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Welcome to Wales Today, our top stories:


The bird flu outbreak, the chief vet outlines further


restrictions for farmers and poultry owners.


I guess we should not be too is a prized given that we know wild birds


across Great Britain have become infected by this virus.


How will Wales work after Brexit?


paying to be in the single market but outside the EU.


Staying out of the EU has involved compromises for Norway, Carlin Jones


is here to find out whether it is an example Britain should follow.


Elderly people say they were left without toilets, or heating,


tonight the calls for a council to dump one of its


I did not have a toilet, I had to go to my friends to use the toilet.


than we're planting, the warning for the future


And Paul Clement watches Swansea's win against Crystal Palace,


hours after being confirmed as the new head coach.


Restrictions on keeping poultry in Wales have been extended


for another 7 weeks in an effort to stop avian flu from spreading.


It comes after chickens and ducks with bird flu were discovered


at a property in Carmarthenshire earlier this week,


the same strain found in a wild duck in Llanelli last month.


The H5-N8 infection was first found in wild birds,


and is mainly spread by direct contact between


The restrictions mean all poultry have to be kept indoors -


The all-Wales prevention zone will remain in place


Nice to meet you. The process is you have to clean off any gunk on your


Boots in clean water, and then if you could dip them into the


disinfectant that will get rid of any of the virus. Elaine is taking


bio-security very seriously, usually about 100 prize chickens roam free


here, but since the recent case of avian few -- avian flu she has kept


them in makeshift pens and volatiles and the greenhouse and they have to


stay here until the end of February at least. For me until your lifetime


poultry keeper it is devastating, really. It is on par with foot and


mouth. I have lived through two foot and mouth outbreaks in poultry as is


the same. These birds are irreplaceable. They are, a lot of


them, the result of two lifetimes of reading. I can go out and buy


another bunch of birds to replace them or had another bunch. They are


gone. The extension of restrictions on keeping poultry comes after a


case of avian flu was discovered, yesterday a domestic flock of


chickens and ducks have to be culled. A sequel on that protection


zone has been set up around the area as well as the chemical mutter


surveillance on which aims to stop the disease from spreading. The same


strain of bird flu was also discovered if Llanelli before


Christmas, at another turkey farm in Lincolnshire. Infected birds have


arrived in Great Britain, we know that from the findings in Wales


England and Scotland now, and we can control any of that. But what we can


do is everything possible to protect our own domestic flock and bringing


them indoors is the best way to do that. Ian Williams is a poultry farm


and can have up to 200,000 chickens in his sixth sense here. Cameras


were not allowed onto the farm but has to film from a distance as he is


taking every precaution possible to stop avian flu reaching the site. We


are only allowing essential visitors onto the site so we have to have a


few deliveries for the chickens and Solares after doing essential


deliveries like that are allowed on site but no other visitors. It is a


massive risk to me that my livelihood will be affected if I got


avian flu on this farm. Those who keep more than 50 birds are required


to sign up to a poultry register but tonight the Welsh government is


urging those with fewer birds to sign up, too. It is said they should


look out for any symptoms which includes birds not laying eggs or


eating or any swelling on the birds but they have reiterated there is no


risk to human health. This strain of avian flu which we call 85 and eight


has never been reported in a human, there have been no cases in humans


and that is supported by Public Health Wales evidence, however it is


very appealing, highly pathogenic to her birds. That is why it is very


important that we get on top of the disease but in terms of public


health this is of negligible risk. With news tonight that over 1


million ducks will be culled in France over the coming months Elaine


fears. A -- full-scale outbreak could come from across the Channel.


The advice is to disinfect and keep movement to a minimum if you come


into contact with wild birds. Norway isn't in the European Union -


but it has a trading The First Minister Carwyn Jones


has flown to Norway's capital Oslo tonight -


to understand how the EU Our reporter Daniel


Davies is in Oslo. He's been looking at


Norway's relationship Is this how our relationship with


the EU will be after Brexit? It's not a member of


the European Union. But trades freely with Europe


as a member of the single market. It has to pay financially


for that privilege - and must accept the right of EU


citizens to live and work here. It also must accept EU laws -


but has little say Norway's single market agreement


doesn't include fisheries - the country's biggest industry


after oil and gas. They've tried to protect it


from European competition, but it faces pressure,


from countries like Poland. And Carwyn Jones says the same


is true for Wales' economy. Those who want the softest


Brexit possible look Others might think Norway's


relationship with the EU is still too close for Brexit


Britain. Dan, what is the First Minister


hoping to wear? We are used to seeing him overseas


on trade missions trying to encourage foreign businesses to


invest in Wales, this time he said he is here to learn about Bobby's


relationship with the EU, he has meetings lined up with government


ministers, not the Prime Minister or Foreign Minister but junior


ministers to talk about Brexit over the next three days and you'll be


hearing about those compromises that Norway has made and he said that the


single market is vital not just to Norway but to Wales and we should be


making colonisers, two, including an immigration and if people have a job


then they should continue to have the right to work here after Brexit.


In Norway by and large people are happy with that situation but


whether they would be in Wales, that remains to be seen.


And Carwyn Jones has been giving his reaction to the resignation of


Britain's ambassador to the EU. Yes, Ivan Rogers, Carlin Jones said


he met with him last week and that he was completely neutral and that


your point diplomats to be told what you need to know, not what you want


to hear. This follows a row about why Ivan Rogers has had to leave his


job. But Carwyn Jones, I think his visit here though the underlying the


fact that it is more than six months after the referendum of use utility


options for the future and with negotiations due to start it is not


clear what the future holds. A former soldier from


Carmarthenshire has been sentenced after trying to travel to Syria


to fight against Robert Clark from Pembrey


was arrested at Heathrow He's been banned from leaving the UK


for a year, and sentenced to 50 hours of unpaid work for failing


to give officers his mobile phone pin number,


an offence under the Terrorism Act. A development company has pulled out


of Pembroke Dock marina Conygar Investment Company


PLC released its annual report on 4 January,


which looks at its accounts -- the scheme had planning for a


large scheme with cinema and restaurants, company cigarette in


the investment as the cost of building the marina was now too


high. A teacher from Llandudno -


who downloaded indecent images of children has been jailed


for eight months. Mark Haslock, who taught at Ysgol y


Grango near Wrexham, was also ordered to register


as a sex offender for Staff in the sterilisation and x-ray


departments at some hospitals in South Wales are due


to go on strike. The union Unison says the action


will affect non-emergency surgery at Morriston and Singleton


in Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Princess of Wales in Bridgend


where Caroline evans is tonight. It involves staff from the x ray


departments and from sterilisation and disinfection units,


these are the people who decontaminate


hospitals and equipment. They're taking action claiming


they are being paid less than people doing the same jobs elsewhere


in Wales and they are warning that strike action WILL seriously disrupt


non-emergency surgery. Unison says its been


putting their case since 2014 and the staff are angry


that they have not been listened to, some of them, they say,


are losing nearly ?2,000 pounds some of them, they say,


are losing nearly ?2,000 a year compared with colleagues


in other hospitals. They are keen to say that the board


does value all its staff and has been working with the union


to resolve this. They say a meeting is planned


for early next week to continue those discussions,


but in the meantime they want to reassure patients


that they will be working to ensure that any disruption


is kept to a minimum The earliest date posible for any


such strike action is January 18th. The brother of a murdered private


detective from Llanfrecha near Cwmbran has urged the prime


minister to continue with the second part


of the Leveson Inquiry Daniel Morgan's family believe


he was about to expose police corruption before he was killed 30


years ago, a judge-led panel of experts is currently


looking into his death. Alistair Morgan says a statutory


examination of the links between journalists,


police and private Because a panel does not have


statutory powers it can sip you know what this is, it can't order them to


give evidence or disclose papers. -- it can't subpoena witnesses. I


thought that lesson to would be available as a kind of backstop if


you like. Police watchdogs are investigating


how North Wales Police handled the inquiry into the rape and murder


of fifteen year old Janet Commins


from Flint in 1976. A man was jailed for twelve years


after admitting manslaughter. But in September last year


a different man was charged The search for a missing jogger


from Talgarth near Brecon has been Fifty one year old David Skeen


was last seen going for a run near his home at 9


o'clock yesterday morning. Mountain rescue teams have been


assisting emergency services There are called the night for


Caerphilly council to stop using the company refurbishing its social


housing as residents claim they have been left to live in chaos for


months. The contractor has been accused of residence -- by residents


for poor workmanship with something they have been accused


-- have been left without heating or a toilet. Meet the Tory Roberts and


her mother, who has breathing problems. She needs 24-hour oxygen


at a bungalow. -- Victoria Roberts. She moved out last year to avoid the


dust and destruction of fitting this kitchen. After five weeks and she


said she returned to camp and dust everywhere, electrical work she said


she was not told about, Johnson finished with parts missing. She


claims the freezer and blogs, all this food went to waste. It is the


contract is because the problem. The thing the company should continue


working for the Council? Yum are absolutely not, but that is how they


treat people, -- absolutely not. This is how they treat people. My


mother has been so stressed out throughout this process, and it is


not just my mother that they have treated like that. Neighbours have


similar stories. I had a flight this week, the drainage was not done


properly. Christina is 75 and visually impaired, she said she had


weeks of broken promises but when her kitchen and bathroom were


refurbished and work finally did start... Chaos. They did not have a


toilet, have to go to my friends to use the toilet,... Along with that


for? Over a week. The council uses a number of different contractors. I


went to the council which any statement told me you were concerned


about the complaints being made here and it in turn would make -- would


raise them with the contractor then she as a matter of urgency. It also


pointed out that with thousands of homes being refurbished that the


concerns you are not representative of the majority.


They park all over the place to walk up Pen y fan -


now the national trust wants to charge.


And the gritters are out in many parts of the country.


A sharp frost tonight with temperatures falling as low


The Welsh timber industry which implies more than 11,000 people is


at risk unless more trees are planted, that is according to one of


the UK's largest producers, Clifford Jones. Natural resources Wales


manager Forrest city are confident about the future of the industry.


This is a question as much about what our woodlands are for as it is


for how many trees have been planted. The vast swathes of conifer


forest put the not as wildlife habitats but as an industrial


resource, harvested now for everything from construction to


garden furniture. Clifford Jones yard is where much of this ends up.


This business produces the half-million fence posts every year.


The waste wood, they tell me there is no waste, that the sawdust gets


turned into woodchip for boilers. Here the employee 50 of the 11,000


Welsh timber industry workers. What is happening here is we take the


temper that is going through our line and what we do is be push it


through the machine round there. -- we take the timber. Richard is the


third generation of his family to run the company and he is concerned


that of material is diminishing at a time when demand is rising. Over the


years we have harvested more than we have replaced, and so because of


that it is declining and it is declining at a rapid rate and since


1970s we have not kept up the pace, the amount of stuff we have taken


away, and that is the big issue. To be sure, our woodlands is changing.


Conifer forests are being filled as they mature and large disease has


speeded up the process of cleaning. There has been a policy change, more


native leaves like Coke are being planted. Natural resources Wales to


cover the management of much of the woodland from the old Forestry


Commission. We were hit hard in Wales by the disease in large the


last couple of years and that has meant we have had to sell large


numbers of large trees and as a result of that we have been looking


to plan mixed forests rather than lying on single species which are


more resilient to disease. The Welsh government has plans to create more


woodland but up until now the response from landowners has been


reluctant. But post-Brexit we have an amazing opportunity to introduce


a new land use policy which will encourage landowners including


farmers to plant the right trees in the right place. But at Clifford


Jones they say the broadleaves being planted in this forest are not


suitable to be turned into for example fence posts. Natural


resources Wales say they are confident about the future of Welsh


timber, the industry is not so sure. It's one of Wales' natural wonders -


visited by hundreds of thousand of people every year -


but should you have to pay to park The National Trust think so,


and could charge motorists Just a smattering of the white stuff


on the slopes of Pen Y Fan today. for former Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey


player Jeff Smith. Expanding it would be brilliant


however I think the funding that could be done in a different way,


perhaps with donations. Personally if I came along I would donate every


time I climbed, but I think if you put four or ?5 on a charge and then


it does, it could potentially deter people from coming along.


There are plans to increase the number


They want to avoid this during heavy snow.


I agree that the car park should be enlarged but not sure we should be


charging people ?5 a head. That is what I'm concerned about.


National Trust rangers who work on the mountain say


363,000 people passed through this gate last year - and there are 15


5,000 visited the mountain on Bank Holiday Monday alone.


But is the potential parking cost too steep?


We hope that people are supportive of us and our aim is to ensure


access and realise that the funds raised would be going directly


towards the conservation efforts in the area.


for motorists to park sensibly - here,


The funeral has taken place of the former Welsh Rugby Captain


John Gwilliam who died aged ninety three.


His coffin was brought to the English Methodist Church


in Llanfairfechan topped with the first of his


John Gwilliam is the only man to captain Wales to two Grand Slams


and he also played in the 1953 Welsh win over the All Blacks.


Football and Paul Clement is said to have made a real contribution


to Swansea City's win against Crystal Palace last night -


despite only being confirmed as the new head coach a few


The Swans are now one point away from relegation safety -


After just three wins in 19 games with the new head coach watching


from the stands the pressure was on Swansea's players to perform last


night as they faced fellow strugglers Crystal Palace. That


pressure was eased before half-time as the ever reliable player 's free


kick was met with the death of that is, Alfie -- of remorse and headed


home. Palace press for an equaliser in their efforts were rewarded, this


sublime volley brought the home team level. A draw seemed a likely result


but in the final moments of the game in -- the winner was slotted home.


Despite confirming his appointment to Swansea's new head coach hours


before the game Paul Clement trolled the touchline in the final minutes


making his presence felt. Poking down, he made a real positive


contribution, we met in the first time this afternoon and he came into


the dressing room and told the players prior to the game and also


came down at half-time and then came the rate at the end, and he was


involved in the substitutions as well. It was a crucial three points


for the Swans move off the bottom of the table but remain in a relegation


battle one point away from safety. The reaction of the Swansea players


after the final whistle showed just how much this victory meant and


called -- a confidence builder. Just with the new boss ordered ahead of


the next games against Arsenal. Double Olympic Champion Jade Jones


will take part in Channel 4's 'The Jump' programme -


despite reservations The 23 year old is set to fight


at the Taekwondo World Championships in June -


but says she is aware of the risks involved in the programme,


and will take part. The Winter sports show has a history


of celebrity competitors being forced to pull out


of the competition due to injury. Now, its 25 years to the day


since this happened Mickey Thomas' free-kick for Wrexham


helping them to pull off one of the FA Cup's great upsets


against the then league The winner was scored


by Steve Watkin. Fast-forward a quarter of a century


and players and fans will be coming together at the Racecourse on Friday


for an event to remember The gritters are out in many parts


of the country tonight, Temperatures are dropping this


evening with a sharp frost tonight. A weak cold front has been


moving southwards today, didn't bring much if any rain


but behind it clearer, So after a cloudy morning, the sun


came out in Blaenau Ffestiniog, The sky becoming clear and that


means a widespread frost, Temperatures dipping as low


as minus 5 in places, less cold in Pembrokeshire,


especially on the coast So here's the picture


for 8 in the morning. one or two freezing fog patches


in Powys and Monmouthshire. Temperature in Tenby above freezing


with a breeze off the sea, The sunshine turning hazy


later in the afternoon Temperatures rising above freezing,


2 to 4C in Denbighshire, up to 7C in Pembrokeshire


with a southeasterly breeze The temperature in Treharris rising


to 2C with a light breeze, a high of 5C in Criccieth but below


freezing on the mountains. Tomorrow evening a slight frost


apart from in the west, overnight cloud will increase


everywhere lifting temperatures with some rain in the north and west


late in the night. So high pressure over us tomorrow


but it won't hang around, fronts will move in from


the Atlantic during Friday bringing grey with outbreaks


of rain and drizzle. A little snow for a time


on the mountains but turning milder with low cloud,


mist and fog patches. spots of light rain and drizzle


but some dry weather as well, so tonight the coldest


night of the week. Sunshine tomorrow but


make the most of it. Thank you. And the headlines again.


In Hayley e-mail to colleagues and Sir Ivan Rogers who quit as the UK


ambassador to the EU accused the government of muddled thinking of a


rental plans. But Leave campaigners argue


that those forthright views are precisely the reason Sir Ivan


could no longer be trusted. It has been announced that senior


diplomat Tim barrel will take over the role.


And farmers and poultry owners have been told tonight that restrictions


to stop the spread of bird flu have been extended for another 7 weeks.


It comes after chickens and ducks with the disease were discovered


and culled at a property in Carmarthenshire earlier this week


the same strain was found in a wild duck in Llanelli last


I'll have an update for you here at 8 o'clock and again


That's Wales Today, thank you for watching.


From all of us on the programme, good evening.


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