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Tony claims he was sexually abused at a summer camp


in Porthcawl in the 70s - he's preparing to give evidence


to the independent inquiry, which has today opened


My whole schooling after that basically deteriorated.


Also tonight, Unions call for clarity as Tata Steel's former


Chairman gets his old job back, taking the industry


Two-year-old Mamich was rescued after being badly burned -


the RSPCA here is bracing itself for a surge in reports of animal


We'll hear from a man who lost ?80,000 pounds online


as Gwent Police warn internet scams are becoming more sophisticated.


This Cardiff post office worker who chased-off an armed robber this


morning is hailed as the hero of the day.


And from the pit-stop to the chequered flag, we'll be


hearing about a new drive to get more girls involved in motorsports.


Come forward and give evidence - that's the message tonight to Welsh


It's come from the independent inquiry examining the extent


to which organisations like councils and the NHS failed


It's basing a team in Wales, and wants people to


However, since the investigation was announced, it's been


mired in controversy as India Pollock reports.


Growing up in the 1970s, Tony's childhood was blighted


So he was thrilled when a teacher put his name forward


It was oh, wow, amazing, I get a chance to go on holiday


and I suppose some respite from the home life I had,


But decades on, he remembers the trip for all the wrong reasons.


It wasn't the first day, it was next day.


"Come on boys, down to the shower rooms."


So we went to the shower rooms and this person was there with us.


He would pick boys out at random and I was one of the boys


that was picked out and he said "come on, I'm going to show


Went into the side cubicle and he then decided I wasn't


My whole schooling after that basically deteriorated.


In 2012, long buried memories were jolted by the revelations


about Jimmy Savile and a string of high-profile celebrity


Tony finally reported the incident to South Wales Police.


They investigated but concluded that his alleged abuser,


now in his 80s and suffering from dementia, was unfit to be


interviewed, so the police enquiry stalled.


He is now preparing to give evidence to the Truth Project.


It is one strand of the independent enquiry, which aims to look


at the extent to which both private and public bodies like councils


and the Armed Forces failed to protect children from sexual abuse.


The enquiry is basing a team in Wales and they want victims


here to get in touch and make an appointment


Around 100 people are here in Cardiff today for the launch


It has had a bumpy start, now on its fourth chairwoman


and several senior lawyers have resigned in recent weeks.


But the woman now leading the enquiry says she's


focusing on the future and it is business as usual.


Myself and my fellow panel members are absolutely clear and have always


been clear about what needs to be done but we do need the time


and the space to get on with this critical work.


The enquiry has never been in crisis in terms of the 160-odd


They have been getting on with their work very purposively


and because they are committed to it.


This isn't the first enquiry into child abuse.


There have been concerns that this one is too wide ranging and people


may not want to come forward after being involved


Those working with victims and survivors feel that,


despite the controversy, there is a willingness on their part


to engage with the enquiry for the sake of others.


It is a big ask to expect victims and survivors to come forward.


Many are motivated by the very natural desire to make sure that


lessons are learned and that what they had to endure as children


is not inflicted on children in the future.


Tony and two other men who claim they, too, were abused by the same


youth worker are now pursuing a civil action


against Cardiff Council, who they believe employed a man.


The council says it takes such allegations very seriously


but cannot comment as the case is ongoing.


Meanwhile, Tony is putting his faith and trust in the enquiry


I have had the element of doubt. I am going to give my everything. I am


hopeful, that is all I can be, really.


The former chairman of India's Tata Group has lashed out


at the way his sudden departure was handled by the company.


The change at the top has sparked further uncertainty over the future


of the compnay's operations in Wales including at Port Talbot.


However, there have been signs that things are improving slowly


Events in India this week have cast fresh uncertainty over the future of


Tata operations in Wales, including at the Port Talbot steelworks. It


all stems from the decision to remove the Tata's leader from his


post, Cyrus Mistry. He says he has become a lame duck and alleges


constant interference. His predecessor takes over once more.


The move is cautiously welcomed by one union. He is very experienced.


He instigated the purchasing of Corus in 2007. He is experienced and


knows the business. He knows what he wants but what we need to see from


him is some strategy. What strategy are we now following? There has been


some positive news this week over the huge pension fund which is often


seen as an impediment to securing the future of Tata's UK operations.


According to the British steel pension-fund's trustees, the deficit


has significantly reduced from ?700 million to ?50 million within one


year. The fall in the pound has boosted the value of companies with


foreign earnings but this can easily reverse and so there are calls to


ensure this doesn't happen. What we now need is to move forward to get


clarity about the long-term future of the pension scheme and we are


certainly going to be keeping an eye on this very closely and holding the


government to account to insure that they are moving forward with the


trustees and with Tata and the trade unions and pensions regulator. While


Tata bosses talk of an improving picture, it is understood the


situation remains volatile. What about the many businesses which rely


on the steelworks? Have they seen things getting better? This business


took a hit when Port Talbot steelworks announced its first round


of major cutbacks at the start of the year. Six months down the line,


business has picked up and they have increased their workforce. Things


have improved. We have managed to take on an extra half a dozen or so


staff. We couldn't take back the people we had let go because there


is such a skilled shortage that they get snapped up by other firms. Work


here continues but as uncertainty lingers, what workers want is


reassurance as to what happens next. The movement at the top of Tata


took the Indian business The BBC's correspondent in Mumbai,


Yogita Limaye, has more This was a very unexpected


move by the Tata group. It is a company that is very


private, very conscious of its public image and steers


clear of controversy. Cyrus Mistry was only


the sixth chairman in its 150 He was the man who was


the person who said tough He wanted to cut down


loss-making operations. Now, while financially some might


say that getting rid of loss-making ventures is perhaps a good thing


for the company, traditionally This is a group that has always


liked having a public image of being a responsible employer,


has always shied away from taking radical decisions about job cuts


or shutting down operations and so perhaps that line of thinking


from the chairman might have been one of the reasons


behind why he was removed, although the Tata group has not


given an official reason. However, things might get


complicated because Cyrus Mistry's family owns eight company


which is a big Indian conglomerate and a big investor in


the Tata group, owning What happens next, for the next four


months, the previous chairman A committee has been set up


and in four months' time they will be finding a new man


for the job. The number of people over 50


admitted to hospital for alcohol-related treatment has


risen in the last five years. That's according


to official figures. But Public Health Wales says


the bigger picture shows an overall drop of 32% in the number of people


hospitalised for alcohol misuse, Ambulance response times here have


met their revised targets Nearly 80% of the most serious


and life threatening cases were responded


to within eight minutes. The Welsh Government changed


the targets last year with response times dropped for all but the most


life-threatening of calls. Less urgent incidents are now


measured by clinical outcomes. Welsh Language Standards set


by the Welsh Language Commissioner. Pembrokeshire and Caerphilly


councils are challenging four statutory standards each,


which involve the use of Welsh The RSPCA in Wales is bracing itself


for thousands of calls reporting animal neglect over


the next few months. Last winter the animal welfare


charity received nearly 3,000 calls about neglect,


more than half of them It's launched a campaign make people


more aware of animals' needs. Two-year-old Mamich is one of many


dogs nursed back to health by the RSPCA, who's now


looking for a new home. As you can see he is quite a big


dog. He has been at the centre since April and he is now looking for a


loving home. Apparently going to a home with adults or secondary school


aged children. He was brought to the RSPCA's animal


centre here in Newport suffering from serious burns,


but after treatment has As winter approaches,


the charity is bracing itself for thousands more calls


reporting animal neglect. In just four months to the end of


January this year, the RSPCA in Wales received nearly 3000 calls


reporting and on the black. Because concerned almost -- animal neglect.


Because concerned nearly 2000 dogs. RSPCA Cymru says the bad weather can


make things worse for pets, Another annual problem


is people giving pets The charity is calling


its new campaign Love Animals, Hate Cruelty, to raise awareness


of pets' needs. We urge people to do their homework


before getting an animal to make sure that they are equipped, they


have the right environment and time and they can provide for that


animal. They have complex needs, often. If you are ready to get a pet


consider re-homing. There are animals at this RSPCA centre in


Newport looking for a new home, a second opportunity, potentially


having suffered from the neglect we are talking about today.


Cats and rabbits are among the animals at this centre


Last year the RSPCA re-homed more than 1,700 animals in Wales.


But the number of neglected animals shows no sign of decreasing.


Still to come on the programme before 7pm...


She's been hailed as the hero of the day - we'll be hearing


about the Ely Post-Office worker who chased-off an armed robber this


And Susie Wolff is one of the highest profile women


in motorsport - she's in Deeside today to prove it isn't


A man from Newport who lost more than ?80,000 in an internet scam has


spoken out for the first time to urge people to be


This week Gwent Police are holding events designed to illustrate that


it's not just vulnerable people who can fall victim


Paul Heaney has this exclusive report.


It started with two months of chatting to someone online


but when they asked for money, he knew something wasn't


Then, a second relationship which lasted nine months


A second story that was more convincing.


The words of this man, who wants to remain anonymous,


are spoken by a member of our production team.


It was to get a passport and a Visa to get out


Then it came to discussions about oh, you were scammed


by somebody before and I know a police officer who may


He eventually made payment after payment to people who promised


I'm embarrassed to say this now but that second


What effect has this experience had on you both financially but also


I'm now going to struggle to buy my own house.


I'm not going to have earned back that sort of money, ?80,000,


Emotionally speaking, I'm alone again and maybe


-- I just don't want to know any more.


Statistics involving Internet scams haven't been collected


separately for that long but there were 5.6 million online


or computer-based crime incidents last year.


For businesses, online frauds cost them ?1 billion last year.


If people feel confident when dealing with people online


that's great but what I would say is be careful.


These people are very good at what they do.


They are very convincing and they know how to manipulate yo.


But also, if you feel confident, think about your friends


and your relatives who might not be as confident as you and let them


know to be wary of people contacting them online.


If you are available on Friday and Saturday this week,


we are holding an event n Gwent Square, Cwmbran,


where we will be handing out further advice should you be


The warning, don't be complacent or would you could find yourself


a victim of increasingly clever and convincing attacks.


An inquest has heard how a 42-year-old man whose car plunged


over a cliff in Ceredigion was five times over the drink-drive limit.


Gary Chilton had been driving rapidly and performing


handbrake turns in a field at the Ty Gwyn Caravan Park in MWNT


before driving his car over the edge of the cliff.


A verdict of death by misadventure was recorded.


Cardiff Council has given the go ahead for the re-opening of a quarry


There's been strong opposition to bringing Creigiau Quarry back


into operation because of local concerns, including


The company that owns the site, Tarmac, says it's an important


Police have described a shop worker who fended off a man wielding


a knife as brave and her colleagues say she's a hero.


This is the moment, captured on CCTV, that Paula Hooper


was confronted by the masked man who demanded money with a knife.


She refuses, raises the alarm and gets out a small baseball


bat before chasing him out of the post office,


She was injured but colleagues say her bravery was inspiring.


I looked at the camera and I could see her then with a bat


going for this guy who obviously had a knife so I thought OK,


I have to do something and as I was running around to aid


So I think I kind of made them aware that there was also someone else


When you think about it afterwards and you realise the danger and it


Like I said, she is the employee of the day, the month.


I think rumours have started around that she's Wonder Woman!


More than 1000 bales of hay are on fire in a field


North Wales fire fighters are at the scene where there


The parents of Private Cheryl James from Llangollen who was found dead


at Deepcut Barracks in Surrey in 1995 will receive an award


from the Human Rights group Liberty tonight.


Des and Doreen James spent more than two decades seeking


answers about what happened to their daughter.


At a second inquest earlier this year, the coroner concluded that


she'd shot herself but criticised a lack of structure


and inappropriate relationships at the camp.


Time for the sport now and here's Tomos.


Not long before the autumn Rugby Internationals, Tomos.


We start with news from the Wales rugby camp.


The Dragons' second row Cory Hill has been called-up to the squad


for the autumn internationals because of concerns over Jake Ball


who suffered a rib injury last weekend.


Meanwhile, four players have returned to the regions


The Ospreys' Dan Lydiate and Scott Baldwin will be


available for their game against the Dragons on Saturday.


Rhys Gill and Lloyd Williams can play for the Blues against Scarlets.


Wales play Australia a week on Saturday.


They have been together over the last few months while we will be


fresh into our first game together and we will just have to front up


This is what this fortnight is going to be about now,


is putting that preparation in as much as we can and turning


There are four Welsh cyclists in the British squad


for the Track World Cup in the Netherlands next month.


Olympic Gold Medallist Elinor Barker is included along with Rachel James.


She competes again after her solo GB debut in Paris.


Joe Holt and Emily Nelson have also been included but there's no


Manon Lloyd as there isn't a Women's Team Pursuit squad.


Now, it's that time of year when the peace and quiet of Welsh


forest tracks is shattered by the roar of engines.


Yes, Wales Rally GB, the British leg of the World Rally Championship,


Ahead of the official start tomorrow, rally crews have played


host to schoolgirls in an event to show that a career in motor-sport


Rally HQ is on Deeside and Roger Pinney is there for us.


Yes, they call this the Rally HQ Village.


To be honest, it's more of a small town.


It's the paddock and pits for the teams taking part


This is the world champion's car and the real question is will he be on


the podium on Sunday? You get a sense here of the buzz


around this event. And today has been all


about what women can If you think this is something


strictly for the boys, then the message is boys,


you need to think again. Around 100 girls got shown


the ropes at Rally HQ. The initiative is called


Dare To Be Different. It challenges young women to look


at motorsport when it It also aims to challenge


the perception that this They may be out front but behind


the scenes there is just about every The message seems to


be getting through. I like racing and competing


against other people because if you win, if you try


and you win the feeling On TV I only see men driving


the cars and I might take it But I thought ivory wanted to be


a teacher for primary school but now -- I thought I really wanted to be a


primary school teacher. Dare To Be Different is the idea


of Susie Wolf, one of the highest She test drove for the Williams


Formula 1 team. With Dare To Be Different we're not


just focused on finding the next female ralley driver


or Formula 1 driver, we are focused on opening the sport


up and inspiring young girls that it is not a world for boys


because sometimes society's preconception is the boys should be


racing drivers and should go into motorsport but actually I've


had a fantastic career within motorsport and there are many,


many successful women working This has the backing of Rob Jones,


the Welsh man who heads up There is quite frankly nothing,


nothing you can think of as a job that you can't do in this


sport and what we tried to do with this campaign,


which I think we are doing, I think it is successful, is to say,


is to introduce it to females. To be honest, around the pits today


it was almost exclusively men working on the cars or sitting


behind a steering wheel And to be sure, the cars


are what we see, they're where the excitement is,


but behind the scenes And around this paddock you get a


real sense of how much more is going on in motorsport. Today I have seen


the engineers working on the cards but computer technicians, PR and


media and also people working like videos and medics. It is an exciting


sport and one for boys and girls. The rally itself gets underway in'


tomorrow evening for a ceremonial start and then it is off to the


hills and valleys, the forest tracks of North and mid Wales before ending


up in candid note -- for a ceremonial finish.


The two-time World Champion, Colin Jackson, has been awarded


an honorary fellowship at Wrexham Glyndwr University.


The former 110 metres hurdles world record holder and Olympic silver


medallist was nominated for services to sport.


Jackson spent a lot of his youth in the area and broke his first


After receiving the honour, he spoke about how he could've


pursued a career in Cricket instead of athletics.


What happened to me simply was the cricket match


was on the same day as the athletic competition.


The cricket match was three hours from my home and the athletics


competition was literally a five-minute walk from my house


and I decided to just do athletics, just because I was lazy!


The reason why it is incredible is because it's something that


you didn't set out to achieve and somebody really recognises


you and your achievements and that is a wonderful thing


when it comes to you in that particular way so I am really


Award winning weather forecasting now with Derek.


I will certainly do my best! We saw some sunshine today and it has


turned my order. 17 Celsius. More mild weather to come. It is a bit


grey and damp this morning but it had cheer up with some blue sky and


sunshine at least for a while. Most places dry tonight. Some low cloud


and mist. The odd spot of drizzle. In the South East, maybe a view fog


patches forming. Generally mild but it is chilly in Monmouthshire. Here


is the picture for 8am. A bit of a grey and misty start in places.


Wouldn't rule out the odd spot of rain but no more than that. There


will be a lot of cloud around. It will feel mild with a south-westerly


breeze. Temperatures in double figures. On the whole, not a bad day


to come tomorrow. Cloud breaking with the brighter spells and


sunshine. You may catch a light shower but most places dry. Easier


than today and mild. Temperatures 13 or 16 Celsius with a south-westerly


breeze. Cloudy at times, maybe the odd spot of rain, otherwise drivers


on Anglesey tomorrow mostly dry and cloudy. 14 Celsius in Holyhead with


a fresh breeze. Tomorrow night, 12 showers possible in the south. We


could see a little rain in the north-west, especially in Snowdonia,


otherwise try and mild. Then, on Friday, rain for parts of the North


and north-west. This will clear. Elsewhere dry. Maybe some sunshine


in the Vale of Glamorgan. Temperatures in the mid teens. That


will move away that front and further south we have high pressure.


That will dominate our weather over the weekend. The high becoming


centred over Germany, eventually. The outlook is mostly dry for the


weekend. Quite cloudy but feeling mild. Especially if you see any


sunshine. Mind you, it will be chilly at night and there is a


chance of a view mist and fog patches.


and a full round-up after the ten o'clock news.


But until then, from everyone on the programme,


thanks for watching and have a good evening.


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