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Questions tonight over why the Severn crossings tolls aren't


being scrapped altogether - as it's confirmed they'll


I have some people arguing that there should be no tolls at all. And


some people say we should maintain the tolls to prevent congestion.


Imagine opening your front door and seeing this -


the homes and businesses flooded as a water pipe bursts in Powys.


Firing up for jobs on Swansea's tidal lagoon -


calls to make sure Wales has the skilled workforce ready -


if the ?1 billion project goes ahead.


The Children's Commissioner says new guidance doesn't protect


The National Eisteddfod where Hedd Wyn won the chair.


But the poet was killed weeks before in the First World War.


100 years on, how he'll be honoured once again.


Can he drag Swansea City out of relegation?


Paul Clement takes charge of his first Premier League


There are renewed calls to scrap the


Severn Bridge tolls tonight as the UK Government


unveiled their plans to half the charges.


Most drivers will pay ?3 once the bridges go back to public


ownership next year - at the moment, it costs ?6.70


The Welsh Secretary says they're not scrapping the tolls


because they still need to pay off the remaining debt, maintain


the road surface and introduce a numberplate recognition system -


which Alun Cairns says will ease congestion.


Here's our political reporter, Bethan Lewis.


For decades, motorists have had to think hard about the cost of


travelling between South Wales and the south-west of England. For those


who use the Severn Bridge, today's announcement will significantly


reduce the burden of the tolls. At the moment, the bridges are run by a


private company. When the cost of building the bridges is covered,


they will be transferred to the UK Government. That is likely to happen


before early next year. At the moment, car drivers pay ?6 70. The


charge for people with fans and small buses is ?13.40. The plan is


for the toll to drop to ?3 for these types of vehicles. Eventually, that


could be ?1.50 each way. The charge for lorries and coaches will half.


But the Welsh Government wants them scrapped. Although welcome news for


businesses, people would like to see the tolls go altogether. It would be


good to see a further cut in the tolls. If you take it down to the


low level, the administrative burden is so great, why don't you just take


them away completely? There is a good case for taking them away


completely. Launching the plan, the Welsh Secretary says there are still


bills to play. Some people say there should be no tolls at all despite


the debt. And some people say we should maintain and order to


maintain congestion. I think we have struck the right balance. Reduced


the tolls, repay the debt, and establish a sum of money that will


allow for innovation but also maintain the bridge in good


condition. The UK Government anticipates that reducing the tolls


will reduce traffic flow by 17%. Changing the way we pay could help


reduce logjams. Considering changing the system so you do not have to


stop to pay. A number plate recognition system would allow


people to pay in advance, or shortly after the journey. That could be


expensive or affect the level of tolls. In the shadow of the second


Severn Crossing, this recruitment consultant would welcome the judges.


It would be great for people looking for work. With South Wales and the


West, it would give them freedom not to worry about the travel costs.


Many people from over there probably only come this site. It will be


great for us, a boost for our economy for once. It is a good


thing. If it was nothing, it would encourage more business into South


Wales. It is a start. Half the price is better than no reduction at all.


The bridges are due to be switched to public ownership as early as next


year. The aim is to introduce the new lover tells as soon as possible,


in 2018. Homes and businesses have been


flooded following a burst water pipeline at Llanrhaedr


ym Mochnant in Powys. The pipe, carrying water


from Lake Vyrnwy to Cheshire and Merseyside is thought to have


failed sending water These pictures filmed by


local people show the extent of the flooding with torrents


of water rushing down streets in the centre of the village,


spilling into gardens Mid and West Wales Fire says a large


number of buildings have been affected and it has several


crews at the scene. Powys Council has been delivering


sandbags to protect homes while attempts are made


to stem the flow. The pipeline is owned


by United Utilities and supplies 240km of pipe carries up


to 200 million litres of water a day Residents are offering help to those


affected by providing alternative accommodation or equipment to


assist with the clean up. A defendant who cut his


own throat in the dock at Haverfordwest Magistrates has


been back in court this morning. Paramedics were called


there on Wednesday to treat 33-year-old Lukasz Pawlowski


from Pembroke Dock, who was being sentenced


for a sexual assault. Today, he was charged


with possessing a blade and has been remanded in custody,


to appear at Swansea There were further problems


on Arriva Trains Wales' services at Cardiff Central this morning,


with Valley Services The operator says the issues,


which led to delays of up to an hour, were due


to a points failure at the new platform eight,


which was officially opened Three men have been arrested on


suspicion of murder after a man was found in a pavement later died.


218-year-old men and a 17-year-old are in custody. -- to --


218-year-old men. -- 18-year-old men.


Does Wales have the right workforce to really make the most


An independent review has given the ?1.3 billion


project the thumbs up, and it's waiting for


But tonight, there are calls for the UK and Welsh governments


to work together with industry, to make sure the right


Our economic correspondent Sarah Dickins has more.


Welsh industry is already preparing to bid on the Swansea tidal lagoon.


If it gets in the UK Government approval.


Here, they are making massive steel structures, and hope to


make steel components around the lagoon turbines.


It's not a final hurdle, but it's getting close.


Getting close to the end of the race to get the project running.


Something we'd dearly love to be involved with.


Is the type of work that is suited to our type of


But if we're really at the beginning of a new industrial


area, do we have enough of the right skills to make the most of it?


Tidal lagoon power has promised that half


the money it spends will be in Wales, with Welsh businesses


But there are other big project also on the horizon.


M4, rail electrification, Hinckley, and the Metro.


It's thought the lagoon in Swansea could


The company behind it also wants to build


The company behind it also wants to build lagoons in Cardiff, Newport


There are a number of excellent, world-class


There are a number of excellent, world-class opportunities around


That will forge the Welsh economy ahead quickly.


What we need to make sure is make sure that the Welsh and UK


governments work together with industry, education to forward plan


And make sure these skills are in place.


Engineers of the future. At this college, they are training students


from 16. Engineering was seen as a shrinking injury, perhaps, but not


now. There are more students pushing forward in engineering because there


are more jobs globally. Manufacturing is on the rise.


Studying here for one year, now, the student wants to get an


apprenticeship. It is important to make it bigger, enlarging the


industry. As a college, we are looking at the same issue as small


to medium enterprise in companies. We are keen to meet the short-term


gap in the market place. Even if the lagoon gets final approval, it will


be more than one year before building work resumes. The plan is


to enhance skills in time. The Children's Commissioner


for Wales says new guidance on home education does not protect


the rights of children. Dr Holland is now renewing calls


for a compulsory register of children who are educated at home


and says that the reluctance But these children


don't attend school - Today, they're learning together


in this community centre. Nearly 1700 children


in Wales are home educated. The local authority doesn't need


to be told they're not in school - unless the child is


taken out of school. New guidance from the Welsh


Government doesn't change that, Last year, BBC Wales


investigated the case of Dylan Seabridge who was home


educated in Pembrokeshire. He wasn't seen by any outside agency


from the age of 13 months. At the time, Children's Commissioner


Dr Sally Holland called for a law to ensure there was a register


of children educated at home. I've given clear evidence to the


Government, both in my response to the draft of this 18 months ago, and


in my annual rapport this year, that non-statutory guidance is not good


enough for children in Wales. They all have a clear right to education,


to have their voice heard about at education. This non-statutory


guidance doesn't take us any further along this road. It is said that the


new guidance falls short of protecting children.


The new guidance has an emphasis on local authorities supporting


and maintaining positive relationships with home educators


Eddie is on the autistic spectrum, and his father felt school


I would like to work with the local authority. If they get its right, it


would be a very positive experience. At the same time, I can't actually


see any benefit of having home visits. People who aren't familiar


with home education checking up on him.


The new rules aren't statutory - families don't have to follow them,


but despite that, many think it's a step too far.


I think the welfare of children should be looked after by society


and by social services. There are plenty of things out there that can


be utilised to save children put at risk. It has nothing to do with


education. The Welsh Government says


it's listened carefully to safeguarding concerns


and is still considering the potential for including


legislation - and that's something that families like Eddie's will be


keeping a close eye on. The poet Hedd Wyn was killed in the


First World War. 100 years on, a new chair for Hedd Wyn. Frost, a warning


of lies, and a change on the way. I'll have the weekend forecast.


The man who founded the science discovery centre Techniquest has


died at the age of 84 following a short illness.


Professor John Beetlestone set-up the innovative centre more


than 30 years ago to try and instill a love a science


Since then, more than five million youngsters have tried the hands-on


exhibits in Cardiff and Wrexham, as Nick Palit reports.


Making science fun, and inspiring the next generation


to love and embrace the scientific world - that's what


It was the brainchild of this Cardiff University Professor,


From its humble beginnings in a former gas showroom in 1985,


a decade later it had a purpose-built home in Cardiff Bay.


We are trying to lure the parents seem to enjoy science as we


presented here. Together. The exhibits are engaging, they draw you


in. They beguile you. Everyone likes to be beguiled and join in. And say,


I was pleased with that, I was able to do that.


Techniquest expanded, with another centre


Recently, it's encountered funding problems -


its core Government grant will disappear by 2021.


But the Chief Executive says John Beetlestone's pioneering work


in helping youngsters embrace the so-called stem subjects


of science, technology, engineering and maths will continue.


He was the visionary behind it, it is his legacy that means we have a


fantastic charity year, embedding stem across generations. We will try


to make sure that Wales is establishing a scientifically


literate society going forward. More than 5 million people have had the


experience here. The founder wanted to infuse youngsters. Those who went


on to pursue a career in science and engineering will be his living


legacy. Lord Snowdon - Princess


Margaret's former husband - A filmmaker and photographer,


he was also Constable of Caernarfon Castle


and organised the investiture of He was married to Princess Margaret


for 16 years before they Swansea City's new head coach


Paul Clement takes charge of the side for his first


Premier League match tomorrow. And it's a tough start -


Arsenal the visitors In the Championship,


it's a derby for Cardiff City Manager Neil Warnock says he'll meet


owner Vincent Tan face-to-face to spend money on a


promotion challenge next season. He set out his vision, explained the


changes he wants to make, and is trying to build confidence among the


Swansea squad. He says preparation couldn't have gone better, Paul


Clement. First home game against Arsenal is a very special moment for


me. I have been raised with the players this week. They have taken


on board the things I have asked. We have worked in the gym and the video


room in order to get a positive result on Saturday. Longevity


doesn't come better than our same finger. -- Wenger. When you are


fighting not to go down, it is an opportunity for him. It is


difficult, but he wants to be in the Premier League and when you do get


an opportunity at his age, you don't turn it down. It is Liverpool await


next, and fans will be hoping the players get fired up and, keen to


impress their new boss, results will come. Cardiff are away to Bristol


City. Following trouble in a toga, police have said they were cracked


down on fans intent on causing trouble in the midst a kick-off.


Neil Warnock is hoping that when he gets to meet Vincent Tan, the owner,


he will get financial backing. It is nice to meet the main man and tell


him what your plans are. I am very enthusiastic about the club. It is


made-to-measure for me. I hope we can have a really good conversation


about the future, really. I think the club has an opportunity to be


positive about what could possibly happen next year. In League 2,


Newport County and hoping to end a run of eight defeats. They are at


home to Colchester United. Wrexham are also at home.


Rugby, and the Dragons are aiming for a bonus point win at home


to Russian side Enisei tonight, to keep alive their hopes


of a quarterfinal place in the European Challenge Cup.


Elsewhere, Liam Williams has been named at fullback for the Scarlets


in the Champions Cup against the Saracens side


Nicky Robinson will make his first start for the Blues


The Ospreys - top of their pool - face Lyon.


Boxer Lee Selby, who's fought just twice


since winning the IBF featherweight title in May 2015,


says long periods away from the ring doesn't affect his performance.


Selby - who's from Barry - travels to America tomorrow ahead


of his title defence against Jonathan Barros in Las Vegas


He says he has no regrets about his preparation.


For some fighters it can affect them. They box, they celebrate, they


drink, they eat bad food, but I am back in the gym working to improve


myself. The inactivity shouldn't affect me.


The horse racing world has been paying tribute


to the Jockey Brian Fletcher, who's died at the age of 69.


He won the Grand National three times, twice on Red Rum.


Although he was born in Durham, he retired to Llanybydder


in Carmathenshire, where he became a sheep farmer.


Peter Scudamore said he was an unsung hero.


The death of the poet Hedd Wyn in 1917 remains a symbol for Welsh


sacrifice during the First World War.


Now, students in the Flanders region of Belgium where he was killed have


been commissioned to design a modern Eisteddfod-style chair


Hedd Wyn died at Passchendaele weeks before it was revealed he'd won


the prestigious chair prize for poetry at the 1917


It doesn't look like much, but this simple stone


marks the place where the Birkenhead


It may seem odd now, but in 1917, there would have been nothing


strange about holding the National Eisteddfod


It had been on Merseyside before, and this has long been described


as the unofficial capital of North Wales.


Remarkably, a century on, these moving pictures


Three years into the First World War, the Prime Minister,


David Lloyd George, was due to speak there.


But the festival is remembered for the death


Ellis Humphrey Evans, Hedd Wyn, was already a poet of some renown.


His death at Passchendaele, just weeks before the Eisteddfod,


where it was announced that he had won the chair, seemed to make him


a symbol for so many other young Welsh men.


This new chair designed by students in Mechelen near Antwerp is now


A gift from people in Flanders, where he died.


The fact that the black chair which he won in 1917 was sculpted


by a Flemish furniture maker, sculptor, was of course


highly symbolic of the man who was a refugee.


Of course, that was a very strong symbolism.


So we go to, at the centenary, this is a perfect moment to more


or less repeat the story and bring another chair to be called the Hedd


Back on Merseyside in Birkenhead's Park,


the Memorial Stone says, in Welsh, simply that the Bards


And with one omission, it really says all that needs to be said?


But there is a big omission, and to the big omission


is that there is no mention of Hedd Wyn.


This man helps run the Merseyside Welsh Historical Society.


In September, the new chair from Flanders will be presented


at a special festival to be held here.


Hedd Wyn of course took part in the war, which was held,


which took place in Europe, and they have given


Hedd Wyn a tremendous, as we all know, great boost.


And they remind us all the time of his existence and his


And so we're glad that we're able to together on this occasion.


In Flanders, Hedd Wyn is honoured as much as he is in Wales.


The Welsh Memorial Park to all those who served in the First World War


And the Government of Flanders has asked for a second chair to be made


A relationship forged in war, a century ago, now renewed in peace.


How's the weather looking for the weekend?


There is a change on the way. There's cold over the weekend. My


other for Sunday. Before then, heavy showers and snow in places. A


warning of ice. Cold and windy today, strong to gale-force winds up


with rough seas on the coast. Further south, waking up to a light


covering of snow. Tonight, further showers to come. Heavy in places,


bringing a mix of hailstones, sleet and snow. Some places won't get any.


Clear weather as well, temperatures close to freezing or below. Frost


and IT patches. A Met Office yellow warning in force, be aware. -- icy


patches. Pavements could turn slippery. Watch out for those


tomorrow morning. Some places will be dry, but not everywhere. As you


can see showers dotted around. Not as windy as today, but still breezy


and feeling cold. A mixture of sunny intervals and showers tomorrow.


Heavy showers in places, but they will turn more to rain through the


afternoon, with the snow level rising kinds, if you are lucky, you


will stay dry. Temperature a little higher, for all eight Celsius. In


the Vale of Glamorgan, one or two showers. Dry weather, a little


sunshine. Heavy showers in some places. Cold, but less windy. Snow


showers, feeling more like minus ten in the wind. Tomorrow evening, the


showers with ease. Dry for a while. Rain will spread south-eastwards


later in the night, there's cold with temperatures above freezing. On


Sunday, we see a change. Milder air over the Atlantic heads our way.


That air will bring plenty of cloud with it. Patchy rain and drizzle as


well. Mist and hill fog. As we look forward to next week, a little bit


of rain on Monday. Then, becoming try and becoming colder again from


mid week onwards. Hopefully, some sunshine and hard frost. In the


meantime, wintry showers tonight, frost and snow in places. And a


warning of ice. By the way, I must tell you, a new series of Weather


Man Walking starts tonight. To importance walks. -- to make


important walks. Please watch if you can at 7:30pm this evening. There


are renewed calls to scrap the Severn Bridge toll. Most drier will


pay ?3 once the bridges go back to public ownership. The Welsh


Secretary says they are not scrapping the tolls because of the


maintenance costs and debt remaining. And a major clean-up


operation taking place after a burst water pipe length cost flooding.


Around 50 properties are affected. The pipe, carrying water to Cheshire


and Merseyside, is thought to have failed, sending water through the


centre of this village. We will have a quick update at HPM, and more


after the 10pm news. Thank you for now.


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