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Welcome to Wales Today. Our top stories:


Steel workers, their pension offer and the future of Tata here.


Politicians are told to let workers decide -


It's great for politicians who sit on the outside and want to make


political gain out of this but you're talking about people's


lives and the future of an industry we all love.


Down the pub for the dementia patients' social gathering.


Now a new strategy to listen to patients and their families.


I didn't feel that there was a care plan in place.


I don't think it was until much later on that those types


The death of David James Kingsbury in Old Colwyn.


Police arrest three more people on suspicion of murder.


As winds start to turn more northerly across Wales,


And in tonight's sport: Referees say no more of this...


But as stricter punishments for high tackles come into force,


will too many yellow cards spoil the game?


Politicians are being told not to interfere with Tata workers' vote


on whether to accept less generous pensions in return for


One of the biggest unions at the site, Unite, was reacting


to the Plaid Cymru economy spokesperson, Adam Price, who called


Here's our business correspondent Brian Meechan.


Tata says it is explaining to the staff what the changes will mean to


them. If workers accept the deal, it will allow them to invest an extra


billion pounds over ten years in the Port Talbot plant, but only if other


savings can be made at the site. Tata has also pledged to keep the


two blast furnaces operating for five years and to try to avoid


compulsory redundancies over the same period. It is a huge about turn


by the company that had planned to sell all its Welsh operations. Adam


Price accuses Tata of opportunism and brinkmanship and he is urging


workers to renegotiate on pensions. Workers that have contacted me have


real concerns about the lack of clarity over the guarantees that


have been offered in terms of future employment and investment and also


in terms of the current and future deficit in the existing pension


scheme. I think those concerns are well founded. But have conditions in


the steel industry really improved? Well, the value of steel has risen


on the world market. It was $385 per tonne of hot rolled


coil last January when Tata announced over a thousand job losses


but, by August, when the company put the sale of its Welsh operations


on hold, it had gone up to $536 per tonne - an increase


of nearly 40%. China had been accused


of producing too much steel, driving down the price,


but last summer the European Union continued imposing tariffs


on foreign imports, with up to 22% levied on cold rolled steel,


which is used in cars And the turnaround plan put in place


at Port Talbot saw the reported losses of a million pounds a day


at the site reduced. Adam Price says this means that


situation has been radically transformed from this


time last year. The local MP is calling for Adam


Price to apologise and withdraw his comments. If it is rejected, I think


there is no doubt that the industry will be plunged once again into


crisis and I think it is completely unacceptable for a politician to be


coming in and saying the things that Mr Price has said. Mark Durnan has


worked at Port Talbot for the last 15 years and he says staff should be


left to make their own decisions. Each person they will have their own


feelings, their own ways of looking at it, depending on age, where you


are in your career, there are lots of things you have to weigh up. I am


50 odd years of age, I was looking to retire at 55. Unfortunately this


is not a political issue so we would like the politicians to keep their


opinions to themselves. The union which represents the workers across


Tata says it is vital that workers understand the proposals. Tata said


it would comment while it is still consulting workers.


Brian, there's been a lot of talk about this deal.


When do workers at Port Talbot have their say?


We are expecting the ballots to go out to workers at the end of January


and to have the results by around mid-February. I think one of the


issues about this is the level of trust that exists between the


workers and Tata. A lot of workers are now questioning just what this


investment had been put forward by Tata actually amounts to. And these


people have been put through an incredibly difficult year last year.


And they are now being asked to make an incredibly tough decision that


will hit them financially personally, but may guarantee the


future of the Port Talbot site. So it is not an easy solution, it is


not straightforward. I think the two questions it raises are, will Tata


be likely to come back with a better offer if this is rejected on


pensions? And if not and other bidders come in, are they likely to


keep the final salary scheme Western Mark thank you.


People affected by dementia are being asked for their experiences


to help shape Wales' first ever national dementia plan.


Dementia, which affects memory and language,


is now the leading cause of death in Wales.


It's thought between 40,000 to 50,000 people are living


And the experts fear this number could rise by 40%


Today, the Welsh Government launched a two-month consultation.


It says improving the quality of life and care for people who have


or are at risk of dementia is a key priority.


When was this taken? About 63, so not long before he had his


diagnosis. He was diagnosed with dementia when he was 65. He now


lives in a specialist facility for people who develop dementia at a


younger age but Kath says things were far from easy at the start. At


the date of diagnosis, we were just sent home. Therefore, what that


meant, as you can imagine, is that for a number of days, we were in


utter turmoil. I didn't feel that there was a care plan in place. I


don't think it was until much later on that those types of words were


used. Now the Welsh government aims to change that. It has worked over


the past five years to improve diagnosis rates in particular. But


over the next two months, people like Kath and John who are affected


by the condition are being asked for their imperious -- experiences to


help inform a new dementia strategy for Wales that focuses on a number


of keys themes such as diagnosis, helping dementia patients to live


well and improve access to specialist care and support,


particularly in the community. While more and more people have dementia,


no two individuals are exactly the same. Their experiences will be


different and the impact will be different as well. But individual


understanding is really important and it really is about health and


the wider sector joining up around those people. Conwy Council funds a


service called Trio provided by a charity which partners people in the


early stages of dementia with similar diagnosis. Every week they


meet for days out or a catcher over a coffee. We are unique in what we


do because we match the people to their needs. Their choices and what


they do. So it is individual based and it is individual focused. And


they say it is accessed -- exactly the kind of support that helps them


lead fuller lives. I would miss it if it wasn't there because my wife


takes me out motes of the time. It gives them a break as well. I enjoy


coming out once a week on this trip. A lot of places around Colwyn Bay I


never knew existed. The project is now being piloted in Denbighshire


but the Welsh Local Government Association says the financial


pressures on social care budgets are already unsustainable. There are


many good things appearing at their presently in terms of local


government, particularly in terms of dementia friendly communities, but


this will add massive pressures into the system which is already


struggling with some of the financial challenges we face. The


government's oscillation will close at the end of March. But the debate


about how best to care for dementia patients and how much it will cost


is sure to continue. Residents in Cwmfelinfach say


they're overjoyed that plans for a waste processing plant have


been rejected by Local people were concerned that any


emissions from the plant may be trapped in the valley


because of a weather phenomenon that can hold cloud


over the town for days. The local health board said


emissions from the plant A blanket of fog over the steep,


green Sirhowy Valley. Locals say it can linger for days. And they were


concerned that emissions from a planned new waste processing plant


to be built here would also be trapped. But today those plans were


rejected by the environment body Natural Resources Wales. We all


believe that this was in the wrong place and we have been vindicated.


They told us that it was not going to be a problem. They told us we


were only going to have steam coming out of the chimney and it is not the


case, it was going to be nitrogen dioxide. Locals fought from the


outset to stop the development, worried about lorries and noise. And


this. It's called temperature inversion. Cold air is trapped in


the Valley by warm air above. Locals were concerned about the impact that


it would have had on their health. They were concerned about the amount


of gases that may have been released. Wendy told me about her


concerns. I'm asthmatic, I have got two granddaughters, 13 and 14, and I


am worried about what they will breathe in while they grow up. On


Sundays you can see really plain and it is thick and we don't want it.


The plan would have seen thousands of tonnes of waste that would have


normally gone to landfill turned to fill. The company behind it says


it's extremely disappointed and that no air quality limits would have


been breached. They will be appealing as soon as possible. But


Natural Resources Wales say they believe the plant could have had a


negative impact on people's health. So today a win for these locals and,


for now, clean air in their green valley.


A body found in the Talgarth area of Powys has been confirmed


He was last seen leaving his home for a run last Tuesday morning.


Mountain rescue teams, firefighters, police and a drone


Staff at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board are being urged to take


Three wards have been closed at UHW in Cardiff to prevent the spread


less than half of the health board's staff had received the jab.


Labour support in Wales has reached new lows,


according to an opinion poll by YouGov for ITV Wales


It suggests that 31% of people would vote for Labour in Assembly


constituency elections - that's down three


That's the lowest rating since YouGov's first


Both Tory and Plaid Cymru support rose by one point,


UKIP are down one to 12% and the Liberal Democrats up two, to 8%.


North Wales Police have arrested three more people on suspicion


of murder following the death of a man in Old Colwyn last week.


A post mortem examination found David James Kingsbury died


The police say three men are in custody.


A woman who was arrested earlier has been released on bail.


Roger Pinney joins us now from Old Colwyn.


Roger, the police have issued a fairly lengthy statement.


Yes, and they have issued two statements and the most recent,


which came out around an hour and a half ago, the police confirmed that


the woman who had been arrested earlier in the investigation has now


been released on police bail. The police today have described this as


a fast moving enquiry in which there have been some significant


developments in the last day or so. They say they have now arrested


three men, two in their 30s, one in their 50s, on suspicion of murder.


They are all said to be from the old Colwyn area. David James Kingsbury


died on Thursday evening and the police investigation then involved


sealing off much of the centre of old Colwyn. The police say they have


acted today because of information which has been brought to them by


members of the public. And tonight police are appealing for more


information? They are, and they are being specific about the information


they are after. They want to speak to anyone who saw a silver two dot


Vauxhall Corsa being driven around old Colwyn between 8:30pm and 9pm on


Thursday evening and they also want to speak to anyone who was on the


number 12 bus in old Colwyn at around the same time. That is


between 8:30pm and 9pm on Thursday evening. As I say, the police say


this is a fast moving enquiry so I think we should be looking out for


some further developments. Much more to come before


seven o'clock No more But as stricter punishments for high


tackling come into force, will too many yellow cards


spoil the game? And that northerly front moving down


through Wales means a risk of snow Could Wales become the first part


of the UK to introduce an outright ban on parents


smacking their children? New powers heading to the Assembly


will make it possible. And tonight, the Children's


Commissioner has repeated her call More from our political


correspondent Daniel Davies. Perhaps once it was taken for


granted but attitudes change and now some say the law should change to.


Recently there have been repeated calls for the Assembly to ban


smacking. Now powers will be devolved here to make that easier.


It revolves around what is reasonable. In cases of assault


against children there is a defence of reasonable punishment and


campaigners want to scrap it. First and foremost, it is a human rights


issue. Children should have the right to not be heard in the same


way that adults do will stop at the moment, if you hit another addled,


there is no defence in the law for why you have hit them. But if a


parent hits their child, they can say it was reasonable punishment. I


think children should have the same protection from assault as parents


do. Two years ago, the Welsh government saw off a call for a ban,


saying the time wasn't right. Now ministers want to build cross-party


support to outlaw smacking. But just like in the Assembly, there were


people for and against a ban at this play centre in Cardiff today.


Smacking children years ago, it happened, and I had a smack from mum


and dad, but there are so many cases today where it has got out of hand


and parents to take it a dark -- too far, maybe it wouldn't be the third


worst thing in the world. I wouldn't say a ban because personal choice,


but for me, my son, I wouldn't smack him. If he sees other children in


the playground being naughty, I don't want him to think it is OK to


smack someone if they are bad. Campaigners say they don't expect a


wave of parents being prosecuted after a ban. Instead they hope it


will send a message about what is deemed acceptable. The Welsh


government tried to do something similar when it banned smoking in


cars carrying children. Now the children Commissioner hopes


ministers will use these powers and put an end to a debate which she


says has been going round in circles for years.


Days after stricter sanctions were brought-in around


high tackles in rugby, referees are spoiling


the game and fans could be turned-off the sport.


That's the warning tonight from the former Wales


It comes after players from the Scarlets, Ospreys


and Ulster were shown yellow cards in the Pro12 on the first


weekend since tougher punishments came into force.


Is that a high tackle? A new year and a new clamp-down on high


tackles. It is a high tackle, preventing a possible try. A yellow


card and a penalty try. A raft of yellow cards was handed out at the


weekend. He has gone again. Where are we going? Now the referees are


under scrutiny. Under the new directives, that is high. Is it


reckless? It is up to them to referee each incident on its


individual merits and then decide but sometimes it just spoils the


game. It is a contact sport and people like the big collisions. They


have got to be clean and fair and they have got to be kept in the


game. But if it's getting too sterile, people aren't going to want


to watch. A new tougher approach to reckless and accidental... While the


laws of the game haven't changed, the level of punishment players can


expect have. The game's governing body says player welfare is their


number one concern. One of the most respected referees, Nigel Owens,


says a degree of empathy and common sense is needed, but he says there


has been a greater clamp-down on reckless tackles some time. I come


in to tackle you, if I tackle you here and by hand slips up like this,


that has always been a high tackle and a penalty. But if I come in high


and I catch you here with force and it goes on to your head, that is


going to be a red card. But that was a red card six months ago. But we


could be seeing more cards being dished out on the rugby field. Does


that increase the pressure on the referee? I'm not quite sure if it


is, to be honest with you. What these directives have done is


refocusing everybody concerned that we as referees need to be strict


with this type of tackle. The changes are aimed at minimising


this, the treatment of concussion, which is high on the agenda, and


tonight World Rugby says the way George North's latest head injury


was handled during a game for Northampton last month was


disappointing. Some Pro12 coaches say the changes are making the game


impossible to referee. The challenge for those running the game is to


make a physical contact sport as safe as possible. Without alienating


fans and players. Wales international Liam Williams


will join Saracens next summer. The 25-year-old moves


to the English Premiership from the Scarlets on a three-year


deal at the end of the season. The move could limit his


international appearances. The senior selection policy only


allows three non-Wales based There's no Welsh interest


in the fourth round draw New Swansea City boss Paul Clement


lost his first game in charge 2-0 as they crashed out


of the competition at Hull. Cardiff City were the last Welsh


club to be knocked out, They lost 2-1 to Fulham in front


of a crowd of just over 5,000. Manager Neil Warnock said he didn't


blame the fans not turning up Not many athletes manage to move


successfully from one sport to another but Welsh 100m sprinter


Mica Moore is hoping to combine her love for athletics


with the huge challenge The 24-year-old from Newport


is determined not to pick between her winter and summer


sports, insisting her future could include success in both


and her dream is to represent Team If you'd asked Mica Moore


about the bobsleigh not long ago she would have talked about the 1993


film Cool Runnings. She certainly didn't think


she would end up the brake woman I don't think I could ever pick


between them because they are both so much fun and they are perfect


sports alongside each other. One is a summer sport


and one is a winter sports As a sprinter, she competed


at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games for Wales in the relay,


and that led to being asked She was a natural and for someone


who doesn't like roller-coasters, travelling at speeds of 125 mph


for the first time didn't phase her. I think I got out of the bobsleigh


and said, that was so much fun. I must be a little bit bonkers


because I wasn't too nervous. I think I rang my dad before


for some comforting words and he's my coach so he just manages


to calm me down really well. It's been an incredible


journey so far. Her dad is amazed at how


quickly she has adapted. I couldn't be prouder


as a dad, predominantly. And for somebody who is relatively


inexperienced in bobsleigh, the accelerated development


is really quite incredible actually. Next month she is hoping to get


into the GB squad and compete at There's a lot of work I need to do


before I can do that and I need to make sure I am running as fast


as I can and make sure But it would be a massive


dream to compete there. And I'm really excited


for the season ahead. If all goes to plan,


2018 could be busy. She knows it would be


a massive challenge. and a summer representing Wales


at the Commonwealth Games. That would be a perfect


year, I think. Snow is the big feature of this


week's weather charts. The Met Office has issued a yellow


warning for wind and snow as parts of Wales and the rest of the UK


looks set for an Arctic cold spell. The weather front is different


from the one hitting Snow has covered the Greek


islands and southern Italy, Temperatures in Russia


have plunged to -30. So let's get Sue Charles to flesh


out the detail in the forecast. Our weather has been quiet in


comparison but there is a change on the way. After a relatively mild but


unsettled start of the week, it will turn colder by the end of it with


wintry showers possible. The risk of snow for some but a completely


different scenario from the bitter easterly winds that brought the cold


weather across continental Europe. Later in the week, the air coming


from Iceland. And as the fronts moving from the west, they could


bring rain, sleet or possibly snow. But tonight, heavy rain and


scattered showers will continue on and off. Feeling colder in the


strong winds. This front brought today's rain. A brief respite and


then another arrives from the west tomorrow. Some dry spells and just a


few early showers tomorrow. And then ploughed thickens as the fog pushes


through from the West. Our bricks -- outbreaks of rain. Temperatures


above average. Tomorrow night, some dry spells, just the odd shower on


and off. Some mist and hill fog developing. Still quite cold at six


to eight Celsius. The wind starts to turn more north-westerly on


Wednesday. The isobars closer together signalling stronger winds


making it really feel colder for the end of the week. Wednesday it self,


some dry spells, just a few showers, but the Empress is really on these


winds. Very strong north-westerly winds could reach gale force along


the coast. Highs of eight or 10 Celsius. But the wind chill will


make you feel colder. By Thursday we are into the colder air, very


blustery. Try and write for many but cold enough that any of these


showers could fall as sleet and snow by Thursday.


Northern Ireland is in political crisis tonight after the shock


resignation of Martin McGuinness. Under the power-sharing agreement,


this automatically means that the First Minister Arlene Foster of the


Democratic Unionist party, can no longer stay in her role.


And politicians are being told not to interfere with Tata workers' vote


on whether to accept less generous pensions in exchange for better


investment in Port Talbot. Adam Price called for staff to reject the


deal. I'll have an update


for you here at 8pm and again From all of us on the


programme, good evening.


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