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Rail passengers travelling across South Wales have faced


significant disruption throughout the day after planned


Network Rail is currently carrying out major re-signalling work.


There were cancellations between Cardiff and Newport,


with some valley lines also delayed or cancelled.


A ?300 million resignalling project fully underway.


But delays to the work today meant delays for passengers.


Some travelling to and from Cardiff Central waited


Got outside Cardiff and eventually the train was delayed by over


an hour and now we are just trying to get back by getting


a bus to Newport and then a train from there.


Because my wife is breast-feeding our newborn baby, obviously we have


to carefully plan when we are able to feed her.


My train was cancelled so we have had to make a phone call


We have to wait around in the cold now with the little one.


Bus services replaced most journeys to Newport.


Some valleys' lines were also delayed and cancelled.


With works planned until the 2nd of January, some disruption


to services was expected here today at Cardiff Central, but with that


work running behind, the disruption was worse than hoped.


Network Rail say they are getting the work back on track,


in time for the start of the first working week of the New Year.


We were never going to open the lines until we were 100%


confident that everything had been tested and was fully


We will catch up now within the next few days over


We've got a huge amount of complex work left to go,


but we are confident that on the first working day


of 2017, we will be open and ready for customers.


Great Western Railway say a points failure unrelated to the engineering


work contributed to delays between Swansea, Cardiff and Newport


by about 40 minutes, but with the resignalling work


continuing over the next few days, the advice for passengers


is to check their journey details before setting off.


A health board says a new emergency pharmacy service has prevented more


than 8,000 unnecessary visits to GPs and hospitals in North Wales.


Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board says the service,


which funds the emergency supply of prescription medication,


Police looking for a missing man from Monmouth say they're


Liam Stubbs has been missing for ten days.


The 46-year-old teaching assistant was last seen in the town's


Doctors and nurses at Glangwili Hospital in Carmarthen


could be bussed into work from a nearby supermarket car park


The car park is often full with patients and visitors


Hywel Dda Community Health Council says it's one option


being considered, but no firm decision has yet been made.


A man hoping to build an 80-foot bronze sculpture of a dragon


on the Welsh borders near Chirk could be given another five years


Wrexham Councillors will vote on the extension next week.


Businessman Simon Wingett was given planning permission


for the statue in 2011 and wants to raise ?2.5 million.


The funeral has taken place of a Welsh soldier who was captured


in France during World War Two, but saved from the firing squad


His remarkable story emerged when he brought a packet


of cigarettes given to him by Field Marshall Rommel along


Afterwards, Roy Wooldridge pursued his life's


work teaching maths, but


at 95, he shared his story on the Antiques Road Show,


revealing how he was captured while on a top-secret


I was taken to a French chateaux and shown into


a big room and standing there was Field Marshal Rommel and looking out


of the window was Field Marshal von Rundstedt.


They were two of the most powerful men in Germany.


It was Rommel he felt spared his life.


He said, is there anything that you require?


So I said, yes, I'd like a pint of beer.


I'd like a packet of cigarettes and I'd like a good meal,


And I was served in his mess and on the table was a stein


of beer and there was a packet of cigarettes.


His sons Ian and Peter say in later years he


He always regarded Rommel as a man of honour,


who fought a clean war and despite the fact that Hitler had


ordered that anybody captured without


nametags and all that, which our father was,


was to be shot, Rommel didn't agree with that and so, Dad


always reckoned it was Rommel who saved his life.


His collection was valued at around ?10,000, but he told


the Antiques Road Show it was not for sale.


It will now be donated to the Imperial War Museum.


Football, and Swansea City's caretaker boss Alan Curtis has said


the next manager should ideally be British and have experience


But it does now seem unlikely that either Ryan Giggs or Chris Coleman


will succeed American Bob Bradley who was sacked on Tuesday.


Curtis, who will be at the helm during Saturday's game


against Bournemouth, says he has no idea for how long


Whoever comes in has to be the right man.


I suppose ideally he would be British, knowing the Premier League,


but they have to be satisfied that he fills all the criteria for


We have had a real mixed today. Sunshine and frost. Fog and cloud


and a wide range of temperature. Tonight, most places are dry.


Freezing fog patches in the east. A lot of cloud around. Some frost


inland but milder on the coast and in the West. Tomorrow, fog patches


will slowly lift. A lot of cloud around with limited amounts of


sunshine. The odd spot of drizzle. Fairly mild, seven in Monmouth, 11


in Bangor. Into new years eve, mostly dry, sunshine in places. Just


the odd spot of rain. Breezy in the north. Then on New Year's Day, rain


will clear southwards, then it will try and brighten up and turning


colder with showers in the north. Change on the way for the start of


the New Year, turning quite cold with some sunshine and more frost. I


will be back tomorrow. We'll be back with the late


bulletin just after 11pm. From all of us on the programme,


hwyl fawr, goodbye.


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