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Two men have been charged with attempted murder


following a stabbing near Pontypool on Tuesday.


A 47-year-old man remains in a critical but stable


condition in hospital following the incident


will appear before Newport Crown Court at the end of January.


Disruption on the rail network has continued for a second day


Services between Cardiff and Maesteg have been affected


as well as between Cardiff and Birmingham,


Yesterday, passengers faced delays and cancellations


Gwent Police say the disappearance of a Newbridge man, presumed


murdered, remains a mystery four years after he went missing.


Kyle Vaughan's car was found on the side of a


A murder inquiry was launched but he's never been found.


Eight people have been arrested over the course of the inquiry


but all were released without charge.


It's a year since the Wylfa nuclear power station closed down


bringing to an end more than 40 years of electricity generation.


Its operators say the decommissioning process


is on track despite some problems with equipment.


After two more years, it's expected all the most


radioactive material will have been removed from the site.


On its way off site, another flask of radioactive


material, spent fuel cells leaving Wylfa for Sellafield in Cumbria.


Ashley White heads up what is called safety case at the plant.


Typically, we ship around five of these a week


during the de-fuelling period and have around


500 sent of site before we actually finish de-fuelling here at Wylfa.


Before shutdown, Wylfa is being run from its control room.


Now it is the de-fuelling operation rather than electricity generation


But it is out on the floor of the massive reactor room


that the real work is being done.


Special equipment used to remove spent fuel elements from the


They were allowed to cool for 100 days before de-fuelling.


And there have been some problem since.


For the shutdown of thing went according


to plan, and through the 100 day outage.


The reliability of the defuelling machinery through the sort of period


up to now has not been what we would have liked


but we're working our way through that.


You can see the dedication of the people on site.


A lot of work has been done in the machines getting them ready,


there is also a maintenance schedule to make sure everything is safe


on that machine so they are doing a lot of the checks on there before


we hand it over from maintenance teams to the operation teams.


It is estimated it will be another ten years before enough radioactive


material is removed to put Wylfa into what is called,


Another 100 years before the site can be cleared.


Over time the buildings here will reduce in size but it


will be a long time before Wylfa disappears


Newly released papers show that Margaret Thatcher questioned


whether more money should be given to thousands of people affected


by severe flooding along the North Wales coast in 1990.


In a raft of previously secret documents


published by the National Archives, the former prime minister asks


if the ?50,000 Welsh Office donation seemed low.


They became known as the Towyn floods as the seaside resort


was most badly affected by a major breach of its sea wall.


But large stretches of coast across North Wales were also hit.


5,000 people had to leave their homes and caravan parks


A fund was established to offer relief to the worst hit.


For the first time it's been revealed that Margaret Thatcher


questioned whether the ?50,000 dontation from the


The National Archives have released cabinet minutes which show she urged


the then Welsh Secretary to ask the Treasury for more.


I dare say that within the Cabinet, different people had different views


but of course we had the Mayor of Colwyn's fund which amounted


to nearly ?1 million to which ordinary people


Although public donations helped raise around ?1 million,


Wyn Roberts was among the victims who felt


There were nearly 2,000 homes flooded.


I mean, the camps got a lot of money because their places were all upset.


But they did nothing for the people living here, nothing at all.


This area has flooded several more times since 1990


although there are many defences in place.


People whose homes were devastated 27 years ago are


speculating what difference, if any, might have made by the


attempted intervention of the then Prime Minister.


Seperate government documents from 1989 made


available today, show another row about money.


It's emerged that the then Welsh Secretary Peter Walker


rejected plans for his department to fund the


S4C television channel rather than the Home Office, fearing it


would bring the station too far into the political domain.


Paul Clement is understood to be the leading candidate to become


Swansea City's new manager but Gary Rowett remains in contention.


Clement is currently assistant manager at Bayern Munich,


while Rowett was recently sacked by Birmingham City.


Ryan Giggs and Wales manager Chris Coleman were among


the early favourites but it's understood


Welsh Premier League champions The New Saints will break


a 44-year-old world record tonight if they beat Cefn Druids


They equalled the record set by the Dutch side Ajax in 1972,


with a 4-0 victory over Cefn Druids on Boxing Day.


And Cardiff City's match against Brighton in the Championship


Let's get the weather, Derek's got the forecast.


Fogg has been causing problems in parts of the UK over the past couple


of days. The worst of it has passed. It will have done so by the time we


get to New Year's Day because by then we will have a cold air stream


coming in from the Arctic. Today, it has been milder in Wales with


temperatures as high as 13 Celsius in Milford Haven. It has been grey


and misty in Tonypandy as you can see. So this evening and tonight,


Misty and murky in parts of the south. Dry overnight and we should


escape a frost, lowers temperatures for Celsius in parts of mid-and east


Wales. For tomorrow, a grey starting places. A lots of dry weather


tomorrow. The cloud should break up. It will be mild, 11 degrees in


Wrexham with a south-westerly breeze. If you are heading out to


celebrate New Year, take an umbrella, that is rain in the wake


-- on the way. On New Year's Day, the rain will clear and it will try


and biting. A cold start to the New Year, some sunshine.


I'll be back with our next bulletin at 10.50pm.


That's Wales Today, thank you for watching.


From all of us on the programme, good evening.


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