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'A strong contribution to the energy supply'.


An independent review backs the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon


project, which could create two thousand jobs.


We have an opportunity now for the UK to use its formidable skills to


start a new global industry. But there remains concern


over the impact it So how much closer tonight


is the ?1 billion project How much less could we be paying


on the severn crossings? We'll have the latest


on new plans which could see In an exclusive interview,


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tells us allowing Wales


to set its own immigration rules If you set up Welsh limits on


immigration or started the same thing for English regions would you


then restrict the movement of those people within the UK?


Network bosses meet frustrated customers and politicians to see how


And snow has fallen in some places but ice could be


We're live with the gritters as they prepare to head out.


The Swansea Bay tidal lagoon should go ahead,


The Hendry Review, commissioned by the UK Government,


says it would make a "strong contribution" to the energy supply


When built, it would generate enough electricity to power 155,000 homes


The price tag for the project is ?1.3 billion.


The company says it would create more than 2,200 manufacturing


But the UK Government still needs to agree to a deal.


Here's our Economics Correspondent, Sarah Dickins.


A designer 's vision which is now more likely to happen. And sing the


energy of the tides. The report from the Hendry review recommends the


Swansea tidal lagoon goes ahead. The man behind it is ecstatic. It was


better than we expected. It was brilliant. It is such a watershed


for us. It said let's start tidal lagoons, let's start with Swansea


and let it on with it now. As the tides ebb and flow so the lagoon


will generate electricity. They would be 16 turbines using the


energy as the tide goes in and out. It would also generate hundreds of


Welsh jobs. We have an opportunity now for the UK to use its formidable


skills to start a new global industry. To do so in a way that


enhances our energy security supply and helps meet our decarbonisation


commitments. Another cost that is around the cost of a pint of milk


per household each year. Tidal lagoon power has promised that half


of the 1.3 "Cost will be spent in Wales. This company and Abergavenny


will be the first on-site, carrying out the civil engineering for the


lagoon. Things like roadways. They expect to have 100 people working on


the site. By this project going ahead it would enable us to keep on


expanding to recruit more local people, to train more local people


for the future. GE at rugby have the contract for the turbines. At first


they would only be assembled in Wales but tidal lagoon power has


already put out to tender to build a new ?22 million turbine


manufacturing plant in Swansea docks. We have invested over the


last few years in new robots and other automated capability to be


able to not only deliver the workload we have today but also to


be able to deliver the workload in the future. The Swansea project is


the first of six in tidal lagoons plans. For in Wales, two in England.


The tidal energy to have a truly transformational effect on our


economy than ever lagoons need to follow, particularly here in Cardiff


and also in Colwyn Bay. That is when the Welsh economy would feel the


difference, not just in terms of jobs but also businesses that would


be expected to be set up here. Charles Hendry has suggested a tidal


lagoon authority, all things which could delay that develop in. Tidal


lagoon power says those delays are not a problem. You have to finish


Swansea. We would want to finish Swansea and now that the fish


studies were accurate, what we said would happen with the silt were


accurate, before you start building Cardiff. The UK Government says it


will respond in due course. The company hopes to start work on site


in spring 2018. As well as securing the necessary


funds and the backing of the UK Government,


the scheme also needs a so-called marine licence


from Natural Resources Wales. After years of discussions there's


still no sign of agreement with serious concerns being raised


about the lagoon's Our environment correspondent


Steffan Messenger now on what's next Swansea Bay is home to play throw of


birds, fish and other wildlife stop so what impact will the lagoon have


on them? The developers say the effect on nature will be negligible.


But fishing groups in particular disagree. The lagoon in Swansea will


affect the rivers, all of which are important sea trout rivers. Natural


Resources Wales agree with this. They have not yet issued a marine


licence. Planning permission for the Swansea Bay lagoon was granted based


on modelling that suggested it would have minimal impact on fish. But


before Christmas Natural Resources Wales revised its predictions


claiming 21% of salmon and 25% of sea trout could be killed each year


as they migrate to and from local rivers. A major adverse impact.


Tidal lagoon power say they don't agree with the figures all the way


they have been worked out. They have submitted new evidence which could


lead to further delay. The irony here is that this is about green


energy and lots of it. If all six lagoons are built and live up to


their promise of delivering around 12% of our relatives that he needs


that could be a significant boost to the UK's efforts to cut carbon


emissions and tackle climate change. That is generally agree to be the


greatest threat to nature conservation. Charles Hendry's


report the first lagoon in Swansea is given the go-ahead. So any effect


on wildlife can be carefully monitored. The review indicates that


both economic league and environmentally in his field this


should go ahead. That is a wake-up call both to the UK Government and


the agency here in Wales. They need to ensure the enable this to happen.


Several environmental charities have given a cautious welcome but they


want assurances they will be enough of a pause between building the


first lagoon and starting work on more. How long a pause are we


talking about? Eight years minimum should be the pause because that is


the timespan of two fish spawning cycles. Less than that we cannot


look at the environmental impact properly. Natural Resources Wales


says it is working closely with the developers and other experts to make


sure it fairly assesses the impact of this world first scheme.


Developing new sources of sustainable energy in a way that


minimises harm to the environment is a goal it says it wholeheartedly


supports. The UK Government is planning to cut


the tolls on the Severn crossings From 2018 when the bridges revert


to public ownership, all cars and small vehicles


will pay three pounds. Tomorrow, a consultation


will also be published into Our political editor


Nick Servini is here. We already knew that the tolls were


going to be halved. In a letter from two UK Government ministers to MPs


it says that will come down to ?3. Particularly big savings for vans


and small vehicles at the moment. Let me point you to a sentence in


the letter which says we want to be clear there is no intention to use


the tolls for any purpose other than to support their operation and


maintenance. It is saying they will be no plan to use the revenue to


bolster the car offers of the Treasury. A few years ago David


Davies the Monmouth MP got some figures pointing to a figure of a


total of just ?1 to support the operation and maintenance. So they


will come down but they will be further political pressure for them


to come down further as well. On the free-flowing charging system we knew


the government was looking at this. It does nudge it along a bit with


the official publication tomorrow. All of which is great news for


motorists and a timely reminder that after decades of tribe is paying for


the costs of these crossings we are approaching a moment when they are


going to be significant changes to the tolls.


An inquest has heard how a father drowned accidentally after getting


into difficulty in the sea with his nine-year-old son.


40-year-old Benny Collins was taken to Morriston Hospital


after being recovered from the water at Three Cliffs Bay


He was the third person to die at the popular


Benny Collins' family arrived at the inquest in Swansea to hear how he


lost his life at the beach. The physio at Morriston Hospital Mr


Collins was described as a loving family man who was also passionate


about sport. It was in July 2015 when Mr Collins had come to this


problem beauty spot with his son Harry. The inquest heard they run


into the sea together holding hands but they were knocked off their feet


by way. Harry was thrown towards the short whilst his dad was dragged


away. When the tide is out here the sea is safe for swimming but when it


comes back in and meets with this dream which runs through the centre


of the beach it becomes treacherous as a rip Curl and is formed which


has enough strength to pull any object or person back out to sea.


The Coast were called on Mr Collins was pulled from the water by a


helicopter. He was taken to Morriston Hospital but efforts to


revive him were in vain. His death was the second within a matter of


weeks. It sparked calls for lifeguards provision there which has


since happened. There has been a different diver death -- a


difference this year with lifeguards there. There is nothing better than


somebody on the scene. The seas can be enjoyed nicely but at times we


need to take that care. Asking senior coroner Colin Phillips


described what happened that day as a tragedy. He told the family he


will consider whether adequate improvements have been made at the


beach since Mr Collins' death. He also said he would continue at a


session with the RNLI about what more can be done.


Drivers are being warned to prepare for icy conditions on the roads


overnight and into the morning with temperatures expected to drop


Snow has fallen in some parts of Wales today


Our reporter Nick Palit is with the gritters


The much anticipated still has not materialised in many parts of Wales


but it is bitterly cold. The roads are very wet and as the temperatures


trot overnight that could freeze over. That is why the critters


behind me in force. I'm going to talk now to Gareth


Richards who runs the operation in Caerphilly. What is the scale of the


task? We have been out since midday today. We've had eight vehicles


working. By tomorrow morning we were love use 180 tonnes of salt. We will


have travelled over 1200 kilometres. And you are out all night as well.


There will be vehicles working throughout the night in readiness


for the morning to try and get the roads treated before the traffic is


back on them in the morning. These lorries cannot go down the side


streets so what can people do to get their cars out in the morning. In


Caerphilly we have over 900 salt bins. If they have any ice on the


pavements or on the carriageway we can use those bins to free the cars


in the morning. In the past when we've had cold weather we've had


problems with running out of grit. What are you doing to make sure that


doesn't happen? We have a contingency among the Welsh


Government has ordered us to keep. We have well over 9000 tonnes ready


for any situation. From a very cold Pontllanfraith back to the studio.


So, ice the concern overnight and stay with us for the latest


Derek will be here with all the details.


Arctic winds. Hail, sleet and snow in places.


A warning of ice as well. I'll have the latest forecast.


The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has told Wales Today that allowing


the Welsh Government to set its own immigration


rules would be "fraught with difficulties".


Mr Corbyn says the idea, which is backed by some


of his own MPs, would be very difficult to implement.


He's been speaking exclusively to our parliamentary


It's an issue high on voters' priorities but one where his own MPs


Should Britain control immigration from Europe


The First Minister has suggested Jeremy Corbyn's approach,


not ruling out free movement, is very London centric.


It's not about being London centric, it's about the economic relationship


If we want access to the European market there's going to be


The priority has to be making sure that those excellent manufacturing


industries and jobs that are going on in Britain


have somewhere to export and sell their goods to.


If we cut ourselves off from Europe we will have a real problem


Chuka Umunna came up with an interesting suggestion that


a regional policy on immigration allowing perhaps the Welsh


Government to set its own quotas, do you think there is milage in that?


I think it would be very difficult to implement it because if you set


up a Welsh limit on immigration or started the same thing


for English regions, would you then restrict the movement


What would you do if it was a contracting industry,


say a building industry that had a contract to do work


Would you say that the European workers couldn't go and work on it?


I think it's fraught with difficulties.


Last year there were tensions between Jeremy Corbyn and members


12 days into January his Shadow Defence Secretary,


the Llanelli MP Nia Griffith, is absolutely furious that


Mr Corbyn's spokesman used the deployment of UK troops


in Estonia to deter Russian aggression as an escalation


I had a chat with Nia briefly last night and we will have another


I want to see a de-escalation of tensions between Nato and Russia.


I want to see a de-militarisation of the border between them.


We don't want to see increased tensions.


I know Nia has been too meet British troops who have been deployed


We will have a discussion later on today.


It's a big year for Labour in Wales and it hasn't started well.


The party hasn't been this low in the polls since Gordon Brown's


day and there are council elections to fight in May.


Mr Corbyn says we will certainly see him on the campaign trail here.


More needs to be done to make farms more resilient


That's according to the Farmers Union of Wales.


It comes after the latest figures show a drop in income for dairy


farms of more than a half in a year with a warning tonight that things


could get much worse, as Teleri Glyn Jones reports.


Des Jones Farms at Ceredigion. He milks 400 cattle but last year saw


his income fall by almost half because of a drop in milk prices. He


says it's been catastrophic. I wouldn't be the only one who says


dipped into his pension just to keep things going. Which you have to do


in these times. It's something we all do. We are all in the same boat.


Thankfully at the moment the milk price has gone up but we have


already dug a big hole. Des is not the only one who has seen huge drop.


The latest figures show the income for all types of fans have dropped


23% on average in the year up to much and dairy farmers in Wales have


seen a drop of more than a half. It's the great surprise that farming


is vulnerable to fluctuations in the markets. Commodity prices, the


strength of the pound the cost of fuel all an impact on incomes. But


questions are now being raised about how the industry can whether such


storms in the future. The Farmers Union of Wales warned that things


could get modified. Triggering article 50 and coming out of the


European Union, negotiating our trade deals, where do our -- where


is our export market? Those who present significant problems and


issues for the industry. Having a sustainable industry is essential.


But let's have a resilient one. Let's have an industry that can take


those peaks and troughs that can take the knocks down -- the knocks


down -- the not Down's. Incomes do fluctuate year-on-year and Welsh


farmers are adept to managing that change. Des admits things have


improved for him since these figures were gathered. The mud of money get


paid every month has increased but with uncertain times ahead this


industry could still be vulnerable. The future of the utility firm


Dee Valley Water could be More than a hundred shareholders


attended a meeting in Wrexham earlier to vote on a takeover bid


by Severn Trent Water. There were protests from those


who fear jobs would be lost Severn Trent Water says it


will make a significant A court will rule later this month


on whether the deal will go ahead. Seven Trent RA large multinational


company that has the capability and motive to centralise functions,


things like finance and HR and call centre staff. There is no reason for


them to retain those positions here and that could mean a lot of job


losses. Now, weak mobile phone signal can


affect us all but for some people living in rural areas the best


chance of making a call is walking Today, the major phone networks met


customers struggling to get a signal as well as politicians


to try to find a way forward. It's an industry that prides itself


on speed and delivery but not-spots across rural Wales have been hitting


the headlines for years. We've had to go up the hill


to get a reception. Sometimes with an umbrella,


which isn't terribly hospitable. I don't think I should pay


for a monthly contract when I'm not getting a signal or the service


I'm paying for. You have to drive in any


direction out of the village And today the complaints don't


sound any different. I've got absolutely no signal


on my mobile and if it rings it's always a surprise because I have


strayed into an area or I'm What I have to do is quite


often go and get a hotel. If I've got three or four hours


worth of work to do, rather than having the frustration


at home of not having connectivity, I go and pay for a hotel


with the additional costs. They're in Cardiff Bay for a mobile


summit where surprisingly It's a meeting between mobile phone


networks, politicians, regulators and customers that has


taken ten months to arrange. Now there are calls to get


things moving faster. We do need to move quickly


because technology is moving so quickly and some


of the presentations highlighting the importance of mobile


communications in terms of the media or in terms of small


businesses in West Wales, these are things which can't hang


around for the next two years The operators say the geography


of Wales provides its There have already been calls


to relax planning for taller masts. But what about placing


them in national parks? Phone networks say now is the chance


for Wales to lead the way. It's absolutely vital


that the Welsh Government does what it can to make planning reform


quicker and cheaper for mobile networks and to look at the business


rates regime as well. It's absolutely vital as well


that the UK Government backs that up with some of the major nationwide


regulatory reforms we would like to see to enable for instance


sharing to be cheaper or to be able to upgrade our sites more


quickly and cheaply. The Welsh Government say while it's


not a devolved issue it wants to make a difference,


starting next week with For the people living in rural


Wales, they will be hoping talk leads to action so maybe they can do


more of the talking in future. Well, as we've been hearing,


some wintery conditions tonight, Derek has been keeping


across the forecast all day. Today's rain and snow has now


cleared but more snow is expected It could cause a few


pockets of disruption. Strong to gale force winds will make


it feel bitterly cold. Most of the snow today


fell on higher ground, A dusting of snow in Beaufort


near Ebbw Vale this afternoon. But lower down, many places


like Port Talbot just had plain This evening and overnight, showers


will spread across the country. Some of them heavy with


hail, sleet and snow. And with temperatures close


to freezing or below So there is a Met Office warning


in force for both snow and ice. Anywhere could see a dusting of snow


with several centimetres So here's the picture


for 8:00am in the morning. Icy in places too, especially


where there's any lying snow. A few wintry showers


but a lot of places dry. The temperature in Llandudno


4C with a strong wind. So a mixture of sunshine


and wintry showers tomorrow. Hail, sleet and snow


showers but some places Top temperatures only 2C to 5C


but feeling much colder Bitterly cold on Pen y Fan


tomorrow with snow showers. It will feel more like -15C


with gale force winds. Tomorrow night, further


showers and snow in places. Saturday not quite so cold and less


windy but still chilly. A few showers, mostly of rain


with snow on higher ground. Low cloud and hill fog


and turning milder. In the meantime, bitterly cold


tonight and tomorrow You can get the latest on the


weather tomorrow morning plus regular travel updates on Radio


Wales, Radio Cymru and online. Time for a reminder of our top stories.


The Swansea Bay tidal lagoon should go ahead according to an independent


report. The Hendry review says it would make a strong contribution to


the energy supply but the UK Government still needs to agree to a


deal. The UK Government is planning to cut


the tolls on the Severn crossings From 2018 when the bridges revert


to public ownership, all cars and small vehicles


will pay three pounds. Tomorrow, a consultation


will also be published into I'll have our next update


for you at 8:00pm and then again From all of us on the programme,


have a good evening.


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