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BBC website. That's all from the BBC News at Six. It's goodbye from me.


On BBC One A couple from Cardiff who survived


Berlin' terrorist attack tell us of their attempts


to help those hurt. The company that underwrote


a ?1 million Welsh government grant It is amazing to a festival


atmosphere just changed dramatically and you heard the scene of


devastation. The company that underwrote


a ?1 million Welsh government grant to the takeaway sitekukd.com


is involved in a tax At least 1,000 fish are dead,


in what's being described as the worst act of pollution


to the hit the Teifi in 30 years. The scenery is spectacular,


but a call tonight to urgently do something to keep young people


living in rural Wales. It is an environmental disaster.


Imagine at least ten meals of the river where the fish are doing.


The scenery is spectacular, but a call tonight to urgently do


something to keep young people living in rural Wales.


In tonight's sport, the rugby boys round for Christmas dinner.


All friends for now - until the Welsh derbies!


A couple from Cardiff, just metres away from the lorry that


ploughed into a busy Christmas market in Berlin, have been talking


of their attempts to help those who were hurt.


Rhys Meredith and his girlfriend Sara Dobler described


the devastation that has left 12 people dead and 48 injured.


Back home, counter-terrorism police in Wales are advising people


to remain vigilant, but not alarmed. Jenny Rees reports.


The aftermath, as emergency services try to piece together the events


Among those at the scene were two tourists from Cardiff.


They were just metres away with the lorry ploughed through


We, literally, had just sat down to get a bite to eat.


We heard what we thought were explosions.


We did not realise a lorry had gone through.


Instinct prevailed, really, and we were just determined to get


in there and help as much as we could.


But I did not think we really comprehended


what was going on until we started shifting the stalls.


A few people were putting others into recovery positions.


A mother and children were trying to take them away from the scene,


I don't think we could put into detail enough words about how


But Sara said she was able to comfort some,


I saw a man trying to move on the ground.


My first reaction was, "I need to see if he's OK."


He was speaking a different language and it was more of a murmur.


Unfortunately, he had a severe gash of the side


I remember just holding his hand and telling him that everything would be


OK. But from what I saw, unfortunately, he was the only


person moving at that stall. Here, the counterterrorism police say the


threat level here remains unchanged. It is classed as severe, meaning an


attack is highly likely. The sea they are reviewing all procedures.


They are asking people to remain a layout, but not alarmed.


A BBC Wales investigation has found the company that underwrote


a ?1 million Welsh government grant to the online food ordering


service kukd.com is involved in a tax fraud enquiry.


Earlier this year, the Welsh government


launched an investigation into how the million pounds


of taxpayers money was awarded to Kukd.


The Welsh company Kukd.com were set up two years ago.


Its website and app allowed customers to order takeaways


It is the latest venture from Newport's Shaleem Hussain,who


has an MBE for services to Welsh business.


The company was in line for a grant of nearly ?3 million from the Welsh


who has an MBE for services to Welsh business.


The company was in line for a grant of nearly ?3 million from the Welsh


government over three years, for creating jobs in Wales.


Kukd received the first ?1 million, but further payments


were suspended after some staff were laid off


and their jobs were outsourced th Bangladesh.


The Welsh government is investigating whether


conditions for claiming the grant were met.


I am the founder of the EuroFoods Group in Newport.


He is also the director in its sister company, EuroFoods Group -


the guarantor for the ?1 million grant given to Kukd.


This means EuroFoods will be liable to pay back the grant,


The company employs more than 200 people and delivers to the ethnic


catering industry and specialist supermarkets across the UK,


BBC Wales has discovered EuroFoods is at the centre


of an investigation by HMRC, for suspected tax fraud or evasion.


They have issued what is known as a Code of Practice Nine Order


and the tax affairs of the company are being scrutinised


Anton Lane advises companies involved in these investigations.


To move into Code of Practice Nine is not common.


It can result in criminal prosecution.


This is the last chance for a taxpayer to hold their hands


up and tell the truth, to avoid being prosecuted.


Some are questioning whether the Welsh government should have been


made aware of enquiries into the company's tax affairs.


What is worrying is that the Welsh governments don't seem to have been


in the loop on this investigation and yet they handed over ?1 million


I would have hoped that, before the money was handed over,


a simple question would have been asked of the guarantor,


circumstances and in this respect, Eurofoods, to say, "Has there been


any material change in your circumstances since you made


In a statement, EuroFoods said they were subject to a tax


It said the company was co-operating fully with the the tax authorities.


The Welsh Government says it is unable


to comment while its own investigation into the grant


The public spending watchdog, the Wales Audit Office, is considering


including Kukd in the review of the Welsh government's financial support


It comes in the wake of several high-profile cases,


where companies got into difficulties or collapsed


The review is expected to launch early in 2017.


Let's talk to our political editor, Nick Servini.


What can you tell us about this broader review?


The public spending watchdogs has been a wheel of a number of


companies over which? Have been raised. This includes Kukd.com under


number of other companies. The common theme for a couple of is that


they got into financial difficulties after receiving substantial public


support from the Welsh government. Assembly members from the Public


Accounts Committee actually discussed this and in the


discussions, the rate concerns about the level of Welsh government


support for business. The wheel should audit office is no


considering a broad-based operation into how the Welsh government does


its business, as well as giving out grants. But this is not an exact


science. You have two place in losses for the taxpayer, but what


they will be looking for his systemic problems, things which keep


on rising in these individual cases that is something which will


inevitably be the focus of any broad-based investigation if it


under new -- under way. If it does get under way, and it will be


significant if it will take place in nearly next year.


A mother has been found guilty of plotting to let a man


rape her seven-year-old daughter. Cardiff Crown Court heard how


54-year-old Stuart Bailey, from Rhondda Cynon Taff,


and the mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons,


planned the sex attack via text messages.


The court was told how she sent Mr Bailey a naked


photo of her daughter - and bought sleeping


The funeral has been held of a man from Swansea killed


when the Didcot Power Station collapsed in February.


Christopher Huxtable was one of four men who died.


His coffin was carried on a truck by the local recycling firm


An investigation into the cause of his death is still ongoing.


Plans to cut capital spending on flood prevention schemes


are to be partially reversed by the Welsh government.


It comes as ministers publish their final budget for 2017-2018.


It includes an extra ?33 million for flooding schemes,


?53 million for housing and ?50 million for


regeneration projects over the next four years.


It is being described as the worst act of pollution to hit


All the salmon and sea trout in a two-mile stretch of the river


in Ceredigion have been killed by a slurry leak.


Over 1,000 fish have been killed and Natural Resources Wales say


the majority of fish up to six miles downriver have also died.


Matt Murray has been out with the environmental officers


It is the fourth day on than ever for the environmental officers as


they try and assess the impact of the pollution. Today, they have put


a slight electrical current through the river, so that any loving fish


would be attracted to it. But nearly all the salmon, sea joked and brown


trout have been wiped out any six male section on the River Teifi. We


have surveyed the states. At each one of these, we find practically no


fresh. We think up to six meals of fish have been affected. Every


single fish has been killed? It is looking like E total kill for a


couple of materials and then progressively gets better.


It is a very important area, because this is a major spawning area for


the fish. Further upriver, with the would expect to fine 80 fish, there


was only one or two alive. The ammo for Millstone stream. This part of


the river should be bouncing with fish, but they have only 1001 salmon


so far this stretch of river. It is an environmental disaster. It will


take decades for the river to recover. It will take a long time


for all the insects to come back and if the comeback, if you're lucky,


the fish will come back. The river is known all over the world. Even


President Jimmy Carter came to fish here in the 1980s. He regarded as


one of his favourite fishing rivers. It is not only environmentally


disastrous, but could be very bad for tourism. It brings in big


jewellers. A lot of fishermen, locally, stay overnight, buy


equipment in the local shops. There will be a knock-on effect to the


local economy. They see the investigation will continue into


next year and a course of action is expected to be announced in the New


Year. Much more to come


before seven o'clock. The rugby boys round


for Christmas dinner. All friends for now -


until the Welsh derbies! Wind and rain.


Sunshine and showers. Plus Storm Barbara.


Join me for the forecast. Some rural areas in Wales have been


"losing young people by the bucketload",


according to a Simon Brooks is calling on the Welsh


government to relocate a public body's headquarters to Gwynedd,


to stem the flow of young He told BBC Wales "an unintended


consequence" of devolution is that more public sector jobs


are being centralised in Cardiff. Here is our political


correspondent, Arwyn Jones. For thrill seekers, Gwynedd as at


all. This video was produced over the summer to try and persuade young


people to steal of the county. The fear that too many people are


turning their backs on rural areas. It is a beautiful day and it is


difficult to imagine why no one would want to live and work here.


But for young people it is difficult. For young people, there


are jobs, but many are related to the tool is in the street, so are


seasonal and fully paid. Matthew finished his degree where Stephen


returned here to work. He has an hour-long commute every day. He


thinks people are more willing to look big towns and cities for work,


without actually looking up what is available locally. The opportunities


are here. They may be more difficult to look up unframed, but they are of


the air. Those would try to keep young people in rural parts say the


perception of a lack of jobs is often the problem. There is actually


a cluster of small technology businesses looking for staff. It is


all about maybe telling young people that these opportunities really


exist. There are worries that so many young people leaving the county


could lead to future problems. They are the future leaders of our


communities and our society. We will get an imbalance of the population


we are we have an elderly population and one which will not go over the


years. We need to get the balance right. We need young people and


families. They are about to lose the tax office, which is going to


Cardiff along with 20 jobs and one local councillor says too many


public sector jobs are being centralised in the capital, leading


to change. This cannot carry on. This is the unintended consequence


of devolution. We have to do something about this. We cannot deny


this is not a major problem. The remaining areas under the day-to-day


control of the real Scotsman, with others receiving funding. This


either people would benefit from public sector jobs and investment.


They see a significant number of civil service posts have moved to


the north of the country. They said the headquarters of the development


bank could be located in North of the country. The countryside and the


view will appeal to many, but it is still a struggle to retain young


people in people like this. A man who fell out of a speedboat


during a fishing trip off Aberystwyth tried


to save his friend, after they were both


thrown overboard. William Davies from


Borth died in August. Alan Jones told an inquest


he grabbed hold of him and called for help,


but his friend drowned. The coroner said it an unexpected


tragedy and recorded A coroner says were no


suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of former


North Wales Police Superintendent and convicted paedophile,


Gordon Anglesea. His family say he died


after being admitted to hospital with pneumonia and a lung infection.


He was just six weeks into a 12-year sentence for sexually abusing


young boys in the 1980s. 300 new jobs will be treated as an


expansion of the Bluestone investment project. The majority of


this years will be held by management and staff for the first


time. It will take the total of the all year round jobs to over 1000.


"A shambles and out of touch with fans."


That is what former Wales striker Iwan Roberts thinks of Fifa,


world football's governing body, after it fined Wales for displaying


Roberts has urged the Football Association of Wales to take


The FAW, which was fined ?15,500, has not commented yet.


The English FA, which was also fined,


The Duke of Cambridge will become the Welsh Rugby


Union's new patron, after Buckingham Palace announced


that the Queen is stepping down from the role.


The Duke is also Patron of the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust,


which helps severely-injured rugby players and their families.


They are one of the most eagerly-anticipated


the Welsh derbies at Christmas - with stadia sold out, as the Welsh


This year, there are four Welsh derbies to look forward to


and we brought players from all four regions together,


before rivalries are renewed on the pitch.


It is the same again when friends and families gather for the season


of goodwill. But the rivalries will be reignited on the pitch after


Christmas. On Boxing Day, Blues v Dragons. Last year, the


blues just one it. With this last-minute kick. The boys are very


confident. We need to get back up the table. Having celebrated the


major win in the European cup at the weekend, it Scarlets v Ospreys is at


the weekend. There is a lot more space about it, not just bragging


rights. This is one of the busiest periods of this season. We will of


Day. Ospreys Finished on top last season and they have won six of the


seven Boxing Day match is against their rivals. It is one of the


highlights of this season. The best players short, drawing huge crowds.


If the theatre last year 's mergers, we are set for an absolute cracker.


Blues versus Dragons is on BBC Two Wales on Boxing Day.


The following day, it is the Ospreys and the Scarlets, live on S4C.


Real Madrid and Wales forward, Gareth Bale, has released


another fitness update, as he recovers after ankle surgery.


Bale says he is working hard to get fit again.


Wales manager Chris Coleman has said Bale can be fit in time


for Wales' next World Cup qualifier, against the Republic


Fingers crossed, we will be looking forward to a big day for Newport


County in the FA Cup. Books are being hidden


across a Carmarthenshire town The volunteers, who call themselves


the Kidwelly Book Fairies, are placing them at various


landmarks around the town, and post clues about


their whereabouts online. Closers to their rear rows are being


left on social media, with a proviso that once read, the applet back


somewhere else for someone else. They are resealed in waterproof


cellophane. Around 80 of them have been left around the town. The


project has been going across October. -- since October. It


started as a piece of fun. We saw all this stuff on social media about


Pokemon and thought we would take it further. And Welsh publisher has


donated many books in the hope that other people will get reading. It


puts a new spin on what it means to read. Especially the this modern


age, with the focus on technology. But will Kidwelly Book Fairies the


get the people of the town to need more? In the primary school, they


already have. I found it in a tree in the park. Kidwelly Book Fairies


The CV have had great feedback and CV will continue to sprinkle the


fairy dust around. Whatever the weather!


A little sunshine in Llandovery today, but the next few days more


The worst of the weather on Friday into Saturday,


Something to bear in mind, if you are travelling.


Overnight, more rain will spread across the country.


By the end of the night, it will be dry and clear, with low


temperatures in the 4-8 Celsius range.


It is the Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year.


At eight in the morning, most of the country will be


dry, with broken cloud. A few showers in the north.


Some rain on Anglesey, with strong and gusty winds.


During the day, rain will spread across the rest of the country.


During the afternoon, most of the country will


However, in the south-east, the rain may not clear until after dark.


Tomorrow night, many places dry and clear.


Temperatures falling close to freezing, with touches of frost.


Thursday - some dry weather and sunshine, but a few


Temperatures falling close to freezing, with touches of frost.


Thursday - some dry weather and sunshine, but a few


During Friday, a deep low will track between Iceland and Scotland.


The second-named storm of the season so far.


The north and west of Scotland will bear the brunt of the severe gales.


Here in Wales, a spell of wet and windy weather.


The strongest winds in the norrh-west with a yellow


Christmas Eve should be breezy and chilly.


Some dry, bright weather as well, but with more rain


Christmas Day itself will be mild and windy, with outbreaks


Turning drier, clearer and colder late in the day.


But if you are travelling later this week, watch out for Storm Barbara


There could be some problems over there.


A couple from Cardiff who survived Berlin' terrorist attack


tell us of their attempts to help those hurt.


They described the devastation which killed 12 people and left 48


injured. It was just our instinct to get in the help as much as we could


but I do not think we really comprehended what was on until we


started shifting stoles. I will have an update at eight o'clock and then


again after the BBC News at ten. Thank you for watching. Goodbye for




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