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That's all from the BBC News at Six - so it's goodbye from me -


to encourage junior doctors to train and work here as GPs


It doesn't matter if you pay people more money.


Actually, what most doctors want to work in


is a properly resourced health system.


Nadine Aburas was killed at a Cardiff hotel


Sammy Almahri changes his plea and admits her murder.


Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood says she's "actively considering"


whether to seek a coalition with Labour.


A council leader apologises for "losing her temper"


and swearing during an interview for a BBC programme.


And on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the disaster,


the Wales rugby team meet the school children


?20,000 - that's what's on offer for junior doctors


if they choose to train as GPs in parts of Wales


It's being described as a unique way to deal with what some are calling


But a group representing GPs says what's on offer


With more here's our health correspondent Owain Clarke.


In the early days, it all seems so simple. But the NHS has changed a


lot since then and in parts of the country, the challenge now is not so


much choosing a family doctor but finding one in the first place.


Heidi Phillips is a GP in one of the poorest parts of Swansea. She also


teaches at the city's medical school.


We are about to have our senior partner retire and we cannot get a


replacement partner to take over that role, so I recognise personally


the challengers. So what's going on? To offer me a job in Ms rural Wales


is absolutely fine. But my husband needs a job to and the family


collections are there too so you have to think beyond just the GP as


an individual. As part of this campaign to try to persuade doctors


from around the world to come to Wales, the Welsh government is


offering cash incentives. ?20,000 will be paid for those who choose to


train to become GPs in areas of long-term shortages, providing they


say for at least one year once they are fully qualified and to cover the


cost of exams, anyone training to become a GP in Wales will get ?2000.


As part of a new contracts, every trainee doctor, regardless of


speciality, will get protected handy study. In reality, they must have


access to education and learning opportunities in a protected


environment so that they don't have it to be on call when they are meant


to be doing an educational session. Sobhi shortage of GPs is not an


issue. In fact, it is in the headlines quite a lot. Sometimes it


feels like we talk about little else. But the key question today is


will Beasley measures really work? GP leaders took to the airwaves this


morning complaining about a missed opportunity. There was so much


opportunity to use this offer to start to fix the problems we face in


general practice, but all we have is a marketing campaign. Scotland,


England have just announced massive increases in the funding going to


general practice. We had the opportunity to do that here and so


far, that is not part of the Wales offer. This afternoon, GPs had a


chance to Russell 's concerns with the First Minister. It's not just


about GPs, although they are important, it is about looking at


nurses, pharmacists, therapists, to provide a wider compounds of service


are people so people know who to go to when they have a particular


condition. It was useful for me today to listen to the GPs I met


here to get a better understanding of the pressures they feel they are


under. But what matters most is not what they think that whether or not


the second-year Swansea medical students will now be more likely to


stay in Wales. It all plays a part, doesn't it? But I think the main


consideration is about family, friends and where you formulae. It


definitely will be attractive. There is a lot of pressure in being a GP


and I also think that for me, it is quite a lonely profession. So, we


have a national campaign, we have new incentives, will it work, do you


think? It has to do. We have to make this work. There is no other choice.


If you think of it, 90% of doctor-patient interactions happen


in primary care. If we don't make primary care work, the whole NHS


fails. So... There is no other choice. Says the early days, the NHS


has changed dramatically, but most of the care most people get is still


delivered through the GP's surgery. That's why tackling the shortages


really does matter. So, ?20,000 on offer. Why do we need


these incentives? Well, a shortage of GPs is an issue across the UK but


the effects are felt more in rural areas. There are many reasons for


it. GPs are retiring, Wales has the second oldest GP population, and is


a leaving rate because of the stress and pressures. There are suggestions


that younger doctors may be less tempted to go down that route and


may even if they do want to go down the GP route, they might not want to


be tied down to one area or one single practice and there is the


age-old question, of course, of the brain drain from rural communities


into the big cities, so lots of elements to try to disentangle.


Groups representing GPs say they welcome these incentives as far as


they go but they suspect they will be more successful at attracting GPs


rather than keeping them working here and to do that you need


investment in the service to ease the pressure. What will happen next?


The incentives come into force next year but tomorrow, the boss of the


Welsh NHS and the Chief Medical Officer will both be manning a big


stall at a big medical recruitment fair in London. They will be trying


to sell the Welsh NHS and sell this new deal. To what extent they will


be successful we will have to wait and see, but this is certainly not


an issue that will be solved overnight. Thank you very much.


An American man who strangled a woman in a Cardiff hotel room


44-year-old Sammy Almahri had already admitted the manslaughter


of Nadine Aburas on the grounds of diminished responsibility,


He claimed the voice of God had told him to do it,


but today he changed his plea, as Nick Palit reports.


The body of 28-year-old Medina Aburas, described in court as a


swim, petite Muslim lady, was found on a bare mattress in room two or


three of this Cardiff hotel. On New Year's Eve 2014. She had been


strangled. Sammy Almahri, an American she had been in a


relationship with, fled the scene on the night of the killing and flew to


be middle east from Heathrow before eventually being tracks down in


Tanzania. Yesterday, he went on trial at Cardiff Crown Court for her


murder. Sammy Almahri has already indicated he would plead guilty to


manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. But not


guilty to murder. However, this morning, on the second day of what


was to have been a four-week trial, he decided to change that plea. He


admitted he had murdered in the Dean Aburas. Yesterday, the prosecution


described the strangling as the deliberate killing of an offence was


a woman by a jealous, angry and dangerous man. After the guilty


plea, there were tears from the Dean's family in the public gallery.


Relieved they now don't have to go through a month-long trial, they


made a statement to police on the steps of the course. Justice has


been done for Nadine. The right verdict has been returned. We would


like to thank everybody who has assisted asked about this tragic


period in our lives. Are you now that we are given time to grieve and


remember our beautiful girl. I will get a full statement after sentence.


The court heard the couple met on an online dating site and Almahri had


travel to Cardiff on two or three occasions to see Nadine Aburas. But


the relationship ended when he became violent and jealous. The jury


heard that Almahri was suffering from a mental illness. His mental


state will be discussed next month before the judge passes sentence on


November three. There are mixed messages from the leader of Plaid


Cymru over whether her party should see a coalition with Labour to


formally share power in the assembly.


Leanne Wood says Plaid had said "actively considering" the idea,


But one of her Assembly Members says he's surprised


by talk of a coalition, and Labour says it's happy


Here's our political correspondent, Arwyn Jones.


Rewrite nine years when the Labour and Plaid Cymru readers join


together to form the One Wales coalition government.


This evening, however, after some backlash from within her party and


criticism from other parties, Ms Wood wrote back from her earlier


comments. We are not in 2007 now. This time is very different. Brexit


has changed everything. From Plaid Cymru 's point of view, we are


acting in Wales best interest and we feel that the arrangement we have is


the best one we can pursue for Wales at this moment in time.


So why would Plaid be considering this anyway?


Well, it all comes down to the numbers in this place,


the Assembly's chamber in Cardiff Bay.


You've got 60 AMs, so for the government to get all


its policies through, it needs a majority, 30 or more.


Now, at the moment, Labour only has 29 AMs, just one short


of that majority, but if it did go into coalition with Plaid,


it would mean 11 additional Assembly Members there.


That's a grand total of 40, more than enough.


But while the leader might be considering a return to that


arrangement, this AM told me the group in


the Assembly had voted against coalition


and that the party faithful wouldn't be keen.


I think I'm extremely confident in saying


that the vast majority of members don't want a coalition with a very


toxic Labour government and as a loyal member of the Plaid Cymru


group, I think in public I need to convey the line which has been


voted upon by the group, that we don't want


Of course, Plaid is already working with Labour in the Assembly.


The two parties have an agreement which


meant Carwyn Jones could become First Minister in May and could pass


It's called a compact and means Plaid


also has a say in some of the government's policies.


Labour says it's happy with the arrangement as it is


and some observers think it serves both sides well.


I don't think it would be a temptation


either for Plaid or the Welsh government, to be honest with you.


I think where the Welsh government stands now,


they've got 30 AMs if you include Kirsty Williams


plus this compact with Plaid Cymru.


They're quite comfortable, and from Plaid Cymru's perspective,


ad hoc deals that are reactive and have specific


So while he gets a degree of certainty on votes


in the Assembly and she gets some say over government policies,


they may become closer, but might not quite join forces.


The jury in the trial of a former police superintendent


who's on trial for historical sex offences


Gordon Anglesea, who's 79, denies abusing two boys in Wrexham


The leader of Ceredigion Council has apologised for her actions


In a programme broadcasted earlier this week,


She was being questioned about a contract with the consultants


Price Waterhouse Cooper, in which they were paid close


to ?2 million to find cost cutting measures.


You had what you want from me, I think we should finish this. Just


one more question. It has been said that PwC will receive 16% profit on


every... I'm not going to comment at all.


The leader of Ceredigion Council, Ellen ap Gwynn was being repeatedly


asked about consultants profiting from a council contract


It was a line of questioning which riled the leader so much


she demanded the reporter and crew to leave.


Do you think it's right that a company... Will you please get out


of my room? The bloody lot of you, I've had a lot of you.


many fellow councillors believed it was unprofessional.


In a boisterous and rowdy meeting, the reader was accused of bringing


the council into disrepute and breaking the council's code of


conduct. The Leader of the Opposition demanded she apologise


for the way she acted on the TV programme. She didn't handle it very


well. She lost her temper because she was being asked questions she


did not want answered. Questions I believe that the residents need an


answer to, and in no uncertain she asked the TV crew to leave her


office. The documentary Who's Spending Britain's Buildings


examined outsourcing. However, But Councillor Ap Gwynn says


However, the ?2 million spent with Price Waterhouse Cooper


could result While she believes this


was money well spent, she admits to letting herself down


in the TV interview. I had been put under considerable


pressure by the interviewing team. They asked me the same question


three times and I had given them an answer that I was constrained by


legalities of the contract in what I could answer to them on that point.


They insisted on pushing that point and I answered it clearly and


concisely three times and I'm afraid I did lose my temper on the fourth


time. The councillor has also said she will try her best to make sure


this doesn't happen again. we speak to one of


the survivors of Aberfan. And it's a world-renowned show


of contemporary art - the Artes Mundi exhibition


opens tonight There's been a fresh development


in the saga that is the The merchant bankers,


Kleinwort Benson, based in the City of London


has joined the project. It says it will be bringing


in the final piece of private funding, which is says


is around ?100 million. It will also act as financial


advisors to the developers Our economics correspondent


Sarah Dickins is here. So what will Kleinwort Benson be


doing? They will not be writing one cheque for ?100 million themselves.


They're not paying the money themselves. They are bringing in


investment from private individuals. They say both UK and international


investors are particularly interested in recreational


infrastructure, which is what's good of Wales is, and they are confident


they can bring to the table 100000000 pounds of private money


and they will also be advising on the investment to go with and not to


go with. Reminders where we are on the project? The proposal was


rejected by the Welsh government for the second time in July. They were


unhappy with the Welsh government underwriting 75% of the project as


ingested something more like 50-50 would be better. Since then, the


have-nots has been problems with the project, but questions from a number


of sources about the people behind the project. Earlier on today, I let


the managing director for private merchant banking for Kleinwort


Benson and I put that to him. There is a lot of suspicion about


the team behind it. You are a very respectable name, Kleinwort Benson.


Why are you risking your name to a team that has some question marks


from some people? We have obviously conducted our own due diligence in


this. We have reviewed the financial package and we have spent a lot of


time with the management team. Our own view is that this is a first


rate management team to be working with. As I say, very professional,


very disciplined, very focused and I believe that they are a team that


can deliver a project like this. The position we're in now, this is an


interesting development but in terms of the proposal, there is no new


formal proposal on the table. That has not been submitted yet, but both


the people behind the circuit and the Welsh government both confirm


that in ongoing talks, informal talks, let's say, are continuing to


say if there can be some kind of agreement or not. Thank you for that


update. A commemorative service will begin


in half an hour to mark the 50th anniversary


of the Aberfan disaster. It will remember the 116 children


and 28 adults who died 50 years ago tomorrow,


when a coal waste tip collapsed Our reporter Jennifer Jones


is at St David's Parish Church Well, the service will


begin here shortly. Over the past hour, hundreds of


people have been arriving here to pay their respects to the people who


died 50 years ago tomorrow around six miles south of here in the


village of Aberfan. Tonight's service is one of several events


taking place across the county to mark the 50th anniversary.


Earlier, I spoke to Jeff Edwards, who was the last child to be pulled


One of only 25 children to survive the disaster.


And I began by asking him why events like this are so significant.


It's important to us and it shows solidarity BB with the community.


We've been inundated with messages of goodwill, condolence and


sympathy. And that's very important, as far as the community is


concerned, to show that support and it gets them through a very


difficult time. Tomorrow is going to be a very difficult day for us


because at 9:15am, the service is held at the cemetery. I find that a


very difficult time for myself because when I walk along those


graves, I don't just see the names, I see the children themselves so I


find it to be a very emotional affair.


We'll be hearing more from Jeff on tomorrow night's Wales Today.


On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster,


some of Wales' rugby coaches and players have visited


the village's school and memorial garden


to pay their respects to the 144 people who died.


Ynysowen Primary School headteacher Simone Roden thanked the players


and said the visit had brought a lot of happiness to the children


Well, the service is about to get underway here now.


Tomorrow morning at 9:15am, exactly 50 years


since the disaster, another public service will be held


at Aberfan Cemetary, where many of the 144 victims are buried.


And we'll have a special programme mark the day's events.


Football and after draws against Austria and Georgia


Wales have dropped to 11th in the World Rankings.


Tonight, manager Chris Coleman has been honoured


with the freedom of his home-city of Swansea.


Prince Charles and US President Jimmy Carter have been


Coleman was born in the city and played 160 times


I think it's important that where I was brought up, the people that I


was surrounded with, I'm still surrounded by them today. The things


that were instilled in me from a young age, you know. You hold onto


the good things if you've got half a brain. And I've certainly tried to


do that and they've stood me in good stead. Does this kind of occasion


motivates you to achieve? I'm so proud of the achievements of those


Welsh team. So proud to be associated with it and to be a


Welshman. Meanwhile, new Swans manager,


Bob Bradley has admitted the club is in a relegation fight


but says there's no reason Swansea are one off


the bottom in the table. They face Watford in Bradley's first


home match on Saturday. He took time out from his schedule


this week to meet members They wanted to have a way to


say to me, you have a big job,


but we welcome you and Totally dismiss that I'm not wanted


or that there's things that are held It's the biggest prize of its kind


for contemporary art. The Artes Mundi exhibition


opens in Cardiff tonight, with the winner receiving


?40,000 for their efforts. The prize is awarded every


two years, and coincides with a city-wide exhibition designed


to put professional artworks Our arts and media correspondent


Huw Thomas has more. It's art that's designed to make


you stop and think Artes Mundi is a prize


for contemporary art with the six on the short list


tackling issues like It includes this huge video


installation by Benward Williams, only the third Welsh artist to be


selected for Artes Mundi and while the meaning


behind the works isn't always apparent, the organiser says


it mustn't put you off. I know contemporary


art is difficult. It is difficult for


people if you've not studied contemporary art,


not been to art school. Sometimes the institution


feels alienating and you feel, oh, my God, I can't


go and see that work. Artes Mundi is based


at the National Museum and Chapter Gallery,


but across Cardiff, a separate festival is putting


art in unusual places. This disused motorcycle garage


is housing new works by Welsh and international


artists while a car park roof is providing space for


a simple sentence that's catching The artist wants people


to think about their place in the world and the way


we treat refugees, but while the message left some people bemused,


others were inspired. I think it's very


creative and I think it's Really, it was the whole


thing about how we are only on this earth temporarily,


so immediately, An Art Festival should bring


the city alive and I think you can bring the city alive by changing


your perspective on it, but also appreciating the beauty


of sort of underused, I mean, the rooftop


of car park for me has a kind of urban beauty and sort


of melancholy that I think the piece In galleries or on the


city's more unusual landmarks, art is claiming


much of the capital. Cardiff Contemporary will bring more


art to the streets this weekend while the winner


of the Artes Mundi prize will be Time for the weather picture now,


and Derek has the latest. We've had some rain showers this


month, but it's been drier than usual so far. We've only had about


31 millimetres, that's less than one fifth of the average total rainfall.


There is more dry weather to come over the next few days which


includes the weekend. Back to today and there's been a lot of cloud


around, showers too but bright spells in Penryn Bay. The best of


the sunshine in the south-west, ideal for Pembrokeshire flying shop


in Haverfordwest. This evening, remaining showers die away leaving


us with a few mist and fog patches clearing. Temperatures in rural


spots close to freezing with some ground frost. A cold start first


thing tomorrow, a bit misty and 40 in places too, for example here in


the marchers. Patchy cloud but otherwise try and bright with some


sunshine. One or two might about mainly over the sea and the wind


will be light from the East or Northeast. During the morning, mist


and fog patches will lift and clear, much of the country then bright and


dry with sunny spells, the odd shower but no more than that.


Temperature wise, we should reach 12 or 14 Celsius with light winds


feeling pleasant. In current degree and tomorrow, a dry day, sunny


spells, a high of 12 year and dry tomorrow with a mix of cloud and


sunshine. Tomorrow night, dry with clouds clearing so it will turn cold


again. A widespread ground frost together with a few mist and fog


patches. These will lift on Saturday leaving a dry day. Patchy clouds,


some sunshine as well. The best of the sunshine in the West. Then on


Sunday, most places dry with just one or two showers perhaps in the


north. Some sunshine in parts of the South and West but a brisk easterly


wind on Sunday which will make it feel cold. Into next week, we could


see some rain but possibly a dry and to the month. The sea.


We'll have a quick update at eight, more after the BBC News at Ten.


For now from all of us on the programme,


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