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Tonight's top stories: Most Welsh councils are handed more


money to spend next year, but ten will take a hit.


And will your council tax go up to help take the strain?


Some teenage migrants arriving here from Calais don t look


like children says Monmouth MP David Davies.


He calls for them to have dental checks to verify they're under 18.


If we want to help children at screed. I'm in favour of that, but


I'm not in favour of allowing people in their 20s to come into the UK and


make a mockery of our laws. A court hears claims an American


businessman killed Nadine Aburas in a Cardiff hotel room


because the 'Voice of Winter's on the way,


there's a warning for people We'll be hearing from


a Pembrokeshire Mum who nearly died And it's the world's


fastest growing sport, we meet the first ever Welshman


to take part in the Ultimate Most Welsh councils will have more


cash to spend on vital services next year like schools,


rubbish collections But the increases set out


by the Welsh Government are modest, Gwynedd, the biggest winner,


sees its budget go up And ten councils will see


their budgets fall slightly. But overall, the settlement has


been described as fair. So, could this be an end to the era


of huge council cuts? Here's our Political


Editor, Nick Servini. Councils have taken much of the


strain for public sector cuts in recent years. While many


organisations have had to make sacrifices, local authorities feel


they've made the hardest yards. That is the climate changing? With many


council budget starting to go up, rather than continuously down?


Andrew Morgan is the leader of Rhondda Cynon Taff, the


second-biggest cancer in Wales. Despite the cuts he's Management


Western leisure like this one which opened in Aberdare two years ago.


But he's gearing up for another tight settlement.


Until the news came through. My own authority has had a slight increase.


?100,000 extra, it's as good as we can hope for at a time when


austerities continues. So you might be able to manage next


year without making any cuts for the first time in about a decade?


Hopefully we can close the budget gap, as we call it, without making


cuts. Unless you get a settlement increase of about two or 3%, it


doesn't cover the increasing costs for local authorities. We need a


cash increase between five and ?6 million the year to stand still.


So higher costs like energy and staff eat away at rises, as does


inflation. It will mean next year's crash increase will end up as a


small cut. It's a sign of how things have


changed that it wasn't that long ago when councils used to complain when


they got a 5% budget increase. Now they are getting a slight reduction


and using words like fair and reasonable. For some, this has been


about self-defeating austerity. For others, it's been about creating


leaner, more efficient operations. What about elsewhere in Wales? There


was anger last year when rural councils face the biggest cuts. This


year there are no big variations. Gwyneth sees the largest increase of


0.9%. The Council hearing Rhondda Cynon Taff will get an extra


?800,000, equivalent to a zero rise. Powys, which had the biggest


decrease in the last budget, is one of four councils getting 0.5%.


From the work we have been doing in preparation for today, I feel that


the only position where, hopefully, we won't have too introduce new


saving measures other than what's already in the three-year plan we


are working with. That would be a nice position. One


big question is what the settlement will mean for council tax levels.


The finance secretary has called for restraint. In terms of council tax I


expect them to weigh up what I know, competing priorities, they must make


a contribution to public services. They must think of those citizens


who have to bear the burden of it. In previous years councils claimed


to have been hit hard by austerities. They'll be a softer


side next year, which they hope will continue for a long time to come.


Nick's here now, Nick, if most councils have a healthier


budget this year could that mean a freeze in our Council Tax bills?


It's a possibility. There's no doubt that most council leaders were


expecting a much more difficult financial settlement than they'll


get next year. There's no doubt that they been


given a bit of breathing space. You heard it there, RCT, Powys, the


possibility of further cuts being put on hold next year. I think this


sort of financial rosy picture is the context with which Mark Drake


Fred, with a bit of bite, in his statement and interviews, has called


on council leaders to think of the public when they are setting council


tax levels for next year. What will help Yuji is that thinking of the


public, will be at the fourth most of most council 's mind because


there are council elections next year. No administration will want to


go into a vote of the back of an increase in council tax.


That is considered excessive at a local level.


And to find out whether your council's budget is going


up or being cut head to our website, bbc.co.uk/walesnews.


The Monmouth MP, David Davies, has called for child


migrants arriving in the UK to have their teeth examined


Mr Davies says several unaccompanied children who have arrived to join


But his suggestion has been condemned by dentists


as 'unethical.' The Home Office says rigorous checks will be made.


Here's our Political Reporter, Paul Martin.


The jungle camp in Cali. A place that's become one of the symbols of


the migrant crisis. It's due to close, and the UK is offering asylum


to children at the camp who already have relatives here. But pictures


emerging of some of them have led to questions over their real ages. So


how can the authorities checksum and is under 18? MP for Monmouth, David


Davis an idea. I'd like the Home Office to issue


guidance to see where someone's appearance give rise to questions


that they may be over 18 they must undertake a simple medical test,


x-ray or dental check if we want to help children not great. I'm in


favour of art. I'm not in favour of allowing people in their 20s to say


I am a child and coming to the UK making a mark we have our laws.


Cardiff dentists have done aid work in the jungle. One showed me how the


procedure would work. We can show that to the patient.


He thinks the idea is flawed, practically and ethically.


I'm totally against any and necessary exposure to radiation.


Number two is Agassi, it's not accurate. You will never determine


the age exactly. -- second is accuracy. Number three, I feel sorry


for those people, they need more help from us. They need us to look


after them. David Davis says he's dealt with a


case in his constituency whereby a migrant was placed with a foster


family but turned out to be older than he said he was. So what do


people here think of the idea of dental testing?


I agree. A lot of them are older. You can see yourself they are older


than they say they are. If David Davis thinks that they


should be like horses, the test. Their teeth, their rage. I just


don't agree with what he's saying. It's a story which has dominated the


front pages, although there is suggestion that this man could


actually be a translator. On radio phone in today the issue has sparked


a lively debate. They have two check. I agree with


David Davis. They have to check on people coming into the country. We


are a softer touch than anywhere else in the world. These people,


some of them lie about their rage. But they are doing it out of


desperation. The UK Government is working with


the French authorities to bring other migrant children, particularly


those in the camps to the UK. Neath Port Talbot has already agreed to


resettle six children. We think it's right, members were


very clear this morning we must play our roles. It is our responsibility


to respond to a major humanitarian crisis.


The Home Office says it doesn't carry out stencil tests, but will


increase other age checks. Around 1000 people were checked it up to


Jim, 68% were deemed to be over 18. Home Office sources told the BBC


it's unlikely that any overage migrants will be returned to France,


as they will be able to claim here anyway.


Experts say Wales needs "drastic improvement" in lung cancer care


to improve its five-year survival rates, which are currently


Only 6.6 % of Welsh patients live for five years after diagnosis,


The UK Lung Cancer Coalition believes raising that to 25%


The Welsh Government says it's already working on some


Politicians in Wales and Westminster have been paying tribute


to all those affected by the Aberfan disaster, 50 years ago this week.


A minute's silence was held in the Senedd, and in the Commons,


where the tributes were led by the Prime Minister, Teresa May.


It is right that we pause and reflect on this important


anniversary and recognise the solidarity and resilience of the


people of Aberfan to overcome this powerful tragedy. Today we stand in


solidarity with the people of Aberfan. We offer them our support,


and, I hope, some comfort as they deal with the memories of that day.


When winter darkness came early to the community of Aberfan.


The First Minister Carwyn Jones speaking


Cardiff Crown Court has heard how an American who claimed


to work for the FBI, strangled a woman in a Cardiff hotel


room because the 'voice of God' told him to do it.


44-year-old Sammy Almahri has admitted the manslaughter


In this Cardiff Bay hotel staff make a grim discovery.


The door to room 203 is locked, but the guest should have checked


The duty manager enters, inside he finds the body


of 28-year-old Nadine Aburas described in court as a slim,


Sammy Almahri, an American who'd been having a relationship with her,


The prosecution counsel, Roger Thomas, told the court Almahri


deliberately strangled Nadine, fled the scene and left the country


to avoid the consequences of his own actions.


He admits killing, but claims he was suffering an abnormality


He will claim he heard the voice of God telling him


His defence will say his responsibility was diminished.


We reject that, we submit this was a deliberate killing


of a defenceless woman, by a jealous, angry and,


The court heard that after the killing Sammy Almahri left


Cardiff in Nadine Aburas's car and travelled to Heathrow Airport.


He took a flight to Doha, and flew on to Qatar.


He was eventually found in Tanzania, and arrested on an Interpol warrant.


Nadine first met Sammy Almahri on an Internet dating site,


Even though he lived in the United States he came


to Cardiff a few times, and she travelled to New York.


But after their last visit she accused him


After months of threatening and menacing texts he arrived


There was an altercation between Sammy Almahri and Nadine's


He was driven to the railway station and told to leave town.


Instead he checked into a room here at the Future inm.


At the Hotel bar he drank nine shots of tequila, and asked


the receptionist to phone Nadine Aburas's mobile


But through the receptionist he told her that he hadn't


At ten past nine, Nadine came here to the hotel,


her body was discovered just before lunchtime the following day.


Now while police officers were still here at the scene,


Almahri called the hotel several times to enquire if they'd


He claimed she'd asked him to kill her.


Sammy Almahri denies murder, the case is continuing.


A set of twins from Pembrokeshire are urging people to get vaccinated


Italy have taken ten years but Wales now has its first ever competitor in


the ultimate fighting championship, he mixed martial arts business with


over $4 billion. And October can sometimes be wet and stormy, but it


looks dry with more sunshine to show off the autumn colours.


A set of twins from Pembrokeshire are urging people to get vaccinated


against flu after one of them nearly died from the virus.


Sam Robinson works as a nurse and had a vaccination last year,


but her sister Helen Watts didn't, and still hasn't returned


to work since falling ill with the bug in March.


This was Helen Watts in hospital earlier this year.


At 42-years-old Helen never thought she would be struck down by flu


I had a sore throat, and I began to be a bit chesty.


I went so downhill that my Ventolin, my inhalors, weren't working.


It deteriorated so much I had to write down to my husband to get


Her twin sister, Sam, was at her side during such


She says she doesn't remember an awful lot of it but I remember


a respiratory arrest, and hert having central


The sisters are asthmatic which means they are both at risk


of becoming seriously ill if they get flu.


Because of her job as a nurse Sam gets a flu vaccination every year.


Helen has never had one, she believes this is why


It was just, I hadn't got around to having it.


Please make sure you make the time to get it done.


Last winter in Wales nearly 800 people ended up


Around one fifth of those had to be treated in intensive care.


This is usually the case because a person develops severe


In some cases getting flu can lead to lives being put at risk.


The majority of patients we see with the life-threatening


They've usually got a long-term disease such as diabetes


But we do see quite healthy people as well.


And we see people that are overweight.


That increases your risk of infections and people that


Public Health Wales says the number of people getting a flu


But the message for everyone who is most at risk is to get it,


A mother and her partner who were jailed over the death


of her 17-month-old son, have had their sentences increased


by the Court of Appeal, for being unduly lenient.


Finlay Thomas died in 2014 after suffering "catastrophic injuries"


Sean Buckley was jailed for life for murder,


with a minimum term of 17 years, that's been raised to


Chloe Thomas has had a 20-month child cruelty sentence


Unemployment continues to fall in Wales, with 5,000 fewer people


out of work between June and August, than in the three previous months.


There are 65,000 people unemployed here, which is 25,000 fewer


The unemployment rate in Wales is 4.3% for the latest quarter,


lower than the overall UK figure, which remains at 4.9%.


Let's get tonight's sport now, with Kate.


Let's start with rugby, and George North's availability


remains uncertain for the Autumn international with


The match is being played outside World Rugby's international window.


His club Northampton say his contract means he's released


Wales Interim Head Coach Rob Howley said yesterday the winger


The four Welsh regions have launched a new scheme to keep more


teenagers in deprived communities playing rugby.


Tackle, funded by ?150, 000 from BT Sport, combines


rugby with workshops on leadership and communication.


It'll focus on 14-16 year olds who are most likely


Wales Captain Sam Warburton says the game has given him plenty


I think you get used to dealing with pressure. Dealing with defeats,


something which hasn't gone well. And bouncing back. It teaches you to


be resilient. It teaches you life skills you don't realise you are


picking up along the way. When I look back I think I'm a very


different person to when I first started playing.


Welsh golfer, and former US Masters champion


Ian Woosnam is being inducted into World Golf's Hall of Fame.


The 58-year-old , who won his first and only major in 1991,is one


The former World number one spoke of his disappointment he hadn't been


It's described as the champions' league of mixed martial arts.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC.


Now a Welshman is part of the $4 billion industry


The organisation says it's excited to sign Jack Marshman from


The 26-year-old from Abertillery hopes it will lead to more Welsh


It has hundreds of millions of fans around the world. A sport with $4


billion, but not fully framed hearted. This is the UFC, ultimate


fighting championship. Mixed martial arts, or M M a four short, fighters


can have a background in boxing, kick boxing or combat sports.


Training includes Brazilian jujitsu, wrestling, grappling and striking.


Fights take place in an eight sided cage, you win by knockout, points or


submission. Meets Jack Marshman from Abertillery, a soldier will stop a


student of this gem in Blaenau Gwent for some ten years. The first ever


Welsh fighter to sign a contract with the elite UFC.


I won British, European and world titles with the biggest


organisations outside the UFC. It's like an honour to be the first Welsh


guy. I hope it opens the doors for other guys. I'm the only one in


Wales. There is some good fighters around


you. Has this always been the end goal?


It's really emotional. I shared ATF I'm honest. If I was running a


football side locally and one of my players was picked from Manchester


United, that's the equivalent. It's giving everybody the opportunity to


perform at the highest level. It just shows that if you are involved,


we are watching, we are looking, and if you're good enough will find you.


Just a dozen or so people changed to grab a change your ages ago, now


it's eight or nine times that. Some days my body is in bits because


I've been smashing it all week. I've got a good coach and team behind me.


They'll get me at the gym, motivate me. It should give everybody that


inside. That drive to push to the next


level. Jack's first fight is on November 19 in Belfast, the first,


but maybe not the last fighter from Wales to compete on this global


stage. News just Internet, the former Wales


goalkeeper Gary Sprague has died aged 21. -- was empty one. He had a


12 year career with Wales and made more than 500 appearance for Leeds


United. Time for the weather now with Derek. -- died aged 71.


October can sometimes be wet and stormy but the next few days


are looking relatively quiet and dry.


The weather's been a bit mixed today.


Some sunshine but heavy showers in the north this morning.


This picture of a rainbow taken by Brian Hughes near Trefriw.


This evening one or two showers in Pembrokeshire and in the north.


Elsewhere dry, clear and chilly overnight.


Temperatures falling dropping as low as 2 or 3 Celsius


Tomorrow's chart shows a ridge of high pressure covering most


of the UK and that means dry, settled weather.


It will be a chilly start in the morning but dry.


Bright and sunny in the west and south and for most of Powys too.


Some cloud in the Marches and in the north.


During the day, cloud will drift across the country.


The odd light shower in Powys and the North East but most places


dry in the afternoon with sunny spells.


Temperatures similar to today,12 to 15 Celsius and with lighter winds


it will feel pleasant in the sunshine.


In Carmarthenshire a nice day tomorrow.


Tomorrow night generally dry and with a clear sky it will turn


On Friday mist and fog patches will slowly lift and clear


Otherwise fine and settled with sunny spells and light winds.


Over the weekend, plenty more dry weather with a mix of cloud


Parts of the south and east and Powys cloudy for a while but it


Some lovely sunshine with a cool breeze in the south.


Cloud will come and go with the best of the sunshine in the west.


So another dry spell over the next few days.


I'll be back with a quick roundup at 8pm, and then again


But until then, from everyone on the programme,


thanks for watching, hwyl fawr, goodbye.


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