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will be more unsettled for the week ahead. -- quite


The call made from GPs across the country who are


For some who can't get to see the doctor they are turning up


With lots of symptoms there is and lot we can do. We are prohibiting


those who need to see a GP. at hospitals, putting more pressure


on accident and Paul Pugh was left brain damaged


after an unprovoked attack. Tonight he renews his plea


for others to understand the consequences of alcohol fuelled


violence. This singing might be loud


and clear, but the law giving people the right to access services


in Welsh is too complicated. 20 years after women were permitted


to become priests, how much has In one particular church they lock


the doors on me. And in the sports Swansea prepare for the first game


with Paul Clement in charge. They face Hull in the FA Cup.


Stay away from your local doctor's surgery if you have a cough or cold.


With cases at a seasonal high they're urging patients to make


appointments only if their symptoms become more serious.


And all seven of Wales' health boards have told us that


with hospitals feeling the knock on effect, people need to make sure


Our reporter Ben Price is at Morriston Hospital


For some who can't get to see the doctor they are turning up in


hospitals instead putting extra pressure on accident and emergency


departments. Like many GP practices this one in


Swansea has seen its waiting room while most days in recent weeks.


It's a similar picture across Wales as patients are reported to be


turning up with common cold symptoms or a calf. Something GPs say they


can do nothing about. Patients seem to think that


antibiotics will clear all these infections.


We have to be aware they won't. They do nothing for viral infections.


With the demand from patients it is more difficult to access


appointments for patients. It means they have more difficulty getting


through on the phones. It means they're going to have to


wait to be seen. Busy surgeries mean busy hospitals


with patients choosing to visit A if they can't see a doctor. All


seven health boards in Wales are warning against this tonight due to


an already high demand on staff. As is the Welsh Ambulance Service


which says the number of 999 calls it receives from nonemergencies is


also on the rise as a result. It's a busy time of year. Christmas


and New Year and be winter pressure. We are asking people to choose


wisely and only call 999 if it is a dire emergency.


Life-threatening emergencies. The NHS is advising patients to look


beyond the hospital local surgery and find an alternative in an effort


to alleviate the growing pressure on health service.


And pharmacies like this one in Cardiff are very much at the front


line. The pharmacist can assess patients and decide what type they


need freeing up GPs to look more complex cases.


There is capacity for community pharmacies to take on new services.


Especially in winter months. We have the flu vaccination programme which


pharmacies are providing. It's well received by the public, and then we


have the choose pharmacy scheme rolled out Wales. Pharmacies can


cope with the demand. I have a cough. No point going to GP. Take up


time of Doctor. Time is very important, I think.


I think it's a very personal thing. It depends how you react to it.


If you think you can do with them on their own. Some people feel the need


to go, I, personally, don't. In Swansea a new 111 phone line is


being trialled for people to discuss symptoms with medical professionals.


If you look at this service which reflects the broader pressures on


general practice in daytime and in other periods, for example the


Christmas and New Year period. We've seen call volumes for a


population of about half a million patients resulting in 900 to 1000


calls per day. With winter pressures on the health


service showing no signs of easing the message remains for everyone to


consider their options before seeing the doctor. The Chief Medical


Officer for Wales wants to reiterate that very same message tonight. For


people who become sick with a cold or coughed to choose the health


service wisely. Its is hoped as we continue to move through the winter


months that the pressure will start to ease on hospital staff like those


here at Morriston Hospital lands around the country. Jamie. At the


other end of the country North Wales has bored


North Wales Health Board has admitted breaching its duty of care


to a patient with paranoid schizophrenia who was found dead


36-year-old, Iwan Lewis, from Penygroes, was being treated


at the Hergest Unit at Ysbyty Gwynedd.


His mother, Elizabeth, accused Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board


of not listening to her concerns about his condition.


An inquest into his death in Caernarfon recorded


A woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a man's


North Wales Police were called to an address in the Bryn Heulog


area last night, the body of 35-year-old David James Kingsbury


a 38 old woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder. The police are


appealing for anyone who may have heard the altercation


to get in touch. The community is shocked and devastated by the event.


Old Colwyn is a quiet and peaceful place. For something like this to


happen is very shocking for everybody.


A Plaid Cymru AM has claimed he is a victim of "political


harassment" after his constituency office was broken into.


The incident at Neil McEvoy's office took place on Thursday morning.


The AM said no valuables were taken but files were "gone through".


He said metal bars were cut to access the property,


South Wales Police said investigations were on going.


A petition signed by 14,000 people to keep a 19-year-old


from Afghanistan in the UK has been presented to the Home Office


Bashir Nadir has been living in Cardiff for the past nine years,


Now he's reached adulthood he could face deportation.


A man who was left with severe brain injuries following an unprovoked


violent attack ten years ago says his rehabilitation has


Paul Pugh spent two months in a coma after being set upon outside a pub


He now works with the police to warn of the dangers


Tonight, an event's being held to mark his achievements


He's been speaking to our reporter David Grundy.


The 1999: made minutes after the attack on Paul Pugh, the captain of


Mammon United football club had been out drinking with his friends. It's


outside this pleb ten years ago that Paul Pugh was the victim of a


sustained and and roped attack. -- this pub. The attack left him in a


coma for two months and in hospital for over a year. A night out that


changed his life for ever. Today for the first time in years he's been


back inside the pub. How does it feel coming back here? It feels, to


be honest, it feels great. The attack has left Paul needing


regular therapy. He still has difficulty using one side of his


body and his speech is impaired. He visits schools and clubs to tell his


story urging others to think twice about excessive drinking.


I do what they can to prevent it happening. This is my life now. I've


moved on from what happened. I've made many things I can't do. But


this I can do. This is a powerful message to the


world. 'S mother says the change the family


's life. I wouldn't like anybody to go through what we've gone through.


It's been a living hell for ages. But Paul has moved on. More than


half of adults in Wales have suffered some form of far more


negative experience as a result of someone else being under the


influence of alcohol. Recent research also found almost one in


five adults felt physically threatened by someone who'd been


drinking, one in ten had their property damaged by a drinker, and


one in 20 suffered physical violence at the hands of someone under the


influence of alcohol. Leading experts on alcohol-related


violence say the number of cases he's seen has fallen significantly


in the last decade. It remains a serious problem. We've


seen fewer injuries now than we were 20 years ago. The types are the


same. Facial cuts are less common now than they used to be. Jaw


fractures, cheekbone fractures, broken noses, they are less frequent


than they used to be. We still see them, and everyone is one too many.


Tonight an event to mark the anniversary of plural's attack has


been organised by the football club where he was once captain. --


plural's attack. He will tell his story again as he tries to prevent


what happened to him happening to others.


A law which gives rights for people to access services in Welsh is too


complicated and will be reviewed - according to the Welsh Government.


Welsh language standards came into force last year.


Well, since last year, 80 public bodies have had to offer


They include councils, the Welsh government, national parks.


They each have to comply with between 100 and 200 so-called


"standards" specific to their organisation,


it means if you phone your council, write a letter, or want to pay your


council tax online, you should be able to do that in Welsh,


and expect a response in the same language But some councils have


raised concerns about the cost, as well as the complexity of having


to offer things like translation for staff and public meetings.


It's quiet in Llandeilo are practising for a big concert at the


end of the month. For the singers in the choir conversing and socialising


in Welsh is totally natural, but that hasn't always been the case.


Last year new standards were launched setting out what councils,


the Welsh government and national parks have to do to provide a


bilingual service. Legislation is important to get that


provision in the first place, and then it's about positive


campaigning, encouragement and promotion to make sure everybody


buys into that. Then its goodwill towards the Welsh language by


everybody whether this be good or not.


There are concerns that the rules are too expensive and complicated.


Alun Davies the Welsh language minister says changes are needed but


isn't sure what needs to change. It's always going to be a question


of what is reasonable, Freya and deliverable. I think it's right and


proper we have this conversation and that we have this debate. I welcome


a conversation about how we best deliver that and how we best


implement these policies in different places.


Any organisation found not to be meeting the required standards could


face a fine of up to ?5,000. Tonight one local governments also said some


councils might consider paying the fine rather than adopt the new


rules. The purpose of the standard is to try to halt the Welsh decline


of Welsh its heartlands. What would you like to having lunch?


Signposting. More of it in Welsh. I speak Welsh, but there are people


who have very little English in area.


I don't think there's enough in certain areas. Some areas there is


more than others. We could promoted more. If people


choose to have their services or speak in Welsh, they've got the


opportunity to. I don't think they should force it on people but it's


there. Back in Llandeilo the choir


practices in full swing with changes to the current law is being


considered over the next few weeks the aim is to have a new system


where all public bodies will be singing from the same hymn sheet


when it comes to Welsh language services. At the moment, of course,


only public bodies have to offer bilingual services, but there are


plans to include private utility companies too, so water, gas,


electricity and train services. Despite the consensus that the


system needs to change no one is currently offering an alternative.


All eyes are on the Welsh government will be reviewing the system in


coming weeks. Much more to come before 7pm:


Swansea's new man puts his new team through their paces,


we preview the weekend's FA Cup clashes and the young Welsh archers


on target for the 2020 It's 20 years since women


were allowed to become priests Tomorrow's services will be


held at every cathedral Caroline Evans has been back to meet


one of the women among those first ordained,


and a man, who still can't fully It was an historic moment. The


decision to allow women to become vicars, carried out the governing


body in Lampeter by just one vote. Jenny Wigley was one of those women


who was central to the campaign for women's ordination. I interviewed


him many times in the run-up to the vote. So I wondered, what does she


think looking back? I've not been this emotional since my little boys


were born. I think I look pretty please, don't die.


It had been hard work. Despite the elation the woman went to know


illusion about what lay ahead. They saw themselves as pioneers.


I went to cover where there was no priest in one church and they'd


locked the doors on me. Nobody told the organist. So she had a key to


getting. So there was myself and the organist and two or three elderly


ladies will stop there were those daft things that happened.


That has all gone. If you walk in a particular direction and find


yourself facing a pillar. They nurtured good humour and waited for


the idea of women priests to become normal. That, says Jenny Wigley,


fostered real change. Lots of things have changed because


there are just ways of working that are easier for women. We do work


collaboratively. We don't fret about hierarchy in that way. We aren't in


the game of alpha male. That's not to say women don't have ambitions


for themselves and for the church. But that kind of cooperative way of


working is natural to lots of women. And I think that is something that


has made a difference of a church, and will continue.


So what of those on the other side of the divide, Ben Andrews was


training to be a priest when women were first ordained. 20 years on his


removal to not review remains the same.


I still cannot accept the sacramental ministry of a woman


priest or a woman bishop. But that hasn't stopped a working


relationship with people. I've worked with women colleagues. We've


worked together and there's been an element of understanding, trust and


mutual respect. Now with the appointment of Wales's


first woman bishop do this month he is among those who want to follow


what the church of England has done, appointing alternative bishop for


those who cannot accept women in the role.


I don't want to spend the next 25 years just surviving. I want to be a


fully part of the Church in Wales as they possibly can. But I hope and


pray the Church in Wales, debenture bishops, will see that there needs


to be proper and two provisions so that we can all live and work


together. He won't be attending the


celebration service tomorrow, but says there is a real will now on


both sides to work together. Swansea University researchers say


an iceberg a quarter of the size of Wales is poised to break


away from Antarctica. The scientists say


the a long-running rift in the ice shelf grew suddenly last month,


and now just 20 kilometres of ice is keeping the 5,000 square


kilometre piece from floating away. The researchers say its loss


will leave the whole shelf A documentary celebrating the work


of a world-famous Welsh photographer has won a prestigious award


in the United States. In 1966 what was happening in


Vietnam had to be interesting. I decided I would be the one to find


out what was really going on. Rhuddlan-born Philip Jones


Griffiths, who died in 2008, was best known for his graphic


and poignant coverage The S4C film, which pays tribute


to his life and work, has been recognised


by the Hollywood International Independent Documentary


Awards in Los Angeles. Tonight's sport now, and a big


weekend of FA Cup football ahead. Yes, the new Head Coach


at Swansea City will take charge of the side for the first time


tomorrow against Hull Paul Clement says he will have money


to buy new players this month, while Cardiff City, who entertain


Fulham in the cup on Sunday, have already been busy


in the transfer market. The hard work starts now, Paul


Clement at training for the first time, his players preparing to for


Hull. They have also drafted a new manager this week. With relegation


challenges ahead Clement could be forgiven for having other priorities


than a prolonged cup run. It's an opportunity to look at a couple of


players. We want to win the game and improve performances his main task


this month is to improve defence. It's the worst in the Premier League


this season. 35 goals conceded already. But Clement warned they


would be a bus load of new players arriving. They won't be a lot of


changes, it's dangerous to do that, but it's important to get decisions


right. We are talking about bigger, could be big transfers, high


salaries, so you want to get those things right and not waste money.


The most important thing is that you're bring in better than what you


think you've already got. Cardiff City have made their first signing,


Greg Halford has arrived from Rotherham whilst this centre forward


has returned to the Netherlands seven months after joining. Cardiff


know how to make it all away to Wembley, they reached the final just


nine years ago. Narrowly losing one nil against Portsmouth. This


season's campaign starts against Fulham who are mid-table in the


championship. It gives me a chance to look at one or two lads who


haven't had opportunity. Whilst not, I know you get accused as manager of


not taking this thing seriously, I do love the FA. I've got a semifinal


once it was a great occasion. The FA Cup third round is one of the


highlights of the football calendar. For to Welsh chance to put the


trouble to one side. For the weekend ended East.


In league two Newport County are away to Stevenage and Wrexham's


players and fans will attend a celebratory dinner this evening


to mark the 25th anniversary of the side beating the then league


Mickey Thomas' free kick for Wrexham helped pull off the 2-1 victory.


He's expected to attend the celebrations this evening along


with around seven others from the 1992 team.


Rugby and two Welsh regions are in action tonight.


The Dragons entertain Trevisio, and the Scarlets host


You can watch the game on BBC 2 Wales - Scrum V live starts at 7:30.


The Ospreys face reigning champions Connacht tomorrow


It's emerged today, Wales fly-half Rhys Priestland


has extended his stay with English Premiership club Bath,


The future of Welsh archery is looking rosy.


Ryan Pinder from Newtown and Thea Rogers from Cwmbran


have a combined age of 31, and are on target


They are both competing in the national indoor


Championships this weekend, and both have big dreams of getting


Meet Wales's sharpest sugars with the bow and a narrow. My name is


Ryan, I'm 17 and I've been shooting for six years. My name is the year,


I'm 14 and I've been doing archery for a brightly and years. Ryan


started when his dad and brother showed an interest. He is the


highest ranked junior in Britain and its 15th in the seniors. He says


there's no feeling like hitting the target. I get a lot out of joy out


of shooting what I think is a good shot. And then being able to repeat


that again and again. I normally get home from school and


go and shoot. And then at the end of the day homework comes!


Family support is essential and there's no lack of it.


My dad is incredibly supportive, more than I can thank him for. He


drives me all across the country. To various different shoots. Stands on


a cold field getting rained on. Hull has been flashing to be


Hull is already shooting 70 metres. Use only out and it feels like a


dream. But when I get a good arrow it's really motivating. In the back


of my head I see people shooting in the Olympics and I think if I can do


that I can do that there. Thea started after seeing it on a


way to swimming and has been hooked ever since.


Even it takes explaining to her friends. I tried to explain through


Robin Hyde and they were like, yeah, but they don't understand. It is a


big part of my life. If I do any project in school I managed to fit


archery on. That's how focused I am. Both are


firmly fixed on achieving Olympic dreams. The target is clearly in


sight. And you can learn more about them


in an extended item on the BBC I'm afraid there is very little


chance of sunshine this weekend. But the good news is that the rain will


clear with dry weather to look forward to. The radar is showing the


extent of the rain. We've had heavy pulses across Gwynedd,


Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. That rain is now getting into


Swansea and Bridgend. Then gradually that rain band will push south and


east words, and it will clear. Behind it we hang onto a lot of


cloud, Mr and hill fog. A little bit of rain lingering. But it should be


frost free thanks to cloud and milder air.


Winds remain light. High pressure is in charge tomorrow but winds are


light. Wind is not making the clouds move


much so it remains cloudy. Without we see the odd spot of drizzle. A


very small chance of seeing the odd limited amounts of brightness across


Powys and the north-east, that the bulk of the country remains cloudy


with temperatures getting up to 11,000 years.


Winds remain light. Tomorrow, remaining cloudy, very little


change. Core visibility as we continue to see Mr and fog lingering


into the early hours of Sunday. Another frost free night with


temperatures no lower than around five Celsius. Sunday, high-pressure


still in charge, but it is cloudy. This time we could see a bit more


drizzle as we goes with the day. First thing Sunday, a cloudy start


again, frost free with temperatures getting up to 11 Celsius. It's big


enough to produce the odd spot of drizzle. These start of next week, a


change in the weather, wet and windy conditions heading our way on Monday


with gale force twins Fabio West. Brighter by the time we get into


Tuesday, but remaining unsettled. -- gale force winds in the West.


Tonight's headlines. GPs are asking patients to stay away from surgeries


if they have a cough or cold. With cases of a seasonal Highbury origin


patients to make appointments only if they symptoms become more


serious. I'll have an update


for you after the BBC news at ten. That's Wales Today,


thank you for watching. From all of us on the


programme good evening


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