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Tonight's headlines: Claims Welsh patients' lives will be at risk


if an A department in England is moved further away


To get to ruse breeze fight and enough. To think you have to go


further 20 minutes the road to Telford to get emergency treatment


is terrifying. This man slit his throat in the dock


at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court while being sentenced


for a sexual assault. Lukasz Robert Pawlowski was flown


to Morriston Hospital by air ambulance where he remains


in a serious condition. Almost 12 years since the 7/7


bombings, an injured man from Newbridge criticises how long


it's taking to deal Good evening.


In tonight's sport: Sam Warburton's time as captain


looks like it's over. Alun Wyn Jones is expected


to take over next week. And there's some wintry


weather on the way. Snow for some parts too


with Met Office warnings in force. Welsh lives could be put at risk


if an Accident and Emergency department is relocated


from Shrewsbury in Shropshire to Telford, which is further away


from the Welsh border. That's according to the MP


for Montgomeryshire, Glyn Davies. He'll be part of debate


in Westminster shortly For many people living


in parts of mid Wales, it's quicker to travel England


than to get to A in Wales. It takes around 45 minutes to travel


from Newtown to the nearest A But if that was moved to Telford


that journey would be This son has epilepsy. Even though


it's a 45 minutes away that is not a new department for her in Wales.


Like many others in this area she has to travel over the border.


During Joshua's childhood she made many a journey in love. It is


terrifying because as you leave the area you are frightened for his life


and what's going to happen. You start counting down the miles and


trying to work out where you were on the road. It's very frightening


especially if it's dark and it feels even more frightening. Joy believed


in the event of an actual emergency time at a critical factor and people


could die on the road trying to reach the A department and


Telford. I headed out of Newtown to see how long the journey would take.


I have driven past Welsh bull so I'm currently around 17 miles from


Stroessner in. It is all single track road so it's a slow journey


but if the accident and emergency department was moved to Telford my


sat nav tells me I'd have 34 minute -- mile journey before getting to


Telford so it would effectively double the distance. The two main


hospitals in Shropshire service around 400,000 people and they have


been problems recruiting consultants so and NHS England plans it has to


be the organised. The trust says when emergency department with that


specialist consultants in place improving patient care. But a


recommendation to downgrade AMD services and Telford in favour of


one emergency department intros bleak was rejected by the


commissioning group for the area last month. This evening debate will


be held in Westminster on the future of AMD services for structure and


Wales. If somebody has an accident or require less threatening


conditions, it might be a stroke or heart attack, over an hour when it


doesn't need to be, if you in a position and there is nothing else


you can do when that happens but to not accept a position when you can


improve it and make it less likely that people will be dying as a


result I just think that is a responsibility on politicians to do


that. A final decision will be made at the earliest in the summer and a


full public consultation will be carried out in the coming months.


And we'll have the latest from that debate in the House


of Commons in our bulletin after the 10:00pm news.


A man is in a serious condition at Morriston Hospital


after cutting his own throat in the dock at Haverfordwest


Lukasz Robert Pawlowski was waiting to be sentenced for a sexual assault


Our reporter David Grundy is outside the court.


Lukasz Robert Pawlowski was appearing here today. They were


sentencing him for a sex attacker carried out last year. He is


originally from Poland but now lives in Pembroke Dock had asked to leave


to use the toilet but on his return to court he slashed his throat


leaving other people in the court shocked.


33-year-old Lukasz Robert Pawlowski had admitted grabbing and trying


to kiss a shop assistant back in October.


Sitting in the dock for his sentencing, he was read his


She said the incident had left her feeling dirty


and vulnerable in work and that she's no longer able to work nights.


A witness in court this morning said Pawlowski went to the bathroom,


and not long after returning, began making several


Paramedics and the police rushed to the court.


He lost consciousness and a lot of blood and was flown by air ambulance


It's not clear what he used or how he gained access to the weapon.


Haverfordwest Magistrates has been closed all day and questions


The whole community in Pembrokeshire found the incident disturbing.


Serious questions only to be asked of how is it that is a Magistrates'


Court room in a small town like Haverfordwest a defendant who was


there to plead guilty was able to commit a serious act of violence


against himself and potentially against other innocent people in


that courtroom. This court does have airport style


metal detectors and security guards at both entrances who check people's


bags and coats as they head An investigation into quite how this


could have happened is underway. Lukasz Robert Pawlowski remains in a


serious condition in Morriston Hospital this evening. The local


Assembly Member Simon Thomas has written to the Ministry of Justice


asking what steps the UK Government is taking to ensure safety and


courts. A spokesman for the Court service says no staff or other court


users were injured in this incident and it would be inappropriate to


comment further due to the ongoing police investigation.


A 57-year-old man will go on trial in March, charged with the murder


and rape of 15-year-old Janet Commins, whose body was found


in a school playing field in Flint 40 years ago.


Stephen Anthony Hough was himself a teenager at the time.


The trial is expected to last at least four weeks.


Two men from Newport are due in court next month charged


with affray after reports of disorder in the Pill area


This mobile phone footage shows one incident that emergency services


21-year-old student Reyaad Khan travelled from Cardiff to Syria


Described by David Cameron as plotting "high profile barbaric


attacks" against the UK, he was killed by a British


It was controversial - killing a British national


in a country with whom we're not at war.


Tonight, the UK's top lawyer Jeremy Wright has said the use


of remote lethal force is justified to prevent an imminent


It was an un-manned RAF aircraft like this that was used


in a precision airstrike to kill Reyaad Khan back in 2015.


It was the first time a drone had been used to attack a British


national in a country that it wasn't at war with.


The 21 year old from Cardiff was travelling in a vehicle


in the Raqqa area of Syria when he was killed alongside another


The Welsh student had become a so-called poster-boy


for Jihadists worldwide, appearing in an ISIS


The British Government said at the time he was plotting barbaric


attacks on UK soil and the threat he posed justified the use


There was a terrorist directing murder on our streets and no other


means to stop them. This government does not take these decisions


lightly but are not prepared to stand here in the aftermath of a


terrorist attack on our streets and have to explain to the house wide I


did not take the chance to prevent it when I could have done.


At the time of his death some question the use of lethal drone


strikes and said his wasn't extrajudicial killing. Now the


Attorney General has clarified that such action though always a last


resort is justified when there is no other option to defend the country


from attack and prevent those provide -- committed acts of terror.


International Law allows such action if an attack is deemed


to be imminent and today the Attorney General said that


definition of imminent, first set out in the 1840's,


needed to be updated for the modern age.


If you restrict yourself in such a way as to say only a final the


attack will come at 3pm next Tuesday do I feel I have the right to defend


myself then I don't believe this government or any government would


be giving itself the tools it needs to do the job it's given to do which


is to defend the UK from the threats it faces. Those threats develop over


time and so international law needs to develop two and it has.


At the time of Khan's death, Parliament's Human Rights Committee


questioned the legal basis for targeted killings and called


Today s pronouncements by the Attorney General is part


of the Governments long-awaited response.


The worst ever terror attack on British soil was the 7/7 bombings


52 people were killed and many others were injured.


Stefano Poborko from Newbridge near Caerphilly suffered burns


Two years ago, he applied for compensation after he developed


But he's told this programme he's unhappy with the time it's taking


Steff Porborko was rushing for a meeting in Aldgate on what seemed


What happened next would change his life forever.


I asked one young lady if she wanted my seat, to be polite. What did she


say? She said no, and what happened next? I think that's when the bomb


went off and it was all smells and I didn't like it.


The young woman died in Steff's arms.


Steff spent two weeks in hospital recovering from burns.


52 people died and hundreds of people were injured in the attacks.


Steff didn't ask for compensation at the time as he didn't


But things have changed dramatically for Steff.


He's since been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.


He uses a wheelchair and his fiance, Louise, has to care for him.


They believe the trauma caused by the 7/7 bombings may


Steff applied for compensation, based on his MS and original


Nearly two years on he's still waiting to hear


This is twice as long as the average wait.


He was a victim of a crime which was a terrorist attack and he witnessed


it and the experiences he had and what he saw on that day were


horrific and life changing. He is entitled to receive compensation


from the public body because of that.


The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority says it can't comment


on individual cases but is committed to resolving applications


Experts say there's no evidence to prove that stress


But life will never be the same for Steff and Louise.


They hope now that some recognition of the trauma that Steff


suffered will help them cope with an uncertain future.


Still to come in the programme: As Sam Warburton looks set to step


down as Wales captain, we look at the contenders


The Welsh Government's finance secretary Mark Drakeford says it's


not a foregone conclusion that Assembly Members will


support changes that will give them more power.


They'll decide whether to accept responsibility for income tax,


energy and teachers' pay, but there have been claims


that the Wales Bill is too complex and bureaucratic.


Our political editor Nick Servini is at the Senedd.


Nick, most Assembly Members want to have new powers.


Are they really going to reject this?


That's the crux of the matter. I suspect that sentiment was behind UK


Government source who told us today he felt this was a synthetic anger


from Assembly Members. Mark Drakeford has alluded to some


serious misgivings. We are talking about labour and Plaid Cymru


Assembly Members and there are pluses and minuses were both of


them. They would be supportive of the extra financial powers and


borrowing powers. The downside for them will be an attempt to reshape


the devolved settlement, an attempt to make it simpler and critics say


it does exactly the opposite. At its worst the criticism is that it


actually reverses some of the powers that have been devolved. It's all


very complex stuff but if any basic camp -- calculation was made by the


SMB members whether to accept something which is far from perfect


in their eyes or reject something and risk not being given the


opportunity to take on further powers for maybe years to come. What


are the party is going to do? The Conservatives will support it. Ukip


say it's a breach of faith to have income tax devolved without a


referendum. Plaid Cymru and Labour will make up their minds this


weekend. The key moment will be the Labour group meeting on Monday


night. Behind-the-scenes the feeling is that they will accept this and


standing here now I have to say it's difficult to envisage Carwyn Jones,


First Minister who has defined self on constitutional matters, standing


in front of his Labour colleagues and saying to them that they should


pass upon the opportunity for this place to take on more powers.


Deciding to start your own business often involves risk and it s one


That's according to research for Lloyd's Bank, which suggests


there's been a big drop in the number of start-up companies


But some economists argue this could be a sign


Our business correspondent Brian Meechan has more.


Deciding to start your own business often involves risk and it s one


Starting your own business can be as tough as it is rewarding.


Around half of those who set-up won't be trading within five years.


This might be the perfect industry for those with a sweet tooth


but running a chocolate company can be a hard slog at times.


It now employs ten full-time permanent members of staff and 24


during peak tourist season. Karen and Mark Owen left


the corporate world and put the proceeds from the sale


of their home into They wanted a better work life


balance so they could spend more time with their three young


children. It's been tricky at times. We've had


some nerve wracking moments but we put a robust plan in place from the


beginning. We have never worked so hard for so little financial reward


and hopefully that will change but for us it is about worklife balance.


The business has gone from being mainly a visitor


attraction showing how chocolates are made to selling their products


into high end shops and a leading hotel.


The couple don't regret their decision but others


may be thinking twice about starting their own business.


According to research, there's been a drop in the number


of business accounts being opened at major banks in Wales.


There were over 23,000 new accounts set-up in 2011.


That dropped to around 19,000 in 2013 and then just


We would always say to every entrepreneur to look at their is an


absolute because it's only by learning from your mistakes you are


going to learn not to make them the second time around.


Economists say this could be a sign that things are going well


with those forced to become self-employed after the financial


crisis now finding more secure employment.


Many people go into self-employment not because they've seen an


opportunity but because of necessity and once that economic problem or


conditions get better then what happens is they go away from


self-employment back into a deployment. Paradoxically perhaps


what this data is showing us is that the economy is improving.


The wheels are still spinning at Wickedly Welsh chocolates as more


While these figures on new bank accounts are useful,


they need to be seen as part of a wider picture on how


Time for some sport. Here s Tomos.


Rugby and Alun Wyn Jones is expected to take over the Wales captaincy


with Sam Warburton set to leave that role.


His replacement will be confirmed next Tuesday


when interim coach Rob Howley names his Six Nations squad.


So tonight after leading his country to a World Cup semi final


and a Six Nations Grand Slam success, it's expected that


There is no doubting his commitment but after six years Sam Warburton's


time as skipper looks like it's over. He has endured injury troubles


recently. He might want to focus fully on his own form and fitness


with the likes of Justin Tipuric putting pressure on its place. It is


a burden. There is a lot of extra responsibility. Sam has battled


injuries over the last few years and I think he will want to step back a


little bit and focus on his own performance and getting over the


injuries and contribute to the team from the playing perspective.


Warburton has led his country 49 times, more than any other player.


They were World Cup campaigns, quarterfinal last time around, and


semifinalists in 2011 although that was tinged with personal heartache


when he was sent off. There was six Nations success as well. The grand


slam in 2012 and the championship the following year. And at 24 he was


the youngest ever captain of the Lions for the successful tour of


Australia four years ago. His work off the ball and his working general


is through the roof. I know he wants to go into a six Nations of the back


of some good form and at the moment he's building that. His replacement


will be announced next Tuesday when Rob Howley names his six Nations


squad. The leading contender is Alun Wyn Jones, an experienced player


having won 105 caps for Wales. Singing his heart out and leading


his country. He has stepped up to the top job five times before, and


captaining Wales would put put in the fame as a potential Lions


skipper. Coach Warren Gatland has said he would prefer a national team


captain to lead the tour of New Zealand. Sam Warburton is hugely


respected in the game and at the age of 28 he will expect to play at the


top level for many years to come. A 15th Welsh-registered rugby


player has been suspended Kurt Clabby, who was with Bedwas


in the Welsh Premiership at the time, has been banned


from all sport for four years for "evading" a test


after a training session The former French international


Claude Makelele has joined The 43-year-old worked with head


coach Paul Clement at Chelsea Meanwhile, defender Neil Taylor


fractured his cheekbone in training and is expected


to have an operation. Another fitness update and Wales


manager chris coleman says reports suggesting Gareth Bale is ahead


of schedule in his recovery Coleman was speaking


after being awarded an honorary Wales face the Republic of Ireland


in a crucial world cup qualifier Last night, we brought you news


of the sailor from Bangor aiming to make it around the globe


non-stop single handed. Alex Thomson is still second


in the Vandee Globe, but has fallen further behind


the race leader. He's more than 200 miles off


the lead with 2,500 miles Snow for some tomorrow.


How bad will it be Derek? We're not expecting widespread


disruption but wintry Most of the snow on higher ground,


the hills and mountains. Now it's been windy today


with big waves crashing The strongest winds in the north


with a gust of 71mph Tonight the wind


will gradually ease. A lot of dry weather


bar a few showers. Later in the night some rain


in the south and west. Tomorrow, a complicated picture


with a trough in the south moving Bringing some heavy rain


and as it cools the air Exactly how much snow


is difficult to say So here's the picture


for 8:00am in the morning. Snow on the Brecon Beacons


and in mid Wales on higher ground. Northern parts maybe


drier but with showers. So some heavy rain in mid


and south Wales tomorrow. Most of the snow on higher ground


above 300 metres but a little snow may reach lower levels


in the southeast before it clears The wind light for a while


but picking-up again. Gale force winds in


the north and west. Some heavy showers


with hail and snow. Temperatures close to freezing


or below so ice will be a hazard. So Met Office warnings of snow


are in force tomorrow and on Friday. Most of the snow in upland areas


but anywhere could see a dusting. Friday will be cold and windy


with sunshine and wintry showers. A few inches of snow


on the Snowdonia mountains. Over the weekend,


a few wintry showers. Less cold on Sunday


with spots of rain. A reminder of our top story. Lives


could be put at risk if an accident and emergency department in


Shropshire used by many people in mid Wales is relocated. That's


according to one MP. A debate is due to start in Westminster shortly on


the future of the service. We'll have the latest on that in our


update after the 10p the news. From Wallace on the programme, have good


evening. Goodbye.


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