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First Minister Carwyn Jones - in Norway - says -


EU citizens should not face barriers if they come to work


Carwyn Jones wants the smoothest Brexit possible, but tonight


a warning from Norway's prime minister about how hard it


But the message tonight from the Prime Minister about just how


Passports please - should Wales be given


That's the call tonight from a group of MPs.


Do you want to chop the butter, darling?


Caroline Alan is a foster parent - so how do you give children


from troubled backgrounds a new start?


Through into this room, which is the examinations office...


Metal thieves cause thousands of pounds in damage to this school -


the staff hope CCTV footage will identify the suspects.


And Swansea City unveil their third manager of the season, but Paul


Clement says he is the man to keep them in the Premier League.


EU citizens shouldn't face barriers if they come


here to work after Brexit, so says the First Minister.


Carwyn Jones was speaking during a visit to Norway.


It isn't part of the European Union but accepts many of its laws


and its rules on immigration as a member of the single market.


From the Norwegian capital Oslo, our political correspondent Daniel


By coming here, Carwyn Jones is sending a signal that he wants


Brexit to be as smooth as possible. To stay in the single market Norway


must allow EU workers to come here freely, even though it's not an EU


member state. To keep our access to the single market, Carwyn Jones says


we should be prepared to do something similar. I know that many


people are not happy with the current system of freedom of


movement so that can't stay exactly how it is. I say people should have


freedom of movement to go to a job and if they have a job they should


be able to do that without any kind of barrier in their way. I think


that is a reasonable way of dealing with people's concerns. Norway does


well and we want to see how it's done.


He says he is here to learn. The First Minister visited a sixth form


college this morning and wants to learn from Norway's government to


find out whether a soft Brexit which keeps the UK in the single market is


possible. That while he is in Norway, the Norwegian Prime Minister


has been in Germany, where she have this warning. I fear a very hard


Brexit but I hopefully will find a better solution.


There has to be give and take to stay in the single market and out of


the EU. Norway has a high number of EU


migrants coming in, higher per capita migrants in Norway than in


the UK, in fact. But in Norway migration from the EU is seen as


positive. With some difficulties. Norwegians have voted against EU


membership in the past and this Norwegian Ph.D. Student based in


Cardiff University says there is no prospect of that changing.


It hasn't been part of the debate since 1994 and all parties have


agreed to leave the debate because the opinion polls always show people


are Eurosceptic so there is no point.


A red white and blue Brexit is what Theresa May once. Today Carwyn Jones


attacked her for not making clear what that means. Conservatives say


his visit to Oslo is grandstanding. What we need to be creating is the


British model because we are the fifth largest economy in the world,


we have a great trading relationship with entries across the globe and


Europe needs to trade with Britain. If the First Minister wishes to go


to Oslo and look at what Norway is doing, yes, what we need to be


crafting out here is a British relationship with Europe.


Carwyn Jones says we are in uncharted territory and no country


has left the EU before, and no other country, including Norway, provides


a ready-made blueprint to describe how things will work after Brexit.


Norway had to build its own relationship with Europe. The UK


will have to do the same when it formally starts the Brexit process


in March. Dan, Carwyn Jones is keen


that the Prime Minister listens to him during Brexit negotiations -


is this trip going to Well, you would have to say that the


Welsh government's record at getting what it wants in Westminster in


recent years has been patchy. Whether Theresa May will pay


attention to Carwyn Jones this time, who knows, she has a lots of other


people to listen to and not to mention differences of opinion


within her own party and government and of course the rest of Europe.


Today Carwyn Jones said she needs to make clear exactly what the UK


Government's position is and he says he is not spoiling for a fight but


in the next breath he says it isn't even clear to the government itself


what the policy is. Every step of the way he has to bear in mind- and


he is fully aware - that the majority of people in Wales voted to


leave, including many strongholds of his own Labour Party. It is fair


enough to commit to figure out what sort of Brexit he wants but getting


it is a different matter altogether. Jamie. Thank you.


While the First Minister has been visiting Norway


it's emerged that he blocked one of his ministers from


The economy secretary Ken Skates' request


for a trip scheduled this month was declined.


He'd been invited by a creative industries company to Los Angeles,


The Welsh Government said the timing was not appropriate.


Should Wales be given control over immigration?


That's the call tonight from a group of MPs who say


devolving some powers over the system, such as visas


and migration quotas, could help public confidence.


The UK Government says any changes would lead to complications.


Our political reporter Carl Roberts has the story.


Immigration is never far from the headlines.


Today's debate - who should set the rules for people wanting to


A report from a group of MPs and peers


says the Welsh Government should have a say and is calling on the UK


Government to seriously consider devolving a degree of control over


immigration policy powers to the nations and regions to help


It also wants an independent commission to explore


What the decision to leave the EU gives us


is the opportunity to design a new immigration system.


So, our report recommends an independent commission


to explore how a devolved, region-led system might give people


a greater sense of democratic control over immigration


Shaping immigration criteria to address national or regional


needs will instil greater confidence that the system works for your area


The report also suggests looking at the system in


place in Canada, were all ten provincial governments are allowed


to set specific requirements for immigrants and have some control


Some question whether this kind of system would work here in Wales.


In some ways it would make sense because education and housing


are already devolved issues but in other ways it may complicate


things because asylum and immigration are


obviously not devolved and asylum seekers are frequently rooted around


the UK on a no-choice basis so they would have to look


at that policy again if they want to solve these issues.


Others say immigration rules tailored to the needs of Wales


Wales' economic profile is different from


We have a larger dependency on manufacturing and


we're the only country in the UK that is a net


exporter of goods, so


having our own ability to issue work visas and work permits would give us


an increased advantage, I think, in terms of


boosting our economy and


The Welsh Government has welcomed the


report and says it would like to see the needs


of Wales represented in


any future UK Government immigration policy but the UK Government isn't


so keen and says having different immigration policies for different


parts of the UK would complicated the system.


A children's football coach who took ecstacy for the first time


died after falling into a river and drowning.


An inquest was told 21-year-old Jordan Miers was seen


confused and disorientated after leaving a work's Christmas


His body was recovered from the city's marina


A television channel specialising in extreme sports has been unveiled


as the latest business partner for the the proposed


Those behind the project are hoping to build the ?425 million


Extreme runs events and says its online sports channel


New plans include a skate park and stage for live music.


400 workers at the JCB factory in Wrexham will be involved


in supplying the United States army with a fleet of forklift trucks.


They'll be producing axles for 1,600 rough terrain vehicles.


It's one of the biggest single orders in JCB's history.


What's the best way to help children who have not been given


It's a question many have been asking


following research from Public Health Wales which revealed


how adverse childhood experiences can affect people for life,


both in terms of their mental well-being and


Our reporter Carys Notley has been to a centre in Newport which aims


Do you want to chop the better, darling, so it will melt in better?


Caroline has been fostering for seven years.


She currently has two children in her care alongside her


Some of the children she's cared for over


the years have had a difficult or traumatic past.


Some, she says, talk openly about this.


You work at the child's pace, some choose not to


and just sit there and enjoy what's happening.


Others will sit back and reflect and say, we never did this, we never


You know, they don't share what's gone on and


you have to respect their need for privacy in that regard.


Many children taken into care have a difficult family background.


Research released at the end of 2016 shows that those exposed to abuse,


domestic violence or other stressful situations


childhood but have a much greater chance of developing long-term


mental health problems as well as chronic diseases like type two


The charity Action for Children holds


sessions for foster carers to try to create


sessions for foster carers to try to create new positive


memories for the children they care for.


This centre in Newport tries to combat some of


the issues raised in the Public Health Wales report.


This is a safe place where children and foster


parents can come together where guidance and support is offered,


focused on play, nurture and recapturing the childhood that some


Here they practice exercises such as balance beams to help build


confidence and trust between care and foster child.


It's introducing children to experiences they missed out on.


Fundamentals that all children need for healthy


As we know that play is a fundamental part of that, feeling


safe so that children can relax is a fundamental part of that.


And these are the fundamentals that our


There's also been talk of the Welsh government


setting up so-called children's zones in areas with high numbers of


children believed to be having a difficult or traumatic childhood.


Places where organisations can collaborate to improve the lives of


I really want to see more detail on the children's zones.


The last I heard from government was that some local authorities have


come forward to say they are interested.


I don't know where they are or what the detail is.


We know that by reducing incidences of


domestic abuse, fewer parents are going into prison, reducing


homelessness and violence and we will make children's childhoods


happier and reduce long-term problems.


The Welsh Government says it's working


to prevent and reduce the impact of adverse experiences on children


but can't yet provide any details on the timescale for


Having settled in well with Caroline, the hope is more foster


children like these will get the help and support they need in


childhood to live as healthy, happy adults.


A school in Torfaen is appealing for help to catch two


suspected thieves it says have caused tens


of thousands of pounds of damage by removing lead from its roof.


Staff at West Monmouth School in Pontypool returned this week


to find computer equipment and GCSE artwork ruined.


Torfaen Council says it's the third incident


A seriously damp start of the New Year. You can see that the lead has


been taken from there. If you come around the corner you can see right


the way down where it would have been, and through the windows you


can see where it has been cut. The headteacher reckons the life


that has been taken was only worth around ?100 or so, the damage it has


caused is far more expensive. The water has come down with


significant damage to the ceiling. A lot of it has come down. We've got


dehumidifiers in here at the moment. Lots of laptops soaked through.


The school has released the CCTV footage, appearing to show the


suspects in the early hours of New Year's Eve. It is hoped they will


get in touch with Gwent Police. It is thought to in excess of


?40,000 and it could go up more when we do an analysis of the equipment.


This is the third instance of metal theft in three months from schools


in this area. Torfaen council says thousands of pounds worth of damage


has been caused so far, and hard work has also been ruined.


It has landed on all the GCSE work. When the pupils find out they will


be really disappointed. A lot of time and effort has gone into it


more than anything. A lot of this isn't covered by


insurance and a lot of this will have to be paid for by the public


purse. The school wants to catch those responsible for a massive


waste of public resources. The new man at Swansea City faces


the media for the first time - Paul Clement sets out his vision


for the struggling And one of our rooms is missing -


the mystery of Gwydir Castle's disappearing parlour,


and an American newspaper tycoon. A housing development


in Pembrokeshire, which claims to be Wales' first solar village,


has been officially opened. The six eco-homes have


been built near Cardigan and they'll be used to house people


on the council's waiting list. When it comes to houses, it was all


meant to be about location, location and location. Set in idyllic


location in temperature, the six timber homes face south to harness


energy from the south and use a fraction of the energy of a


traditional house. The average two-bedroom house uses this much gas


and electricity every year, costing anything up to ?1500 per household.


This house uses much less. It only uses electricity and accuses 4000


kilowatt hours. It generates thousands per year, meaning the


bills are roughly around ?200 and any electricity that is left over is


sold to the national grid. It has taken more than four years to


finish. Financing hasn't been easy, many mortgage lenders still prefer


bricks and mortar. Now they are to get out four homes to those on the


waiting lists. The authority wants to deal with the housing shortage


with homes like this and the Environment Secretary says she is


keen. I don't see why we can't replicate


this. We are dedicated to building 20,000 more affordable homes and why


not houses like this? The houses can be built quickly,


like piecing together a giant jigsaw. The component walls are


built just a mile of the road. This man is now employed full-time.


We made this building in four or five days and we can find it within


a week, watertight within a week. You don't really see that often.


That is how it's different. The scheme needed ?2 million of private


investment and the idea is still seen as a prototype. Could these


type of houses be commonplace in future?


You don't have to wait until tomorrow to generate more energy


than they use, we can do it now so we should just do it. We should


start building houses all over the place using this technology.


It has been a Labour of love for the people behind these buildings and


the first tenants are expected to move in within the next few weeks.


A police officer in Wrexham has been recognised for her outstanding work


with the deaf community across North Wales.


Sergeant Laura Salisbury-Jones has grown up with an older brother


She's received the Force's award for Diversity Champion for her work


and for having completed four British sign language


Wrexham in itself has got a big deaf community,


and just from seeing the problems my brother


faces, really, if they want to report a crime or


or speak to an officer it's so difficult for them to do that.


Swansea City's new manager has faced the media for the first time,


setting out his vision for the struggling


Claire Summers is at the Liberty Stadium for us tonight.


Swansea City's new man in charge, their third boss of the season


Paul Clement has agreed a two-and-a-half-year deal


The 44-year-old said today his priority is to bring


Halfway through their season, the Swans have 18 Premier League


games to play with 54 more points available, the question


is he the man to keep them in the Premier League?


Is this the man to transform the city's fortunes around? 44-year-old


Paul Clement facing the media for the first time today, clear to spell


out why he has come to the Liberty Stadium. I'm excited by the


challenge. I could've stayed at Bayern Munich and had a great chance


to win the league there and advance into the further stages of the


Champions League and it would have been great but I've done that for


the last six or seven years and I want another challenge. I can feel


excited already, I feel good about it.


Having enjoyed modest success of a non-league player, his coaching CV


boasts much experience in the right-hand man to Carlo Ancelotti.


Derby County sacked him after eight months, despite them being fifth in


the championship table. It is his connection with the Italian coach


that has seen him work at some of the biggest clubs. The pair met at


Chelsea and have worked at Real Madrid, where they managed stars


like Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. They moved on to Bayern


Munich but Swansea city have come calling and he feels the time is


right. The supporters trust have welcomed the appointment, please to


have been consulted this time around.


Very pleasing from our point of view, and the major shareholders


have kept us up to date and will be consulted us on the various


candidates and the ultimate equipment that has taken place.


Paul Clement says he is still in the process of finalising his staff that


there won't be a place on his first-team coaching setup for Swans


legend Alan Curtis. He told me the 62-year-old who has been caretaker


manager three times were still have a role at the club and is meeting


the chairman tomorrow. We have had a slight readjustment in


what we're doing in Germany. We would like Alan to stay at the club.


Some fans thought he had left and that isn't the case. -- doing


internally. A lot of the decision will be down to him.


The task he faces is a difficult one. He says he has had assurances


from the bosses there will be money in the January transfer window. His


challenge is to keep Swansea city a shining light Indian Premier League.


Swansea have been accused of lacking character this season


but they showed plenty of fight on their win over Crystal Palace.


Paul Clement watched that game from the sidelines -


he takes full charge away to Hull this weekend, in the third


round of the FA Cup. Jamie.


Could someone in the United States hold the key to an 80-year Welsh


Unique oak panelling from Gwydir Castle near Llanrwst


was sold to the flamboyant American newspaper magnate


William Randolph Hearst - and hasn't been seen


Now the castle's current owners are turning detective


to try to find it in the hope it can be brought home.


Gwydir is more house than castle, just across the River Conwy.


It was built for the Wynne's, a leading Welsh family,


This was really one of the principal entrances into


the main house, into the solar towers.


The solar tower dates to around 1500.


For Judy Corbett and her husband, it has been a 23 year


A ruin brought back to life, but there are bits missing.


Describe to me what this would have looked like say 500 years ago.


Well, the walls would have been lined with


this amazing oak panelling and here in front of this rather, as it is,


magnificent fireplace as it is now, there was a remarkable late 16th


century overmantle, a fireplace, here.


And now just this photograph remains.


It is from the catalogue when the contents of the castle were


The buyer, William Randolph Hearst, the flamboyant


American newspaper magnate who inspired the film Citizen Kane.


Just like Kane he pursued power and wealth.


He had the panelling and fireplace shipped back to New York


for his own apartment but it disappeared in 1939.


The current owners of Gwydir Castle have turned


It was very valuable so it wouldn't have been


It was taken out of the apartment and now it is just


that that we lose track of so we are spending our time


in record offices and online, constantly searching for


And the couple have formed the interior of this room. They track


this down to New York's met Museum, still in crates. They bought it back


and brought it home. Over 23 years, Judy and her husband have turned


from house restorers into house detectives. They say they are really


passionate about finding the interior of this room. The question


of course is what happens if it turns up? And what happens if the


people who have it once an awful lot of money for it? They say they will


find a way and they say that restoring this room to the way it


was intended would be worth it. I could do with a face-lift. This is


the lowest temperature recorded so far in Wales this year. Parts of the


coast of freezing. This cracking photograph was taken today. It


hasn't been sunny everywhere. This shot shows plenty of cloud in


Pembrokeshire. This evening cloudy in the south-west.


Elsewhere clear with a widespread frost.


That lift temperatures with the odd spot of rain on Anglesey.


So here's the picture for 8 in the morning.


Not as cold as today but chilly and fairly cloudy.


Most places dry for a while but with spots of rain in the north and west.


During the day outbreaks of rain will spread


Some heavy rain in the afternoon with low cloud,


Milder later in the day with a south to southwesterly breeze.


In Monmouthshire tomorrow a dry and chilly morning.


A little rain in the afternoon with a high of 6C in Chepstow.


In Conwy, dry for a while but rain on the way.


Tomorrow night the rain will ease off and clear.


So turning drier with low cloud, mist and fog patches.


Saturday mist and fog will slowly lift.


Light rain or drizzle in places otherwise dry.


And some places will brighten-up with a little sunshine.


Temperatures on the mild side with light winds.


The odd spot of light rain or drizzle.


Equally a lot of dry weather with a few sunny intervals.


So after today's blue sky, sunshine and frost.


It's all change tomorrow with some rain on the way.


More on tonight's stories on our website.


I'll have an update for you here at 8 o'clock and again


That's Wales Today - thank you for watching,


from all of us on programme, good evening.


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