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Exactly a year on since communities across North Wales


were devastated by Boxing Day floods, there are calls for


flood prevention works in the region to be completed.


On Boxing day last year, major roads were shut


and Talybont in Gwynedd was underwater for several hours.


A new flood defence system for the village


was opened in the Autumn, but work on an advanced drainage


system for part of the A55 is yet to be completed.


Boxing Day, 2015, and Talybont in Gwynedd was underwater.


The second bad flood in the village in less than four years.


And the second time Mrs Evans watched helplessly as floodwaters


About 8:15, I thought, you know, what is the noise?


And the noise, the force, out here was like the river had


A year later, and some residents have only just moved back.


But now, villagers are cautiously optimistic it


After the flooding in 2012, a flood defence plan was designed.


But money for the project wasn't announced until February this year.


And the work wasn't officially completed until October.


But the local councillor says the scheme has already helped


Following last year's flood, the scheme is now in place.


And, as it showed a few weeks ago, when it rained quite


heavily on the hills, it did actually divert a significant


But it wasn't just parts of Gwynedd underwater a year ago today.


Natural Resources Wales estimates 100 properties suffered


flooding in 40 communities, from Conwy to Beaumaris


on Anglesey, where the castle moat burst its banks.


The pumps in attendance had travelled from Newtown in Powys.


The appliance didn't get to the island because


There's been criticism that a ?22 million advanced drainage


system to prevent a repeat of this scene has yet to begin in earnest.


But the Government says the negotiations with landowners


For now, the residents are putting their faith in the work


that has been completed, and keeping an eye on the forecasts.


Prisoners caused a disturbance lasting 40 minutes at


The Ministry of Justice says no staff or inmates were injured


during the incident on one wing, and all prisoners were


Hundreds of shoppers started queing in the middle


of the night in preparation for the Boxing Day sales.


There'd been some suggestions that stores might not be


Sales starting earlier and online shopping


were cited as some of the reasons behind the anticipated decline.


Around 500 people waiting for the shops to open


But the Centre for Retail Research suggested spending across


Christmas as a whole has been below expectations.


The Boxing Day sales, however, could see an extra boost


The Boxing Day sales will be sort of seen by people going to buy


We don't buy fridges, freezers and new washing


Earlier this month, Bridgend MP Madeleine Moon chaired


a Parliamentary discussion about Boxing Day shopping


after an e-petition gained 140,000 signatures to keep them closed.


No decision was taken and the opinions of bargain hunters


in Cardiff on the matter today were mixed.


I do feel for the people who have to work on Boxing Day.


If they shut on Boxing Day, it wouldn't bother me.


It will be some time before we get a full picture


of Boxing Day sales figures, but many more shoppers are likely


to be emptying their wallets as the sales continue over


Tonight's sport, and in football Swansea City's 4-1 defeat at home


to West Ham left fans calling for the sacking of the


It was his seventh defeat in 11 matches.


There was frustration for Cardiff City, drawing 2-2,


Brentford scoring their equaliser in added time.


Newport County remain bottom of League Two after Portsmouth


And a late goal from Kai Edwards gave Wrexham their first win in


History has been made in the Welsh Premier League -


the New Saints have equalled the world record for the most


consecutive wins in all competitons by beating Cefn Druids 4-0.


They've now matched Ajax's record of 26 consecutive wins set


Rugby, and Cardiff Blues beat Newport Gwent Dragons


in the Pro-12 Boxing Day derby at the Arms Park.


Steven Shingler scored the opening try within two minutes.


Around 700 swimmers braved the icy waters in the annual


Now in its 46th year, the Pembrokeshire event has raised


Let's see what the weather has in store.


Clear skies this evening, leading to a sudden drop


in temperature with widespread frost overnight and some fog patches.


Tomorrow morning is fine and dry with light winds.


from all of us on the programme, good evening.


and longer spells of rain over northern isles. By the end of the


night, temperatures recovering once again after a chilly evening, three


to five Celsius. Tomorrow and for the next couple of days, we have


this area of high pressure which will really settle the weather down,


compared with


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