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Swansea City Football Club has tonight agreed a deal


with Bayern Munich assistant, Paul Clement, to become


He's set to be the club's third manager of the season after


It's understood he'll be at their game against


Paul Clement will be the third manager to take charge at the


Liberty Stadium just this season. Tonight the club say they have


agreed to an half year deal. This will be his first time at the helm


in the Premier League but he does come with some big names on his CV.


He is leaving Bayern Munich, you has won the cup with Real Madrid and a


Premier League title with Chelsea. He was in charge of Derby County


last season but was sacked after eight months. Supporters hope he is


the man who can return the Swans to their old style. We have lost only a


little bit in the last 18 months and what Paul does is he fit that


profile of the Brendan Rodgers type. The 44 euros was first interviewed


for the job at the liberty back in October along with former Manchester


United assistant Ryan Giggs who was this time the early favourite. Then


the club went American Bob Bradley. Paul Clement won't have much to do


to beat his record with seven defeat in 11 games and conceding 29 goals


and sacked after just 85 days. Swansea are currently bottom of the


Premier League, four points adrift of safety. Tomorrow they face


Crystal Palace and it will be a chance for Paul Clement to see


exactly what he has taken on and whether as some pundits say he will


have to be a medical worker to change the club's fortunes. --


miracle. An American woman who's alleged


to have travelled thousands of miles to commit a child sex offence


in North Wales has Christine Lacson Abad,


from North Carolina, is charged with arranging a child


sex offence, attempting to groom a 15-year-old in Wrexham


and two more sex offences. She's been remanded


in custody to appear Three men have been arrested


on suspicion of murder after a man with links to Swansea was found dead


on Christmas Eve. Mohammed Abdurezek had multiple stab


wounds, when he was found The annual rise in regulated rail


fares has been introduced today with many passengers across Wales


facing average It follows a period


of delays and disruption, But according to one


transport expert, passengers here are getting a better deal


because Arriva Trains Wales ticket prices have risen by less


than the UK average of 2.3%. The last passenger gets a better


deal because the Welsh Government has decided its subsidy to Arriva


trains will be 50% of total costs whereas in England 70% of the cost


of travel are paid for by the passenger.


Work starts this week on a ?135 million centre


of excellence for developing new industries at


It's claimed that for every million pounds spent,


It's among a number of investments aimed at growing new skilled


Here's our Economics Correspondent, Sarah Dickins.


James Hopkins makes the final touches to a newly built house going


onto the property market in Cardiff. This time last year James was an


apprentice at a building in Port Talbot. Work levels reduced and he


was anxious about his prospects and was made redundant. It was


horrendous. I was coming home from work, not knowing if I was going in


the next day because they were on about closing shop. After three


months and implied he was taken on by a construction firm and is now


starting a three-year degree course. His employers are paying. It is one


construction firm starting major projects in Wales this year and not


just houses. It has won the ?80 million contract to expand the


innovation Centre at Cardiff University with two new buildings.


The company is committed to using local workers and suppliers. The


idea of the innovation centres to develop you industries in Wales that


we can't yet imagine. The fourth Industrial Revolution has Billy Zane


's and represents a period that we are going through with it is going


to be a rapid move towards automation. We will have to design


new ways of doing things and design new products and manufacture more.


The new site in Cardiff is one project that it's hoped will bring a


better future to Wales. Initially there will be in prime and for


construction workers but it's also hoped that from this Brownfield


sites new high-value industries will emerge. With so much uncertainty in


economies around the world the challenge for Wales is to develop


new industries with new opportunities but as well as that it


is to have an environment that people want to work in and that can


mean good in the bash infrastructure, roads and good


housing. With a degree in his belt Jamie should be able to earn


above-average in Wales but at the moment one quarter of jobs you are


low-paid and its acknowledged that what Wales needs are better paid


opportunities and that is one big challenge for the year ahead.


Some football results for you and Cardiff City


eased their relegation worries with a 1-0 win over Championship


It means Cardiff climb to 19th in the table,


still three points clear of the bottom three.


Not such a good afternoon for Newport County.


Despite taking the lead they lost 2-1 at Wycombe and remain


Let's see what the weather has in store.


It's been a beautiful day. A lot of sunshine but cold out and about and


it will be a cold night. Widespread frost forming and the potential for


icy stretches. You will need to take care on untreated services. Cloud


will increase in parts of the North. Temperatures getting down to minus


one Celsius. Tomorrow high-pressure still in charge but this weather


front is sneaking in and that will bring quite a bit of cloud. Less


chance of seeing the blue skies that we saw today. First thing tomorrow,


cloud increasing from the north. A chilly start to the day. The best of


any bright as across the South and West. Cloudier in the North and


where we have the clout there is potential for some rain. Not feeling


as cold as today. Tomorrow night we will see more cloud around compared


with night. The cloud thickening to produce a little bit of drizzle. It


should be a frost free night. Temperatures now lower than for


Celsius. As we head into Wednesday this weather front will push


southwards and clear through and behind it it should become much


drier and even brighter. First thing on Wednesday morning we will see


more cloud around. A little bit of drizzle and becoming much drier by


the time we get into the afternoon. We'll be back with our next update


after the BBC news at 10:00pm. From all of us on the


programme, good evening.


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