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Tonight's headlines: Millionaire property developer


Peter Morgan is found guilty of murdering his escort girlfriend


Georgina has left a hole in our lives that will never be repaired.


All of our happy memories will be kept for ever in our hearts. We


respect the decision and the centres that has been handed to Peter Morgan


but this will never compensate for our loss. I had the intention to


kill her, didn't I? Tonight, the background to a murder


described by the judge as pre-meditated and carefully


planned. The two biggest unions


at Port Talbot's Tata steelworks say it will be for workers to decide


if they accept a new pensions deal. The peace and quiet of rural Wales -


but in this village, many are desperate to hear the sound


of a mobile phone ringing and they want permission


for a taller mast. If you need to contact


anyone or you are waiting The row over a new M Foodhall


because the sign outside the shop in Aberystwyth will only be


in English. They should have


signs in English and A win against Plymouth


tonight would set-up a lucrative third round tie


against Premier League A millionaire businessman


from Monmouthshire has been jailed for life,


after being found guilty of 54-year-old Peter Morgan


strangled Georgina Symonds, before disposing of her body


in a barn near Usk. Our reporter, Nick Palit,


has been following the case and joins us now from Newport Crown


Court. Lucy, at just before midday,


the jury here at Newport Crown Court came back into Courtroom 3


to deliver their guilty verdict. Peter Morgan had always admitted


killing Georgina Symonds, but claimed it was manslaughter,


on grounds of diminished The jury disagreed and in


sentencing, the judge Mr Justice Garnham said the plans


he made for killing Georgina, demonstrated perfectly clearly


that he retained self control. It was pre-meditated


and carefully planned. He said to Morgan -


you killed her in cold anger. Georgina Symonds' family


says her death has left a hole in their lives that will never be


repaired and left her five-year-old Today, her killer, Peter Morgan,


was jailed for 25 years for what the judge called


a carefully planned This is a tragic case that has


resulted in the death of Georgina. The actions of Peter Morgan


were calculated and he committed Hopefully this conviction will bring


some closure to the family, in terms But we are in no doubt that


Georgina's family and friends will continue to mourn and grieve


for her for the rest of their lives. Peter Morgan indulging


in his passion for restoring historic buildings in this video


shown to jurors at his trial. From the outside, it


will look identical. But just a few short years


after the multimillionaire rebuilt this windmill,


his passions were redirected towards the murky world of escort


girls and exotic dancers. The Usk workshop he'd once used


for the windmill project where he'd eventually dumped the body


of 25-year-old Georgina Symonds. The peaceful Monmouthshire


countryside isn't somewhere you'd associate with such a tale of sex,


drugs and money. A tale of the high life, of fast


cars, helicopters and castles, but a tale which ultimately


descended with a blackmail At this level, there will be


an emergency exit... Peter Morgan made his money in steel


agricultural buildings, but by his mid-40s, he had sold up


and developing a successful property portfolio, which included cottages,


a castle and of course that windmill But in 2012, going through something


of a midlife crisis, the married father of two


started seeing escorts. Georgina Symonds became


the centre of his world. For more than three years,


he pampered with luxury gifts and fast cars,


took her on helicopter flights, paid for full body lyposuction,


and gave her an income of up He moved her into a bungalow


in the grounds of a castle Holed up in the grounds


of Pencoed Castle, she descended into a spiral of drug and alcohol


abuse, following the suicide of her She became abusive towards Morgan,


she threatened to blackmail him, He put a covert recording


device in the bungalow, With the device in place,


Morgan accessed the bug 514 times between November 2015 and Georgina's


death in January. He could call it directly from his


phone, he'd called it Isobel. He would listen into conversations


in the lounge between Georgina and her new boyfriend,


Thomas Ballinger, for up But the prosecution say one


particular conversation enraged him. He heard her say, once


he signs the bungalow over, I'm going to London


to work as an escort. The court heard that conversation


is a possible catalyst for the chain The day before he killed her,


Morgan was caught on his own CCTV picking up equipment from a barn


in his 4X4. A note found by police


on his iPhone was a shopping list of what he'd need to carry out


what the prosecution called a premeditated


and well-planned murder. He admitted strangling her


with a home-made ligature made of bailing twine as he sat next


to her on the sofa He then placed her body in his car


and drove her to his former CCTV footage from this property


was shown to the jewellery. It shows Peter Morgan arriving


here at Beech Hill farm The prosecution say he made a secure


package of Georgina's body, using plastic sheeting and tape


and they say the video shows him removing her body


from the back of his car, bound and trussed up,


and attached to a metal pole to enable him to carry it


into the barn. At first, he told police he did not


know where Georgina was. But within hours, he was


confessing to killing her. I had the intention


to kill her, didn't I? The trouble is, once I'd sort


of attempted to murder her, I'd be in a hell of a lot of trouble


for that, and she would still have gone on and


blackmailed me, couldn't she? Peter Morgan committed a cold,


calculated and violent crime. He's very deliberate


actions resulted in a young His relationship with Georgina had


become an obsession for him, which ultimately led to the events


of January 12th. The actions he took the day before


clearly demonstrated his intentions and his preparation for the crime


was careful and meticulous. Peter Morgan had always admitted


the killing but his defence said he was only guilty of manslaughter


because he was on the Today, that was dismissed


by the jury who found him guilty As her family continue to grieve,


they say her death has left them broken and devastated and no


sentence will be long enough The judge acknowledged


that Morgan had suffered provocation that was vicious,


persistent and extreme, and accepted that the threat of


blackmail was gross and appalling. However he said, you ended


the life of a woman, who, whatever her faults,


was greatly loved. Meanwhile at Cardiff Crown Court


three men have been jailed for a total of 90 years


for the murder of a 29-year-old man. Dad-to-be Lynford Brewster


was attacked and stabbed Dwayne Edgar and Jake Whelan,


both from Cardiff, and Robert Lainsbury from Worcester


laughed as they were A 69-year-old man has been jailed


for 13 years for historic child sexual offences committed over


a number of years in Anglesey. Robert John Parry from


Trefor, appeared before He will be placed on the Sex


Offenders Register for life. Fish Legal, who represent angling


clubs and fishery owners, is investigating whether it can make


a compensation claim for members affected by a major pollution


incident on the River Teifi. All the salmon and sea trout


in a two-mile stretch of the river in Ceredigion have been killed


by a slurry leak. There is some uncertainty tonight


over whether a deal to guarantee steel-making at Tata sites in Wales,


including at the UK's largest works The two biggest unions


at Port Talbot say they will leave it to workers to decide


whether to accept the proposals The deal would see changes


to the pension scheme but would also include a billion


pounds of investment. Here's our business


correspondent, Brian Meechan. Only two weeks ago, Port Talbot's


future looked a little more certain, as the deal between bosses


and unions was announced. But it's emerged that it's a much


tougher agreement to sell The sticking point could prove to be


the changes to pensions, which would mean ending the current


final salary scheme. It will be replaced by a less


generous defined contribution scheme, involving maximum


contributions of 10% from Tata Tata and the unions are holding


a series of meetings with workers to explain what the changes


will mean for them. But there still seems to be a lot


of confusion and a concern over The unions believe that ultimately,


it's up to Tata to explain to the workforce why they think


these changes are needed. The two biggest unions,


Community and Unite, say they want to be recommending


which way members should vote. One of those who will have


to decide is David Edwards, who has worked for Tata


for 11 years. There are pension roadshows


going on at the moment but I don't know how much information


we are going to get from them. People are just worried


for their future. Because, I mean, you need a job,


yes, but when you finish that job, you need to be able to live


when you've retired According to pensions experts,


the deal on offer is a good one, compared to what other companies


give their staff. They will pay 10% salary


contribution to the pension arrangement, which is very generous


compared to my experience of the market and also the Office


for National Statistics today survey recently and the average employer


contribution was 2.5%. You can see what Tata Steel


is offering is far, far better But obviously, compared


to what members and employees had Tata says the pension


changes are essential. It's pledged to invest ?1 billion


over ten years and keep both blast furnaces going for five years,


if it gets the change. Tony Taylor had been a steelworker


at Port Talbot for over four decades and he is now a councillor


for the area. I think they feel that


they have been a little I spoke to a lot of people over


the weekend and they said, we don't really think this is really


a good deal, but I think this is the only game in town,


to be honest, and it's given a lifeline of five, seven,


ten years, whatever. At least it has given secure


long-term jobs and it is going to be But the local Assembly Member says


the staff's decision cannot We are as concerned today


as we were 12 months ago because at this point in time,


there is no deal, What we want to try and do


is to ensure that we get UK steel and particularly this plant


in as strong a position as possible. But we need the steelworkers


to have the confidence. In the last 12 months,


we have seen confidence eroded a little bit and they need to regain


the confidence once again. Workers here and across Tata's Welsh


sites will have the final decision. A ballot is expected


early next year. So, if the workforce votes against


the deal on the table, what is plan B? I think the short answer, Lucy,


is that no one is clear that there is a plan B. Two weeks ago when this


deal was announced, I ask the community union that very question


and they said ultimately there is no better deal on the table from Tata.


The question is, if they go back to them, will they be able to negotiate


something better? These chances of that seem quite slim. There is


potentially a return to that sales process that was halted. There are


still two companies that are interested in the site but there is


no suggestion they will offer a better pension deal to the workers.


It has to be said they are not that that point yet. Tata Steel has about


a month to speak to workers and explain to them why this is


necessary but they came back 18 months ago and they asked for this


change and that actually was rejected by the workers then and it


has been 12 months of difficulties since then. It is going to be key


what kind of relationship Tata has with its workforce now.


Unreliable mobile phone signal can be hugely frustrating,


so spare a thought for people who live in areas where


Now planning rules could be changed to help tackle mobile not-spots.


Changes have already been introduced in England and the UK Government


Our political correspondent Daniel Davies went to one village


A peaceful place and one thing you are highly unlikely to hear,


How difficult is it to get a mobile phone signal


Within a mile of Talgarreg, impossible.


You have to drive any direction out of the village,


Synod Inn sort of area, to get a mobile phone signal.


Yes, if you need to contact anybody or you are waiting for any phone


The local pub has Wi-Fi but no mobile signal.


The frustration is getting to the customers and also it's


That is the main thing, the B and letting houses


we got across the road, we have got three cottages


across the road, which we let where mobile phones don't


You can make a voice call on any mobile network in around half


of Wales but for downloading data on a smartphone, the figure is 27%.


That's only half as good as coverage for the whole of the UK.


In Talgarreg, if you need to make a phone call,


you'd be better off using one of these than one of these.


It's a frustration felt by many people across Wales and now


there are calls to change the planning rules so more


Taller masts send the signal further.


Masts up to 50 metres can be fast-track through


Masts up to 15 metres can be fast-track through


But in England, that height limit rose last month.


Mobile phone companies can put masts of up to 25 metres


in England and it's only now the Welsh Government


They then need to decide on their policy and then they need


to legislate in order to bring about those changes.


So I fear that Wales could be maybe up to 12 months behind England again


The Welsh Government says it is taking a responsible approach


and has commissioned research on the planning rules.


It says it wants robust, reliable evidence before consulting


on any changes that are right for Wales and its rolling landscape.


why plans for the sign outside the new M Foodhall are leaving


a bad taste in the mouths of some in Aberystwyth.


The pitch protected, ahead of a crucial FA Cup


Help to cope with conditions like anorexia, anxiety, depression.


18,000 children and young people were referred to specialist


mental health services this year and many are waiting


That's according to NSPCC Cymru, who says it's worrying some patients


are waiting more than six months to be seen.


She says it's helped her cope with the mental health problems


Times have been tough for Shannon when she was hospitalised


She is now getting help but had to wait around seven months


for her first appointment with mental health services.


She should have been seen within 28 days.


I knew I had mental health problems and it was kind


And I didn't really want to go through anything and after I had


kind of admitted that I needed help, I wasn't getting it.


Hywel Dda University health board didn't have any patients waiting


In the area run by Cwm Taff, more than 460 young people


And in Powys, 200 patients waited for more than six months.


And experts say waiting background can be damaging for young people.


Whilst we acknowledge that there are some areas


where we have seen improvements, it does seem pretty shocking


that we are having so many young people waiting for over six months


That can't be good for those young people.


If there needs to be additional resource directed to it,


I think we should find a way of doing that.


Health board say things are getting better and the Welsh Government


agrees, saying the number of people waiting for more than six months has


It says a new programme and more funding has helped


Shannon now hopes that no one will have to wait


Last month, Tesco opened in Aberystwyth and the next big


brand store, Marks and Spencer, is due to open in the spring.


But there are objections tonight to a proposed sign at the site


M bosses say 'Foodhall' is now a brand name and isn't translated


anywhere in the world but Ceredigion councillors want all


Marks and Spencer want you to celebrate Christmas with them.


But there's been a lack of festive cheer ahead


of one of their new stores opening in Aberytsywth.


While they say ONLY M, there's anger that one sign outside


Aberystwyth town council have objected to the application


for the sign for their Foodhall because it's not bilingual.


Their planning chairman Jeff Smith says it has to be in both languages.


Although it's one sign, it's very important in setting


a toning giving an image of what M is about.


And as a main part of the town, we'd like M to put up this sign


bilingually and they will reap the benefits, like other


businesses in the town, who also have bilingual signage.


Marks and Spencer say The term "Foodhall" is part of their brand


signage and is not translated in any of their stores, in Wales


or overseas, as this picture from France shows.


Many major stores have turned individual departments


into their own shops and brands, not just Marks and


Here in Aberystwyth, you have a Next Home,


a recognised brand, so no Welsh translation.


In Aberystwyth, I took a picture of the branded sign and asked


people if they thought it needed translating.


In this community, there's like a mixture of Welsh


It should be in both, it would make it fair.


But if I show you this, the argument now, M Foodhall is now a brand.


So you'd have to put that in both languages.


So you are thinking differently now then?


It is a brand, that changes everything, doesn't it?


They should have signs in English and Welsh.


But the argument is, this is now a brand.


Do you think that will work in Welsh as well?


It's a small thing to do to keep a lot of people happy.


Ceredigion Council will make a decision on the "Foodhall" sign


before the store opens in the spring next year.


A big night of FA Cup football for Newport County


And what an incentive for County - if they win their replay


tonight against Plymouth, they'll head to Anfield


for a lucrative third round tie against Liverpool.


The club says that game could be worth half a million pounds.


Tonight's match is being held at Rodney Parade,


but after problems with the pitch, the club isn't ruling out moving


Rooted to the bottom of League 2, the FA Cup is a welcome distraction.


A win against Plymouth tonight would guarantee Newport County a glamorous


game against a Premier League side. A first-ever match against


Liverpool. The manager has pulled off a giant-killing before,


masterminding Newcastle United 's downfall when he was at Stevenage. I


think you learn the FA Cup as a player and a manager and you learn


what it takes to succeed. The most important things are give the car


port it deserves and it deserves adventurous, forward-thinking


football,. A good cup run can be a financial boost for a club of


Newport 's size. Tonight 's game is televised. A win and then it is a


trip to Anfield to face Liverpool where they will receive 45% of all


the money generated from ticket sales. That could mean making half


?1 million in just one night. Not bad for a club that turns over ?2


million per year. Crucial them that tonight 's game goes ahead. The


pitch is a real problem at Rodney Parade. Two rugby teams play


year-round games have been abandoned. While it is committed to


Rodney Parade for a further seven years, the club has not ruled out


moving elsewhere if problems assist. I don't think you can rule out any


options at the end of the day. We need to make sure we are doing the


right thing. And if that right thing is going somewhere else and


everything stacks up from a business case perspective, we will make the


right decision for the club. Newport are taking no risks. A dome has been


inflated to ensure the game is not a victim of the weather. A pivotal


night ahead. A win could transform their finances and help turn around


their season. Wales wing George North should not


have been allowed back to the field of play after a his latest head


injury while playing The player landed on his head


during the game against Leicester and appeared to be lying motionless


on the ground. After being assessed,


he returned to the pitch. A review found it did not


"intentionally ignore The huge problem here


is that the protocol that these players go through when they go off


the field is not worth If you have to take


a player off because... To have a concussion assessment,


you must suspect concussion and he has to stay off


and the regulations say that he must stay off the map


but they are experimenting in that part of the game which is the most


brutal, so when the player goes back, the impacts


are going to be huge. Wales head coach Robyn


McBride will be helped by Cardiff Blues head coach


Danny Wilson and attack coach Matt Sherratt,


as well as Scarlets backs coach, Stephen Jones, on next summer's tour


of the Pacific Islands. Wales will play two Tests


against Samoa and Tonga. Thanks very much it is the winter


solstice. Shortest daylight hours today. The weather is not very


wintry but it will turn wet and very windy over the next few days.


Especially on Friday. Tonight, anyway well clear. The odd spot


possible but most places dry, allowing temperatures to drop


further than recent nights. Falling close to freezing inland. Tomorrow,


a lot of dry weather but a few scattered showers as well. Heavy in


places. Some decent sunny spells. Remaining blustery and feeling


cooler than recent days. Five Celsius on Anglesey, nine in


Cardiff. Overnight, winds will pick up and a deep area of low pressure


will start to track between Iceland and Scotland. These are the first


signs of Storm Barbara, the north and west of Scotland will bear the


brunt of the severe gales but Northwest Wales is in the warning


zone. Gusts of 70 mph are likely with the potential for travel


destruction. These are the average wind speeds for Friday morning.


Guests will be stronger. Outbreaks of heavy rain pushing in from the


North West. That system should all clear through Friday night into


Saturday morning. Still very blustery. Not quite as windy on


Christmas Eve. Largely dry and breezy with sunny spells and just


the odd shower and then more rain and a warning of strong winds


overnight into Christmas Day. Mostly mild but wet and very windy at


times. Turning drier, clear and colder later in the day. Very


changeable weather heading into the Christmas weekend. Worth noting if


you have travel plans. Before I go, a reminder


our our top story tonight. from Monmouthshire has been jailed


for life after being found guilty 54-year-old Peter Morgan


strangled Georgina Symonds, before disposing of her body


in a barn near Usk. The Judge said Morgan


killed her "in cold anger". We'll be back with a quick update at


8, more after the BBC News at Ten. The roads we walk have demons


beneath them... ..and yours have been waiting


for a very long time.


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