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Our top stories: After one of the biggest railway engineering


upgrades in a generation, a warning that we need more


investment to meet passenger demand over the next decade.


First day back in work, not noticed any issues today. It was better


today. A little bit late but getting back and forth to work over


Christmas was difficult. Bird flu is confirmed in a domestic


flock in Carmarthenshire. Tonight, a surveillance zone


is in place to contain the outbreak. We're on Gower, once rock


solid Labour territory. Can the party regain once safe seats


from Tony Blair's era? The council thought to be the first


in the UK to have handed out more fines for litter


than for parking offences. And beavers haven't been seen


in our rivers for hundreds of years. A leading transport expert says


Cardiff's Central Station urgently needs to expand if it s to cope


with predicted demand which could see passenger numbers


rise to 23 million a year. Professor Stuart Cole's comments


come on the day that the station saw the official opening


of a new platform, but he says as the Welsh capital continues


to grow its transport infrastructure It was back to work for commuters


today after the festive break. The train services themselves were back


on track after engineering and signalling works which have caused


delays over the past week. First day back in work and I've not noticed


any issues today. Little do better today. A little bit late getting


back and forth to work over Christmas was difficult. For some


passengers the first journey of the New Year terminated at a brand-new


platform at Cardiff Central. This is the new platform eight designed to


ease congestion. But with commuter numbers set to rise by 6% a year or


next decade many are saying at least two new platforms are needed. With


huge commercial developments and the construction right on the doorstep


of this transport hub thousands will be applied in the shiny new offices


and many of those extra workers will want to travel by train. At present


there are 30 million passengers expected to go through the stage


this year. I Twenty20 three that will have risen to 23 million. That


rate of growth requires and it banding station. If it not expanded


we will get the kind of queueing with pad in the past outside Cardiff


Central station and will have overcrowding on platforms. With room


to expand a short this book -- supplied redevelopment of this


brewery site could provide new platform space. Network Rail accept


new platforms are needed and are working to get it thundered. We are


working through options and the brewery is one of those options. We


don't know numbers of platforms but we have options and we're working to


see with the Welsh Government and with our customers to understand


what the capacity will be in the future. For passengers more pressing


demands is the cost of tickets which rose this week by nearly 2% in


Wales. That was less than the drug Britain but still prompted a


demonstration. We have seen a steady increase in fares year after year


and the trains get more crowded. All the investment into the railways is


actually public money. The latest improvements in Cardiff will make


things easier for the 265,000 passengers that currently use this


station every week. But the expansion in infrastructure may


struggle to keep pace with the expansion in passenger numbers. The


UK Government says it is delivering the biggest rail modernisation


programme for more than a century. Bird flu has been found


in a domestic flock of chickens The chief veterinary officer


for Wales confirmed the H5N8 strain of Avian flu was discovered


in a back yard in Pontyberem It's the same strain found


in a wild duck in Llanelli Our reporter Teleri Glyn Jones joins


us now from Pontyberem. The Chief Veterinary Officer


announced today the strain of bird flu that is H5N8 has been found in a


flock of chickens and ducks kept in a backyard here in Pontyberem in


Carmarthenshire. The flock was killed today before confirmation


because there was a strong suspicion the birds were infected. Since then


a protection zone and a ten kilometres surveillance zone has


been set up around this area in order to stop the disease from


Reading. It is this team strange -- strain found in a while to and


Llanelli before Christmas and in turkeys on a farm in Lincolnshire


earlier in December. Shoppers will be concerned on hearing this. What


the advice following the discovery? The risk to public health from the


virus itself is very low and the food standard agency has made it


clear there is no risk to food safety. Poultry products and eggs


are safe. However the chief vet has stressed that the keepers must be


responsible and they should practice the very highest standards of


bio-security. Even when birds are housed there is still a risk of


infection and vision avoid any contact with wild birds. Everything


should be disinfected and moving poultry should be kept to a minimum.


Organisers of Festival Number 6 in Portmeirion will pay


Gwynedd Council ?8,000 in reimbursement costs.


The local authority helped out when the event's car park


Council staff worked at Porthmadog leisure centre for two nights


when 200 people took refuge because their cars were stranded.


Work will begin this month to build an ?800 million waste incinerator


The incinerator, on Deeside Industrial Park, will burn up


to 200,000 tonnes a year of black bag waste, and create enough


The Welsh Government has put half a million pounds towards giving


children from deprived communities good meals during


The primary-school clubs will provide breakfast and lunch,


as well as activities and lessons about eating healthily.


Five councils in Wales already run similar schemes.


Claims the Labour party is "too weak" to win a majority at the next


general election are "utter nonsense", according


Jo Stevens was responding to a report by the left-leaning


Fabian Society which said Labour has "no chance" of winning more


Well in the meantime, the incoming chair of Welsh Labour


has told BBC Wales the party won't make any headway


Here's our political reporter, Cemlyn Davies.


The Gower constituency was always a rock-solid Labour fortress. The


party held the Parliamentary seat for more than 100 years before the


Conservatives won it by just 27 votes two years ago. This is the


kind of area Labour will have to take back if it wants to win the


next general election. But today's report says the party has no chance


of securing a majority in the Commons and it should look instead


to govern with the help of other left of centre parties. As it's done


in the Welsh assembly. We've got a long way to go. I'm not saying they


will never get in power but not in the next ten years. The problem lies


with Jeremy Corbyn. I just don't think he's the right leader. We will


have to wait and see. No chance whatsoever. We are well behind in


the opinion polls. We have a lot of ground to make up. But the important


thing is to realise that it can be done. What we need to do is not be


defeatist. We need to recognise that if we have the right policies and


the right attitude and the right enthusiasm we can win the next


election. 20 years ago Labour knew all about winning seats. Here is the


then leader Tony Blair campaigning in Cardiff, fortnight before his


party swept to victory winning 34 seats in Wales. That figure fell to


25 out of 42 years ago. Before Labour's couldn't leader was


elected. That can Jeremy Corbyn turn things around? The incoming chair of


Welsh Labour told me this report is a fair reflection of the party at UK


level and he doesn't think Labour will make any headway and the Jeremy


Corbyn. Others of course will disagree. It's overly pessimistic.


First of all we've got about 33% of the electorate to go for love not


turned out to vote. That is part of Jeremy Clarkson appeal. Can Labour


win an election in the Jeremy Corbyn? Yes. The New Year has


brought familiar questions and doubts for Labour. Make's local


elections will provide another test of the party's hopes.


Wrexham Council is thought to be the first in the UK to have


collected more fines for littering than parking offences.


More than 3,000 fixed penalty tickets were issued in the past six


months as part of the council's zero tolerance approach to litter.


Despite claims from critics that enforcement officers


are over-zealous, the authority says the aim is to keep Wrexham tidy.


Cleaning up the streets or dirty tricks?


Opinion is divided in Wrexham about the way the council chooses


Since last April it's employed Kingdom Environmental Protection


to issue ?75 fixed penalty notices to anyone seen dropping litter.


Dog fouling and discarded cigarette butts are the most common reasons


for the fines but some say the council's zero tolerance


It's happened to me. I open the packet and it was windy and the wind


took it out of my hand and the officer saw it and hit me with a ?75


fine. It's good to keep the Tarantino and tidy but I have


watched them operating and they are hiding around corners waiting and


pouncing. 3,500 litter penalties have


been issued since April, raising three times as much


as parking fines. The council says the net income


from the fines is ?30,000 a year as not all are paid and the aim


is to keep the town tidy Litter is later whether it is dog


fouling or Bill receipts or cigarette litter or chewing gum.


It's all classed as litter under the act. If it is accidental we would


expect some lenience but officers have taken a zero tolerance approach


and I do believe the enforcement mechanisms we have in place is


working. The council is inviting tenders


for a two year extension Kevin Critchley runs Eagles Meadow


Shopping Centre in Wrexham. He says a gentler approach


to rubbish disposal has The suggestion on the guidelines and


the approach we take is to approach people and ask them will they pick


it up. Usually people say sorry I wasn't thinking and pick it up. We


also have done a lot of work where people have dropped litter and put


bins where the litter goes. Debate will continue over


whether the carrot or stick The council say there's never


an excuse to drop litter and facing Others believe that's just rubbish


and persistent offenders Still to come on tonight's programme


before 7.00pm: He's worked at some


of the biggest clubs in the world. Now, Paul Clement prepares


for the job of rescuing Swansea City And tributes to the man who founded


one of the country's They haven't been seen in our rivers


for hundreds of years but beavers could once again become


a common sight. Wildlife experts in Wales are hoping


to release ten beavers at an undisclosed location


in South Wales this year. In Scotland, beavers have been


successfully reintroduced and given From a distance this looks like


ordinary marshland but on closer inspection this enclosure is home to


a couple of beavers. It's a small project run in Machynlleth but we


could now be a step closer to seeing beavers in the wild here. Wildlife


trust Wales has applied to release ten beavers into the wild at an


undisclosed location somewhere in South Wales. It could happen as soon


as this year. We have a breeding pair we hope and they are getting on


really well. They are enclosed in now because beavers are not allowed


to live in Wales freed up until very soon hopefully. We are hoping our


kits might be part of the reintroduction programme. In


Scotland following a five-year trial the government has given the species


protected Asus meaning they are back the good. In Devon couple of pairs


established there is hard kits last year. Beavers were native to Wales.


We are getting European beavers and bringing them over and we have to


make sure they are held in captivity to make sure they are healthy and


not going to spread any disease and make sure they are healthy animals.


But not everyone is happy. Farmers and anglers have raised concerns


beavers damaged the landscape and fish migration routes. The original


science we were prevented with suggested they wouldn't build dams


and travel very far but we now know that is not the case. The evidence


in Scotland is they can do considerable damage. The species


were handed to extinction here in the 16th century but a licence for


their release in the wild could mark a reversal in fortunes after an


absence for centuries. Natural Resources Wales said it would have


to consider the pact on existing wildlife and land use before making


a final decision. It's 40 years since Wales's first,


and only, national Welsh language Radio Cymru went on air


on January 3rd 1977. While it has a loyal listenership,


a fall in its audience over recent years has led to calls for a second


Welsh language station to be created But it's also facing challenges


from digital platforms, and the changing habits


of its listeners. Our arts and media correspondent


Huw Thomas reports. Since 1977 Radio Cymru has given a


voice to Welsh speaking Wales on the wireless. Over four decades its


focus on Welsh, music, news and information has survived, changing


tastes and fashions. And it's launched the careers of broadcasters


like Betty Georgiou has been with the station since it started and now


thinks this should be a second Radio Cymru channel. We wanted to prove we


were as good a broadcasters as those working through the medium of


endless. We've only got one service and it's not good enough really. We


should have two channels without a doubt. The future is the focus for


Betsan Powys who as editor has overseen experiments with temporary


digital stations and brought in new presenters. It's in response to


falling audience members with the total of noon every week dropping to


just over 100,000. The challenge is can Radio Cymru change in the right


way and that the right times to ensure it still has an audience and


if it doesn't change then something is wrong. It should change but you


shouldn't underestimate the challenge of change at a time when


that core audience that has been so loyal to Radio Cymru for 40 years,


we should not forget them either. On a Radio Cymru has held its ground as


the only national Welsh language station and while some listeners


have trusted away the BBC has avoided introducing any radical


changes. But the language campaigners who first called for the


creation of Radio Cymru now want far greater choice and not all of it in


the hands of the BBC. The only Ansa is devolving broadcasting to Wales


because we know what we want and we know what we need and it's much more


than one radio station and on TV channel through the medium of Welsh.


Celebrations in the studios today and plenty to shout about for a


station that has inspired other minority language radio services in


the UK and further afield. But change in technology and in the


habits of listeners mean there are plenty of challenges ahead if Radio


Cymru is to thrive for another 40 years.


Football and the man tasked with reviving


the fortunes of Swansea City will watch his new side at Crystal


Paul Clement, the former Bayern Munich assistant manager,


has agreed a two-and-a-half year deal with the Swans who are bottom


The latter half of 2016 has been one to forget for Swansea City with just


three wins from 19 games. But New Year and a fresh start at the


Liberty Stadium as Paul Clement becomes the club's third head coach


this season. I could have stayed at Bayern Munich but I've chosen to


come into a challenging situation and it excites me to do it. That's


the attitude I want the players to have. It's a big task but it can be


done. The most important thing is to focus on some of the smaller details


regarding performances. Having enjoyed modest success as a


non-league player it's as a culture that Paul Clement's area has


blossomed. He was appointed assistant manager at Chelsea by


Carlo Ancelotti as they went on to win the Premier League. The pair


have also worked together at Paris St Germain and Real Madrid. They won


the Champions League there. This season they took over at Bayern


Munich. His sole job as a manager in his own right ended in


disappointment despite leading Derby County to play-off contention the


championship he was shown the door last fed here. Paul Clement was one


of the contenders for the top job there back in October when Bob


Bradley was appointed instead. He became the Premier League's first


American manager but Bradley fails to make an impact and Swansea City


remain rooted to the foot of the table, four points adrift of


relegation safety. But one former Swansea City player believes the new


head coach still has time to put things right. It's up to him now. He


has two identify what kind of way he wants to get in and the board and


the fans have got to get behind him. At the moment they are four points


away. A massive game tonight against Crystal Palace. If they win that


they are only one point away from getting out of trouble. No point


pushing the panic button yet. As fans gathered this morning ahead of


the journey for tonight's match many are hopeful that he is the man to


turn their season around. He is probably the one person who is


likely to take us back to the old way of playing. I am hopeful. What


we needed somebody give our boys confidence. We have got good players


but in any job if you lose your confidence it makes it harder.


Hopefully he will do something that Brendan Rodgers didn't bring us


glory. With the new head coach expected to be watching from the


stands at Selhurst Park tonight the players will be looking to impress


and the Swans faithful will be keeping everything crossed for an


important three points. Rugby and Wales' Taulupe Faletau


is a doubt for the start The number eight injured his knee


playing for Bath on Christmas Eve. He's expected to be out


for four to six weeks, meaning he could miss Wales'


Championship opener in Italy The founder of the race in Rhondda


Cynon Taff has died at the age of 91. Bernard Baldwin started the


event nearly 60 years ago as a tribute to a local athlete. It has


now grown to attract over 10,000 people and the support of some of


the biggest names in Welsh sport every New Year's Eve. The streets of


Mountain Ash every New Year's Eve. Spectators and runners in their


thousands, an event started as a tribute in 1958 by a local man,


Bernard Baldwin. One athlete from the 20th century paying tribute to


one from the 1700s. Known as Guto Dafydd brand,. That is not a wealth


of information about him but if the story at his graveside are to be


believed he ran 12 miles in just 53 minutes before collapsing and dying


just 37 years old. Running legend and inspiration here. Torches


carried from the church where he is buried each year to multinational


way the race starts. The founder of the event will be remembered today


as he passed away peacefully in hospital. The fact that Sony people


come along to support the event, this year the race was full two


months before the night. People from all over the world come to run and


it's something we should be proud of. He has put mountain ash on the


map. We get people from America, Australia, all over Europe every


year. Bernard Baldwin started a tradition here six decades ago to


honour someone inspirational. The event he founded may well stand as


the tribute to him in future as well. Let's see what the weather has


in store. Derek has the forecast. We ve seen a contrast


in the weather today. The best of the sunshine


in the south. So tonight, dry in the southeast


with clear spells. Elsewhere, much cloudier


with a little rain and drizzle. Temperatures staying above freezing


tonight with a slight frost Here's the picture for


8.00am in the morning. Damp in parts of mid


and north Wales. During the day spots


of light rain and drizzle Most places becoming fine and bright


in the afternoon with sunshine. The cloud clearing from


the far south before dusk. Top temperatures 4C


and 7C, with a north The odd spot of light


rain but otherwise dry. The sky clear and that means


a much colder night again. Temperatures falling as low as -5C


with a widespread hard frost. One or two freezing


fog patches as well. Temperatures rising


above freezing in the afternoon. 7C in Milford Haven


with a southeasterly breeze. So high pressure and settled


on Thursday but it won't Fronts will move in from


the Atlantic on Friday. A dry start in the southeast


but rain will spread The cloud lowering


and turning milder. So temperatures up and down


like a yo-yo over the next few days. Tomorrow night the coldest


night of the week. The headlines. Britain's top


diplomat to the European Union has resigned. Sir Ivan Rogers leaves his


job weeks before the government is due to begin formal Brexit talks. He


found himself at the centre of a political storm recently when he


told ministers that trade deal could take up to ten years. Leave


campaigners accuse him of being unduly pessimistic. And a leading


transport exports as Cardiff Central station urgently needs to expand if


it's to cope with the predicted rise in passengers. Professor Stuart Cole


says 23 million people a year will use the station by 2023 and two new


platforms are needed to meet demand. I'll have an update


for you here at 8.00pm and again after the


BBC news at 10.00pm. From all of us on the


programme, good evening.


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