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Storm Barbara sweeps across the country.


Wind more than 70 mph. It was quite frightening, really. My daughter was


in her bedroom, looked out the window towards the school and utter


devastation, really. The family out of their home


at Christmas because the insurers won't pay-out after flooding


ruined their house. Everything has just been ripped


apart. And just destroyed. That is the worst thing. It has just all


gone. He thought sharing his experience would bring closure.


The inquiry looking into sex abuse apologises for the way


Quite surprised with the Donald. Trump is in town for Black Friday.


the busiest day of the year for our emergency services.


The shops want it to be busy on the high streets but emergency services


are hoping they will not receive too many calls.


Millions invested to help ensure a better service


Wind gusts reached 75mph on Anglesey and in Snowdonia today.


It always seems to happen as the Christmas getaway begins,


Storm Barbara raced across the country, leaving hundreds


of homes without power, roads blocked, ferries cancelled.


The strongest winds, of more than 70 miles an hour,


Christmas shoppers braving the elements this afternoon,


as Storm Barbara swept in, bringing high


Lloyd Street in this town had to be closed


as a precaution after scaffolding amid fears that


scaffolding could come loose and high wind.


Further up the coast, speed restrictions on the Britannia Bridge


between Anglesey and the mainland, putting more strain on the ever


The high wind also affected train services in the area,


strongest gusts recorded on Anglesey.


Those winds also meant fallen trees, blocked


roads and power cuts for


hundreds of homes across the country.


Gusts of anything between 50 and 80 mph have been experienced


in exposed parts of the country today and the storm also affected


200 in Swansea and 200 in Carmarthenshire have also been


without power in the course of today.


There have also been almost 100 homes without power in Bridgend


Western Power have had engineers across the


country trying to get everybody back online.


This school in Caernarvon felt the full force of the storm,


the roof badly damaged in the high wind.


All of a sudden there was this, the only way I can describe it is


I ran into her and it was over in seconds, really.


Towards the school and it was utter devastation, really.


Half the roof had completely torn off.


Just carnage is the only way I can describe it.


Rough seas meant Irish ferries had to cancel six fast


sailings between Holyhead and Dublin but passengers were transferred to


Not the best start to the festive season, but the wind and


rain will ease over the weekend, with the worst over for now.


Meanwhile, a family in Maesteg will spend Christmas


away from their home, after their insurers rejected


a claim to clear up ?50,000 worth of flood damage caused


Ocaso told the Jenkins family they hadn't declared their house


Their local MP says the flood was nothing to do with the river


and they're giving the insurance industry a bad name.


Submerged vehicles, closed roads and ruined homes.


Storm Angus hit Wales hard last month, not least


Maesteg, where around 50 homes were damaged.


Including that of the Jenkins family.


Just looks like a bomb has been, like exploded straight in your


house and just looks really messy and dirty.


Everything is everywhere and really bad, really.


Mark Jenkins estimates about ?50,000 of damage.


The family are spending Christmas with relatives.


It is utter devastation at the moment.


We are lucky we have got close family


to put us up, because otherwise we would effectively be homeless.


But paying for the repairs has become a dispute.


Insurers Ocaso have rejected the claim because Mark did


not declare the house was within 200 metres of a river.


Mark says he does not remember the question, but


acknowledges there may have been over an oversight.


But he feels the river is irrelevant compared to the


During Storm Angus water was streaming off


Mark's house and around 50 others behind me were damaged in the flood.


The nearest river is within 200 metres of Mark's house.


It is at the bottom of the hill on the other side


of the main road but both he and his local Assembly Member say


the river had nothing to do with the flooding.


Let's treat these people with respect.


It is a genuine claim for a couple and a family and their


children, who are out of their home for Christmas.


Their home is in devastation, show some decency, I


Davies thinks others could be caught by the 200 metre rule and he wants


the system to change so insurers identify how close properties


are to a river rather than customers having to declare it themselves.


In response the Association of British


It will not comment on Mark's case but


stresses the importance of customers answering questions...


One month on from the floods in Maesteg, Ocaso


said it is in discussions with Mark and will not comment any further.


The effects are still being felt by many in the area


but the future is more uncertain for some than others.


The Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse has carried out


an urgent review of its service in Wales and apologised


to a victim of sexual abuse for the poor support he received.


When the office opened in Wales in October


a victim told our reporter that he hoped for some


closure by sharing his story with the inquiry.


But he says he's "devastated" by the way he's been treated.


Many of us have fond childhood memories of holidays by the seaside.


That is not the case for everyone. Tony, not his real name, was abused


on a youth summer camp in Porthcawl in the 70s by a man supposed to be


looking after him. Three other men made similar accusations about the


alleged abuser, who was employed as a teacher by Cardiff Council. He


told us his story back in October. I became very scared of adults. My


whole schooling after that basically deteriorated. It was stories like


Tony's that launch the Independent enquiry into child sex abuse, set up


in 2014 by then Home Secretary Theresa May, to look at abuse


allegations by private and public institutions. An office opened in


Cardiff two months ago and survivors like Tony were urged to come forward


and share their stories. A support worker contacted Tony before his


appointment and was shocked when he started crying and she spoke of her


own abuse. Tony said he ended up cancelling -- counselling her. When


he hung up the phone he was devastated. It was like a train


running over me. I did not know what to do. You are hopeful by giving


evidence you will have some kind of closure. But at the moment the wound


is opened. It is open big-time. More than ever. You cannot lock it, open


it and lock it and open it all the time at will. Do you have concerns


for other people? Absolutely. This affects people in different ways. I


have been quite strong. You don't know who is out there. The people


coming forward, they could be suicidal. By the outcome. When the


office opened in Cardiff in October Professor Alexis J denied the quarry


-- in quarry was in crisis despite being the fourth chairwoman in two


years. -- enquiry. There has been criticism the remit is too broad. I


think it has gone beyond the reach of any successful or positive


outcome. I think that is very sad for those who have witnessed that


from the beginning. Because yet again it is potentially another


negative outcome as a result of their disclosures. An urgent review


was carried out after Tony complain. He received an apology and the


enquiry says changes have been made to make sure this does not happen to


anyone else. Tony Hadley three other men are pursuing civil claims


against Cardiff Council for damages. -- and the three other men. The


council said it takes the allegations very seriously but


cannot comment on the case while it is ongoing. Tony has still not given


his evidence but he hopes the new year will bring some closure to the


memories that afforded him for decades.


The Archbishop of Wales has used his Christmas message to call


for people to respond to events like the Brexit vote


and the election of Donald Trump with "tolerance and grace".


Dr Barry Morgan says 2016 has been an extraordinary year -


with the civil war in Syria and the growing refugee crisis


showing we live in a world that "seems at times to be


There are 65 million refugees. Syria is in meltdown. People are torn


apart in this country by the Brexit vote. America has a president who


has made the rocketry remarks about women, Mexicans, foreigners in


general. -- the rocketry. Christians build bridges, not walls. --


inappropriate remarks. Enough divides us already.


They're calling it Frenzied Friday - potentially the busiest day


of the year for our emergency services and our high streets.


Millions are said to be hitting the shops to pick-up last-minute


gifts and heading to the pub with friends and family.


In a moment - Roger Pinney on the Welsh retailers


as they hope for brisk business, but first Rhiannon Wilkins with


Starting early. This stag do is making the most of the last Friday


before Christmas. I will try and make the night. That is what I will


try and do. I probably will not make it. Make Christmas great again!


Black Fridays have been a pretty black as far as the memory is


concerned! They are on their best behaviour. But not everybody hitting


the streets in the next 48 hours will have such military discipline.


For months police forces across Wales have been prepared for


potential incidents over the festive period and in Cardiff, it is called


operation mistletoe. City centre is getting busy. Not many people out


stringing at the moment but by about five or six o'clock that will


change. Chief Inspector Jacqueline Johnson has been with south Wales


police 21 years. We will be bringing an extra 40 police officers only for


the city centre. The street parties have increased their numbers.


Licensees will be working to capacity with bar staff. The alcohol


treatment centre as extra staff. It is almost double at least compared


to normal Friday Saturday night in the city centre. We are expecting a


busy one. These are some of the team, medical staff, licensing


officers and public transport officers as well as police are all


involved in trying to keep everything under control. It is at


this centre in the middle of Cardiff there is one worse for wear this


evening will be brought. When the first person comes in you are always


ready for the next one. Having them here makes a big impact to the main


unit and everything out of the street for the other emergency


services as well. The emergency services know they are in for a busy


few days but with months of preparation and place they hope this


Black Friday will pass without too much of a hangover. What is it to


be? Out with a last-minute gift and today braving the edge of Storm


Barbara to do it? Was this particular high street a little more


quiet than usual? The weather, perhaps, or something else? At the


last minute I will go and get it because you cannot get it in the


post, you're not always guaranteed so I thought I would come and see


what I can get. What are you looking for? Cannot say in case my wife


sees! High street or Internet, Meena Lee? High street. Why is that? I


like to see things in my hand before I purchase. Something for my


daughter. A little warmer. Not much, actually. I am sorry. Do you shop on


the high street or Internet? Mainly on the high street. You can see what


you are buying. It'll be a while before the retailers tell us how


they have done this Christmas. Anecdotally high streets have been a


little more quiet. Is that because we are spending less or perhaps


shopping differently? Maybe a bit of both. The signs are ominous,


according to the retail Consortium, footfall dropped in November


compared to last year. The Centre for retail research suggested


spending across Christmas as a whole has been well below expectations.


Retailers hope this is a week to steal a march on mail order sales.


We see a greater growth of footfall in the last week because customers


really need to get hold of that product, that get, because they


cannot go into Christmas Day without it. The risk factor for many is they


would rather come into the shops and by that product. The big stores in


the biggest city can fight back. What about smaller shopping centres


across Wales? We are seeing evidence all year, the last 18 months, that


shops are closing and the secondary high-street footfall is falling.


They have had a difficult time for a decade. One day left of shopping for


Christmas 2016. The sales are next. In some places they have already


started. You're watching Wales Today


on Friday the 23rd of December. How the Welsh Ambulance


service is aiming to get The worst is now over but what does


the rest of the Christmas A teenager who had to be tested


for HIV and Hepatitis after getting a tattoo at a Newport parlour has


told BBC Wales she's glad its owner John Cochran admitted


health and safety offences at Cardiff Crown Court


after customers developed But where you get them done,


like this clean, safe business, can be vitally important


to your health. As 19-year-old Molly


Ormond is all too aware. There was arguments,


a fight broke out Why I did not walk out when I saw


that I still don't know. She had her piercing in the wrong


studio and had to be tested for hepatitis and HIV after other


customers developed I was nervous, I was scared


I had all these things running through my


head, as you would. You never think you will ever go


through something like that. Molly went here,


the Sun Tattoo Studio. There's a sign saying it's


under new management. It was also known as Blue Voodoo -


and Flesh Wound. Four customers were hospitalised


after infections from ear piercings. The owner, John Cochran,


pleaded guilty to health and safety offences and was given a 16 week


suspended prison sentence. The investigation led


to the Aneurin Bevan Health Board testing hundreds of people


for blood-borne viruses. They attended specially set up


clinics where they were checked for things like Hepatitis B and C


- and HIV. She's now taken that piercing out


and is glad Cochran has I feel that it's been


a long time coming. It's been probably one big


roller-coaster ride, He's definitely got


what he deserves. Cochran has had his tattoo


and piercing licence taken off him ? and there are calls to tighten


the rules - to protect more


people in the future. ?4.5 million will be spent improving


the Ambulance Service's The Welsh Government investment aims


to ensure ambulances are deployed to life-threatening calls faster


and better co-ordination Ambulance service, what's the full


address of the emergency? In every direction


you look there is a computer screen at


the contact centre. It may look modern, but


the infrastructure which keeps the biggest ambulance control room


in the country running is from a The system is the bridge


between the 999 call takers and allocators that send


ambulances to patients. It is a system we are


maintaining and it is a safe system, but it is time now


to move to a 21st-century system. The service will now


get that opportunity to move on thanks to


a ?4.5 million investment


in its technology. The new system will be introduced


at all three contact centres across the country here,


replacing the system which was based It is going to pull


everything together, help contact centre staff to identify


the call and the most appropriate resource and also give them a range


of options to make sure they send the most appropriate resource


and the nearest resource. Response time targets


were scrapped last year for all apart from the most serious,


immediately life-threatening calls. The latest figures released at


the end of last month show 77.1% of responses to red calls arrived


within eight minutes. The new dispatch computer system


could improve those response times That marginal improvement


should make a really big difference for people who really


need a fast response. It should also ensure


there is better coordination between emergency services


on major incidents as well. Can you see the patient


from where you are? Can you confirm they


are awake, conscious Call centres will use


the trusty system which has served for over 15 years


but the new technology will be rolled out at


control centres by the end of next year, ensuring


Passengers travelling between South Wales and London tomorrow, remember


Paddington station will be closed for six days. Arriba trains is


warning of disruptions, including those trains between Cardiff and


Newport for part of the holiday, with services to Bridgend and the


valleys also restricted. Kate, no guessing what Swansea boss,


Bob Bradley, wants for Christmas. Bob Bradley has admitted his future


at the club could depend on the results of Swansea's


next two games. The Swans, who have only won two


matches under the American boss, play West Ham on Boxing Day


and Bournemouth on New Year's Eve. They're currently second from bottom


in the Premier League. Since his arrival, Bob Bradley has


never been under more scrutiny. Ten games in just two


wins, conceding 15 goals Even the American admits his job


could be hanging in the balance. The team has not been in his best


form and goes through a tough stretch. You could say it is a club


that has gone through tough periods. I knew coming in that was a


challenge. I'm just as motivated and determined about the challenge as


the day I got here. Swansea are currently 19th


in the Premier League table, On Boxing Day they take on West Ham,


currently in 13th and fresh off the back of two wins,


before taking on 10th place Some pundits say the Swans


are the present every other team But they're getting


slightly more respect He away they are, let's say not the


best, but we are playing at Swansea... They hit form at home.


But I am really expecting us now to continue.


Bob Bradley will have to wait until Boxing Day to see


For now, he's still feeling the Christmas spirit.


Rugby - and Wales wing George North says he wants to continue


playing for years to come, despite his latest head injury.


A review found the 24-year-old should not have played


on for Northampton after a knock to the head earlier this month.


The wing says he'd like to emulate Wales' record cap


Meanwhile, Sam Warburton is about to set his own record -


making his 100th appearance for the Cardiff Blues when they host


Newport Gwent Dragons in the Pro12 Boxing Day derby.


The 28-year-old will continue as captain.


Prop Gethin Jenkins is still out injured.


And organisers of the Welsh Grand National say they're confident


the race will go ahead on schedule after three of the last


This year's event is on Tuesday 27th December at Chepstow Racecourse


with more than 100 riders racing for a prize of ?150,000.


Hopefully the weather will be much better than today


Derek is here with the Christmas forecast.


Next Tuesday looks promising, fine and settled with light winds.


A different story today of course thanks to Storm Barbara.


The wind strong enough in places to cause some damage and bring


down trees like this one near Bangor in Gwynedd.


Storm Barbara is currently centred near Iceland with severe gales


Here in Wales the worst is now over but in the North West a yellow


wind warning remains in force until midnight.


A lot of dry weather but a few showers, especially


Feeling cold but too much wind for any frost.


But clouding over in the afternoon with some rain in the north


and northwest, especially on the mountains.


Top temperatures nine to 11 Celsius, feeling chilly in the brisk wind.


Tomorrow night Santa may have a bumpy ride


Some rain and drizzle too, especially on high ground.


The chart for Christmas Day shows another deep low near Iceland


and that has been named Conor by the Met Office.


The strongest winds to the north of Wales with warnings in force.


So Christmas Day mostly cloudy, very mild and windy.


Some dry weather as well with some rain spreading


If Hawarden in Flintshire reaches 15 Celsius, which is possible that


would be a new record for Christmas Day in Wales.


A few showers in the north and breezy.


Boxing Day night clear, cold and frosty and there's more dry


and settled weather to come next week thanks to high pressure


So better weather tomorrow if you're travelling.


No white Christmas, but some dry weather if you fancy a walk


We'll have updates for you throughout


From all of us on the team, thanks for watching.


And to play us out tonight, here's Tongwynlais Temperance Band.


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