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Our top stories: The truck crash that killed three


Two men are found guilty of manslaughter.


Tonight we hear from the bereaved families.


It was just horrendous to be told your husband has been hit by a 32


tend to backtrack and dragged down the road in the car.


Tonight's other headlines: The first case of an infectious strain


of bird flu in Wales is confirmed in Llanelli.


The town's Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust is closed.


The local council under fire for holding on to land it says


could be transformed if this racing track is built.


The calls for more to be done to help mums like Crystal


work flexible hours to pursue their careers.


It's quite difficult for mothers to juggle everything because you can't


commit as much time as you would have previously the job.


And 2016 was a vintage year for Wales football fans.


We meet the goalkeeper who's turned his hand to capturing


They were fathers, husbands and brothers, one of whom had been


But in February last year the lives of three men from South Wales


were cut short after the brakes on a 32 tonne tipper truck


failed and it crashed into their car near Bath.


The owner and the mechanic of the transport company,


described in court as an "absolute shambles", face jail for gross


Our reporter Ben Price is at Bristol Crown Court.


It would appear from today's verdict the jury believed it was the way in


which the company was run by its owner was at fault for what happened


in February 2015. The owner and the mechanic fails to carry out proper


checks on the brakes of the tipper truck which crashed near Bath.


Essentially this was a crash that could have been avoided had those


two men carried out the responsibilities properly but they


didn't and what unfolded was a complete tragedy. A tipper truck out


of control. It was an accident waiting to happen that claimed four


lives. The truck hit four-year-old Mitzi Steady killing her instantly.


She was about to cross the road with her grandmother who also suffered


life changing injuries. The truck then collided with a car coming up


the hill. Inside was Stephen Vaughan and Phil Allen from Swansea and


Robert Parker from Cwmbran. All three men were killed. Speaking to


the BBC, Stephen Vaughan's widow described him as a generous and


loving cheeky chappie who was proud of his professional soap the --


chauffeured business. She spoke of her heartache, losing the man she


had married just six months before the crash. You try and get on with


your day and something sets you off. Being a nurse and trying to keep


your head in that professional role without things coming into your


mind, particularly with things you can relate to and work as well, that


has been very difficult. People say I have been very strong but I don't


feel strong. It's what I think Steve would have wanted me to do. The


driver of the truck was acquitted of all charges against him. He spoke to


reporters as he left the court. What would you say to the families? They


have never not been in my thoughts. They are constantly in my thoughts.


I just hope they can carry on. On the day of the crash Philip Potter


and apprentice at the time was following his boss Matthew Gordon.


They were but driving tipper trucks. As they travelled along Lansdowne


Lane eyewitnesses saw smoke coming from the back of the second truck.


One said he remembered the smell of burning brakes. Matthew Gordon was


driving a tipper truck down this road and behind them in a second


truck was Philip Potter. Both were carrying 3210 loads. When Mr Gordon


stopped at a traffic calming measure this to Potter was unable to do the


same because his brakes had failed. He then swerved around the truck in


front of him before careering out of control along Lansdowne Lane.


Causing what was described in court as absolute devastation. During the


course of the trial the court heard how the company had operated without


a qualified transport manager for almost a year before the crash and


how the man appointed to carry a vehicle safety inspections, Peter


Wood, had failed in his duty. The business was described by the


prosecution as an absolute shambles. What was uncovered was a shocking


picture of a company culture with disregard the safety and


maintenance. This was a company with a very casual attitude toward


safety. Tonight, Gordon and would remain in custody. The judge told


them to return to court in the New Year for sentencing. This has been a


harrowing case for all those involved. Particularly the bit


DIMMs' families who have filled the public gallery throughout this


trial. Once the verdicts were read out there were tears because they


have waited for this data sometime. The suit statements with a spoke


highly of their loved ones. Fathers, grandfathers, sends and burying


daughter. They say there have all been devastated and they hope


everyone can rip respect their privacy to grieve during this


difficult period. The first case of an infectious


strain of bird flu in a UK wild bird has been confirmed in


Carmarthenshire. The H5N8 strain was found in a wild


duck found dead on the Burry estuary It's been closed as a precaution


to stop the virus spreading. This centre which sees huge numbers


of migrating birds gather in winter It was after a wild widgeon,


which looks similar to this, was found dead in marshland close


to the Llanelli Wetland Centre. It's the first time a wild bird has


been discovered with a H5N8 bird But the Welsh Government insists


the risk to humans is very low. The priority now, according


to the Chief Veterinary Officer, is making sure this


doesn't spread further. If we found H5N8, a highly


pathogenic avian flu, in a wild bird in Carmarthenshire


the chances are there other wild The way this infection


is going to spread is if infected wild birds have contact


with our domestic birds. That's why we have a requirement


in place for people with free range birds to bring them indoors


at the moment. It would be serious if this


infection took hold in our domestic Just a few days ago more than 5,000


turkeys were found with the same The Food Standards Agency has


confirmed it is safe to eat poultry such as turkey,


goose and chicken. Regulations to stop this


strain from spreading were tightened on Tuesday,


banning any indoor gatherings of birds at events such


as livestock faires, All regulations will remain


in place into the New Year. A company in Blaenau Gwent says jobs


are at risk because the local council is holding onto to land


in case it's useful as part of the proposed


Circuit of Wales project. Councillors claim selling the land


on an industrial estate to a local waste management company may


have a detrimental impact on any But tonight the company behind


the ?400 million racing circuit says It's a dirty job but


someone has got to do it. This waste management company


has been at this site The business has grown and it is now


pretty crowded here. We have been trying to move out now


for the last 12 or 13 years. Roadworks nearby as part


of the dualling of the heads of the valleys road is causing


delays for the trucks and extra Unless they are unable to move


to a new site the owner says the business will continue to just


about break even or maybe even In April or May we really have


to look at reorganising the business The company wants to buy


this land near Ebbw Vale to avoid all the problems


it is currently facing. But Blaenau Gwent's elected


councillors rejected the deal in 2013 against the recommendation


of council officials. The elected council in charge


of Gwent council turned down a request for an interview


but in a statement they say that members felt the sale of this land


back in 2013 may have had a detrimental impact on any future


regeneration plans for this area which may arise as part


of the Circuit of Wales project which is proposed to be builta mile


or two over that way. The ?400 million plan is still


on the drawing board though. BBC Wales understands the Circuit


of Wales has never had any plans for this site,


which the council You have effectively land banking


here, land that is ripe for development but being held back


and hope that a larger We are in a situation where we need


to be able to press forward with small businesses


and their chance to develop. The company says other sites


it was offered were near houses, The council says it is working


with the business to find a sustainable future


for its aspirations. Wales could lead the way


in promoting more flexible working hours for mothers


who want to pursue a career. That's according to the Chief


Executive of the gender equality Latest figures show 44% of working


women in Wales are part-time, compared to 13% of men,


and some businesses are now trying to adapt to cater


for what's been described She grew up in Tonypandy


and as a child her mother struggled 30 years on she feels little has


changed so she has set up a company that helps mums forge


a new career part-time. It's called Digital Mums and it


trains women to run the social media 7am or pm, they work at a time


that works for them. A lot of small businesses just want


someone for eight hours or 12 hours One of our mums has just been


tweeting and she was dropping off her child at a gymnastics class


and she just checked her business feed and responded and did


some customer services, all while she was watching her


child do gymnastics. Crystal Evans from Swansea


is one of those mums. She lost her job when she was


on maternity leave with daughter. So she enrolled on the Digital Mums


course and was teamed Doing their social media


allowed her to work flexibly from home and develop the skills


she needed to get a new job in digital marketing,


which she does part-time. For me the logistics


is probably the hardest thing I'm quite lucky in that my


employment does offer the flexibility to work non-core


hours but I know many of my friends don't have that luxury and it's


really difficult for them. And it's that constant juggle


that the Chief Executive of the gender equality charity


Chware Teg says needs to change. I'd like to see Wales


lead the way on this. Why can't we be world


leading in this area? Because actually some


of it is just about how we think That doesn't cost


anything to change. Employers could by adopting


modern working practices, making it easier for men and women


to do whatever it is they want to do outside of work but also contribute


fully in the workplace. It's what's happened at this


translation company in Swansea. Allowing everyone to apply


for flexible working, which at times they say has proved


difficult, is starting Staff retention and staff


happiness I would say, They feel loyal towards us


because we have given them something extra and secondly they are unlikely


to find that in another place of work so they would have to be


giving up something more than just their job


to move companies. So it has helped people stay


and grow within the company. It worked because the


company invested in it Ultimately that


investment is paying off. Chware Teg says it's


all about redrawing ideas to benefit Wales socially


and economically in future. Sophie Howe is the Future


Generations Commissioner. We saw some examples


of flexible working there, There is a really clear business


case for investing in flexible working because that helps the


economy and it's estimated that the loss to the Welsh economy through


untapped potential of women not been able to access the workforce because


of childcare is around ?2.5 billion. If we take steps to address that


there are some significant wins for everyone. We are being told we need


to improve productivity in Wales and this needs to be looked at as good


news for business and families. Absolutely. Where employers adopt


family friendly working practices they are likely to see an increase


in productivity from their staff and that in turn helps the whole of the


Welsh economy. It's not rocket science. Happy boys are going to be


more productive and employees are going to be happier if they can


balance work and family life. But we can do better than we're doing the


moment. The picture across Wales is patchy and in some parts of Wales


only half the childcare places as to the third of children who might


require childcare so we need to do much more to increase provision. We


also need to do a huge amount in terms of the cost and I welcome the


work on the Welsh Government is doing in terms of the free childcare


offer of 30 hours for 48 weeks of the year. That is the best childcare


offered anywhere in the UK. Some really positive progress but there


is no one solution. We need to think about what employers are doing, what


the government is doing and what the culture of our whole society is.


Much more to come before 7.00pm: 2016 was a vintage year


We meet the goalkeeper turning his hand to painting the Euros.


Warnings are in force with a risk of some travel disruption.


The Welsh Government has been accused of selling "disabled people


down the river" following a decision to scrap a specialist care scheme.


Campaigner Nathan Davies from Wrexham is one of more


than 1,500 disabled people in Wales who receives financial support


He says he's disappointed with the Government's decision


to pass financial responsibility for former recipients


of the Independent Living Fund to local councils.


Disability campaigners protesting in the House of Commons last year. But


despite their protests the ILS or independent living fund wasn't


saved. Nathan Davies from Wrexham use the ILS payments to hire carers


and help them with daily chores and social events. He suffers from a


genetic disease that causes progressive damage to the nervous


system. I was getting worse and I needed increasing support to live


independently. He now receives financial help from the Welsh


independent living grant, established by ministers in Cardiff


last year as a stopgap since the ILS closed. The grant will continue


until 2018 but complete control of the ?27 million fund will


transferred directly to local councils with the expectation than


in 2019 disabled people receive all their support through normal social


care services. I feel like they have sold disabled people down the river.


They have just washed their hands of all their responsibilities. The


concern is the current specialist support will be lost to more than


1500 disabled people in Wales in receipt of the grant payments. They


range from between 300 and ?400 a week with an average payment of ?335


a week. The two-year time period for transition in the terms of social


care is quite a short time period and our concern is that it's whether


the same level of support will be afforded to people. The Welsh


Government has disbanded its decision saying it was based on


advice from a stakeholder advisory group which included disability


Wales. But that is not enough to allay Nathan's concerns. I am scared


and frightened about what the future holds.


More than ?16 million will be spent on new diagnostic imaging equipment


that hospitals across Wales over the coming months. The Welsh Government


initiative means that new MRI and cardiac equipment will replace many


existing machines. It's hoped the move could lead to shorter waiting


times for patients. The Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport received a new


MRI scan last year and this huge metal doughnut gives us an idea of


the technology now available. This machine has greater capabilities, it


can scan giving a higher signal level in the images which makes them


much better to look at, better resolution and there are certain


areas where we can do techniques we could not do before. I think it's


much better for patients because the scan times can be quicker and also


the diagnostic results are better. The demand for diagnostic services


like this is on the increase and the investment means that hospitals can


replace existing scanners with new cutting-edge technology across the


whole of Wales. Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board will get almost ?1.7


million for new MRI scanner at Ysbyty Gwynedd whilst Hywel Dda


Health Board will get two and a quarter million for replacement MRI


and cardiac diagnostic x-ray equipment at Bronglais Hospital and


Prince Philip Hospital. The University Hospital of Wales and


Llandough Hospital will get ?4.5 million to install new gamma camera


technology. I think this investment is very important. I think we are


between a rock and hard place at the moment with the in patients can is


going up and this development ensures that patients receive a scan


that is of the best diagnostic quality. It is hoped the investment


will minimise cancellations and allow patients to undergo tests,


resulting in reduced waiting times and better care. This is important


to make sure we get tired Gnostic certainty for individuals and the


staff to help diagnose and treat the condition. It is spread across a


range of health boards and together with our previous investment it


shows we are serious about continuing to improve people's


access to diagnostic services and that should lead to better


treatment. Patients are already reaping the benefits of the new MRI


scan at the Royal Gwent Hospital but by the end of March next year


patients all Wales should be experiencing the very latest in


diagnostic technology. The former Wales rugby


captain, John Gwilliam, He won 23 caps for Wales,


leading the side to Five Nations He also played in our last victory


over New Zealand in 1953. Off the pitch, he studied


at Cambridge, served in the Royal Tank Regiment


during World War Two, and enjoyed a long distinguished


career as a headmaster. Football and Wales have ended


the year as the highest Chris Coleman's side are 12th


in the FIFA world rankings, Northern Ireland finish


the year in 32nd place, The undoubted highlight


being the run to the semi-finals One man who had a front-row seat


in France was reserve goalkeeper Since returning to his club


in Scotland he's been turning his memories


of the Euros into painting. Our reporter Teleri Glyn Jones


has been to meet him. History boys. For Owain Vaughan


Williams the memories of the summer of 2016 are remarkable. But since


returning from France he has been busy. As well as training he's been


painting. It was a remarkable time-out in France, being out there


together for five weeks. Every minute of every day we were


together. Coming back home it felt as if I had the blues a little bit.


Looking back at those amazing times. But during that time I was planning


something on this canvas. The so-called red wall of the fans as a


backdrop to the scene which commemorates the squad's success


with the players and staff side-by-side in celebration. We all


know he's a character. So I placed Joe Ledley at the front doing his


thing. I have shown Hal Robson-Kanu's back because everyone


will remember that time for that and believable goal against Belgium. And


also Gareth Bale doing the Viscount -- Viking clap. Yes, that was a key


moment in the Euros. At his home in Inverness he and his partner have


time to reflect on what was an extraordinary summer. The picture is


going on display as part of an exhibition at the National library


of Wales in Aberystwyth in March and as he hopes for more success as part


of the Wales squad he is also planning more paintings.


The weather now. Is storm Barbara heading our way?


Trouble is brewing over the Atlantic.


Wales will avoid the worst tomorrow but there is a Met Office yellow


warning in force for gales and a spell of heavy rain.


This evening and overnight will be dry.


Not as cold as last night but some ground frost.


Tomorrow, the centre of storm Barbara will move towards Iceland


with an active cold front crossing the UK.


The worst of the stormy weather will affect the north and west


Further south, not so bad, but windy enough with


A few glimpses of sunshine but rain will cross the Irish Sea,


reaching the west coast later in the morning.


The wind ramping-up with gusts around 70mph on the Lleyn Peninsula.


During the day, rain will spread across the whole country.


A short spell of intense rainfall in the afternoon with strong


Later on, the rain will clear with drier, much clearer weather


Tomorrow evening and overnight, less windy and colder.


One or two passing showers but otherwise dry.


Christmas Eve will be chilly and breezy.


Dry and bright for a while but more rain and drizzle later in the day.


Stronger winds and turning milder overnight.


Christmas Day will be mostly cloudy, windy and very mild.


Dry for a time but more rain on the way.


If Hawarden in Flintshire reaches 15C that would be a new record


Boxing Day, though, will be a different sort of day.


But in the short team, watch out for some rough weather tomorrow.


Strong winds, gales and a few hours of heavy rain.


Take care if you're travelling and allow a bit more


time for your journey, just in case.


I'll have an update for you after the BBC news at 10:00pm.


From all of us on the programme, good evening.


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