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Welcome to Wales Today - our top stories:


More money for childcare and health but who loses out


There is more cash to spend this year than next year but the Welsh


government warns austerity is far from over.


Police investigating the disappearance of Cardiff


grandmother Lorraine Ridout search two houses in the city.


We've had years of Welsh Government policies


Now yet another consultation - Ministers say they'll


The families of Aberfan on their 40 year fight for justice.


It did take a long time and if we hadn't pressed for it, I don't think


we would have had it. And despite a knee injury,


Taulupe Faletau, is included in Wales' squad for the autumn


internationals. "Investing for today,


preparing for tomorrow". That's the catchy phrase


from today's Welsh With a total pot of


nearly ?15 billion, this afternoon the Finance


Secretary, Mark Drakeford, unveiled There's an extra ?240 million


for the NHS. for a pilot scheme giving 30 hours


of free childcare for three Well, cuts to some areas


of local government, community projects, and cuts


to schemes to help deprived areas. Here's our political


editor Nick Servini. nurses is the game of choice for


these children at this nursery. Healthy is also a priority for the


Welsh government with a cash injection may makes up half of their


budget. A 2.5% increase this year or ?240 million. Where there is give,


there is take as local councils know too well. It is those services that


keep our streets tidy with inflation taken into account. There is a 1.5%


decrease. This has been hit year-on-year but it is the best deal


they have had for years nevertheless. What about education?


These children are just starting bears, so it is good news for them


but overall the education budget goes up 1.3%. A scheme to raise


performance levels in economic league deprived areas is cut saving


around ?17 million a year. ?15 billion of the Welsh government's


budget has all gone and it could be good news for these three and


four-year-olds with ?10 million put towards a pilot scheme to deliver a


long-term vision for 30 hours of free childcare week. The cost of


this child care will rise dramatically in future years. I


could take advantage of that. Alexander would be too old. He would


be in reception man. It is a brilliant idea and a massive help


the working parents. It would be an incentive to get women back to work.


Juggling childcare and working full-time at the hospital. It


affects family life. Who knows what these children will be doing in


years to come but fixing the skills gap year is a game with ?11 million


put towards apprenticeships. Could these trainee builders end up


helping with big infrastructure projects? Plans for an M4 relief


road have been earmarked for ?1 billion to develop over four years.


This isn't just a straightforward Labour budget. Without a majority,


they have to wake it up with that come rude to make agreements. What


with the reactions? Of women politics, we can do more when we


work across party boundaries. When we look for that common ground, we


welcome that opportunity to deliver together the kind of changes that


the people of Wales want to see. Our aspects of this budget that we


welcome, the increase in health spending. It is my wish that this


draft budget will deliver for Welsh communities where so many others


have failed. You will forgive me if I reserve some scepticism given that


outcomes in so many areas of public life are still badly wanting. It is


work in progress and things may change when they find out what Wales


gets from next year's UK budget when the Chancellor's famous red box


makes his appearance. We will get an idea of what it will contain from


the Autumn Statement next month. And our political editor


Nick Servini is with the Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford


in Cardiff Bay, Nick. Good evening. You called on the


government to abandon his its policy of... That is a bit misleading. You


will have more money to spend than you have had this year. Marginally


more money but austerity is clear. Over the period of this assembly, we


will have less money year-on-year, less money to spend on Welsh public


services, less money as a result of their self-defeating policies of it.


This is a good year now. You will have more than the current year. I


will use next year to create a stable period in which Welsh public


services can plan for the hard choices and more difficult times


that lie ahead. Let us talk about the NHS. 49% of everything the Welsh


government spends. Former Health Secretary. 2.5% increase. Is that


the norm in future years? Is it dangerous to dip below that? The NHS


is the top priority for this government. It is a service in which


people rely every single day and we know we have to go on investing in


it. The most recent report said, we need to put money in, the health


service needs to be more efficient and the UK Government needs to fund


public services in line with the growth in the economy. It sounds


like it will be 2.5% in the future and health will remain priority.


Health is the priority, there is a gap that needs to be funded and we


will do our best to do that. This deal arose with months of torque. Is


this the future? We have to talk to other parties, we have to get our


budget through the assembly. One part of the compact was discussions


about the budget. They were detailed, long, hard going. Hard --


how hard going was it? What have you done that you did not want to do


because of this deal with Clyde. We had priorities and Plaid Cymru had


priorities. I was never going to agree to anything that we weren't


prepared to do but there were things that we were keen to approve and


achieve and we were able to bring those together in a deal. Autumn


Statement with Philip Hammond next month. Are you expecting a boost to


your finances? We are cautiously optimistic we will get growth in our


capital budget. There may be reductions in revenue. It would be a


mixed picture. Thank you very much indeed. Back to you in a studio.


Police investigating the disappearance of a Cardiff


grandmother, missing for nine months, are searching


57-year-old Lorraine Ridout hasn't been seen since January


Over the last few months specialist police teams have carried out


several searches of the River Taff and the community have helped search


Lorraine Ridout and lives on this estate where she is well known and


liked. Earlier this year the 57-year-old popped out of the local


shops and that was the last confirmed sighting of her. Police


say her disappearance is unexplained may have been investigating ever


since. She has not been seen since 7p above the 31st of January this


year. She popped out to visit a friend. Today police began searching


a property here and another property in the Ely district of the city. A


special forensics team has spent the day searching the back garden. A


number of items were removed, grass was cut and officers were digging


looking for clues to explain what happened to her. It was a similar


district -- seen this other property a few miles away. Just want her to


come home. In the days after Hirst disappearance and her son and


daughter helped the team find her. Friends say the family is now


desperate for news. It has been ten months and still nothing and I hope


for her family's sake that they get some answers soon. She was a lovely


person. She always said hello to us down the shops. The detectives say


they have followed hundreds of lines of enquiry and family have been


cooperating fully and no stone must be left unturned to find out has


happened to her. A financial advisor from Welshpool


who has admitted defrauding clients and friends from his church,


out of nearly ?1.5 million has been told he might


escape jail if he re-pays 77-year-old David Vaughan


Jones from Leighton The Secretary of State for Brexit


says a decision has not yet been made on which government


will allocate cash designed Speaking after a meeting


with the First Minister in Cardiff, David Davis said


the matter would be discussed Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT


Davies has previously suggested - the cash could come directly


from Westminster rather Tonight, those who lost children


in the Aberfan disaster speak out about their long battle


against the establishment, to hold someone to account


for what happened. It's part of a special


series of programmes It's 50 years since 116 children


and 28 adults were killed by a coal Tonne after tonne of coal


waste piled above Aberfan onto a natural spring,


a toxic mix, a deadly torrent that It was an accident


waiting to happen. And if it wasn't further neglect,


I would have my little There had been near misses that had


urged collieries to check coal tips The tribunal later found damning


evidence against those who should Do you now agree that you ignored


one of the most important I ignored a part of


the letter, yes, sir. Most people who were brought


to the stand seemed to take it The National Coal Board was to blame


but no senior officials The remaining coal tips


overshadowed a grieving village. Lord Rogan is the man in charge


of the coal board who refused The womenfolk have


suffered particularly. Just do not accept this as a fact


and therefore no amount of argument People around the world sent a total


of ?1.75 million to a disaster relief fund but not every penny went


to bereaved families. The government of the day pressured


the fund's trustees to contribute Of course they will pay


what they can afford but this scheme One journalist at the time feels


more scrutiny should have befallen the then Secretary


of State for Wales. I've got a personal sense


of guilt over that. I never interviewed the Secretary


of State for Wales and he must have agreed with Wilson's policy taking


taking 10% of the fund. If I had interviewed him, I would've


got him by the neck as indeed most later in my career I most


certainly would have. In 2007, the new Welsh government


paid back the fund's It felt to us that justice had been


served but it did take a long time and if we hadn't pressed for it,


I don't think we would have had it. Born and brought up in Aberfan,


you Ewan England produced What I've tried to do in this film


is to make sure that we actually understand the history,


understand what happened and understand why the disaster


happened and also how the community was treated shamefully over


several days afterwards. Desmond Ackner, the barrister


who represented the family's five No less relevant than


they were at the time. This was a slow-growing man-made


menace fed by the indifference of those who should never have


permitted its existence. You can see more on this


with Huw Edwards in Aberfan: The Fight for Justice at


10.45 tonight here on BBC One Wales. Much more to come


before seven o'clock. Despite a knee injury,


Taulupe Faletau, has been included in Wales' squad


for the autumn internationals. And former hurricane


Nicole which battered Bermuda last week is not heading


in our direction. But it will still influence our


weather with high pressure Is trapping infected badgers


in cages and killing them the way to tackle Bovine


TB in Wales? Despite launching a fresh


consultation on how to deal with the disease in badly affected


areas, the Welsh government has ruled out an England-style cull


with farmers shooting badgers. Here's our environment


correspondent, Steffan Messenger. He has -- his herd of cows is


shrinking. He has lost 110 to TB this year with more to be


slaughtered next week. This is a notice of intent to slaughter


animals. 40 failed on the skin test. All the herd had blood tests as well


and 75 came back positive. There is some crossover. 85 have to go next


week. 9500 cattle have been killed already this year as the Welsh


government tries to stamp out TB in Wales struggles -- in Wales. Farmers


say it is pointless to keep killing cattle without doing something about


badgers who can also carry the infection. A trial to vaccinate them


was put on hold last year due to a global shortage of the TB jab. Time


to take stock and introduce a refreshed approach. According to


rural affairs representative, Lesley Griffiths. We must focus on our


long-term objective of TB eradication. The new plans split the


country into different areas based on how badly they are hit. In


Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and the border with England, farmers


will face more testing and restrictions. Farms that have a


persistent problem will be given an individual action plan and where it


can be shown that bad jurors are part of the problem, the government


will consider whether to trap, test and kill them. -- badgers. Some


farmers will say why have we got the same approach? We don't believe


large-scale culling is necessary in Wales. We do need to try this


minimal damage approach first. It is very serious taking out a population


of wildlife. Deb -- both farm leaders who have been calling for a


call and wildlife campaigners opposed worth watching the


Secretary's announcement. We realise she is upping the ante on


restrictions that we will have on some of the worst areas in Wales.


That is a challenge for a lot of farmers. There is no one strategy,


one solution fits all. We would work with the Welsh government on looking


at evidence -based solutions including stricter measures. Bovine


TB has been ruining many livelihoods. Many have wrestled with


how best to be set. A 12 week consultation will be launched to as


the people's views about these latest plans.


The children's charity Unicef says 257 Syrian refugees have now been


relocated to Wales and officials expect more to arrive.


Speaking at an anti-slavery conference in Newport,


the Hollywood actor and Unicef ambassador, Michael Sheen,


welcomed the new arrivals, but says more needs to be done.


They're first and foremost children and they need protection and they


Anything that we can do is a great help.


It'll never be enough because no one can ever do enough


when you have the greatest humanitarian crisis since the Second


World War going on, on our watch but I hope we all step up and do


Tests are to be carried out to determine if a virus


is responsible for the deaths of a number of red


There are around 700 red squirrels on the island but nine have been


Experts at Bangor University are investigating whether they had


contracted the adeno-virus which was identified


Rugby and despite a knee injury, the Wales number eight,


Taulupe Faletau, has been included in Wales' squad for


There had been doubts whether players based in England


would be available for the opening game against Australia.


There had been doubts whether players based in England


would be available for the opening game against Australia.


The game falls outside the official window.


But interim coach Rob Howley said Jamie Roberts and George North


Wales are hoping Taulupe Faletau could be available towards the end


of the autumn internationals. He will miss the first game of Bonfire


Night battle against Australia. Three years ago George North scored


tries against the Wallabies but his club, Northampton, paid a heavy


price. Fined ?50,000 for letting him play outside the official


international window. Similar action could follow with North and Jamie


Roberts is expected to feature this season. No formal conversations with


any of the English clubs but having spoken to the players, they are


available to play. Some are available for the Australian game.


In the 36 man club, there is a call-up for Sam Davies. He is the


leading scorer in the pro 12 completing 59 points. The first game


against Australia comes a week after the Welsh derby matches in the pro


12. Rob Howley said he would consider releasing some of the


players back to the regions for those games but was seemingly


impressed with how the fixtures have been scheduled. I looked at the


fixture when our autumn season came out and they came out on 2nd of


December 20 15. I looked at the Guinness pro 12 and it was the 13th


of 20 16. You can make what you want from that. Four years since he first


took over from Warren Galland, Rob Howley says he has gained a lot as a


coach. With Wales three years Farhat -- from having to find a


replacement, success could transform Rob Howley from a stand-in into a


permanent successor. And from autumn's internationals


to distinctly Autumnal weather, There is a chill in the air. Lows of


10 Celsius. Top temperature of 14 Celsius. Sunshine today with clouds


over Newport. This picture taken this morning. Tonight, the wind will


blow a fuse showers across the country. There will be some dry


weather as well, especially in the south-east. Lowest temperatures, six


to 10 Celsius. On the other side of the Atlantic, this low pressure is


former Harry Kane Nicole. Rejection rate -- dreck -- jet stream will


buckle and this high pressure will move in. There will be a few showers


dotted around. One or two heavy showers in places. The wind is not


as strong as today and there will be some dry and bright weather. Much of


the South and Southeast should be dry. Sunshine in Cardiff and Brecon.


During the day, a few showers will drift southwards. You may get away


with a dry afternoon. Temperatures higher than today. Top temperature


of 15 Celsius with a north-westerly breeze. I wouldn't rule out one or


two showers. There is some sunshine as well. In the Vale of Glamorgan, a


decent day tomorrow. 14 Celsius is the top temperature. A few showers


and and Pembrokeshire. Elsewhere is dry, clear and quite cold. On


Thursday, most places will be dry. The odd shower in parts of the


North. There will be some sunshine and light winds. Friday is dry with


morning fog patches. The best of the sunshine likely in the West. The


weekend is not looking too bad. Plenty of dry weather, some clout


and temperatures around average with a chilly breeze picking up. On the


whole, quite promising. The Welsh Government has been


setting out its budget for the coming year -


The headlines are - an extra ?240-million for the NHS


but cuts to some areas of local government, education,


and community projects. Lets have a word with


our correspondents - first our health correspondent


Owain Clarke - ?240 million isn't a massive amount.


It is quite a bit more proportional than what was expected.


The question is will it be enough? It amounts to 2.5% extra but the


demand will increase more than that. Independent experts said so just


last week. The NHS will need to find some savings to balance the books in


the longer run. The extra money is being welcomed tonight by groups


representing doctors, nurses and others. They know the health service


has the capacity to swallow it up very quickly. ?240 million is about


what the NHS spends in nine days. Let us talk about the economy.


Sarah, what did you think? They are trying to make living standards


better in Wales. The big problems in two headlines are low pay, the low


value of jobs and ill-health or low level of good health. That is what


they are trying to do. The extra money, I'm awful lot of that will be


spent in Wales and it will cascade through the economy as people spend


their wages and goods and services are bought. It has the potential of


helping to things. ?111 million for apprenticeships. Apprenticeships in


Wales are different from England. They are all age and all workforce.


They have the potential to lift the skills, lift the wages and help the


economy. It takes time. More than ?1 billion across four years that Eric


housing, affordable housing. -- for extra housing. The chartered


surveyors are saying it is not enough. They are trying to make


living in Wales better. Thank you both very much. More on the budget


on our website and I will have an update for you at eight o'clock and


again after the BBC News at ten. Thank you for watching. From all of


us on the programme, good evening. that's been a struggle


from the very start. When something like that happens,


a village, a person, Sometimes, in places, we're pushed


through till we shine...


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