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First Minister Carwyn Jones in Downing Street.


He's told not to undermine Brexit negotiations,


but Theresa May says the Welsh Government


The First Minister's top priority - ensuring Welsh companies don't have


But he says he's still unsure about what sort of Brexit the UK


rapes in the wake of the retrial of Wales footballer Ched Evans,


How much will you pay for a pint of milk?


More if it's organic - is that the answer to help


Wales forward Gareth Bale on the shortlist for the 2016


Ballon d'Or award for the world's best player.


And it's been cloudy and chilly today.


Damp in places too, but what's in store for the rest of the week?


The message tonight from the Prime Minister


to the Welsh Government, as she met Carwyn Jones


and the leaders of the other devolved nations.


After Wales was promised a say in shaping the UK's exit


from the European Union, the First Minister described access


to the single market for Welsh businesses as a red line.


Here's our Parliamentary Correspondent, David Cornock.


All the main players arriving in Downing Street.


A seat at the table and smiles for the camera from the First


Minister and his counterparts from Scotland and Northern Ireland,


ready for the first meeting of the so-called joint ministerial


The stakes are high and confusing in this Brexit game of cards.


Wales voted to leave the European Union but the First


Arlene Foster voted to leave but Northern Ireland voted


to remain, as did Scotland, where Nicola Sturgeon has talked


of holding a second referendum on independence.


But in deciding Britain's strategy, Theresa May may yet


The Prime Minister has offered Carwyn Jones a chance to help shape


Britain's Brexit strategy but made it clear that it


will be her government that negotiates a UK wide deal.


What I want is for us in determining the UK's position because it will be


the UK that will be negotiating with European Union our future


relationship that we take into full account and understand properly


the impacts and the particular issues that are of concern


to the devolved administrations and that is precisely


It is precisely what we are going to be discussing in detail with them


Since the vote to leave the European Union, Carwyn Jones'


diary has been full of visits and events where Brexit


He is concerned leaving the European Union could mean


new barriers that make it more expensive for Welsh companies


The absolute red line is I want to make sure that Welsh


manufacturers have full and unfettered access


That is by far the most important issue for me.


And that is something that to me cannot be negotiated away.


How do you get full and unfettered access without agreeing to full


There will need to be a quid pro quo.


There are different models that can be adopted but yes,


there will be a need for compromise in order to make sure


that the Welsh economy continues on its upward trend.


But the UK Government said setting out red lines now is unhelpful.


It is the UK Government that will ultimately make


the judgment but we all want the same thing.


Let's look pragmatically and professionally.


We want UK business, UK manufacturing sector,


UK financial services sector and other sectors to have access


We want them to be able to trade as freely as possible, that will be


Mrs May told the First Minister she wanted a bespoke deal for the UK


that wouldn't mean a binary choice and there will be more talks


involving the Welsh Government before Britain triggers the formal


process of leaving next March, but the Prime Minister


continues to play her cards close to her chest.


Fair to say, a mixed response from First Ministers


Yes, that is putting it politely. Carwyn Jones emerged disappointed,


if not surprised, said he was none the wiser about the UK Government 's


strategy for Brexit. The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola


Sturgeon, went further. She said how can I undermine a strategy when


there is not one to undermine? She of course has rather more leverage


than Carwyn Jones, in the sense that Scotland voted to remain inside the


European Union and she is threatening to call a second


referendum on Scottish independence if the Brexit deal is not to her


liking. Carwyn Jones says he would not agree to support a deal that did


not meet his red lines but there are questions about whether that red


line of access to a single market can be delivered when the UK


Government is committed to introducing new curbs on


immigration. We shouldn't be too surprised because the UK Government


says the idea was to hear from the Welsh and other governments about


their ideas to feed into the process and the detail will come later. Can


we expect more of these get-togethers? Yes, if they agreed


on one thing today, that was the case. There will be more meetings, a


new forum chaired by the Brexit secretary and that will start


looking at the nitty-gritty of issues, so at the moment if you


travel from Fishguard to Rosslare, you don't need to show your


passport. Is that the sort of thing that is going to change after


Brexit? Looking at how Brexit will impact on different industries.


Those talks will continue and will get into the detail in the weeks and


months to come. Women may be less likely to report


rape, in the wake of the retrial of former Wales footballer,


Ched Evans. That's according to 40female Labour


MPs, two of them from Wales, who've written to the Attorney


General. Mr Evans was found not


guilty earlier this month. His appeal relied on evidence given


by other sexual partners One of the most high profile


court cases of the year, Whilst my innocence has


now been established, I wish to make it clear that


I wholeheartedly apologise to anyone who might have been


affected by the events This retrial was ordered


because of new evidence, evidence that more than 40 female


Labour MPs now say could put women What we are looking


for as a Labour Parliamentary women's committee is an assurance


that this is not going to be a retrograde step, that we are not


going to find that increasingly we are back in the past where women


were put off actually coming forward when they had been raped


because they didn't want to go through the trauma of being


cross-examined about their previous The woman in the Ched Evans case


never directly accused him of rape. She woke up in this hotel


in Denbighshire alone, naked and confused, unable


to remember anything. The Crown Prosecution Service argued


she was too drunk to consent. Ched Evans was asked


about what happened here, The sexual past of alleged victims


though cannot normally be It is a rule designed to stop


humiliation, but this case Two previous sexual partners came


forward with more detail about what happened between them


and the same woman. Both men said she used to very


specific phrases and acted in a very specific way with them,


one's waking up having not remembered what had


happened the night before, Now, that evidence was so similar


to the account given by Ched Evans that judges ruled it was in


the interest of a fair trial to put all the evidence in front


of a jewellery here at This feminist campaigner set up


a fund for the woman She spoke anonymously this morning


on the Victoria Derbyshire programme because of threats


made to her online. Because of the way it has been


amplified in the media, it is going to mean another sharp


drop in reporting. Women will be afraid


of having their sexual history paraded before a courtroom


and in this case, before Others say this case has


not set a precedent. Judges in my experience are very,


very restrictive in the way that We encourage people and not put up


barriers and hurdles and give them some sort of fear that in practical


terms is not there. Mr Evans says everyone involved


in the case now has the right He has disassociated himself


from those who have named and abused Dutch authorities have abandoned


an attempt to extradite the former The Eggheads star from Caldicot,


in Monmouthshire, was detained under a European arrest warrant last


month, after describing an incident in his autobiography,


in which he claims he may have killed a man who attacked him


in Amsterdam in 1988. Construction will begin


on a new neonatal intensive care centre at Glan Clwyd hospital


in Bodelwyddan next month, after the Welsh Government invested


an extra ?16 million. It will centralise care


for very sick and premature It follows protests


against plans to downgrade Dairy farmers have long warned that


they're struggling to cope with fluctuating milk prices


and earlier this year warned of devastation to West Wales,


if the situation didn't improve. A report from the Welsh Government


says it can pay better. 17 years ago, this dairy farmer


chose to go organic. A grant was crucial to his decision. Since then


the business has expanded and sells its produce as far afield as a


teacher at preserving the land remains his biggest priority. It is


the belief that we can actually farm organically and use modern


techniques without the persistent use of fertilisers and pesticides.


And the issue of the quality and taste of the food is not a line I go


down. I just go down on the treatment of the farm and


surrounding areas. Organically produced milk usually brings a low


will yield compared to when using conventional methods but some argue


that is compensated by lower running costs and the increase in the price


of organic milk in our shops. A Welsh Government commissioned report


on organic farming shows the organic industry is generating higher


profits than conventional farms. Of course, organic milk does cost more


but it seems we, the consumer, are happy to pay more for it. Last year


the price for organic milk rose to an average of 38p per litre, whereas


conventional milk prices show a drop.


But some like Brian Walters say organic farming has more financial


risks. He gave up on it a few years ago. There was a collapse in the


market at one time and conventional was paying more than organic milk.


And that is the only reason we changed. I think there is also going


to be a change in the way that conventional farming is going to be


controlled more in the use of antibiotics and fertiliser in the


future. On the eve of the Welsh dairy show, milk prices dominate


discussion. Just one of many challenges facing farmers. The


changes could affect both, especially in places like


Pembrokeshire. And Anglesey. And also TB, we still have a problem


with bovine TB in Wales and because alteration is out at the moment and


we are consulting with members on that. When it comes to dairy


farming, it is clear that one size does not fit all but the choices we


make as consumers over whether to buy organic or not will have a


bearing over the future of the industry.


Much more to come before 7pm. This train running between Wales


and London is renamed, as the Severn Tunnel reopens


after work to electrify the line, but will electrification ever reach


And Wales forward Gareth Bale on the shortlist for the 2016


Ballon d'Or award for the world's best player.


A Welshman has thrown his hat into the ring to replace


Nigel Farage and become the new leader of Ukip.


It's not Neil Hamilton, but a former parliamentary


candidate for the party, John Rees Evans.


He's no stranger to tabloid headlines.


Our Political Reporter, Paul Martin, can fill us in.


Yes, John Rees Evans has been active in Ukip in South Wales for some time


now. Not a senior figure in the party but he has stood for election


and he made headlines a couple of years ago after a bizarre exchange


outside Ukip 's office in Merthyr was filmed and put on the Internet


and in it he was asked about his views on homosexuality and ended up


making a claim that a male donkey had raped his stallion horse. Today


he described that as a bit of playful banter with a mischievous


activist but he did say it had been a mistake to make the comments and


he made his pitch for the party 's leadership.


The other leaders are offering pretty


much the same thing, so if the membership of Ukip


want to see Ukip democratised and they want to see


power shifted to the membership, they want to see a reason to invite


their friends and family to join Ukip, they want to see us grow, they


want to see is equipped to take on the enemy,


John Rees Evans is now one of eight candidates in the running. Others


are far more high-profile than him. The best-known are Paul Nuttall and


Suzanne Evans and I think a lot of the focus in this contest will be on


those two because it really goes to the question of where does Ukip want


to position itself now? Should it try to appeal to voters in


traditional Conservative areas? Suzanne Evans is a former Tory and


seen as best suited to do that. Or should the party look at Labour


voters in former industrial areas. Many would see Paul Nuttall as the


better fit for that. The man in charge of Britain's Rail


network has told BBC Wales he can't guarantee the South Wales Mainline


will be electrified Sir Peter Hendy, the Chairman


of Network Rail was speaking on a visit to a rail


contractor in Cardiff. Network Rail says the ambition


is to electrify the line to Swansea by 2024, but business leaders


in the city are concerned the work They are newer, faster, electrified


trains, planned to run between London and South Wales. They are due


to arrive in Cardiff by 2019 and in Swansea by 2024. But some in the


city are concerned. Electrification may not arrive. Because of what they


see as a lack of detail and public commitment to the scheme there. Now,


the man responsible for the entire electrification programme and every


public rail track in Britain says he cannot guarantee the roll-out. Will


the line be electrified to Swansea? It certainly will be done this side


of March 2019, which is when the five-year funding period for the


Railway goes up till. Beyond that, it is a matter for the Welsh


Government, for the national government, but the trains will be


there and people's experience will be transformed by those trains. So


it is for politicians, you cannot make a guarantee. Network Rail is


now a public corporation, a nationalised industry. Our money


comes from government and it will be for politicians to make a decision


about what is funded in the next period. Business leaders and


politicians in Swansea and the surrounding areas say


electrification is vital to the growth of their local economies. It


is shocking. Absolutely shocking. Yes, I think people from Cardiff


onwards, anyone looking to travel from Cardiff to Swansea, the wider


implications for the Valley lines, this needs to happen and it is


incredibly important the government and the Welsh Secretary stepped up


to the plate now to secure this. The Welsh Government says any delay is


unacceptable and the responsibility for the funding rests with the UK


Government. The UK Government Department for Transport says


ensuring passengers get the improved services they need is a top


priority. And this is a complex project that takes time. One Network


Rail says is already delivering economic benefits. Three quarters of


the engineers working in the Severn Tunnel during the recent closure


will Welsh. Many former miners and steelworkers. And firms like this, T


XM in Cardiff, are also benefiting. It brings the value of about ?10


million a year to this depot. That is how valuable it is. The total


turnover is now ?60 million per year. That has given us 15%. This


evening, more uncertainty about whether electrification will make it


to Swansea but a recognition this huge project is already having an


impact on the Welsh economy. Something transport planners and


politicians hope will continue into the long-term.


A slip road on the M4 at Port Talbot is to remain permanently open,


after it shut for eight months as part of a trial.


Access to junction 41 was closed during peak times,


Economy Secretary, Ken Skates says the trial will not continue,


but the Welsh Government has commissioned a further study


A buyer is being sought for a tidal energy company which has gone


into administration less than a year after developing and testing


a 400 kilowatt turbine at Ramsey Sound in Pembrokeshire.


Tidal Energy Limited, which has offices in Cardiff


and Pembroke Dock, says it's "struggled financially"


due to market forces, but is "confident about their future


The family of a Cardiff woman missing for nine months say


the way the police have investigated her disappearance has


57-year-old Lorraine Ridout vanished in January.


Despite searches of the River Taff and two family properties,


police have yet to find any clues to her disappearance.


With just a few photographs to remind her of happier times, every


hour is agony for Christine. It is nine months now since her mother


vanished. I never met anyone who dislikes my mum really. She had a


big heart. She likes to help everyone, my mum. 57-year-old


Lorraine Ridout disappeared after going to visit a friend. I thought


she had stayed at my auntie is because she has done that before. It


is one I got home the next night that I was starting to worry and I


noticed the handbag, she had not taken her phone. Since then, her


family have helped lead a surge of the river bank near her home and


specialist teams have trawled the river but after months of


investigation, last week, her home and another family home was searched


by police. They have said, initially, you are suspects because


80% of the time it can be someone in the family. We accepted that. I have


attended meetings and they said, you are not a suspect and then Monday,


last week, then he turned up with a warrant to search the property. And


we were asked to leave within half an hour. So yes, from that point of


view, it is not good and I don't really know how the police expect me


to work with them after this. South Wales Police have issued a statement


saying as yet Lorraine 's disappearance is unexplained. But


they have grave concerns for her. They are still convinced the answers


lie in this part of the city and are appealing for anyone with


information to come forward. This evening they said they had nothing


further to add. But her daughter Christine says digging up the garden


at this stage of the investigation has been traumatic and the family


are now considering moving away. Gareth Bale is among the candidates


for the World Footballer of the Year Award, known


as the Ballon d'Or. The Welsh star is currently the only


British player on the list. It follows his success


at the Euros this summer. It is for moments like this that


Wales's best player finds himself on the Ballon d'Or,


a short list of the world's best. Gareth Bale has been


nominated before but he's had His performances helping Wales


to the semifinals of Euro 2016 and his success at Real Madrid,


where he secured a second Champions League title in three


years, meant his place Getting on the list is one thing,


but winning it is quite another. It's been dominated over the last


few years by Gareth Bale's team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo


and Barcelona's Lionel Messi, who won the award last year


for a record fifth time. In fact, the last time anyone other


than Lionel Messi or Cristiano No Welsh player has ever won the


prize but back in 1959, a sit in Welsh player came third. John


Charles. This year 's list will also be cut to a top three before the


winner will be announced at an awards ceremony in January. There is


no doubt it has been another stellar season for Gareth Bale but the


competition against the best in the world could not be tougher.


Rugby and Wales' English-based players will be released


for the first game of the autumn series against Australia on November


5th even though it falls outside the official test match window.


In a statement English Premiership Rugby says they are "showing


flexibility" and stress that "this is a one off" change of policy.


It means Northampton wing George North, Harlequins centre


Jamie Roberts and Bath's Taulupe Faletau are now free to play.


The search is still on to find the lucky winner of a million pound


Lotto prize which was bought in the Merthyr Tydfil


The ticket, which was purchased for the draw on Saturday


28th May, has a winning Millionaire Raffle Code and only


The numbers are on the up. We will start to see the temperatures


getting up to 16 Celsius by the time we get to the middle of the week.


Good news if you do not like the chilly weather. Today has been


chilly and cloudy thanks to this front which brought with it quite a


bit of cloud and some rain as well. Through tonight, we do still have


some rain but tomorrow we can look forward to some mist and fog patches


first thing, followed by some bright weather. We do have this rain mainly


across parts of the South and West. Further north and east, dry with


some clear skies and the temperatures are responding. Low


single figures under the clear skies. Underneath the cloud,


temperatures in double figures still. Tomorrow, we are still


dragging in air from the east, so it is still cold but it is blocking


this weather system from coming in. It should be a largely dry a story.


First thing tomorrow morning, we do have some mist and fog around but


that will lift and it should brighten up. The best of the


sunshine across the North. Further south, it is cloudy with limited


amounts of bright weather and the cloud might be thick enough to


produce the odd spot of rain. Those temperatures tomorrow still chilly.


But around where they should be for this time of year. Through tomorrow


night, fairly quiet. We will see quite a bit of cloud around, some


mist and fog but not as chilly as tonight. We will steal loads of --


low temperatures of eight Celsius to 12 Celsius. On Wednesday, this


weather front is coming in pretty quickly. High pressure building and


then we are into a westerly flow. Much milder air moving in and you


will certainly notice the difference. First thing on Wednesday


morning we do have that cold weather front bringing quite a bit of cloud


and a little bit of rain but by the afternoon it is looking much drier


with limited amounts of bright weather. Temperatures getting up to


15 Celsius if lucky. It was a chilly start of the working week today.


Quite a bit of cloud around and some rain but as we go through the week,


we can look forward to some sunny spells and certainly turning milder.


You will need the umbrella on Wednesday and then you can put it


away and you can put the coats away. The headlines from the BBC. The


Prime Minister has told the devolved nations not to undermine Brexit.


Negotiations Theresa May met Carwyn Jones and his counterparts earlier


but she has promised them a say in shaping the UK's exit from the


European Union. That is all for now. More at 8pm and at 10:25pm. Good




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