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Tonight's headlines: Heathrow's expansion finally gets lift off.


Scotland's landed thousands of aircraft servicing jobs.


There would be a train link directly for Wales into Heathrow,


making it much more convenient, but also much easier for students,


for overseas investors, the tourists, to get to Wales


So it will be a great boost for the Welsh economy.


Rowan was born male but identifies as female.


Concern tonight transgender people are waiting too long to access


Looking back at it now, I can see that other problems


I was having like depression and anxiety, even


just schoolwork, was actually stemming from me not being able to


sort of express myself and be honest.


This is what Wylfa's new nuclear power station should look


Anglesey council says there must be jobs for locals.


one of the best places in the world to visit, according to the travel


In tonight's sport, can Dean Keates succeed


where so many of his predecessors have failed nd get Wrexham back


There are claims it'll bring thousands of jobs and millions


Many businesses and politicians here say a third runway for Heathrow


But tonight the Welsh Government stands accused of giving away


support for the project, without getting anything back


in return, unlike ministers in Scotland, who have secured


guaranteed building contracts for Scottish companies.


Here's our Business Correspondent, Brian Meechan.


It is still one of the busiest airports in the world but it has


been slipping behind the competition, as they've expanded


while Heathrow is operating at its limits. But it is about to get a lot


bigger, bringing more people to the UK and potentially to Wales.


Heathrow is so convenient for Wales. It helps to make sure that


businesses from Wales can easily get to global markets. We are looking


forward to having the Western rail link, that will mean a rail link


directly from Wales into Heathrow, making it much more convenient and


much easier for students, overseas investors, tourists, to get to Wales


and enjoy the benefits. According to the Independent airports commission,


Wales will benefit from the expansion of that London hub. It


estimated that 8400 jobs would be created but that's over the next 35


years. It could also mean ?6.2 billion in benefits to the economy.


But it can we fully bring international opportunities closer


to Wales if they can get to Heathrow easily. We have important


improvements around rail, I think we are desperately crying out for the


M4 black route but all of that fits together in order to make Wales a


connected country. Cardiff Airport has seen a significant increase in


passenger numbers in the last 12 months. It says its new flight to


Madrid announced today shows it continues to attract allies and


travellers. Cardiff airport has a target of increasing to 2 million


passengers in the next five years. And to 3 million in the next ten


years. And bosses here believe that the expansion of Heathrow can help


them deliver that grow. I asked the chairman of Cardiff Airport if he


was worried about losing business to Heathrow. We will never ever compete


with Heathrow but we can offer the people and passengers of Wales and


enhanced service to fly potentially from Heathrow via Cardiff to


destinations around the world. But what do companies in North Road is


expected get out of this? We provide marketing services to companies


based in North Wales and the north-west of England but quite a


few of those are in the energy sector. And a lot of those come from


overseas. And I think it is a huge advantage that the expansion of our


UK airport capacity is going to be in a single place at Heathrow. In


return for supporting the new runway in Heathrow, ministers and Edinburgh


secured a guarantee that Scottish companies will get ?200 million


worth of building contracts from the project. There are questions to


write about the Welsh Government 's negotiations. How places to get the


best for Wales in any sort of government announcement like this.


Scotland has managed that. Wales is going to gain the consequential as


that would have happened anyway. We started been asking for solid


commitment and massive games like the Scottish Government has already


done. Welsh ministers say they are in ongoing talks with the airport


and are discussing the possibility of securing manufacturing contracts


for Welsh rugby. There will be plenty of scrutiny from Wales and


any economic benefits are by no means a done deal.


Let's have a word with our political correspondent, Daniel Davies.


What do you make of the criticism that the Welsh Government has missed


This isn't just a story about a strip of tarmac in London. It is


about the levers of power in Westminster and Carwyn Jones is


trying to use this as an opportunity to say if the UK Government is


reacting in interests of the whole nation then here is a chance for


them to prove it. He wrote to Theresa May last week saying that he


supported the expansion of Heathrow but there are things he wants to see


happen in return like better rail services to Wales, devolution of


more power over taxes, a bit of money if the UK Government ends up


spending any money on this but meanwhile, the Scottish Government


has already done a deal with Heathrow and there is talk of an


airport in Glasgow playing a supporting role. There is talk of


jobs, more money to develop roots, a big campaign to promote Scotland in


Heathrow and Plaid Cymru say Scotland are streets ahead of us.


Carwyn Jones has given away his support. But really what bargaining


power does he have? What Theresa May and Heathrow really need is votes in


parliament. If things get -- if this thing gets caught up thanks to a Lao


between Labour and the Tories, spits within those parties, the 50 plus


SNP MPs in Westminster could be very valuable indeed. That gives the SNP


and Nicola Sturgeon the kind of leverage that Carwyn Jones frankly


does not have. There's concern tonight that


transgender people are waiting up A trans person doesn't identify


with the gender they were born with and many are referred


to a gender identity consultant. This programme has been told some


patients are resorting to buying hormones online because waiting


lists are so long. The number of young people


being referred to specialist clinics have more than


doubled in the last year. Finding her feet, as


the person she wants to be. 17, from Penarth in


the Vale of Glamorgan. She's studying circus skills at this


college in Bristol and she's happy, I couldn't go out and make friends


because they'd be trying to have Looking back at it now,


I can see that other problems I was having like depression,


anxiety, even just schoolwork, was actually stemming from me not


being able to sort of express Storylines in programmes


like Eastenders, featuring transgender character Kyle,


have helped create a wider understanding of gender identify


issues, something Rowan said helped when explaining her transition


from male to female, to her family. It's been two years since she first


approached her GP to be referred There are none in Wales,


so Welsh patients are referred Yes, in nine months,


we are going to be seen And we are two years


on and we still haven't been seen And I can't tell you how


heartbreaking it is actually. Rowan needed hormones,


while she waited for her referral, something a GP can prescribe,


but they can also be bought online. If you are willing to pay,


you don't ask too many questions And a lot of people


go down that route. Right at the beginning, we'd heard


about it and we were thinking, And you see your child in that much


distress and nothing is happening Yeah, I was online thinking,


should we do this? And then you are totally torn


between, am I being the worst parent Because I just wanted


to help my child. Abergavenny GP Helen Webberley


offers private healthcare She says it's crucial


to get the right treatment A huge number of children who I see


have been to their GP several times, expressing gender variance but also


expressing anxiety, depression and are put on antidepressants,


so we've got young people being put on drugs for depression


when actually the root cause of the depression


isn't being addressed. Jenny Anne Bishop and her partner


have been campaigning on transgender issues for decades and offer support


to the community in North Wales Had today's treatment been available


to her, life would have I may not have got married


and caused problems for my ex-wife and for my children,


so it could have saved an awful lot of problems for lots of people


and people normally who go through puberty and then transition


with the right hormones are almost indistinguishable,


so they don't get They find it much easier to live


just an ordinary life as the people they are and it might have


prevented me losing my job five The number of young people


being referred to gender identity clinics from Wales has risen from 17


to 40 in the last year and the numbers are


increasing year on year. Treatments, naturally,


will vary for each individual, and in Wales a mental health


assessment is done before Last week, the Welsh Government


allocated ?1 million to be spent on gender identity


and eating disorder clinics. A message from a wreath placed


by Prince Charles on the 50th The National Farmers Union Cymru


says the value of milk is up, but profits are not being passed


on to dairy farmers, costing the Welsh rural economy more


than ?200,000 a day. The union called for change, at


the Welsh Dairy Show in Carmarthen. There are probably 70 other people,


associated businesses, either directly or indirectly,


who depend on the revenue from milk So as I've said, you know,


we have been finding it very difficult to actually pay


for nominal services Now, it's critical,


absolutely critical, that the value should be coming back


to dairy farms to make sure A message from a wreath placed


by Prince Charles on the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster


has been taken. The Prince of Wales visited


the village last week, where some of the 144 victims


of the tragedy are buried, South Wales Police say they're


investigating the incident. Local jobs for local people -


that's the call tonight. Anglesea Council wants a guarantee


that work at the proposed new nuclear power station


on Anglesey will go to people The consultation process


for the Wylfa Newydd The developers, Horizon,


hope to submit their application And there are also fresh concerns


about the pylons which would carry You'd think it was a done deal,


the amount of money that has already been spent,


the amount of effort that's gone in. But for now, Wylfa Newydd remains


little more than a video graphic. On Anglesey though some do


have their eye on the prize and The existing Wylfa plant has


for half a century been a major employer, but most of the workforce


there will have retired or moved away before its


replacement is built. They have got an assessment that


only 45% of the operational Obviously, I am pushing


for that to be nearer 100%. It's very important


that the operational workforce comes I'd like to see them starting


to discuss with us what mitigation measures, training packages,


they can put together over the next eight years, the time


it is conducted to build, to make sure that we do maximise


the operational As far as local employment goes,


we have said yes, 25% in the construction period,


that still actually represents just Following that, we are focusing


on the 850 long-term high quality jobs for at least 60 years


that we will need to operate the power station and we are already


making inroads on that New graphics from the National Grid


show some of the pylon lines which will have to be built to take


power from Wylfa Newydd. In Talwrn, near Llangefni,


a second pylon line is planned. There is to be a protest


there tomorrow. I think the first thing


is we've grown used to it But I think for a second lot,


almost on top of that, and the pylons are going to be that


much taller, I don't think Can they not strengthen the existing


ones that are here to They want to desecrate the island


with these monstrous things They need to talk about what's best


for Anglesey and what's best We are talking about


Wylfa Newydd lasting for 60 - 70 years and I'm sure if you spread


the cost over that period, then it becomes more


economical to do. And there are those


who oppose the very idea It is getting on for ten months


now since the old Wylfa Even with early approval,


a new plant is still And there are plenty


of battles to be fought at. Much more to come before 7pm.


Join me at Wales's Ice Arena where some of the Cardiff Devil's


greats are going head to head. But it's going turn milder over


the next few days with southwesterly It's seen off competition


from the tropical islands of French Polynesia and the stunning


landscapes of South Australia. North Wales has been


ranked in fourth place, as one of the world's


best tourist destinations. The respected Lonely Planet Travel


Guide cited activities like surfing in Snowdonia and zip-wiring


in Penrhyn as some Serve, zip, jump, ride. Its


activities like these that have helped put North Wales on the map.


Compiled by a panel of writers and experts, it is the only UK


destination to feature in Lonely Planet 's top places to visit in the


world in 2017 and the area was up against some stiff competition. At


fourth place, it is higher than areas including French Polynesia,


South Australia and the historic temples and culture of Malaysia.


Surf Snowdonia in the Conwy Valley, Penryn Quarry zip lines and the


underground trampled lyrical trampoline are mentioned as must see


attractions. They are all part of north Wales' reinvention as an


adventure destination, according to the writers. The people behind some


of these attractions who have come together say the focus should now be


on making North Wales the destination for adventure tourism


all year round. We have had the geography here for ages, the


mountains, DC, or the cliffs and the crags and the places where you can


buy canned rivers but now it is the focus is moving to promoting that


the wider world. North Wales boasts historic castles, gastronomy and


beautiful coastlines to. The hope is a thriving tourism industry could


help keep young people in the area. If we sell Wales as a place that is


incredibly desirable to visit weevil it attract more investment and


retain more young people who in the past we have often seen leave Wales


once they have reached adulthood. I think it is good that it is one of


the greatest places to visit and therefore to live in. With


provisional figures showing 450,000 overseas visitors came to Wales in


the first six months of 2016, 15% more than the year before, for the


businesses of north Wales, the hope is the accolade will mean potential


visitors will put Wales at the top of the pile.


After years drifting in non league football,


Wrexham hope Dean Keates can be the man who can deliver promotion.


Keates, who made more than 150 league appearances for the club


, was unveiled today as the new manager.


He had been in temporary charge, after Gary Mills was sacked


For so many before him, it's been a mission impossible.


Dean Keates is aiming to succeed where others have failed


It is the club's ninth season languishing in non-league football.


I can't guarantee the fans I am going to get them back


into the football league but the only thing I can guarantee


them is that I will give them as much hard work as possible to get


But that's football, as you said.


It is my chance now and hopefully I can get the club back.


He's been club captain and guided Wrexham two FA Trophy


Now Dean Keates is stepping into the top job permanently.


You've got to start somewhere to gain your experience


so the opportunity came up and we were right for each


You just need to look around and look at the size of it.


It should be at least two leagues higher.


His appointment is the latest in a series of changes at the club.


Manager Gary Mills' departure was followed last night


by Barry Horne and Don Bircham quitting the club's


The former Wales captain sorry the team had not achieved promotion


And Wrexham's league position isn't pretty.


14th in the National League, some distance from


We've had a few managers that have come in.


Granted, they've had success in the past but not quite knowing


what the football club means to the town.


I think it is more of a money-saving option.


Compared to some of the names that were mentioned around,


The new man in charge says he has had offers of help from afar afield


as Switzerland since being linked with the job.


He's played down expectations but is in no doubt about his


long-term aim, get Wrexham back into the football league.


Rugby and Scarlets' Liam Williams has not been ruled out


of the forthcoming game against Australia


Williams injured his ankle in the Champions Cup defeat


Centre Scott Williams, who missed that game,


George North, who's hurt his hand, could be fit for


Some players will return to the regions for the forthcoming


It's not ideal having that game ahead of the first international.


But we are aware that we've got to be sensible with regards


to making sure that those regions are strong enough to put a good


solid 15 out on the field and marrying that are pretty


He was part of the world record breaking Cardiff Devils team


of 2010, which won the most consecutive wins ever in ice hockey.


Tonight, star player Scott Matzka's former team-mates are getting back


together for a charity match in his honour,


after he was diagnosed with a terminal


The game starts in just a few minutes.


The teams are already on the ice, warming up for the game,


Over there, we've got the record breaking team of the 2010-11 season


and in that corner we've got the current Cardiff Devils team.


The crowds are starting to arrive now and they're all here for this


This matches all for you. In the last year, you've come out with your


diagnosis of motor neuron disease and since then, you've been raising


money and awareness and this matches all part of it. Absolutely. I've


been given a platform as a former hockey player and it has been


amazing to see the support of people across the globe to get up and help


us. We've got really some very serious thing facing us, the future.


And this is going to go a long way to help others. You are raising


money for you as a family but also trying to raise awareness. We


decided a long time ago that I wanted to do something for the


cause. I knew that I could try and do that through spreading awareness.


This event really is meant to help raise money for the family. We will


incur some pretty significant costs but at the same time we will do a


great job of helping educate people and get the word out there. Thank


you very much. You are his former coach and you have organised


everything. How have you gone about that? All the guys from the team as


soon as he went public with his story was on the phone asking what


can we do. The quickest way to raise money is to get a game together. It


was at a special team. What better way than to bring the record


breakers back for a night? The response has been incredible. The


hockey community is really tight and the Cardiff Devils fans are


unbelievable. 2000 tickets were sold and there's lots of sponsorship and


people buying jerseys and teachers and we are hoping it will be


somewhere around ?35,000 raised. Your team-mates... I have just seen


your reaction to that figure. Some of your former team-mates have flown


over from across the world to be a part of this. Yes, it really speaks


volumes about the quality of person that I have played with. I don't


feel fortunate to have all these people... It is just an honour for


my people and my family to be here and have these people come across


the pond to be a part of this event. I hope I can be as good as a friend


as they have been to me. Thank you for joining us. It is pretty chilly


here but what is it looking like in the rest of Wales?


It certainly has been chilly recently but it will turn milder


everywhere over the next two days. Cloudy for most of us today. Low


cloud and missed in Blaenavon but brighter and drier in Conwy. A


little autumn sunshine. This actinide, most places dry, a few


gaps in the cloud. That will allow it to turn misty and places. Maybe a


few fog patches forming. Not a cold night. Here is the picture for eight


o'clock on Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning even, cloudy, grey


and misty in places. Most of the country dry but we could see a few


spots of rain in the north and it will be milder than today. 13


Celsius on Anglesey. The odd spot of rain in places tomorrow but


otherwise, a lot of dry weather and it should brighten up. A little


sunshine in the afternoon. Temperature is a little higher than


today. In Pembroke show tomorrow, dry with the cloud breaking. Some


sunshine in new gale with a high of 15 in Haverfordwest. In Denbighshire


tomorrow, mostly dry. Brighter in the afternoon. And then tomorrow


night, cloud in mid and North Wales. One or two spots of drizzle. The


South dry and clear with a few mist and fog patches. On Thursday, we


could see the odd spot of light rain or drizzle. Plenty of cloud. Some


sunny intervals and mild with a south-westerly breeze. Not a lot of


change on Friday. Rain possible in parts of the North and west.


Elsewhere mostly dry with light winds. A front are lying through the


north Britain on Friday. High pressure remains in charge. The


outlook for the weekend is more of the same really. Variable cloud. Any


sunshine will feel mild. But it will turn chilly with mist and fog


patches overnight. The headlines again. There are claims that a third


runway for Heathrow will bring thousands of jobs and millions of


pounds to be Welsh economy through better international transport links


and export opportunities. Plaid Cymru says the Welsh Government is


supporting the project without getting anything back in return,


unlike ministers in Edinburgh who have secured contracts.


I'll have an update for you here at eight o'clock and again


From all of us on the programme, good evening.


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