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We did not want to hear that. That is all


Zoe Morgan and Lee Simmons - the young couple stabbed to death


Andrew Saunders pleads guilty to murder


Who should decide how much income tax you pay?


Soon it could be the Welsh Government rather than Westminster.


A riot in the centre of Newport - fireworks hurled at police,


and the Charity Commission is called to investigate claims of financial


mismanagement at an animal sanctuary.


We shouldn't pay it - the call from fans


after the Football Association of Wales is fined by Fifa


because poppies were displayed at a game last month.


A 20-year-old man has admitted murdering a young couple found


stabbed on one of Wales' busiest shopping streets.


Zoe Morgan and Lee Simmons - who'd been together


just a few months - worked together at the Matalan Store


Their bodies were discovered outside the store in September.


Andrew Saunders has now pleaded guilty to their murders.


It was just before six o'clock in the morning on the 28th


of September this year that one of Wales' busiest shopping streets


It's busy now, full of Christmas shoppers, but when police arrived


to cordon off Queen Street to start their investigation


early that morning, it would have been quiet.


The focus of their investigation was near this Matalan store.


Two workers - a young couple who'd met there -


were found stabbed outside on the street.


Three hours later, at around 9.00, as shoppers and workers


arrived in the city centre, officers arrested 20-year-old


He's now admitted murdering Zoe Morgan and Lee Simmons,


who'd been in a relationship for a few short months.


21-year-old Zoe worked as a window dresser,


having just finished a fashion course at the University


Alongside the flowers and gifts left outside the store,


Zoe's family also paid tribute to her, describing her


as a beautiful daughter, sister, granddaughter and auntie who had


a heart of gold, while Lee's friends say the 33-year-old was a genuine


and lovely young man who always had a smile on his face.


In the days and weeks after, relatives and friends gathered, too,


at vigils in the city to remember the couple.


He was very quiet, kept himself to himself.


Lovely, genuine guy, wouldn't hurt a fly.


I only saw them last week as a couple.


Saw them a few months ago that they had put on Facebook


they were in a relationship, which I just thought was lovely,


It was just so sweet and so nice to see them happy.


This morning, at Cardiff Crown Court, Andrew Saunders,


of no fixed abode, spoke to confirm his name before pleading


Prosecutors say the judge will now have to watch disturbing CCTV


footage before sentencing the 20-year-old in the New Year.


The Football Association of Wales has been fined by Fifa


because poppies were displayed in the Cardiff City Stadium


during last month's World Cup Qualifier against Serbia.


Football's governing body took action against Wales because fans


wore poppies in the stands - and the Armed Forces held bunches


Tomos Dafydd has been following the story.


Tomos - how much are we talking about ?


There was a remote chance that Wales would have points deducted -


Wales opted against allowing their players to wear black


Instead, they laid a wreath beside the pitch and fans held up


Fifa weren't happy - tonight they say they're not judging


specific commemorations - but it did point out that rules need


to be applied in a neutral and fair manner across Fifa's 211 members.


"The display of any political or religious symbol is not allowed -


In the stadium and on the pitch, there is only room for


While the FAW didn't want to comment,


the Royal British Legion says it's "extremely disappointed" that Fifa


regards the poppy as a political symbol.


Football Supporters Federation Cymru said fans are outraged and says


the FAW "shouldn't pay the fine - we should ignore it."


We haven't heard the last of this - English FA are appealing.


The body which sets the laws and rules of the game


I understand that the meeting will be used by at least one


association to clarify and give greater definition to the law


which bans political, religious and personal statements.


It all boils down to whether the poppy is a political


statement or not - Fifa thinks it is -


and that's why the FAW will have to pay ?15,500.


Thank you, we will see you later in the programme for the rest of the


day's sport. Who should be in charge of setting


how much income tax you pay? From 2019 - it could be


the Welsh Government. An agreement struck


between Westminster and Cardiff Bay means ministers here -


if they want to - could cut or raise Here's our political


editor Nick Servini. You can have this coin. He's a


recognisable character at this time of the year, but that this


Dickensian Christmas show in Newport, even Scrooge was handed out


the money. That sense of good well has even extended to politics, with


an agreement between the UK and Welsh governments on how to fund


Wales in future. The Treasury at long denied it but the accusation


from ministers in Cardiff was that Wales had a miserly deal. The


implications of this deal go way beyond Christmas. The First Minister


has always said he doesn't want any control over income tax unless there


is a better financial package on offer from the Treasury. He'd always


said that if he'd gone to the Chancellor in future asking for more


money, he would simply turn round and say to him, you want more money,


but the tax of yourself. Now that a financial deal is in place, though,


it paves the way for the partial control of income tax to be devolved


for the first time. So, what's wrapped up in it? Now the Welsh


government and the Treasury have introduced a guarantee that funding


per head will never drop below 15% more than the UK average. In 2018,


it will be responsible for stamp duty and landfill tax, which will


raise around ?250 million. In 2019, it could be partial control of


income tax, which could generate more than ?2 billion per year. It


means the Welsh government of the day would be responsible for raising


20% of everything it spends. It does seem impossible to me to argue


against the proposition, but a democratic institution that spends


money should bear some responsibility for raising that


money. We'll be doing that for the first time, that is a very serious


set of responsibilities. It will change the nature of the debate, but


it will do it in a way, as I say, which underpins the growing maturity


of devolution here in Wales. This is not the end of the story. Plans are


underway to devolve new powers on transport and energy. Devolving


income tax without the need for a referendum is wrapped up in the same


process. Currently going through Parliament. Assembly members give


their verdict next month. The finance deal makes it more likely


they will approve the Wales Bill. Despite reservations. And they will


come under pressure from the UK Government. It goes along with the


Wales Bill that empowers the Welsh government is to legislate on things


that matter. I don't want any more constitutional argument is, I don't


want any more debates relating to finance. This settles those for the


long term so it is now up to the Welsh government to be able to


respond in answering the needs of education and health and in so many


other important public services. It's been years rather than days to


get to this point, but at long last many of the old claims of funding of


the Assembly appeared to be consigned to the history books.


Nick's with me now for some breaking political news to tell you about -


the minority Labour government in the Assembly - now has


Former Plaid Cymru Leader, Dafydd Elis Thomas -


who now sits as an independent - has told BBC Wales -


he'll support them throughout this term.


I don't think so. You have to remember that Lord Ellis Thomas left


Plaid Cymru to become an Independent in October. At the time, he said


Plaid were not serious about being in government since Labour. Since


then, there has been a fair amount of speculation that he could become


part of the Labour Administration. I should stress, that is not what has


happened here, but he has given his commitment to support Labour. We


have had a statement from him saying that he wants to provide a stable


majority for a government that to develop devolution and to negotiate


a continuing relationship with mainland Europe. Now, for Carwyn


Jones, it is a case of Christmas coming early. He has a commitment


from him to give in effect a working majority and he hasn't yet to


officially offer him a job. Many people watching will say, so what?


What does this really mean in the real world? At the moment, Labour


are in effect reliant on Plaid Cymru to get a working majority. They're


all of committees in place and deals for that to happen. The upshot of


this is that on paper at least they may not need that. As a result, that


deal may collapse. Leanne Wood has said that if Carwyn Jones offers


Lord Ellis Thomas a job, that deal will become null and void. That has


not happened at this case. Really, actually, that deal just may


continue as it has done in the next few months. I think it will become


more difficult for Plaid Cymru to really put the squeeze on Labour


because Carwyn Jones and Labour will have the confidence they know they


could in theory call on Lord Ellis Thomas if need be, so I suspect the


upshot of all this is we will see a far more confident First Minister


and a far more confident Labour Party, knowing they could have the


numbers if they need. Four prisoners barricaded


themselves into a cell in Cardiff prison yesterday


in protest at being moved there from Birmingham,


following a riot at They surrendered after two hours


and no-one was injured. The Ministry of Justice says


all prisons are being closely At least a thousand fish -


including Salmon and Sea Trout - have died after the River Teifi


was polluted - according Water was discoloured in Ceredigion


with environmental officers believing the source of the problem


to be an agricultural site Control measures have been put


in place to stop any Passengers travelling between south


Wales and London over Christmas are being urged to plan ahead -


as Paddington station will be There'll be no services operating


to and from the station from Christmas Eve until December


29th - as Network Rail Three men have been


jailed following a riot in the centre of Newport -


during which fireworks The disturbance - which took place


in the Pill area of the city - also saw wheelie bins set alight


and Molotov cocktails thrown. It was a disturbance that saw shop


fronts and cars set ablaze, commercial bins torched,


and Molotov cocktails It had to be dealt


with by riot police. Residents say they've never


seen anything like it. Today, those said to have encouraged


the disorder were jailed. Gary Radford, seen here,


and Ahbil Ahmed, both 23, They encouraged


children to take part. Grant Cuthbert, who is 32,


threw a Molotov cocktail And this is just how close


police came to being hit by some of the fireworks -


a deliberate effort to target them. Other disturbances in Pill


saw ambulance crews Some motorists were forced


to turn their cars around to escape Police said large fireworks


were recovered the morning after one In sentencing, the judge said this


was a very serious incident on the streets of Newport,


where missiles and Molotov He said all of the men


were of an age to know better. Now, all three men have been


sentenced to a total of more Much more to come


before seven o'clock. A Flintshire animal sanctuary


accused of having dirty, overcrowded conditions,


now faces fresh claims of financial he won't step down as Swansea boss -


as his teams slips up Lights, camera, action -


there's plenty of it here in Wales. The creative industries sector


is one of the fastest growing the Welsh economy -


but how much of that success has been fuelled by subsidies


from the Welsh Government? From the set of the latest


production to get funding from ministers, our arts


and media correspondent, On set with the cast


and crew of Journey's End. Behind the wooden walls


is a First World War dugout, reconstructed at Pinewood


for a feature film that chose to come to Wales over the acres


of studio space available The producer said there


was a straightforward incentive. There was no doubt that the Welsh


government's involvement in this media fund and encouraging


businesses and film businesses into Wales


was the reason that we're here. A slice of the Welsh government's


?30 million film fund can be The strings attached mean


at least half the production must be shot in Wales,


and it's managed on a commercial basis by Pinewood, rather


than by government ministers. Journey's End is spending


more in Wales than it's received in funding,


and while the film industry in Wales had bumpy beginnings,


the director says it's perfect Wales is such an established


film-making... We are matching it for northern


France, so we are able to find lots and lots of places that


worked really well. Boosting the creative industries


is an economic priority for the Welsh government,


and ministers insist the finance Over time, our support translates


into the development of a better skills base and ultimately


for the long term it's the availability of skills


and the infrastructure that will determine whether or not the


creative industries thrive in Wales. Those skills have already worked


hard on one of the stars Much of the postproduction


work on Ethel Ernest Business is good for this studio,


though the boss admits there There could always do


with being more skilled people. But I think the important thing


is to make sure that productions have their heart


in Wales and that... Not reflecting Welsh culture -


there doesn't have to be that - but that are based around


Welsh creativity. The journey for Wales's creative


industries hasn't always been smooth, but busy studios and film


crews that are fully booked means there's cautious optimism that it's


finally found its feet. The latest winner


of The Apprentice - 24-year-old Alana Spencer


from Aberystwyth - says the manufacturing


for her luxury cake business will remain in Wales and she's


already found premises. The 24-year-old won a quarter


of a million pounds investment and a 50/50 business partnership


with Lord Sugar in the 12th A Pembrokeshire head teacher has


been sacked for gross misconduct. Irwyn Wilcox had been


suspended from his post at Fishguard's Ysgol Glannau Gwine


in November last year. Details of the misconduct allegation


have not been revealed. There are calls for the Charity


Commission to investigate claims of financial mismanagement


at an animal sanctuary Capricorn Animal Rescue,


based in Padeswood near Mold, was the subject of a BBC Wales Week


in Week Out investigation last week, which showed animals


being kept in poor conditions. But former volunteers say


there are also questions Undercover filming at


Capricorn Animal Rescue showed overcrowded, dirty conditions


and other welfare issues. There's two rabbits in this


enclosure and there's But other serious problems have been


highlighted by a number Vikki Savage says she was denied


access to the charity's accounts The trustees eventually saw


bank account entries and receipts from a wholesaler


which caused concern. When we got the bank accounts


we noticed that there was a lot of spend in Makro and we never,


ever buy animal food from there because we go to the Mill,


so we wondered what that spend could actually be and it was quite


regular, so we went to Makro, asked if we could have the receipts


which relate to them, and we were absolutely astounded


to find it was alcohol. There was lots of spirits


and shots and shot glasses It wasn't anything relating


to animal care whatsoever. In response, Sheila Stewart told BBC


Wales: This weekend saw protesters gather


at the charity's shop in Mold. They want their long list


of grievances to be taken We expect all the publicity


we are getting from this will make the Charity Commission


opened their eyes and see that an inquiry is needed to make certain


all these facts that we've got and all the evidence we've provided


to them is looked at properly The Charity Commission told us it's


received a number of complaints It's provided regulatory advice


and guidance in the form of an action plan and will be


monitoring the charity to ensure Tomos is back now with the rest


of tonight's sport - and it's not going well


for Swansea's manager. He's under increasing pressure -


and amid questions over Bob Bradley's position,


Swansea City have tonight said it's business as usual and no statement


or meetings are planned Bradley was defiant after another


defeat on the road - he says he'll continue to look


to the future, but his side is just one place from bottom


in the Premier League. Bob Bradley's side


are in the relegation The manager says new


players are needed. He'll look to strengthen


his side in all areas We said many times that we certainly


think we can prove ourselves But I've also said that


the matches between now And then obviously January


3rd comes quickly, so most likely you're not deep


enough into the transfer window that you had much


change at that point. Middlesbrough were not


entirely convincing. Their manager said it was their


worst performance of the season. Still, it was enough


to topple Swansea. What a finish that is


by Alvaro Negredo. The Swans' defensive


frailties laid bare again, Swansea's owners said


after appointing Bob Bradley in October that they could not allow


the club to drift further, but results


have not improved. If you were given the chance to pick


a fixture, you'd probably take, unfairly or cruelly,


whichever way you want to look at it, Swansea


at home, wouldn't you? Their team has the Premier League's


worst defensive record, conceding 37, and only goal


difference keeps them Bob Bradley is the bookmakers'


favourite to be the next Cardiff City have their own


relegation worries to deal-with heading into Christmas -


after a last-minute defeat at home to Barnsley left them


still hovering outside Despite coming back from 3-1 down,


the Bluebirds conceded Manager Neil Warnock says he'll make


changes after losing patience BBC Wales understands


the Welsh Rugby Union has approached three Welsh regional coaches to work


with the national side on the tour to the South Pacific


Islands next summer. Robyn McBryde will coach the side -


and they want Stephen Jones of the Scarlets,


the Osprey's Steve Tandy and Danny Wilson from the Blues


to join him for the series A decision on where Leigh Halfpenny


will play club rugby next season is expected after Christmas -


that's what his Toulon coach thinks. Halfpenny was back


in Wales yesterday - he kicked all of Toulon's points


but it wasn't enough, as the Scarlets beat the French


side for the first time to keep alive their hopes


of progressing in the Scott Williams crossed


for the game's only try but Halfpenny crucially


missed his last penalty in the final seconds of the game -


allowing the Scarlets to win That's tonight's sport -


let's get the weather now with Derek - and Derek -


any signs of a White Christmas? A little snow on the mountains


but for most of us a traditional In other words -


green, wet and windy. Our weather is going to start to


come in from the Atlantic later this Turning drier away from the west


later in the night. Here's the picture for


8.00 in the morning. Most of the rain in the west


from Pembrokeshire to During the day, most


places will stay cloudy. A few spots of rain and drizzle,


mainly in the west. Elswhere drier and in the east


it should brighten-up. Temperatures 5 to 9


Celsius with a south Spreading across the country later


in the evening and overnight. Wednesday breezy


with showers clearing. The best of the sunshine


in the north with the wind easing. On Wednesday night there is a risk


of rain in the south. This will clear leaving Thursday


bright with some sunshine Temperatures a little lower


with a westerly breeze. On Friday a deep low will track


between Scotland and Iceland bringing stronger winds and rain


to the UK. So Friday will start off


dry but it won't last. Turning wet and windy


during the afternoon. Some heavy rain with strong


to gale force winds. That will clear and


then for Christmas. Christmas Eve on Saturday


will be bright and chilly. Some sunshine with a few


blustery showers. On Christmas Day a spell of mild,


wet and windy weather followed by clearer,


colder conditions and a few showers. At this stage, a white Christmas


looks unlikely for most of us. A little snow on the mountains


but nothing significant. Strong winds the main


problem on Christmas Day. A 20-year-old man has admitted


murdering a young couple found stabbed on one of Wales'


busiest shopping streets. The bodies of 21-year-old Zoe Morgan


and 33-year-old Lee Simmons - who worked together in Matalan


on Queen Street in Cardiff - were discovered outside


the store in September. Andrew Saunders -


of no fixed abode - Tonight's other headlines:


The Football Association of Wales has been fined ?15,500


by Fifa because - poppies were displayed


during last month's Wales opted against players wearing


black armbands with the poppy on - instead a mosaic was held up


in the stand, and a wreath was laid Fifa says the display of any


political symbol is not allowed. I'll have an update for you here


at eight o'clock and again That's Wales Today -


thank you for watching - from all of us on the


programme, good evening. This is it, the mission we've been


preparing for our entire lives.


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