budget and they will go through the details on that


tomorrow. I suppose the real impact could be when that relationship gets


sticky, because it does mean potentially that the Labour Welsh


Government have an option to strike a deal with Dafydd Elis-Thomas, the


question then is, if it becomes a regular occurrence, what do they do?


Try to lock him in and bring him into the government? That could be


difficult, they have already brought one Lib Dem in any form of Kirsty


Williams. But there are other ways that you could potentially get his


support, Rhodri Morgan, the former First Minister mischievously


suggested that we could see one or two primary schools being built in


his local constituency. Thank you for that, Nick.


A committee of MPs has heard claims that the Cardiff City


football manager - Neil Warnock - made players pay


The allegations were brought up by Damian Collins MP


during a parliamentary inquiry into corruption in the sport.


But in the past hour we've had a statement from Neil Warnock,


who says the allegations are utterly false.


Tomos is at Cardiff City, what more can you tell us?


These claims surfaced two years ago when Warnock


Jason Puncheon - who played under Warnock at that club -


took to Twitter and called Warnock crooked and said he gives players


extra wages and appearance bonuses to make sure they pay him to get


into the team or for a place on the bench.


Puncheon, who has since deleted the tweets, was fined


?15,000 by the FA and apologised for his comments.


This came as part of the inquiry into the governance of football -


MPs asked the FA why they had not contacted Puncheon to ask him why


The FA said it could only act on "hard evidence", not on comments


These are serious but unsubstantiated allegations


about one of the game's most experienced managers -


Warnock - who took charge of his first match here three days ago -


didn't want to say anything today but it's understood


he feels the matter was dealt with at the time.


But with any last hour he has come out with a statement telling us that


these allegations are completely false and said that the FA


Commission considered all the evidence in detail in 2014 and found


that the allegations which were published about him were unfounded.


He also said that he is disappointed that these allegations have been


repeated two years later. Please keep us posted, thank you.


North Wales Police is appealing to drivers to submit


dashboard camera footage which shows dangerous driving.


Dash cameras are becoming a popular way of recording traffic incidents,


The force has launched a webpage which makes it easier


This dashcam footage taken from all over the UK highlights some


From travelling the wrong way down a motorway,


to dangerous overtaking manoeuvres, and the most extreme road rage


from a dumper truck driver to this motorist who caused a crash


which left two young girls paralysed.


North Wales Police say this is a vital tool


If people think twice, people do not want to take that risk just in case


someone might get in touch with us. I do not want people on the road


stating those risks, I am sick of putting people in body bags, it is


not nice and if this initiative can make one or two people think twice,


happy days. The force has launched a webpage


which makes it easier It will then decide if an incident


is worthy of investigation and prosecution and will contact


the witness for a statement. Prestatyn driver Matthew Turner


never travels without his in-car cameras and has filmed


dozens of close calls. He was even a victim of road rage


while riding his bike. Is it clear, otherwise I will... I


think that those people will be and should be named and shamed they


should not be on the roads. The camera has helped me to provide the


evidence of showing people and showing them what they are doing. I


have the peace of mind knowing that I can focus on how other people are


driving but I have to draw in accordance with the law and the


rules of the roads, just like everyone else does.


The first person to be convicted on the strength of dashcam footage


was in North Wales and this driver was banned for dangerous


driving on the A468 between Caerphilly and Newport.


The rise in the number of dashcam is means that more poor and dangerous


driving is being -- being recorded than ever before but it is being


disputed as to bother it is great for the public to take on the roll


usually done by the police and whether this footage can tell the


whole picture. The Institute of Advanced Motorists


says cameras shouldn't take the place of police officers


as they may not show the context But dashcams are relatively cheap


costing between ?50 and ?200. It's estimated they're in 9% of cars


so the message is - drive safely becuase you never know


who might be watching... The ex-boyfriend of a young mother


from Gwynedd has pleaded A 71-year-old man from


Carmarthenshire has been sentenced to three years in prison


for indecently assaulting Evan Heddwyn Jones was employed


by the local authority to take children to their nearest


bus stop in his taxi, Esther Hoad has waived her right


to anonymity so this programme can This was Esther Hoad as a young girl


growing up in rural south-west Wales. This film was captured in the


1970s. In the years that followed, a much darker chapter in her life


developed. Between the ages of 14 and 16, she was indecently assaulted


many times by a man twice her age. When the abuse were started, I just


felt wretched. I felt confused and guilty that I had somehow attracted


all of this unwanted attention to myself. From the onset and the


escalation of the abuse, I just cringed in the school taxi every


time Evan Heddwyn Jones touched me or spoke to me. My feelings were


very much of guilt and self-loathing, confusion and being


powerless to allow this to happen to me. I felt I was to blame. Farmer


Evan Heddwyn Jones was today sentenced to three years in prison


after he was convicted of four pounds of indecently assaulting a


child. The court heard that between 1976 and 1978, Evan Heddwyn Jones


was employed by the local authority to pick up children from their farms


in the local area and take them to the nearest bus stop. The Judge


Keith Thomas said that Evan Heddwyn Jones took advantage of the


situation because his victim was the last drop of point on his journey.


In the 1970s, Evan Heddwyn Jones operated a school taxi service on in


this area. The court heard that when he was alone in the vehicle with his


victim that he put his hands inside her clothing and touched


inappropriately. Esther has said that he taught others about what was


happening to her at the time but that nothing was done about it. The


police said the investigation relied on the strength of statements from


the victim and her diary entries which contained details of the


abuse. The impact that child sexual abuse has had on my life will never


go away, however. I mean, I live in the countryside and at the age of


504I still gag at the smell of silage. Following the sentence


today, is the's husband said he hoped it would bring closure for his


wife but that this would never go away. It has been with us from the


start of our relationship 28 years ago. She told me about it early on


and at times it has been devastating. Esther Hoad now lives


with her family and despite sharing her story, she did not want to


appear on camera. She wanted to show the fees instead of a young girl


that was abused and whose life was changed for ever by that experience.


Ben Price reporting. The ex-boyfriend of a young mother


from Gwynedd has pleaded 22-year-old Emma Baums' body


was found in her garden 25-year-old David Nicholas Davies


admitted the charge Arriving in court


earlier to admit murder. David Nicholas Davies only spoke


during the short hearing to say guilty when the


charge was put to him. Emma Baum was found dead at around


quarter to 11 on the morning of the 18th of July this year


in the garden of her Neighbours had described hearing


screams during the night before. Her family paid tribute


to her at the time of her death, describing the love that she had


for her two-year-old son. David Nicholas Davies has


now admitted murder. The prosecution barrister appealed


with him to work with the police over the next few weeks


and that is because he does not accept all of the prosecution's


version of events that night. He says he did not go to the house


that night intending to kill Emma Baum and he says he did not


take a murder weapon with him. The court heard his version


is that he used a crowbar All of these issues will affect


the sentence that he gets You are watching Wales Today from


the BBC. Much more to come before 7 o'clock:


9,000 cows have been killed this year so far as a result


of bovine TB. Farmers call for widespread


badger culling here. And how money spent


by Welsh Government flows from big building contracts


to lunch in the canteen. All this week, we're marking


the 15th anniversary of Aberfan. 116 children and 28 adults


lost their lives when an avalanche of coal waste crashed


onto the village primary school Many of those who survived have had


to deal with trauma, guilt and images that


will never leave them. Tonight, BBC One Wales


tells their stories It took just minutes for the coal


tip above Aberfan to slide down the mountain and crash


into Pantglas School below. 144 people died, 116


of them were children. Now, 50 years on, people


from the village have helped to make a film,


telling the story of that day. Well, I was gasping for breath


because the air was getting less and less, but at least I had that


pocket of air, but the panic I think set in really -


how was I going to get out? "I'm sure that somebody is under


here," he was shouting. And when he dug out my son,


I could feel the air coming into me. Oh, it was something


out of this world. For six months, Steve Humphries


worked with villagers. Some speaking in public


for the first time. What I found to begin with was raw


emotion and I think in some ways when a stranger comes


in from outside and asks difficult Heti Williams was a


teacher at the school. This was where my classroom


was and on the anniversary I came back to the school and I can


still see the children in their classes, I can


feel my children around me. And you can think back to the days


when it was a lovely place. He set out, he says,


to document stories of survival, but what emerged


became more than that. The most extraordinary story


of all was of a fireman, Len Haggart, who saved the life


of a boy, Phil Thomas, but had never We could just not get him


out and then the water started to rush in and you


could hear the people And I know they lifted


that wall that day, And for the first time since that


day, they were reunited. Central to the whole story


of Aberfan, he found, was the young wives club,


set up by bereaved mothers. That made us feel a lot better


because we were all together doing things, you know,


helping one another out that way. We must have been about 60 women


and it was wonderful. The choir started after the disaster


as a way to help cope. It was humbling to meet them


and to be allowed into the community and to be told the stories and be


that the told them to me. So I feel really honoured to have


been allowed to do it. And you can see Surviving


Aberfan on BBC One Wales Nearly 9,500 cows have been killed


in Wales this year so far Now on the eve of a big


announcement about new plans to tackle the disease,


Wales' two biggest farming unions have called for badger


culling to be allowed here, as it is in parts of England


and Northern Ireland. But opponents say there's no


evidence it's effective. Here's our environment


correspondent, Steffan Messenger. Milking towels is how this man makes


his living but in recent months he has lost one tenth of the search to


TB. It is an illness that for decades has ruined livelihoods in


rural Wales. Leading to the slaughter of tens of thousands of


cattle. -- towels. It was horrible, the worst day of my life


that is horrendous, they are like a family.


They are not a number, it is heart-wrenching. Farmers like him


face annual testing and restrictions on moving cattle. Since the latest


measures were introduced in 2008, there has been a 37% fall in cases


of TB in Wales. But the problem is concentrated butter pie higher


incident levels here in West Wales and along the border with England.


There has been a sharp rise in the number of cattle being slaughtered


in recent years which has caused alarm in farming circles. Much of


the debate has revolved around whether or not to cull badgers, they


can also carry the TB infection. A five-year trial to vaccinate them in


North Pembrokeshire was put on hold last year due to a global shortage


of the TB jab. Now, farming leaders have set a cull is the only option.


We have got an absolute vacuum in the last ten months since the


cancellation of the vaccination programme, so now there is a real


expectation that there will be a practical programme for improving


the situation. In England and Northern Ireland, badger culling is


being allowed in areas badly affected by TB, opponents have ever


claimed it is counter-productive. One leading ecologist who spent her


career studying how the disease is transmitted told me changes to


farming practices could be the answer. Because the TB bacteria can


survive in an environment for days, weeks or months, the infection is


still present, even if the animal that was infected has gone. That is


one of the reasons why TB is such a challenge to manage. The issue of


how best to tackle TB continues to divide opinion. The disease itself


is still causing real misery in rural Wales.


Now, tomorrow the Welsh Government will announce how it plans


on spending your money for the next year and where it'll


It's got ?16 billion to play with - that's nearly 30% of the value


Any change in spending is felt by private businesses too.


Our economics correspondent Sarah Dickins has been looking


at how that money can make it's way into private


The latest section of the Heads of the Valleys Road, costing more than


?220 million. There are 450 people working on this site, but the


spending affects many more people than that. This is a very practical


example about how government spending can affect communities and


how public sector money becomes money in the private sector for


small businesses. If the government has more or less, that is felt


throughout all the different layers of the economy. The site is run by


the UK firm cost that and it works terribly for the Welsh Government


and contracts a number of smaller Welsh companies. The percentage that


we sublet to local contractors is about two thirds of the but we


subcontract. We try to encourage the employment of local and businesses.


This is in addition to training up locally employed people as well.


This part of the project, to make the A4 56 Heads of the Valleys Road


a dual carriageway is very complex, as the takeaway rocks to mount in


the gorge. The earth moving is carried out by a company with


headquarters here. I have got in the region of 50 or 60 people working on


the job. 20 or 30 excavators and dump trucks, so it is a big project


for us in terms of our turnover. His company also pays other firms to


carry out some of the work and hires in extra machinery. At Cardiff


business School they are already working at the effect the road will


have on the Welsh economy. There are many contract is involved on that


and they themselves support for the contractor down the supply chain, so


you can clearly see that the main contractor that is employed, through


its activities as well, we'll support that economic activity in


the wider economy. The wages of the many hundreds working on the project


gets bent back in the local economy. For instance, they have to eat.


Steve has had his own small catering business here for years, he is now


flat out feeding the team on site. They get through 600 eggs each week.


We are here from quota seven until half past two, we normally close


just after two o'clock. We start off with breakfast, a mid-morning break


and then onto lunchtime. Steve buys from local supermarkets and gets its


vegetables from a local supplier. And so the money that started in the


Welsh Government's offers clothes on. Tomorrow we will hear a brother


that flow will increase or slowdown in the near future. -- we will hear


whether that flow will increase. We've put the coins in Derek's meter


- here's two minutes of weather! Tomorrow is St Luke's Day


and around this time of year, warm weather is often called


an Indian summer. Temperatures today are around


average but tomorrow will be a few The air over us today has been


unstable with big towering clouds and heavy showers but with some


sunshine in between. There's also a few flood warnings


in force on the coast at the moment, mainly in south-east Wales due


to high astronomical tides caused The time of high water in Newport


is 8 o'clock this evening. The water level rises


to over 13 metres. This evening, clear spells


and scattered showers. And then after midnight a cold front


will bring more widespread rain. Breezy, especially on the coast,


with lowest temperatures in Snowdonia dropping


to around 6 Celsius. By 8am in the morning the worst


of the rain will have cleared. Most of the country will be


dry bar a few showers. You may catch a passing shower


in the afternoon but most places remain dry with broken cloud


and sunny spells. Temperatures are lower than today


at 10 to 14 Celsius. much of the day will be


dry with some sunshine. In Conwy tomorrow, there will be


a shower in places although it is otherwise dry


with bright or sunny intervals. Tomorrow night a north-westerly


breeze will blow a few Some dry, clear weather


as well and chilly. Wednesday's chart shows low


pressure over Ireland. There's high pressure over Ireland


and that's heading our way. So, on Wednesday, a few


scattered showers. Some sunshine as well


with a dry end to the day. The outlook for the rest of the week


is dry and settled. Morning mist and fog patches


and chilly at night with frost Thank you for that. I will have an


update after the BBC News at ten. That's Wales Today,


thank you for watching, and from all of us on the programme,


have a good evening, goodbye.


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