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The Former Wales and Manchester United captain Ryan Giggs and Wales'


football manager Chris Coleman are among the favourites for


The Premier League side sacked Bob Bradley last night after just


Despite making history when he was appointed in October,


as the first American to manage in the Premier League,


under Bob Bradley's tenure, the Swans have had a dire record.


They've won just two out of 11 games and conceded 29 goals.


After another humiliating defeat at West Ham here on Boxing Day,


fans were chanting for Bradley to be sacked with half the Premier League


Last night, these Swans did just that.


In a statement, chairman Huw Jenkins said, "With the club


going through such a tough time, we have to try and find the answers


Bradley himself believes the contention over


owners took over control of the club, angering


some supporters, didn't help his situation.


The way things were done left a bad taste in that regard.


I knew I was going to be caught between a rock


and a hard place but in life, you've got to be willing to take


At the Liberty Stadium fans' shop, there was approval for his sacking.


I think they've done the right thing.


You know, although he's a nice guy, I think he


He didn't know enough about football in this country, I don't think.


One early favourite to take over as Swansea manager


is Ryan Giggs, the former Wales and Manchester United captain,


after being interviewed for the job earlier in the season.


The question would be, then, whether Ryan Giggs wanted the job,


having already known that he was second choice


That said, chances of Premier League management are few and far between.


Other names in the frame including a number of out of work managers,


among them, Alan Pardew, who was recently sacked


by Crystal Palace, one of the Swans relegation rivals.


42-year-old Gary Rowett was Birmingham manager


until earlier this month but impressed many with the job he did


And Nigel Pearson, who successfully kept Leicester in the Premier League


two seasons ago, when they found themselves in similar circumstances


And then there's Wales manager Chris Coleman,


a local boy who used to play for the Swans.


His stock is high after leading Wales


Whoever takes over the Liberty Stadium will inherit a side


the worst defence in a Premier League and only one off


the bottom of the table on goal difference.


You've got to replace quality with quality and don't


So the next manager who comes in, a January when it's going to be


absolutely crucial to them to staying up.


Coaches Alan Curtis and Paul Williams will be


in temporary charge for the visit to Bournemouth on New Year's Eve.


And you can have your say about Swansea City with a special


Call Rob Phillips programme on BBC Radio Wales at 6.30pm.


A 47-year-old man is in a critical condition in hospital


after being stabbed in the early hours of yesterday morning.


The incident happened in Hafodyrynys near Pontypool.


Two men, aged 35 and 32, have been arrested on suspicion


Four people working in nail bars in Wales have been arrested


on suspicion of immigration offences as part of a UK-wide


Investigators targeted more than 280 nail bars.


The UK Government said it would identify and help potential


The ballot of Tata steelworkers to decide on whether to accept


the company's less generous pension scheme is expected to


It comes after a turbulent year for more than 6,000 staff employed


It was a chance that was to become familiar


public to back their campaign to support the industry.


Workers were faced with overwhelming thousands


redundancies as part of a survival plan to save Port Talbot.


It is sad to be losing when million pounds a


People thought that found that happened,


that hopefully, for the


people that still had jobs, it was going to be


a bit of a light at the


But unfortunately, it doesn't necessarily seem to work out quite


To make production profitable, Tata and the unions


demanded tariffs on Chinese steel and cuts to energy costs and


But Tata's board rejected the survival plan, and put


That was like sending a tsunami through the plant.


The one thing we've been told up until that point


was, it was either we were going to survive or we were going to end up


Nobody expected to be put up for sale.


The UK Government agreed to take in a stake of up to


25%, with any interested buyer and the Prime Minister visited Port


Seven potential buyers came forward, including


Liberty Steel and the management buyer, team Excalibur.


Things started to turn around as steel


prices rose and the EU put tariffs on some cheap imports.


The company and unions set out its new plan this month.


One billion pound investment in pod style but over ten years, if savings


can be made in the business and a commitment to keep the tube blast


furnaces for five years but workers missed votes to move from the final


furnaces for five years but workers must votes to move from the final


salary scheme to a much less generous when in return.


It sounds very positive and you start worrying a little bit more.


And then things get changed. People's opinions seem to change on


a day-to-day basis, so I don't feel any more secure now than I did back


in January. This has been a year of twists and turns for Tata's workers,


their families and the communities that surround the sites. And it may


very well compare new into the New Year. -- continue.


Let's take a look at the weather forecast now.


Watch out for Jack Frost tonight. Some places stayed cold and foggy


today. This picture was taken in a new town by Paul Wellens. It was


gorgeous and dour today. That clear sky


Tonight, another widespread frost with icy roads and pavements.


Fog patches will become more widespread as well.


The Met Office has issued a warning covering counties from Denbighshire


Lowest temperatures, -4 near the border.


Parts of the west cloudy and mild, 7C in Milford Haven.


Tomorrow morning, another frosty and icy start in places,


Away from the fog, some sunshine but cloud will spread


Top temperatures only 4C in Rhayader, up to 10C on Anglesey


Tomorrow night, plenty of cloud which means less fog and frost.


Spots of drizzle, otherwise dry and feeling milder


New Year's Eve on Saturday mostly cloudy and mild,


damp in places, too - otherwise dry.


A cold front will move south bringing a short spell of rain.


Behind it, clearer, colder air, some sunshine and one or two showers.


So some cold weather from the start of 2017.


We'll be back with another update at around 10.20pm, but until then,


from all of us on the programme, have a good evening.


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